Jannik Sinner vs Hubert Hurkacz | Miami 2021 Final Highlights

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100+ komentarze:

Bioterorist 4444
Bioterorist 4444:
He won against Shapovalov, Raonić, Tsitsipas, Rublev and Sinner = deserved Masters.
Jakub Stawarz
Jakub Stawarz:
What an amazing tournament for Hubert. Won against Tsitsipas, Rublev and Raonic on the way. Well deserved trophy and a great day for Polish tennis! All the best for Jannik for the future.
Let's be honest as awesome as it would have been to see a <20 player win a masters title again Hurkacz earned this by beating so many big wigs in a row
Станислав Кучевский
Станислав Кучевский:
Hubert has just shown Shapovalov, Tsitsipas and Rublev how to win a Masters 1000 title😆
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
It's ok Sinner. Your time will come
After the Batista Agut match, i thought you had to be ultra-aggressive to beat Sinner. Hurkacz proved otherwise. He just kept the ball in play with great defense, made Sinner work to create pace and was agressive only when required. Nothing sensational, just strategic and smart tennis. Well played Hubert Hurkacz!
Jasper Mj.
Jasper Mj.:
Hurkacz played an incredible tournament, in almost every match he was the underdog and beat very skilled players in straight sets. Very humble as well, one of my favorite players
Чилаут Мэн
Чилаут Мэн:
А почему на превью Синнер?))) Я думал он выиграл 😃
TennisTV grew tired of hearing your complaints about giving the winner away in the Thumbnail, so they played their reverse uno card.
marti celestyn
marti celestyn:
Yes some can't bear that boy from Poland has won ATP Masters. Hubi deserved this title. He won with 5 seeded players. Nobody gave him this title for free!!!. Hubi- respect
Panagiotis Achtypis
Panagiotis Achtypis:
quiet, modest and efficient... thumbs up for Hurkacz
Kai Leng
Kai Leng:
It is beautiful to be a polish fan of tennis now. Year ago, Świątek winning French Open and now, out of nowhere Hurkacz winning ATP 1000 title. If someone would tell me this 3 years ago i will never believe it. This is why tennis is so beautiful!
Sinner is awesome but needs more variety in his game, especially dropshots
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a week it has been for Hurkacz! Congratulations on claiming your first Masters 1000! Sinner has also been very impressive throughout the tournament. What a talent he is!
That expression at 7:47 says it all as to Hubert Hurkacz's sportsmanship and good nature. He deserved to win the title and young Sinner still needs to improve his game. And he will.
Ajinkya Karpe
Ajinkya Karpe:
Hurkacz’s game reminds me a lot of Djokovic...point construction...opening up the court...BDTL...especially the split backhand wide to turn a defensive position into a neutral rally. Great movement too. Hope he stays consistent here on.
Nathan Milios
Nathan Milios:
Sinner will win soon. He is the future. Both of these players have such complete games.
Gus the Dog
Gus the Dog:
Hurkacz reminds me of Djokovic with those open stance backhands
CH Uint
CH Uint:
Man, Hurcakz had a game plan and he executed it... He was so pacient and deserved it
Hubert Hurkacz did'nt get lucky today... he converted only 4/11 break points, as opposed to 3/3 for Sinner.

He outplayed Sinner: with an immaculate defense, taking pace off the ball and eliciting errors from Sinner, attacking when the opportunity presented itself and his big serve helped. Hurkacz is a good mix of Murray & Djokovic.
eugene the bean
eugene the bean:
Hurcakz has a lot of potential. He impressed me the first time I saw him play against Djoko in Wimbledon
Joe Star
Joe Star:
Nobody was talking about Hubie as the 24 and under who could win their first one, but I saw his talent a year ago and knew he had it in him. What do you know? Nice guys CAN finish first. Congratulations Hubie 👏
Sinner's backhand is too powerful.
Nixon 021
Nixon 021:
Hurkacz played amazing tennis. Sinner is very good for his age, he will do great things if he continues like this.
Happy for Hurbert. I have good friends in Poland, congrats to all the tennis fans there. Al the best from Serbia.
Sinner needs these losses, especially in the finals. It’ll make him more hungry and shape him into a future world no.1 contender.
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
Superb Hubert. Intelligent use of court and precise dismantling of opponent's game. Jannik is a quick learner, has a great future and he will be back at it at no time. It's nice to see a real friendship among players blossom. Both down to earth and humble guys. No drama, no theatrics or hysterics, shrieks and shouts and destroying rackets. How refreshing.
I´ve been watching Hubert for about three years now and I´m glad he finally lived up to his full potential with this title win. He´s smart and has huge shots, especially his backhand and first serve. Definitely top ten stuff if he plays consistent. That trophy really should help raise his confidence.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Even though he lost...sinner amazed me with his never give up spirit and his composure on court ! Only 19 what a man ! Congrats hurkacz ! What a player ! He stayed solid undef pressure in tie break and last game ! Well olayed both
GeorgeB B
GeorgeB B:
I know a lot of people wanted sinner to win but personally I’m thrilled hubey won 😊
Hemil Shah
Hemil Shah:
Crazy to see everyone critique Sinner for not having enough variety... He's only 19 years old! Hurkacz played astounding and beat many very top players to achieve this win. Sinner will be winning titles (and even slams) within the next couple years as he keeps learning and getting even better, so I think it's nice to just enjoy this amazing match!
Sinner is the future for sure!
Germán Pérez
Germán Pérez:
What a match between these two great players. Sinner is the future of tennis, no doubt. But Hubert just played superb tennis these 2 weeks. Well deserved title for him! 👏
Great respect for both young players. Great final who nobody expected . WE ALL NEEDED THAT.
Manuel Vanegas
Manuel Vanegas:
Most of what I see is Sinner hitting winners or Sinner making mistakes. 38 unforced errors? ... Ouch
sanju sanjay
sanju sanjay:
Hubert played a brain game here. He used backhand-to-backhand rallies to put Sinner out of options.
What an amazing performance from Hurkacz!
Hurkacz is highly underrated
Lincoln Eyar
Lincoln Eyar:
I know people were rooting for Sinner to win all this citing his mental toughness as a reason but Hubi showed a lot of that in this tournament as well having to face a tougher draw and a few 3-setters.
Brooks Davis
Brooks Davis:
Who else is on the Polish tennis wave ? 😂👍
nothing more consoling than losing to a best friend!
both happy for each other!!
ND Bros
ND Bros:
Congratulation to Hurkacz. Humble and Mentally strong player..
J. B.
J. B.:
HURKACZ 🇵🇱🏆 What an amazing performance all tournament long. He deserves it. Sinner will have plenty more chances aswell.
Giovanni Merlo
Giovanni Merlo:
Sinner's time will come, future Number 1 in the making🇮🇹
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
This is intense highlights. Both men are playing tennis as a verb, not just serves or hitting aces. Congrats Hubert Hurkacz!!!
Jon Quijano
Jon Quijano:
Well done, Hubi. Hurkacz blazed through a row of young tennis media darlings to EARN his first Masters title. Consistency (ground and net) and a great serve brings home titles. His attitude is so happy, he's entertaining to hear from after matches, as much as his game is fun to watch. He may not have the motor to keep up with Djodal, but he's at least teaching the "NextGen" that tennis is a meritocracy. Good luck on the clay - his ground game will do will there too.
What a day for Hubert! Great game, 110% focus and stick to the plan, amazing! Congratulations Hubert! Also big respect to Jannik such a young player and gets to the final! Simply amazing!
MATS ontario
MATS ontario:
Hurkacz's forehand is lethal, stay agressive yet patient Hubert
This is not the last time we see them in final !
gigino gigetto
gigino gigetto:
undoubtedly the most solid player won, physically and above all mentally.
sinner suffered from his inexperience, after the break in the first set he practically stopped playing and only recovered after the 4-0 in the second set.
too late.
but the young Italian boy is a diamond that has just begun to shine
Tareq Alhamrani
Tareq Alhamrani:
Congratulations Hubert Hurkacz, you played well and tactical more defense and attack when possible, great job, and good luck for Sinner next time, you both will play more and reach finals, hope to see you reach finals in big tournaments in future.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli:
Two genuine stars have arrived.

Congratulations, my fellow Tennis fans!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😀😀😀
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
I told you guys Hurkacz looking good ...he deserve this title ...👍👍
Right now he is one of the best player on tour ....
Lucas Saucedo Monteiro dos Santos
Lucas Saucedo Monteiro dos Santos:
I wonder why ATP Tennis TV puts Sinner’s face on the video’s picture, since he lost the match. 🤔
Congrats Hurkacz! 🎉
Jan Kowal
Jan Kowal:
The best of the tennis players is the respect they have for each other! I always admire winners who are humble and respectful to their opponents! Bravo Hubert, you are a real sportsman! Congratulations!
ach nix
ach nix:
The idiocy of the Trophy holding with the mask on, will never get old.
Maciek Kot
Maciek Kot:
Gratulacje, oby to zwycięstwo było początkiem dalszych wielkich sukcesów!!!
Josh C
Josh C:
I still can’t cancel from my mind Sinner’s choke in the 1st set when 6-5, serving for the set . That moment could have been different and change the entire match
Man, i sure miss the hey days of the big 3. A Federer - Djokovic or Nadal - Federer game has more excitement, variety and gamesmanship then this whole final. I felt like i was playing Play Station tennis, watching this match. And i'm no fanboy, just being honest.
John Storey
John Storey:
These two players were hitting the cover off the ball and neither of them sounded like they’d been kicked in the stomach. Bravo!
Shreevaas Iyer
Shreevaas Iyer:
What a week for Hubert. He won against Rublev, Raonic and Tsitsipas. Wish him luck in the future.

Way to go Sinner. Play better next time😉
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show:
wow Hubert is improving big time 0_0 im stunned by his performances lately, hes really something else, LETS GO HUBERT !
Andrej Chalas
Andrej Chalas:
Lets applaud for Tennis TV to not spoil the winner here by not putting him as first name in a title.
I'm sad for Jannik, but I hope he carries on with his growth.
Zimbabwian Jesus
Zimbabwian Jesus:
Well done to both. A shame Sinner couldnt find his best to make this final a great one. But hats off to Hurkacz, well deserved.
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen:
The turning point was at 6-5. Sinner was serving for the 1st set 😥 Good effort by Hurkacz.
Congrats for both gentlemen. They all deserve it. Best athletes showed good sportsmanship.
Björn Opitz
Björn Opitz:
Those second serves by Hurkacz look like he learned them from Zverev :-)
Paweł Sosiński
Paweł Sosiński:
Hubi is a great champion here in Miami!💪🥳🏆🇵🇱 Congrats!✌️💪🔥
Hubert looked stronger physicaly - real man vs teen
evren gözen
evren gözen:
Simply is the best Hubert 👏👏👏
Sir Benjamin The Bold
Sir Benjamin The Bold:
I knew Hurkacz would win this match from the moment the umpire said game set and match Hurcacz
This is a good time for the future of tennis with so many unknowns, underdogs winning big matches/tournaments in this pseudo-pandemic time. Way to go Hurkacz.
I am so happy for Hurkazc and Sinner to have been in the final. They deserved it. However, as happy as I am for them, I can’t help but wonder if they would have made it this far if 2 members of the big 3 were in the draw. Still, massive and much deserved congratulations to Hurkazc on this stupendous achievement!
Nice to see young players who are so patient and know when NOT to pull the trigger in a rally and when to come forward, etc
DN Ray
DN Ray:
What a story! 👍👏🥂
John B
John B:
Huberts game sort of reminds me of Novak’s! If he continues to play at this level he’ll start hitting the ball more confidently with more pace!
Francis Ng
Francis Ng:
Well deserved Champion 🏆
Stephen Sun
Stephen Sun:
good to see a pair of young players in a master final, good for the game and fans. Sinner is still a teenager. love it.
Brawo Hubert, mam nadzieję, że będziesz miał więcej takich sukcesów 💪
J R:
2 gentlemans props to both
Congratulations hurkacz u deserve it and for sinner u r a young champ u just need a lit bit of more experience
fernando quiñones
fernando quiñones:
Congratulations Hubbie!!! And Sinner needs variation in his game, it's not always about hitting hard the ball from the baseline over and over.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous:
Real tennis 🎾 fans saw this guy on the rise. Once he beat Tsitsipas, watch out rest of the field!😳
Tom Bieze
Tom Bieze:
Damn I forgot to bet hurkacz, he was the better player this tournament and makes every player work for the points
Lisham Singh
Lisham Singh:
Loved his body language! how calmly he handled the match.
Orei Camarao
Orei Camarao:
The H² Show.🏆🤗
He's cute and charming tennis player.🤪
Congratulations👏 for the Title/Trophy🏆🙌.
Silas Wellenius
Silas Wellenius:
In the prediction video the guys were asked who would win the first masters 1000 tournament and wear everybody said Tsitsipas or Rublev Wrong and Wrong. All the best to Stef, Andrey, Jannik and all the next gen guys
Both worthy to be champs and humble. Let’s hope they get there sooner than later.
I deadass had to check what speed I was watching this video coz Sinner’s groundstrokes are so fast
ken tamoza
ken tamoza:
Sinner ..I always support you from Thailand
World Culture & Natural Landscapes
World Culture & Natural Landscapes:
I was pulling for Sinner but great job from Hurkacz, he too is always improving, getting better.
vempada ganesh
vempada ganesh:
Hubert hurkacz has the return of Djokovic and forehand of federer 👌
Konrad #R
Konrad #R:
Łukasz in this tournament, to the strength he undoubtedly has, added the patience that Agnieszka Radwańska had. And that's the effect!
Mały Tenisowy Mistrz
Mały Tenisowy Mistrz:
Brawo Hubert! Największy sukces w historii polskiego, męskiego tenisa! Hubert coraz bliżej Top10 ATP! 🇵🇱💪🏼🎾 Warto zwrócić uwagę na jego skromność i pokorę, a jednocześnie waleczność.
Manuel Soto
Manuel Soto:
Great handshake at the end...well played.
He has good defense. This is the essence for top 10
jose antonio gatica bahamondez
jose antonio gatica bahamondez:
man, the focus, foot work and mentality from the poland was just amazing. clever and astonishing tenis.
John Smith
John Smith:
Congrats Hurkacz
When the big 3 go missing, the field suddenly opens up.
Congrats to Hubert. Was a fantastic run