Jared Harris, Emily Watson, Paul Ritter and Jessie Buckley Talk ‘Chernobyl’

We are joined by Paul Ritter, Jessie Buckley, Jared Harris and Emily Watson who talk to us about the new Sky Atlantic series based on the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. We learn how challenging for the cast it was to portray such a recent and tragic event, and how they went about ensuring they told the story authentically and with integrity.


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Areeba Asad
Areeba Asad:
Paul Ritter is so nice in this interview but the character he plays is so hateful.
Paul Ritter's acting as head chef was so amazing.It'll forever haunt me.
This host is just dreadful. Such a poorly conducted interview.
On a positive note, Paul Ritter is fabulous. Articulate and respectful. A wonderful actor.
Panic 100
Panic 100:
Paul ritter is a great actor
Kiril Kocev
Kiril Kocev:
I rate this interview 3.6 out of 15 000 not great not terrible
Ss Sand Wolf
Ss Sand Wolf:
bless jared, he tries his best to ease the awkwardness lmao. what a terrible host.
K Andrews
K Andrews:
Wow Paul Ritter seems so so lovely irl when he plays such a complete arsehole in Chernobyl...clearly he's a great actor. Then again they all are, absolutely amazing performances!
aman yessenov
aman yessenov:
"Comrade actor.. you're done"
But interviewer has 3.6 IQ, not great, not terrible.
Currently consuming as much Paul Ritter as possible. Recently finished a rewatch of Chernobyl and the entire Friday Night Dinner series and I am heartbroken at his passing. 54 is no age at all. Rest in peace, Paul. You will be missed. Thoughts with his wife and sons.
The casts understanding and empathy for the subject matter is second to none, the interviewer not so much.
Lucie Římanová
Lucie Římanová:
Incompetent host. Drags the entire interview down. Jumping from question to question without so much as a bat of eye is in incredibly poor taste when faced with the scale of the series. Just awful. I feel bad for the actors. On another note, Paul Ritter seems like a very nice gentleman. Brilliant how some actors can turn into polar opposites of themselves.
Jake Mcfee
Jake Mcfee:
Lyudmilas portrayal by this actress was astonishing. The part were her husband was being buried just ripped my heart and found myself in uncontrollable tears coming out of my eyes. It shook me and took me a week to recover. She was so good portraying that pain I just wanted to jump into the screen and hug her
Dead Norwegian Blue
Dead Norwegian Blue:
I scrolled through the comments right after I started watching this and having seen everyone saying the host is weak, my expectations were low. But man... the host is even worse than those low expectations.
Ziggy Acinom
Ziggy Acinom:
I think the questions are fine, the problem is the host doesn’t have any interaction with the guests. Instead of follow up on their answers, he keeps on shooting new questions at them.
Ralitsa Angelova
Ralitsa Angelova:
The host butchered the pronunciation of names, did not even try to attempt to be accurate, it put me off and seemed pretty disrespectful. Questions were mostly shallow and selected to tickle itchy ears about controversial matters, I believe it made the actors uncomfortable and especially Emily Watson, despite this they handled it professionally and gave great answers that were very insightful.
I bet that presenter thought Cher Nobyl was an X factor contestant.
Brandon Berg
Brandon Berg:
“So in this movie, was there acting involved, and did you do it?”
Decent interview...not great...not terrible...
Paul Ritter was AMAZING. So was Jared, so was Emily so was Jessie.
She wasnt a lone female voice amongst men who knew better. Her character didn't exist, she represented many nuclear scientists, men and women, who were being ignored and silenced by the state.
left-handed loops
left-handed loops:
I adore Paul Ritter.
Dyatlov when he walks into control room at the power plant:

*heLLo bAmBiNoS*
Рутений Родиевич
Рутений Родиевич:
What a wonderful actors and personalities. Therefore, they succeeded in their roles. Greetings from Ukraine.
Sergius Incredible
Sergius Incredible:
I am fond of Paul Ritter's work. Dyatlov looks like a tricky devil. Of course he is not alone responsible for disaster.
Anya V
Anya V:
I suprised how americans and english actors understand and feel whats happened in that year in USSR. Totally understand situation. Thank you for creating this beautiful movie.
Faraz A
Faraz A:
The fact that I hate to see Paul Ritter even here speaks volumes of his acting skills in Chernobyl.. Awesome actor !!!
Alex Low
Alex Low:
This series has quite a serious subject matter and yet the video has all this glammed up music and not very respectful host.
Sarah Leah
Sarah Leah:
Paul Ritter is amazing in this mini-series but I keep seeing him as Martin from Friday Night Dinner.
Colin Benfield
Colin Benfield:
Could have been a great interview but missed opportunity . I felt awkward for them.
Jessie Buckley is a phenomenal performer
Keith Whalen
Keith Whalen:
What an utter clown to review the stellar stars of such a great series
Calla Lily
Calla Lily:
Jared Harris does another excellent role of a man who really existed. The same with his amazing performance as Captain Francis Crozier in The Terror.
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming:
Did they just pick up someone random on the street after the actual host called in sick? The clothes are just embarrassing.
Tea Pot
Tea Pot:
Strange interview, he's not interacting with the guests, theres little to no conversation and when there is some interesting communication between them, he interrupts to ask another question, asking them one by one. Reminds me of a teacher asking each student in the class answers to their homework questions.
That host is very rude not standing up to shake hands when the guests join him!
They should invite the real Lyiudmila Ignatenko to one of these talk-shows to give her an opportunity to tell the real story and experience she endured during the hard times she faced
Kaloka gatija
Kaloka gatija:
I was like: wtf is this jerk doing with them (Dyatlov). Then I realised Paul played his role really well. Lol
Sophie Grieve
Sophie Grieve:
Its scary seeing Martin being normal
6:07 dyatlov is not happy 😂
Mas cerca de Corea del Norte
Mas cerca de Corea del Norte:
All of them need to be nominated for an Emmy. Please.
The interviewer (who dress like a gym-trainer) seem to think that this is a job interview for the cast, and the utter stiffness of it all is awkward.
45 Pints
45 Pints:
“Empathize with the character” even though she said the character was made up that host is an absolute gay mong
The Lost One
The Lost One:
The “interview” seems more like a visit to the DMV than an interview. I get he’s trying to get through questions, but it feels forced. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but there didn’t seem like there was a connection with the actors.
Soni I
Soni I:
1 month ago they had no idea the series would became so popular and nr1 on IMDB
The Dark Side
The Dark Side:
Jessie Buckley reminds me of Alice Eve 😍
Doesn't matter what the host says, his shiny eyes are saying to us:"Lets have a fun girls!!!"
4 glasses of contaminated water on the table -
nobody touched it.
Hamit Batuhan Aydın
Hamit Batuhan Aydın:
R.I.P Paul Ritter
Charlotte Horlock
Charlotte Horlock:
Paul Ritter is one of my favourite actors. So versatile.
What a talented people!
Thank you for such a great movie!
We all should remember about that disaster!
Greetings from Ukraine!
I rate the host 3.6 out of 15,000 - not great, not terrible.
scorfion 5555
scorfion 5555:
RIP Paul Ritter 😭
Kool Reviews
Kool Reviews:
TFW Paul Ritter played his character so well you look at him and immediately feel anger 😂
Hert Zollner
Hert Zollner:
The host was hired because Ali G was too expensive
Jared Harris is the best of this mini series
Kotryna Slavinskaite
Kotryna Slavinskaite:
the best thing is that chernobyl was filmed in the country where i live in Ignaline, Lithuania ;)
Phil K
Phil K:
On this side of the pond we call that interviewer a TOOL.
Adam Borseti
Adam Borseti:
I just realized how awkward it sounds when you hear a host say "Chernobyl everybody!" and then a round of studio applause lol
Tanja Petkovic
Tanja Petkovic:
After this , i think I'm delunation, i get fire for Dyatlov.
Stewart Moore
Stewart Moore:
The interviewer asking the real questions here...
Mato F
Mato F:
When the actors started explaining the circumstances of the security test, I had the impression that they were still somehow playing their Chernobyl characters.Especially Jared.
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar:
I recommend that you guys look up the experience of the wife of Anatoly Sitnikov, she basically went through what Vasilys wife did in the show, but her story is bittersweet and real
Miles Dyson
Miles Dyson:
Британцы сняли качественный сериал . Хвала создателям .
Four exceptional actors......I’d hate to pick anyone out as to not to down play any of the others. Brilliant all of them...
I think there’s graphite on the floor of the studio.
Jonathan McD
Jonathan McD:
Terrible interview, rotten questions, amazing series and an amazing cast.
Steven S
Steven S:
The host needs to be fired
When Dyatlow calls you charismatic, that's definitely great.
B A N A N A T I G E R:
I haven't had the chance to experience much of Paul Ritter's work so you can say I saw him in Chernobyl for the first time. And after the role, although he's a cool guy, I seem to fear him kind of. He played it so gracefully that it embedded him as that character in my mind. Amazing actor!
Lily Ansell
Lily Ansell:
I just love Paul Ritter so much
Tungsten Kid
Tungsten Kid:
I remember the day of the explosion one Brit TV announcer said with a grin- "Now it's time to go over to the weather forecast as I'm sure we'd like to know which way the winds blowing"..:)
always never
always never:
They all made such a great performance in this series. Extremely impressive.
Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves:
The interviewer seems more like he's conducting a quiz.
Ivan Erokhin
Ivan Erokhin:
У актера игравшего Дятлова похоже по жизни скептическое выражение лица "никакого графита там нет". Ему даже играть не нужно.
Chris Martino
Chris Martino:
These may be the four best actors I've ever seen on screen at the same time
Bloody hell Jackie the shitting cores exploded everywhere!
Emily Watson has the most beautiful eyes
James Fox
James Fox:
best series I've ever seen. shocking to think of the accuracy of the series to the real life events. there are so so many things to say about it as well.
''to put the lid back on'' i see what you did there
Cem Sakalli
Cem Sakalli:
I just LOVE Jessie Buckley so much!
Jessie is so cute <3
M H:
This is the second interview I've seen with the guests holding clunky mikes
Chloe Fairburn
Chloe Fairburn:
I feel bad for paul Ritter because hes a nice person in real life and he had to play dyatlov which was probably annoying for him
“Martin can you stop eating from the bin”!
Jessie's great. She such a seriousness to her facial expression which completely flips the other way around with even the slightest glimpse of a smile.
Not Sure
Not Sure:
I cant take Paul Ritter serious. Great actor but for me he will always be Martin Goodman All I see is Martin and the Chernobyl disaster makes so much sense, why it happened.
Surviving The Apocalypse
Surviving The Apocalypse:
I would give my right leg to ask these actors questions. It pains me to watch someone who clearly knows nothing about Chernobyl or hasn’t even seen a single episode of the tv show.
Rayhan Keanu Rizky Irawan 6A
Rayhan Keanu Rizky Irawan 6A:
me from 2021 say sadly the paul ritter passed away on age of 54
Carl Blaskowitz
Carl Blaskowitz:
If you can sum up this movie in just one word...

Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle:
Well done guys, amazing job this entire project has been for everyone involved! 👏
ivanna moore
ivanna moore:
These amazing people came to the wrong address😂
Sū shān
Sū shān:
Paul Ritter is the best 👌
bl. jackkk
bl. jackkk:
This video hits different without Paul Ritter here
John Cusick
John Cusick:
host reminds me of jim carreys character in dumb and dumber
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar:
One question I would have liked answered is "When you studied the effects of radiation to a human being, did that add an extra layer to your character and if so how much?"
Thank you all! You did great job!
Emily Watson trying not to laugh at the first (CGI) question to Paul Ritter.
Juraj Pahljina
Juraj Pahljina:
Jessie buckley...can a woman be more beautiful than her, I don't think so. Wish I can meet her one day
Jessie is gorgeous, isn’t she?
Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers
Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers:
I have the IQ of a potato because I didn't realize Jared Harris was Richard Harris's son until I saw a side by side picture
cybersecurity guy
cybersecurity guy:
I liked the Jared Harris character so much...