Jeff Bezos announces he will go to space l GMA

The billionaire Amazon CEO and Blue Origin founder revealed he and his brother Mark will accompany the auction winner on New Shepard’s first human flight to space on July 20.

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G Romester
G Romester:
He’s not trying to go to space, he’s trying to go back home.
Erick Gomez
Erick Gomez:
After a divorce, he just needed some ‘ space ‘
Steven Villarreal
Steven Villarreal:
I bet going to space will be exclusively for the rich in the future almost like Elysian the movie.
Hopefully Alexa locks him out in space. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Jeff."
Sham Bam
Sham Bam:
"It's one Earth"

This man is a monster
So now Bill Gates is a doctor and Jeff Bezos is an astronaut...crazy the things money can do
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas:
What if this is how they publicly execute him.. if he don’t make it back don’t be surprised
Bird Boi Cyrus T
Bird Boi Cyrus T:
So while Lower-Middle to Poor class citizens are paying thousands in taxes, we got Jeff Bezos here who is not only committing Tax Evasion, but he's also planning on a trip to space. Smh...
The other seat, Jeff should invite a flat Earther.
He believes in his product so much, he is willing to put his life on the line to prove it. This man is a legend.
S Thread
S Thread:
Bezos is so serious about going to space, he even dressed up like Han Solo for his interview. 😂
This man is literally Dr Evil
Yashesh Bharti
Yashesh Bharti:
Sends Doppelgänger to space, dies.. lives life underground
He can afford to build a spaceship with all the taxes he does not have to pay.
Paul Fulgencio
Paul Fulgencio:
A flat earther would take a ride to space and would blame the window for making the earth look like a globe.
bobby christ
bobby christ:
Gonna be ironic when shuttle hits a Amazon delivery drone on the way up and blows.
Blair Holiday
Blair Holiday:
Hopefully he’ll announce He Will Pay Taxes like us one day.
did they manage to send anything outside the atmosphere?
Jerry Esque
Jerry Esque:
This why I can never be a billionaire, they will risk it all to just get better. He is hardcore.
Ritchie Vernon
Ritchie Vernon:
Jeff is saying that his ego is not big enough for Earth now he's got to conquer space! Maybe he can put an Amazon on Mars? 😬😎👽🤖
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez:
When he said space I was thinking in spacex starship because his rocket doesn't reach space yet.
D Loui
D Loui:
he wants to meet his maker cause he can't take elon's mockings anymore ..................
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez:
I've been to the moon as a vacation quite a few times, not a big deal,this year I'm thinking of going to Austin Texas, never been there.
“He is going to space, he is not going alone”

No shit Shiba Inu Coin is going with him to the moon!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Lol spitting image prediction is looking more and more into reality.
Tyler Park
Tyler Park:
Plot twist: Aliens have ordered something on Amazon and Bezos is delivering it to them
Tod Boreham
Tod Boreham:
This dude must go to space and stay there. Hopefully he can take Microsofty Bill with him
And his gf hoping she is in his will and he doesnt make the return 🔥
Karen Smyth
Karen Smyth:
He's not trying to go to space He's trying to secure another federal stimulus for his potential bankruptcy.
I hope he doesn't buy the spaceship on Amazon.
1:35 he kind of is picking up the tab, hes probably paid about $5-10billion of his own money into this
Felix F
Felix F:
LOL for one seat on blue origin you can get an entire rocket sent to space with Space X. Talk about a rip off.
Bezos made billions off of the essential workers, isnt that heartwarming?
Bennett Joy
Bennett Joy:
Bezos is on his route to become the richest man of the whole solar system.
J Radcliff
J Radcliff:
To be fair, they don't go into space, but rather take a sub-orbital flight. 3 minutes of weightlessness.
L tilli
L tilli:
Damn all the useless crap we've all bought on amazon is now sending this guy to space.
Barry Phillips
Barry Phillips:
It's called the death star
I can imagine him sounding like Dr Evil
After all there's a uncanny resemblance
100 biiiilllllion Dollars
sharad shelar
sharad shelar:
I would rather pay $50 or $100 to get a 'near real' simulator experience which will not only show me the earth from the stratosphere but also views of low orbit fly-by, touchdown on moon, mars and other planets. You can make an exact copy of the non flying capsule - starliner ( interior and exterior), keep it on a mount inside a big elliptical shaped room whose walls and floor are created with ultra high quality screens mimicking "out of window" scenes. With mechanical movements of the craft, pre-recorded scenes and sounds you can recreate the same experience one gets in space from launch - in space (barring zero gravity)- touchdown . Even on actual space flight you can just see the outside view from sitting inside the capsule. @/spaceforeveryone
Giorgios Culofakis
Giorgios Culofakis:
Perfect opportunity for thev Deep State to get rid of little Jeff and blame Trump and the Russians
Peter Thiessen
Peter Thiessen:
I hope that he loves it and starts a Amazon outlet there.
Raul Tineo
Raul Tineo:
It would be extremely hilarious if Elon takes a flight a day before Jeff in a rocket with letters saying "Jeff Who?"... Jeff will be so furious he will grow hair lol
Roger Moore
Roger Moore:
He would need to get his rocket up first 😭😂😂😂😂😭
stavros chris
stavros chris:
So he is finally going to get that kryptonite...
reticent e ville
reticent e ville:
He's going to his Moon Base to begin the Alan Parsons Project
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker:
You know they will take a couple grams up with them. Zero gravity coke party 🎉
Latrice Tate
Latrice Tate:
Jeff bezos needs to come back with a tell all about what he saw in space and I need unedited pictures of the earth, moon, and the sun from his phone. PERIOD, PERIANTE, PERIANA!!!
The feds will probably fund it for him

Need a couple billion to make it happen, Jeff? No problem we got you. 🖕🏻
Crypto Bull
Crypto Bull:
Jeff comes back 20 years later with robotic arms and bionic eye greeting everyone from a time warp he has return from and even though it was 10 minutes in our world it was 35 years in a far far away galaxy…
(Military Soldiers) Fire Fire Fire 🔥 kill the humanoid
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor:
Congress: Ok, we got one month to pass an inheritance tax reform!
Hani Barghout
Hani Barghout:
Extreme Tax Evasion!
Robert Martin
Robert Martin:
Lex Luthor is making good progress on his plan to defeat Superman for good.
Imagine his rocket fails and is stuck in orbit and needs Elon musks assistance
Lay off the fillers, Jeff.
Naturals _byC
Naturals _byC:
When you have too much many for your own good🙄
it must cost a lot of american pesos to go into space. But it's cold and bereft of spaghetti
Ale Avalos
Ale Avalos:
He’s competing with Elon
Mike Young
Mike Young:
Hopefully he goes and stays there!
Soap Flavour
Soap Flavour:
How about looking after Amazon employees before shooting off?
Ana Tenacious
Ana Tenacious:
Wow Jeff is taking big steps. He’s so inspirational!! Kinda risky but I think they will be alright.
Alexandre Paula
Alexandre Paula:
If you follow a rich crazy randomly swinging person's tweets to trade, you will end up .... not rich❤❤❤🔥
I know zero rich people that became rich because they did things according to other rich people's tweet.🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯✅
Omg did a hive of bees attack Bezos?! Wtf happened to his face?!
Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump:
Everyone download the app Share the Meal where people can help feed kids that need it and pass it on!!
Irwan Santoso
Irwan Santoso:
Something's telling it's not gonna end well
Why cant we bid on the seat in Amazon. Come on Jeff.
Latrice Tate
Latrice Tate:
I hope the news reports are there as soon as he lands to ask him how it was lol
Juan Ogeda
Juan Ogeda:
I hope he comes back down in a flat rate shipping box.
Aleks Hannibal
Aleks Hannibal:
Awesome. You're an inspiration Jeff
Hopefully it blows up take all the rich billionaires with you
Nathaniel Alexander
Nathaniel Alexander:
I've heard his Star Destroyer needs a smaller Star Destroyer just to get to it
Fashionably Late
Fashionably Late:
It would be even cooler if he shared his wealth and went to space 😉
Loveme Much
Loveme Much:
Good luck 🤞 its not my destination.
But Jeff looks very so nervous.
Does "Don't get HiGH on your own supply!" factor here?🙄
B Bijoy Vlogs
B Bijoy Vlogs:
Musk will never go to space or Mars but send others to die and earn billions on Earth 🤣
joseph omally
joseph omally:
Its the new crazy space race! Which Billionaire can blow themselves up first?
Luntershaptop Fukinov
Luntershaptop Fukinov:
Trying to find the 3 packages I never received?
Don’t know
Don’t know:
Hey bro you took your Star Trek roll to another level.
So he ain’t really going to space then. He fooled me
Epic cool
Epic cool:
He is putting wealth on risk!
Sailex W
Sailex W:
Saying you are going to space in a sub orbital vehicle is like saying you went swimming after you dipped your toe in the pool... SMH...
If Jeff thinks this will make him and his guest real astronauts, then he better put a big asterisk mark in front of that title. Popping his head above the Kármán line in a overpriced carnival ride won't make him an astronaut, any more than if I jumped into the shallow end of a pool would make me an Olympic swimmer. Yes, technically in name he will become an astronaut as Alan Shepard did in 1961 (though his flight was longer and eventually he made it to the moon). Jeff will kiss space at the slow casual speed of just 3,568 km/h (just under the speed of the 1960’s SR-71 Blackbird), compared to the bone breaking speed of over 40,000 km/h (11x faster) that the other 553 astronauts have reach to get to orbit. Calling him an astronaut is a kick in the face to real astronauts and the 19 astronauts who have died trying.
Bhuvanesh s.k
Bhuvanesh s.k:
He's watching THE EXPANSE Series too much 😂
Gene Tilghman
Gene Tilghman:
Look it's dr. Evil he's going to build an Empire on the moon
God be with them all
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate:
so hiding liver issues with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Manicure is probably the road to take.#Safe Driving#Don't drink and drive#Grass
Tech Hawk
Tech Hawk:
He just wanted to look cooler than Elon Musk 😎 !
Urick Baptiste
Urick Baptiste:
🤔 I thought Jeff could not get it up.
Oliver McLeod
Oliver McLeod:
I'd be doing the same if I paid no tax haha
uno reverse
uno reverse:
He has enough money to buy everyone on planet earth a burger😭. (I just want a burger rn)
If he builds a hotel in space I’ll love him forever
Luntershaptop Fukinov
Luntershaptop Fukinov:
Anyone check the tax rates in geo space ?
Nikhil Bhardwaj
Nikhil Bhardwaj:
He's not going to space but he is returning to space
Arab World Marketing Speakers
Arab World Marketing Speakers:
He just need to adopt SHIBA INU Tokan cryptocurrency to finance all upcoming trips.
Chici Get The Yayo
Chici Get The Yayo:
Wtf happened to Jeff’s voice? Lol
Morning Glory
Morning Glory:
It changes your relationship with humanity. Says the guy who lacks humanity. He could end hunger with the snap of his finger and the equivalent of petty cash. To whom much is given, much is required
Mohamad Khan
Mohamad Khan:
Jeff & Elon sittin’ in a tree. 😚😚
Tariq Samara
Tariq Samara:
They keep talking about the environment and they're the last people who care about 🌎
The philosopher
The philosopher:
Plot twist: the 28 million dollar bidder is Elon musk
Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin:
He doesn’t have the ballz to do. Mark my words
toyna reid
toyna reid:
I have five grandchildren that I take care of we want to go to the moon but we do need a house that is way cheaper to buy us a house
Matthew Sherwin
Matthew Sherwin:
I suppose Bezos has the right to go BUT he should be giving more money to charity. He has given money to charity but he could have given much more to people less fortunate than he is. Maybe one day he’ll wake up and discover what’s truly meaningful. Or take Zuckerberg with him—or both