Jeff Bezos On Eve Of Space Launch: 'I Can't Wait To See What It's Like'

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Daeman, the crew of Blue Origin, talk to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb about their upcoming trip into space. “I can’t wait to see what it’s like,” Jeff says. “People who go into space, they come back changed … I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do to me.”

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"2nd is the first loser." Richard Branson
Is this why everyone’s Amazon prime membership has gone up by a few dollars lol.
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler:
The new Fantastic4 Movie looks strange.
How cute, they even have space suits.
Wally Funk, finally after so many years! I'm so happy for her! 😍
We can’t wait to see you treat your employees like human beings.
Robert Andrade
Robert Andrade:
In the words of Austin Powers, "His spaceship looks like a giant.... JOHNSON!!!"... lol
Mário Petrík
Mário Petrík:
Dad bought an expensive space ticket. What a son.
Milos Janos
Milos Janos:
as much as it is amazing acheivement, I refused to call passengers of this flight astronauts. No matter what anybody says. to me astronauts and cosmonauts for that matter are people like Jurij Gagarin, Vladimir Komarov, Alexej Leonov, Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong ...
Eric La Joie
Eric La Joie:
I'm so happy for Wally Funk!!! She deserves this. She put in the time to actually be an astronaut!!!
I hope the landing of the capsule's gonna be litterally "ground breaking"!!!
Hi There
Hi There:
He’s funny. He’s basically saying, he is building the road so that one day anybody can afford to do joy rides in space, and other stuff, of course. I just think this was a dream of his.
Micah B.
Micah B.:
For some reason I thought Jeff was going more intelligent.
Son Phuoc Channel
Son Phuoc Channel:
Yes, i really admire what they did !
Travis Dozier
Travis Dozier:
I remember when I was a kid watching the Challenger shuttle explode.. live on tv. It was very sad. But I’d have to say if it were to happen again with just Dr Evil on board.. I wouldn’t shed a tear. What a despicable POS.
Well better luck next time I guess!
M M:
I love their outlook! Doing this to pave the way for future generations.
Bezos: “I can’t wait to see what’s it gonna do to me”

Also Bezos: “who wants a skittle?”
They look genuinely excited. I would be too.
Q Ray
Q Ray:
I wonder how much vibration they are going to feel.
Joe electronic schematics for auto
Joe electronic schematics for auto:
You have everything in the world possible and you're going to something challenging but sometimes you push your luck too far
Kel Mendes
Kel Mendes:
Foi incrível 😍❤️😃🙌
Old woman has so much energy
Mister Yummy
Mister Yummy:
Makes alot of sense to come back on a parachute as the booster lands on it's own.
Marcelle Oneil
Marcelle Oneil:
Awesome. Very happy we are finally getting airborne again and there is a dream for the future.. I am so glad they give us hope to travel in space one day at affordable prices.
By Amazon bill is due Wednesday - guess no rush in paying it right now.
Son Phuoc Channel
Son Phuoc Channel:
I dream of flying into space
Greed and hunger for fame just broke the space limits.
Diken Limbu
Diken Limbu:
I hope jeff bezos would sleep peacefully on earth 🌎 today and hopefully he would streaming live from space and give people updates on it and hopefully find a suitable location to built first amazon warehouse in space by 2025
Tyler Byars
Tyler Byars:
Excited for everyone here, but I can't help but notice how everyone likes to touch each others legs.
A billionarie and the spoiled rich kid of a Dutch financier - wonderful
z up
z up:
Note: The oldest and youngest in space
Victoria Reich
Victoria Reich:
If she'll die, she's gonna screw the whole event.
Michael Eh
Michael Eh:
I hope this opens his eyes into investing into climate change and environmental protections
Russell Lambert
Russell Lambert:
I've dreamt about this for 35 years. Your going further than Branson. . 👅
john 2nd chanel at j moe Doe
john 2nd chanel at j moe Doe:
They need to put these rides on the scratches and lottery for a free ride like a jackpot win
Rozey Rose
Rozey Rose:
I can't wait to see what the flat earthers come up with to call this one fake.
Marvel taking phase 4 to the next level 🔥
Jennifer Napoli
Jennifer Napoli:
Wishing them all a Safe and fun trip to space. God Bless them all and keep them safe❤️🙏
vidville vid
vidville vid:
Looking forward to the fireworks 💥💀
Chastity Renee
Chastity Renee:
Lol...wonder if jeff will have to pee in a jug or diaper. Or will this be the only trickle down we get from the ultra wealthy??
Dhananjay Singh
Dhananjay Singh:
This is like older and bald version of Richard Branson and team.
Hike System
Hike System:
I didn't think anything could make me not love space, but watching billionaire, billionaire's brother, and some billionaire's spoiled son go into space shows me that rich people can pretty much defile anything.
Arthur Au
Arthur Au:
I don't want to go to space, I want to go back to the moon and I want to go to Mars as well.
All Good
All Good:
Good luck!.. watching from New Zealand 👍🇳🇿
muhammad Idrees
muhammad Idrees:
I doubt that's actually Jeff, he is just a duplicate 🤭🤪
Brent z
Brent z:
Wow she is healthy and vibrant for being 82...she seems young
Taco Cruiser
Taco Cruiser:
I have a mixture of admiration and hate for Bezos.
Monke God
Monke God:
Lex Luthor going to space to deliver the first package to aliens
Jesse Goode
Jesse Goode:
Regardless of money and everything. This is very wholesome. Seeing their compassion that developed through their training together- They will definitely be bonded for life from this experience.
Lillybell Bell
Lillybell Bell:
What a bunch of Bezos.
G Summy
G Summy:
Is there something all these billionaires know that we don't.🤔
The Ethicist Philosophy Show
The Ethicist Philosophy Show:
This is a great prequel episode of "The Expanse"!
Filled with so much envy
Anh Thu
Anh Thu:
I think you guys better cancel this trip today. I also think every passenger should use their real name to board this rocket if you guys insist to go ahead. First test flight should be done by one professional astronaut.
julio jose alcaraz
julio jose alcaraz:
Bezos take care of the people in trouble. Homeless, workers in Amazon, and give back to your country what give to you. Just a little bit or your enormous fortune can make a big different in the life of many people. Built houses, give food and medical assistance. It will make you feel soooo good. Better than fly to space. Do it watching the eyes of the people.
Pizza Man
Pizza Man:
Meanwhile Elon Musk: (in Palpatine voice) Good
Zues force one
Zues force one:
Great step for billioners sad day for poor homeless people that live under bridges.
Maybe they'll finally realize we have been lied to our whole life when they see they earth not spinning and flat as far as the eyes can see during their parabolic flight
emvee2344 Jay
emvee2344 Jay:
LOVE HIM @ JEFF BEZOS 🤣😂 made me laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh 🤣😂🤣😂
Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper:
They never went into space... didn't break the earths atmosphere which is the entire difficulty part in getting to space.. surviving the friction of the atmosphere. this was literally a very high earth flight..
Raina Lane
Raina Lane:
Come on Jeffery you can do it ~
S. Knight
S. Knight:
In regards to the New Shepard flight with passengers, I'm really happy for Wally Funk finally making her way to space at 82 yrs old making her the oldest Astronaut in history and also in the same flight we get the youngest person Oliver Daemen who's only 18yrs old, which makes him the youngest Astronaut making it to space on the same flight as Wally Funk, from the youngest to the oldest astronaut which will definitely make the Guinness Book of records, which is pretty cool. But watching the full launch pass the Karma line and returning safely down to earth is nothing but the same for Blue Origin, after what,17yrs to 20 yrs of R&D and multiple testing, launches, returns, there was nothing new about this flight except for it's passengers.

But Blue Origin made it sound/look like a first rocket making it into space and returning, so no definite progress, no new milestone accomplished, nothing new to boast about the rocket, it's mission, it's flight, it's return of the first stage returning to X marks the spot. Bottom line, in regards to New Shepard's launch, flight, return, it's nothing we haven't seen before. After 17/19 years of working on a spacecraft, Blue Origin has yet to send a rocket to a low orbital status. Think about it for a minute they started before SpaceX and 17-19 years later, SpaceX has launched multiple reusable first stage rocket boosters, around 80 or something like that. SpaceX has launched 3 human crew to the ISS plus the multiple cargo missions to the ISS, sending new cargo and retrieving done experiments plus trash so many times so far, that I can't remember off the top of my head the number of such missions.

And watching the commentators during the launch, flight, safe return and the post flight press conference, they made it look and sound like their flight was an incredible first Americans humans to space after 17-19 years of R&D/Testing's and they accomplished something no other company has done before.

Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world, begging NASA and Congress for billions of dollars for his private Co. is an insult to the American ta payers), you know that the goal for your company to finally move forward after so many test flights and returns, you'll need to send a spacecraft that will stay in orbit for a few days and safely return to it's landing zone and will require you to dig into your deep pockets for the funds to continue, like Elon Musk did. SpaceX was privately funded up till they proved themselves to be the company best suited for NASA to help fund the R&D for the Artemis mission. The interesting thing here is, that Elon Musk/SpaceX would of still done it on their own without any help from Nasa and would of been just as successful with or without the NASA funding's. So far I believe and feel free to correct me If I am wrong on the number, but hasn't SpaceX done around 82 flights, give or take a few flights?

So, seeing the richest man (worth 180 billions) in the world begging for tax payers funds to, let's be honest here (bail out money) so that he doesn't need to pay for it himself, that should insult every American tax payers!

SpaceX launched so many Falcon 9's to send their own internet satellites, which I believe is around 1600 so far, plus launched many other times to deliver other companies' own satellites, heck even some for the DOD. Bottom line is, even though Blue Origins started like 5-7yrs before SpaceX and SpaceX is now like 10-15 years ahead of Blue Origins and any other companies, even NASA themselves. And NASA is fully aware of this and for them, the ends justifies the means (of whatever it takes to win the moon and space race). And SpaceX is the only company to achieve this.

So in ending, the only special thing about the latest Blue Shepard rocket launch was it's passenger list, including the oldest and youngest astronauts to cross the Karma line with a safe return. That's the only thing that made this mission special.

P.S. I know this is a long comment and I thank all of those who actually took the time to read me, thank you!
Would love feedbacks, other than the length of my comment.
Safe trip 🙏
I wonder who would get his $$$ and company if we're lucky and he doesn't make it back?🤞🏼
Conquer Yourself
Conquer Yourself:
Does the rocket need a blue pill to get up?
Sam 1000 Gmail Gmail
Sam 1000 Gmail Gmail:
Awesome 👏
Ashwani gupta
Ashwani gupta:
Jeff ex wife feeling jealous 😌😂
Mr. Bezos is already thinking about shipping Amazon Prime to Mars!
I am looking for the Amazon Prime Space Launch Day with savings similar to Amazon Prime Day.
Everyone saw liquid oxygen come out of the end of the rocket. I saw the blood, sweat and tears of amazon warehouse employees leave the rocket. Modern day slavery at the best.
The young guy looks so nice
Vinícius Oliveira
Vinícius Oliveira:
They already started filming the new Fantastic Four?
Alternative Headlines
Alternative Headlines:
Blue Origin is too round at the top. It needs to be more pointy.
Julia Baumer
Julia Baumer:
Does Bezo think that aliens won't keep him so he can't spend his billions of dollars
Mr Keyes
Mr Keyes:
I hope he gets lost in space for the way he treats his workers
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero:
Hola unicef vi Apolo ok bueno algo viva esa vacuna yo me la puse y tu dolly palton otra cine a si havia una vez fue con su hijo viajo a ver como le entregaban a su hijo un Oscar tenía anillos y pulseras s i una vez si esta de buena uy no lo saben bien ya tiene familia ok tiene humor uy viajo a ver una gran estell ba esta ok buen árbol yo hoy me compre de eso algo para my esas piedras fui donde ok doy gracias una vez en navidad me dio de comer eso como olvidar alguna vez lo conté ok Asia yo no sabia tenía otra cereza ginda ok tambien ok a esto Alemania ok Austria Suiza belguica alsa nutela correa de caca huete ok cosas mías vine dar gracias sabéis tengo otra hoy cordel die así agua de azahar agua jazmín trigo así una vez le puse yo algo alguien las palmeras no las pierdas están hasta en uy ya lo creo yo que si cosas mías muas ok ya está continuará julius mery crismas asi mery crismas bueno que algo les ok continuará me bucle un dibujo ya te diré ok esta ver oír nasa ok bici palmeras más apolo una vez a alguien le puse yo luna marte saturno y júpiter de también a veces me cuesta sabéis sabe quien msry sol así sabe quien bailado bueno esta uy ok gracias otros y as cosas mias así mj te llege ok almudena cr ea cr grc aló nba y msx soy así radio aficionada tln redex así you tube así ok gracias mokdel talking msx nena bernar churter ba saben y otros y as ok gracias ea cr grc aló
Andrew Kuoppala
Andrew Kuoppala:
amazon employees should have walked off job the second he launched.
Steven Hayden
Steven Hayden:
Thanks Hoda your a great person keep telling yourself that you and your girl 👧 that’s a accurate picture of a bush
Well I hope you got to see it because that was a short flight , if you blinked you would have missed it
Jeff nearly left 200 billion dollars on Earth 😂😂😂
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater:
I know how y’all can easily get to mars just build a bigger or longer space ship with like more than one space ship linked together or something and be like it will go farther that way and build one on mars so you can fly back but build it with robots or build a bridge using space robots so you can drive to mars or something
Jeff seems like the least socially awkward billionaire out there.
Kamen Kunchev
Kamen Kunchev:
Gender? Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space in 1963 spending almost 3 full days in space. You should know these things hosting an interview about space travel and exploration.
11 minutes and 23 mil lol Decades to come will be much less
ME MyselfNi
ME MyselfNi:
I hope they didn't order that rockett on Amazon
I can't believe they are sending people up in to space in a rocket that looks like a fat chode. How many test launches has this thing had?
toyo 250
toyo 250:
Amazing what u can do when you don't pay taxes, I paid mine did I anybody else opt to pay theirs...opps its not an least for us commoners
Billionares going into space while millions suffer on earth. Seem right to anyone?
Rahul funy R.B.
Rahul funy R.B.:
Jason Wannatiyah
Jason Wannatiyah:
Excellent 👍
hugging jeff to go to space - mmmm i dont know
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar:
Oliver is the youngest man to travel into space.
ya boy nate
ya boy nate:
Random question but why do they keep tapping eachothers knees 😂
Donna Stillman
Donna Stillman:
are you going to have a spacewalk with branson and exchange spaceships in space.
Would you please let Mark, Wally and Oliver off the spaceship please? If he insists to go ahead?
Hope it blows!!
I love this TEAM.💕
Clayton Machizic
Clayton Machizic:
Try taking 5meo DMT,.alot cheaper way to go explore space
Fastest way to heaven.