Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jeff Bridges revisits his most iconic characters, including roles in The Last Picture Show, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, King Kong, Tron, Tron: Legacy, Starman, The Big Lebowski, True Grit, The Contender, Iron Man, Crazy Heart, Hell or High Water and Bad Times at the El Royale.
Bad Times at the El Royale in theaters on October 12!

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Jeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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João Hilgert
João Hilgert:
“Jeff Bridges breaks down his most iconic characters”, spends 15 minutes talking about everyone else involved.
What a class act, this man.
Grant Simmons
Grant Simmons:
Im convinced Jeff Bridges wasn't acting when filming the big lebowski
Graham DeShaz
Graham DeShaz:
“Jeez, I’ve made a lot of good movies.”

Yes, dude. You have
Theo Thurston
Theo Thurston:
Jeff Bridges stay strong you’ll beat limphoma no problem

Theo , 13
Megumi Bandicoot
Megumi Bandicoot:
“Smokey, this is not Nam, this is bowling. There are rules.”
Kevin Dorn
Kevin Dorn:
somehow, knowing that the dude watches the dude and is happy with him makes me smile.
Dillon Braun
Dillon Braun:
Talking about Iron Man - “we really ironed it out”

Your puns are not lost upon me Jeff
“I made a lot of good movies, huh?” No, you made a lot of movies good.
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan:
"The Fisher King" One of his greatest roles and it's not even mentioned...
Tony stark was able to build this in a cave! With a box of scraps.
Tron: Legacy is so underrated, well I like it anyway!
The Dude
The Dude:
Hes a nice guy, Ive played guitar with him at his ranch and great to see a star married with ONE woman for 28 years! Nice guy. the TRUE Dude!
Rama Chandra
Rama Chandra:
They left out a slept on Jeff Bridges classic with Robin Williams, The Fisher King by Terry Gilliam.
love this guy... master actor, and just a cool dude
A bit disappointed that The Fabulous Baker Boys wasn't mentioned, that one is a hidden gem.
Waffle Duck
Waffle Duck:
"We really IRONED the thing out quite well, we all thought."
Good one, Jeff.
Theresa Jackson
Theresa Jackson:
Loved the movie Tucker. Love everything I've seen with Jeff Bridges. What an unselfish, humble human being.
Genetic Freak
Genetic Freak:
Yeah, this should be about 45 minutes longer.
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell:
Actors ACT. It's what they do. They spend their entire professional lives pretending to be something or someone they are NOT. So I'm always very reluctant to form any hard opinions about what kind of person an actor is by their interviews. But there's just *something* about Jeff Bridges that burns right through all that an convinces me at a fundamental level that what we see here is exactly what we get! As brilliant an actor as Mr. Bridges is, I really do not think he's so good that he could convey such profound decency if it weren't there.
Max Doubt
Max Doubt:
6:16 "starman. yeah, starman!"- Jeff Bridges
Nice to hear a Hollywooder with an actual brain and personality.
Stephen Wyatt
Stephen Wyatt:
Don't forget Fearless, The Fisher King and Heaven's Gate as well.
Александр Евстюгов
Александр Евстюгов:
I love how much he keeps talking about everyone else, as opposed to just talking about himself for fifteen minutes.
Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there.
Public Piper
Public Piper:
No Against All Odds??? Arrrrg! I love that film.
Occam’s Razor
Occam’s Razor:
Crazy Heart, love that Movie. Along with anything else Jeff Bridges has done. What a phenomenal actor.
Marnix Groot
Marnix Groot:
I love Jeff Bridges. He was so cool in the fabulous Baker Boys. Still one of my favorite little movies.
Julie W/S
Julie W/S:
He is definitely one of my favorite actors. I loved “Jagged Edge” and “Fabulous Baker Boys”, too.
I really want a Movie, with Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russel together, either as Brothers, Partners some kind of buddies movie. It could be a Comedy, Action or even both, more in a Mid-Western kind of period with Cowboys and stuff. Mainly because to me they're the most Cowboy looking dudes in all of film, but I don't think they have ever been together in a movie. I think it really needs to happen.
Crow T Robot From The Satellite Of Love
Crow T Robot From The Satellite Of Love:
One of my all-time favorite actors. He's also very nice and down to earth, he's somebody I would like to know as a friend.
Redheaded Stranger
Redheaded Stranger:
The Fisher King ❤️❤️❤️❤️ He and Robin never outshine each other. They are truly co-stars. But my heart is for Jeff on that one.
kishan gautam
kishan gautam:
I just like to hear his voice😚🥰
Donald Priola
Donald Priola:
Hanging out with him must be blast; I love how he tells a story.
unitedkingdom offiveeyes
unitedkingdom offiveeyes:
I keep getting him mixed up with Kirk Russel.
R WG5:
"Jeez I made a lot of good movies! Huh?" Lol 😂
I realized about 10 years ago that I have pretty well enjoyed everything Jeff Bridges has been and that is truly the sign of a great performer.
Marc Touss
Marc Touss:
i would have added blown away...and against all odds... my two favorite jeff bridges films...
Jeff Bridges is the dad that we all need but don't deserve
Down to earth, humble, and very likeable. God the man has aged like fine wine.
Vengeful 360
Vengeful 360:
What about the vanishing with sandra bullock. That movie gets to me. Amazing actor.
Sean Keating
Sean Keating:
Geez, I made a lot of good movies, huh?
- Jeff Bridges
Jullyeann Garrick
Jullyeann Garrick:
One of the most humble and down to earth actor's with an amazing grasp of the characters he plays and so incredibly talented,what a true craftsman.
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill:
He is still The Dude, His Dudeness, El Duderino.
MrSwj2009 ____
MrSwj2009 ____:
His best line in Iron Man:
”"Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave... with a box of scraps!!!"
You mean The Dude breaks down his most iconic characters
He comes across as a good guy.
The Big Lebowski is an absolute masterpiece.
Why does nobody every mention "The Vanishing" with Kiefer Sutherland, Jeff and Sandra Bullock, what a great movie .
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius:
Jeff Bridges” “Starman” 6:16
Jeff Lebowski” “Yeah, Starman” 6:17
My favourite Actor, I could listen to Jeff talking about his films all day long, just a great Actor and a great person.
Man... I would love to meet Jeff Bridges..... I'm not famous or rich enough, but the fella seems like so fun to hang out with. Great actor.
I love this man so much. A national treasure.
Joseph Arsenault
Joseph Arsenault:
“The Big LeBOWskiiiii.”

Gave me the biggest smile.
Force of Nature
Force of Nature:
Ol' Jeff may play a hundred other roles in his lifetime, but for me he will always be The Dude
Mike A
Mike A:
Wish The Fisher King was along with these others, love Jeff!
Casey Plooy
Casey Plooy:
......where’s your car Dude?
*That rug really tied the room together.*
Jeff didn't play the Big Lebowski. He is the Big Lebowski.
Matthew Carney
Matthew Carney:
He needs to be Santa Claus in some movie, at some point in the future
Martin Turon
Martin Turon:
"Fearless" is one of them lovely movies he stars in that few people remember. A shame , really.
"Starman... yeah! Starman!" What a cutie ❤
Jeff Bridges is the world's longest-running child actor.
1 phyx
1 phyx:
The Fisher King? Directed by Terry Gilliam. With Robin Williams.
The Iguana
The Iguana:
"We really ironed the thing out."
No pun intended
"Starman. Yeah, Starman!" Jesus Christ I do love this man so much.
Ummm no tideland?? Though hes been in awesome movies his whole career I must still call this list into question.
jamie jamie
jamie jamie:
He has a magnificent head of hair
Frodo H
Frodo H:
I have always know him but never knew his names... I heard Al Pacino Talkng about him on Jimmy Kimmel Show and i come here
User Name
User Name:
"we really iron the thing out" ba dum tss.
Russell Buck Fletcher
Russell Buck Fletcher:
Slightly disappointed. No Preston Tucker. :(
Addler Martin
Addler Martin:
12:28 _"we really ironed the thing out"_ :D
Craig Holman
Craig Holman:
...One of those incredibly timeless actors! :)
Love that he mentions his dad Lloyd. He is dearly missed, one of my favourites.
Juan Ocampo Álvarez
Juan Ocampo Álvarez:
I wish he talk about Fisher King and Fearless and Fat City.
Gray Dorian
Gray Dorian:
"The Dude abides."
Dave Christian
Dave Christian:
What a tremendously gracious and generous man. He went out of his way to give credit to everyone around him.
Ragna B
Ragna B:
Probably the kindest actor out there. You can "feel" the kindness in his voice.
john lacey
john lacey:
I would love to see the impossible interview with Lloyd, Beau and Jeff.
Luke Harding
Luke Harding:
True grit is my favorite western movie ever. He did such a good job in that movie.
I love his ability to remember first and last names like second nature.
Helga Geraldine
Helga Geraldine:
As much as I love him as the dude and starman... My favorite movie of his remains Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. He was so great in it and I didn't expect that emotional ending. It was so good.
Laura Brooks
Laura Brooks:
American Heart. My all time favorite. A heart breaking film.
Jeff Bridges, an actor who everyone knows as an old guy and nobody recognizes as young.
i love how he can recall cast & crewmembers' names and jobs decades ago and give them acknowledgement
Alucard J.B M.P
Alucard J.B M.P:
Definitely the dudest dude in the world - Jeff Bridges!
Love him, his voice sounds like he chain smoked for 50 years, though :-)
the new tubers Soulart
the new tubers Soulart:
The dude Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters.
"Boy was I lucky to on board with that one?" You're Lloyd Bridges' son.
Jason Gibbs
Jason Gibbs:
Probably one of my favorite actors ever... Period.
For a guy who was born and raised in L.A. he really does Texas accents and southern accents incredibly well. I think he's a cowboy at heart.
Mario Carrillo
Mario Carrillo:
"I'm a clicker guy," Jeff Bridges, 2018. Legend.
Jon Mills
Jon Mills:
I don't think I've ever seen a bad Jeff Bridges movie. Loved the Amateurs. Very funny.
Tron: Legacy is the most underrated movie of the last 20 years. Classic.
Dave Kuebler
Dave Kuebler:
The Big Lebowski one of the best movies ever, I can watch every year or so and still enjoy it like I was watching it for the first time.
i’m completely unbiased: The Big Lebowski is the greatest movie ever made
JP Weidemoyer
JP Weidemoyer:
Probably my favorite actor of all time! Just a natural, dude.
Wesley Townsend
Wesley Townsend:
I could listen at Mr Bridges forever! This is one of those walking pieces of art.
All the best to you and yours!
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon:
He's been in more movies than I thought. XD
“The bums will always lose.” Welp...
Ross Edwards
Ross Edwards:
I "met" Jeff Bridges some years ago at the De Young museum in San Francisco - totally embarrassed myself started praising him and the Big Lebowski and he was the *nicest guy* - looked me in the eyes, smiled, shook my hand, said thank you and.. something else lol don't remember but it was super nice. Just as friendly as you'd expect. I was high for a week off that lol
David Guillen
David Guillen:
Jeff's voice is so calming and relaxing. I could listen to him talk about movies and acting all day!
He is so the Dude Lebowski in real life :D hahaha, love this guy!