Jeff Bridges Wins Best Actor: 2010 Oscars

Kate Winslet presents Jeff Bridges with the Best Actor Oscar for Crazy Heart, featuring Tim Robbins, Colin Farrell, Vera Farmiga, Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer, at the 82nd Academy Awards.

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Paul Douglas Moomjean
Paul Douglas Moomjean:
George Clooney: I should have won it this year.

The Dude: Well yeah that's just like your opinion man.
Leo Buscaglia
Leo Buscaglia:
Married to his wife for 33 years... in Hollywood... That alone makes him a legend. Love this guy, great actor.
The Evil Bassist
The Evil Bassist:
I bet that Oscar really ties the room together.
Richard Dortch
Richard Dortch:
Jeff Bridges looks like a Civil War general.
Mason Brown
Mason Brown:
Shoulda won for The Big Lebowsky
All i see is THE DUDE
Johnny Gilling
Johnny Gilling:
They should have gave him a rug instead.
Amadeus Mozart
Amadeus Mozart:
He is not Lebowski, He is The Dude.
George Clooney plays the same guy in every movie
Lucia R
Lucia R:
Robin Williams behind Jeff Bridges, omg. 
Yoni Fiksiana
Yoni Fiksiana:
Kate Winslet looks gorgeous and lovely.
mufazal tompless
mufazal tompless:
come here again after shock by the news about this legend announced his got lymphoma cancer. Get well soon sir, legend! 😣🙏🙏🙏
Jonathan Quigley
Jonathan Quigley:
Colin's speech just felt so informal and from his heart, everyone else's were great but they sounded rehearsed and written, it sounded like Colin was just talking about his friend Jeremy
8:20 Jeff's wife cleaning his mustache from the last White Russian
I see Robin Williams behind Jeff, they were good friends. Robin even looked sad then. so sad he left that way.
Eduardo Garlo
Eduardo Garlo:
Michelle Pfeiffer looks stunning!!!
Jeff Bridges is always the DUDE..... Maaan!
john gleason
john gleason:
The dude abides
Ryan Jablonski
Ryan Jablonski:
I can't believe it took Jeff 5 times to win the Oscar !!!
kate winslet is so elegant reminds me of grace kelly.
Violetta Azul
Violetta Azul:
Jeff Bridges is adorable! Such an outstanding actor and sweet person.
I felt like Colin Farrell's speech was the most genuine, but then I though Jeremy Renner should have won!
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn:
Julianne Moore=Timeless BEAUTY
Michelle Pfeiffer is a very great actress indeed.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon:
I hate these long, sappy introductions of the nominees. So glad they stopped doing it.
Don Kurdi
Don Kurdi:
To win an oscar that Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, and Collin Firth were nominated to, shows just how excellent an actor Jiff Bridges is.
Stu VS
Stu VS:
"The Fisher King" is my other favorite movie of Jeff's. Wonderful cast
Frank Hilb
Frank Hilb:
That rug really tied the room together
John Wiggington
John Wiggington:
That's how you give an acceptance speech. Jeff Bridges is my spirit animal.
David Lionheart
David Lionheart:
It was about goddamn time! Jeff Bridges should've had the Award for "Starman". That's his greatest performance, and one of the greatest any actor has ever given.
Michael Mungia
Michael Mungia:
he freakin deserved it man
Damian Bailey
Damian Bailey:
GOD Kate Winslet is so FIIINE
N D:
Kate is so gorgeous. That was one of her best red carpet outfits. And Jeff totally deserved his win!
Angry Fat Boi
Angry Fat Boi:
He should be called Jeff "Dude" Bridges Period.
Michelle Pfeiffer, always amazing.
Ivo Byrt
Ivo Byrt:
"Being a friend is getting the other a cup of coffee. Can you do that for me, Ted?" - Morgan Freeman, last day of shooting of The Shawshank Redemption
**Announcer introduces Kate Winslet as winning an Oscar for her performance in The Reader**

**Orchestra plays Titanic soundtrack**

Even (then) 12 years later, Kate Winslet can't break away from Titanic.
It’s the JRock
It’s the JRock:
I always come back to this video not to hear Jeff’s speech, but to hear Colin Farrell talk about Jeremy Renner. His speech just felt so honest and genuine. You could tell Colin was immensely proud of his friend and colleague, and that Jeremy was truly touched my his words.
And you thought it took forever for Leo to get his first Oscar...
This Best Actor award is really for THE DUDE.Not Crazy heart.
Sheikh Masud Rana
Sheikh Masud Rana:
"The dude" one of the best actor of all time.Most adorable Voice and Beard.Hope you live another 100 long year.
Ricardo Correia
Ricardo Correia:
Colin was the best that year
Kate is really pretty!
Sven Vranken
Sven Vranken:
Seeing Robin Williams on 11:34 made me kinda sad...
I bet that oscar really ties his room together.
His wife is gorgeous.
LOVE that they played Titanic music when Kate Winslet came out...

Luis Diego Cano Torrecillas
Luis Diego Cano Torrecillas:
The dude won an Oscar. Maaan
“Man”, “groovy” 😆 He’s an old hippie
"Can you do that for me, Ted?" LMAO. XD
And hooray Jeff! :D
Sorry, but it would take about 2 seconds to remove all of Michelle Pfeiffer's flaws
Jeff's one of the most classy, respectable actors, along with Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Costner and the late great Bill Paxton. All pros who manage[d] to keep their private lives scandal free.
He wife is so classy and gorgeous!
Desmond Lizewski
Desmond Lizewski:
Omg!! 3 actors from Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Adrian López M
Adrian López M:
Kate Winslet is very beautiful
A long overdue Oscar. He is a wonderful actor.
Jeff Bridges just makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. Such a well deserved win for a beautiful human being.
Jeff Bridges is my favorite male actor! He is such a talented and gifted actor. Crazy Heart was a terrific film and he did such a great job!
The Dude abides..

Elizabeth J
Elizabeth J:
❤ how they put the titanic soundtrack when kate came out
Real Actors Lab
Real Actors Lab:
He's the best.  So wonderfully present, even in a crazy nerve-wracking moment like an Oscar speech.  One of my fave speeches.
Jeff deserves this award.

"The Dude" will be a character that I'll never forget, till the day I die.

That's the real job of actors. To present us with unforgettable characters. Congratulations Jeff, you deserve it.
Majka Polska
Majka Polska:
I love Jeff Bridges
Quaalude Dicaprio
Quaalude Dicaprio:
One Of the Top 10 HOLLYWOOD ACTORS of all time
SO proud of Pfeiffer :)
Luke Lauchle
Luke Lauchle:
He is the Oscar winner man.
Step Wilder
Step Wilder:
thaey have ignored jeff bridges for long enough. he is a GREAT actor.
Galman Ferguson
Galman Ferguson:
Love it when Kate walks out they play theme from TITANIC
Jeff bridges deserves 5000000000n Oscars he is the man
He makes laugh no matter how depressed i am.
Alejandro M
Alejandro M:
Jeff is the man!
D A:
Kate is one of the most beutifull women in film, love watching her. And Jeff Bridges absolutely did deserve this win. He did an amazing job on Crazy Heart.
Charis Eleftheriou
Charis Eleftheriou:
LOL Titanic playing when Kate enters!! DAT GURL! <3
Kyle Durand
Kyle Durand:
Aand then I see Robin Williams sitting behind Jeff's wife. Great, now I'm crying.
Andrew Frantz
Andrew Frantz:
Congratulations to Jeff Bridges. He deserved to win more oscars but Crazy Heart he has a fine singing voice. The soundtrack has some of the finest songs with Jeff singing a number of them.
Jeff Bridges looks like Kurt Russel in this
Ivanna Alvarez
Ivanna Alvarez:
he's so sweet and a gentleman, he deserve it !♥♥♥
Renan C. Maia
Renan C. Maia:
Kate is dazzling!
I love the fact that Kate said "And the Oscar goes to..." instead of "And the winner is...". Stupid decision to revert to that. Glad it didn't last!
Jeremy Renner is the best
Benjamin Buford Blue
Benjamin Buford Blue:
My thoughts and prayers are with him right now
Spider Jerusalem
Spider Jerusalem:
i thought jackie earle haley had been here, you know, because of his rorschach's performance. Well no wonder because watchmen was a very underrated movie
David Sunny
David Sunny:
should of got it for starman
Zack Hamilton
Zack Hamilton:
I bet that Oscar he has really ties the room together.
berkay karataş
berkay karataş:
oohh i saw Robin Williams back there .it hurt
David Page
David Page:
i always fell in love with his acting one of the greats for sure
elliot :3
elliot :3:
i love him so much, jeff really deserves it.he’s such an amazing actor, i bet that oscar really tied the room together. :)
Annie Chen
Annie Chen:
Back when Oscar's so good-looking...
L.C. Toner
L.C. Toner:
Aww, I love how he says that the Oscar honors his parents as well as it honors him. I have been a fan of Jeff Bridges for more than 20 years. Well deserved! :))
Jay Gill
Jay Gill:
Jeff Bridges/Kurt Russell
Randolph Val Palma
Randolph Val Palma:
I love kate! I think she also said to jeff ... " i voted for you" 8:36 when she handed the oscar hehe
He's such a lovable warm guy and he can act too❣❣
Nina Dulac
Nina Dulac:
Kate Winslet looks absolutly beautiful!
Jeremy shoud have won. He was amazing in "the hurt locker", period.
"How to talk really slow and make some uncomfortable"
steve conn
steve conn:
Got to see Jeff perform "Ghost Riders In The Sky" with his band for ten hours as an extra in his movie Only The Brave. Quite an honor!
Jefferson Borges
Jefferson Borges:
08:44 I love when he says: Thank you, Academy members! haha :D
Mahmoud Sallam
Mahmoud Sallam:
11:04 His team tied him together.
MAN, He’s always the DUDE!
N D:
Kate reminds me of classic Hollywood. She has a timeless beauty and carries herself with elegance. She just has a quality about her that draws everyone in. Seriously one of the greatest actors alive.
Karthik. U
Karthik. U:
Kate Winslet always comes out with Titanic background score
Frank Roper
Frank Roper:
I love that after seeing jeff in movies playing dark or dramatic roles you can here his childish little giggle and instantly be reminded of the dude.