Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Confirm What We Suspected

Watching a great sitcom doesn't just get you invested in the characters on the show. It also gets you interested in the actors that play them, especially if those actors might have something of a real-life romance with each other.

On "Friends," Ross and Rachel were known for having an on-again, off-again relationship that got teased out throughout the series, from the first episode to the series finale. But did their on-screen chemistry indicate something more between them, behind the scenes?

If you didn't see "Friends: The Reunion," you may have missed a big reveal. Let's break down the moment as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer confirm what we suspected.

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Victoria Arnold
Victoria Arnold:
Why can’t they get together now? They would be so perfect together
Nathan Boyle
Nathan Boyle:
They had amazing chemistry together, out of this world. So even back then, in the 90's - because I'm a fan of the show since the start - it was obvious for many fans that they like each other in real life. Too bad Jen chose that vain cheater, Brad Pitt.
I think most people watch a TV show with the understanding these are actors portraying a love interest. However, the chemistry between Jennifer and David was simply undeniable. I think most people tuned in to Friends because the they were drawn to David and Jennifer's on screen chemistry. I'm happy David and Jennifer were able confirm what most of us suspected in the mid 90's. Love you both and rest of the cast members. For nearly 3 decades, you brought tremendous joy and laughter to millions. Thank you.
Nathan Boyle
Nathan Boyle:
Also, I love how Le Blanc said "bullshit" to David's words that he and Jen never did IT in real life, that they never crossed that line, even tho they had feelings for each other. So Matt is sure they did it. 🤣 And I love how all the cast was also like ''we knew it all along!''. 😂
Ryan Scri
Ryan Scri:
I always felt it intuitively - that they were really in love with each other, at some point. Their body language, even just being actors, playing Ross and Rachel, which is supposed to be just characters - watching them, it just felt that there was so much more to it, in real life. The kiss at Central Perk or their first night together at the museum - those kisses were so passionate and scenes so brilliant, there was so much physical chemistry between them, I was sure even back then, that the sparks between them were flying like crazy. And SorrynotSorry but no other couple on this show had as much chemistry as Jen & David, and certainly not overrated, in my opinion, Chandler and Monica because Courtney and Matthew had very average romantic chemistry for me. Anyway, Jen and David always had the best chemistry and even professionals thought so, that's why writers made them the main couple since season 1.
diego juarez
diego juarez:
Wouldn't be surprised if they end up together like Mila n ashton
it's bittersweet, I wonder if they'll ever try it out again, it's never too late
Kritzia M.
Kritzia M.:
I can attest that two people can be crushing hard and don’t act on it. Regret it? Maybe......
Carl Silver
Carl Silver:
They had an amazing chemistry on the show , Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
Arnold SwassNinja
Arnold SwassNinja:
Joey was like,"Bullshit". We all know they had a crush on each other.
Jenn would be so happy if she married David before.. Damn, they really good for each other
Why does James Corden have to make things bad😁
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness:
I think they all at least went out on dates with each other.
Ali San
Ali San:
Well that love made us believe that they were in true love in real life and in characters too.
Not enough people on Twitter or these comment sections realise that this was a TV show and Ross and Rachel were characters.
Nation of Villians
Nation of Villians:
It's cool that they both didnt gi e in to those feelings and instead, used those feelings for Ross and Rachel. Thanks for that.
Jun Acebedo
Jun Acebedo:
Here in the Philippines, we have so many romance actors & actresses confessing they actually like each other (so fans will patronize their movies). Schwimmer and Aniston can't do what Filipinos can do best?!? Fakery ?
The Overnight
The Overnight:
Can't help but think Joey's line about actors losing heat in a romantic scene was proof they were sleeping together - was definitely people in the show speculating about these two! 😂
Silentt Ivan
Silentt Ivan:
Lil Will the king gaming
Lil Will the king gaming:
My wife 🤰🏾🥰absolutely loves this show watches re-runs often 🤷🏽
Green Lemon
Green Lemon:
Love this couple
Chad B
Chad B:
I love friends. I can watch it 1000 times and it's still funny every single time
Fernando Gastelo
Fernando Gastelo:
I suspect it was the same for Jim and Pam. You can't act that chemistry
carlos dura
carlos dura:
I had my FUN.. Now i am ready for you. Jezzz...
Peter Yang
Peter Yang:

Bowser show
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez:
I knew it
Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans:
So what is the music on this video?
Video Information
Video Information:
They did it
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
She prob smashed the whole cast
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me:
Michael Dewitt
Michael Dewitt:
That special was...not special lol
Mbalenhle Molope
Mbalenhle Molope:
You know who else had a crush on Jennifer Aniston?... Matt le blac and every guy on in America in the 90s
Guinea to the Piggy
Guinea to the Piggy:
What is up with David's face? 🧐🤨
Bass Ventura
Bass Ventura:
Sylvia Grice
Sylvia Grice:
Edward Ramos
Edward Ramos:
Damn. You can destroy a whole ecosystem with the amount of plastic on Aniston alone. Why do actors do this to themselves? Grow old with grace people!
Mike Droz
Mike Droz:
Somehow I managed to make it to 36 years old without ever seeing a single episode 🤷‍♂️
Know It All
Know It All:
i think they will say anything to stay relevant 🤷‍♂️
John Kennedy
John Kennedy:
The show sucked
David Hoj
David Hoj:
believable? least believable thing on TV, no way Rachels self esteem lets her date someone as far down the troth as ross, especially since she never forgave him about that break up booty call