Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Had Real Crushes On Each Other

When they say, ‘I’ll Be There For You,’ this cast means it! “Friends: The Reunion” was officially released on HBO Max, and cast members are divulging who amongst them almost took their relationship to the next level! When James Cordon, who hosted the special, asked if anyone took their relationship to the next level, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer fessed up that their on-camera chemistry was real.

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Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Had Real Crushes On Each Other


100+ komentarze:

The fact that David and Jen had a crush on each other early in the making of Friends and the fact that they did not act on it (timing was not there). They where able to create a chemistry on set that's hard to fake. If they got together and it failed they would not had the same chemistry on set. Jen and Davids crushing got put into Rachel and Ross to create one of the best chemistry on TV. They also created the best will they wont they, you can easily see during the show they never stop loving each other and the spark never went out. Some tv couple seems forced for the plot so the characters don't have the chemistry.
Rishi Gupta
Rishi Gupta:
"I just don't see why they can't work things out"😭
-Chandler Bing
Jahir Matthews
Jahir Matthews:
They always talk about the first Ross & Rachel kiss being in the coffee shop but they always forget when Rachel kissed Ross in the laundromat.
C Novika Maharani
C Novika Maharani:
"We all knew for sure"

Carl Silver
Carl Silver:
David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are actors that i wanted together , even more characters on the show
What’s beautiful is that David had liked Jen for who she was & it was before all the fame. It’s genuine and that’s hard to find and he was always so sweet & loving to her you can just see it. Even in the reunion the way he hugs and kisses her cheek.. that’s genuine love right there... it not too late ❤️
The DomRunner
The DomRunner:
It took them decades to admit that, still we fans knew it from the body language.
I’m going to watch the show with an entirely different perspective now. ESPECIALLY all the Ross and Rachel scenes from the early seasons... *mind blown*
I genuinely feel like us (the younger generation) felt this reunion as the closure we never experienced as we were '' too late to the party''. That was an amazing thing did, I felt so much happiness from seeing them together again and hearing some behind the scenes moments as well as the fact that Jennifer and David had real crushes on eachother. Rachel and Ross are one of my favorite on screen couples ever.
Henrique Oliver
Henrique Oliver:
David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston have an amazing chemistry
Soundarya Balaji
Soundarya Balaji:
Courtney is right. It's good they didn't cross that line but deep down I always feel bad about Jen being a nice person and had a horrible end with Brad Pitt. Maybe it could have worked with David. Again, just imagining to make myself feel better
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt:
Well they’re single now, so come on. Maybe they could get together
rafa 02
rafa 02:
OH MY GOD, I know all the Jenvid shippers on the planet are now exploding of joy
Michele Fortner
Michele Fortner:
I think that they would make a cute couple
Georgina K.
Georgina K.:
I knew it! I was OBVIOUS. Every time David delivers his line, Jennifer is always holding her laugh. Among the 3 men, it was David who clearly made her laugh all the time. And i think Jennifer liked David because of that.
Stacy Kansil
Stacy Kansil:
Now it’s going to be so darn different for me when I rewatch season 1 knowing that they were actually crushing on each other❤️
Adinarain Rajiah
Adinarain Rajiah:
That "Bullshit" from was Epic xD
Persephone Astrology
Persephone Astrology:
I guess thats why so many people connected to the Rachel and Ross romance 💕The chemistry was real!
Nadia Majed
Nadia Majed:
i'm actually feeling sad that ross and rachel could be a real thing but it's not
"We never crossed that boundary... except for making out frequently but that doesn't count because it was on camera." 

Acting is weird world.
Like Matt said, I think it's bullshit. They definitely were together. There's an interview in 1996 and they talk about having crushes and david was about to share to much, so Matt said "dont do it". Also, in 2016 david said "that was broken" when asked abt the contract, when he said that Jen snapped her head towards him and gave him a look 😂
I mean the way they would kiss each other, you could absolutely feel the passion. That chemistry was a huge part of why R&R were so popular despite both characters obvious flaws. I believe it.
Ros Sen
Ros Sen:
I don't think it was just hard crushing I think they genuinely had feelings for each other. You can see even in the Reunion they are connected and keep laughing at each other's jokes all the time. And at one point when Courtney said, maybe it's good they didn't explore it bcos what if it didn't workout, Jen and David kept quiet. Maybe after all these years there's some genuine regret they didn't explore things further.
Henrique Oliver
Henrique Oliver:
"David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston had a crush on each other"
Teri penny
Teri penny:
I love Jen and David even more now!!
Okay so was Matt Leblanc *REALLY* kidding when he said “bullshit!”? ... I’ll be wondering about this for the rest of my life 😭
Gayathri Pradeep Menon
Gayathri Pradeep Menon:
I'm literally exploding with joy!! I'm so excited!! I love these two and I hope they get together!!!😭❤️
trending fun and technology
trending fun and technology:
See, they are each other's lobster
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer:
The greatest show of all time. Idgaf about what you say. I love friends. The office doesnt make me laugh like friend does.
A A:
They have such strong chemistry and they would've been amazing together, but I'm glad they stayed friends ❤
Navroop Sandha
Navroop Sandha:
It’s funny how it took David so long to say that they were on a break. i guess he was thinking that Jen would say they werent, so he was supposed to the opposite!! Great reunion btw!!
A A:
We learnt so many new things in that reunion and saw so much never-before-seen footage. I loved it!!
Sun Shine
Sun Shine:
I wonder what stops them to date now tho? David got divorced, Jen is single. I say why not
I agree with Matt. I think Jen and David definitely hooked up BUT decided for the show best they not get into a relationship.
Gaurav Mahurkar
Gaurav Mahurkar:
Sure the whole reunion was emotional and nostalgic.. but got to admit Matt LeBlanc's happy soul made it so refreshing..
Tiffany Jillian Go
Tiffany Jillian Go:
I was hoping that Matt and Courtney revealed that they dated too! I've been hearing that around a lot. David and Jen's revelation actually surprised me!!! Waaaaah wish they could get together now. <3
abhisha shetty
abhisha shetty:
they are so perfect for each other❤️😭
Alivia Saha
Alivia Saha:
I have a feeling they hooked up. David once said the 'pact' was broken and Lisa looked at Jen and then at David and Jen kinda giggled....?
Melanie Trujillo
Melanie Trujillo:
They were so phenomenal in those roles. Now we know why. I’m so glad to have that first season. I’m glad they shared it with us.
See they were each other's lobsters.
I think now it's time. Both single !! 😍🥰😏
UGH ITS NEVER TOO LATE!! Just get together n o w 😻😻😻
so they basically are their characters, crushing on each other while dating other people..
De AmaZing
De AmaZing:
THE SAILED SHIP! this breaks my heart!
Shahrin Shaheed
Shahrin Shaheed:
why are you two not together now?!!! I always wanted them together in real life as well :)), better than Jen-Brad! That was a hyped relationship !!! aghh
Svasta Nesto
Svasta Nesto:
I think they still have a crush on each other
Negar A
Negar A:
When she said: “We just channeled all of our adoration and love for each other into ross and rachel”
Loved when David Schwimmer went like ‘and uhh.. your fella’ to Jennifer Aniston when they were talking about guest stars and Jen said ‘yes, Pitt was in too’. Thought they had a real life Ross & Rachel moment there! I hope they get together IRL!
Jen was kinda hesitant to admit it was reciprocal at first, like she was scared too. Says it all really and it wasn't just first series or just a crush, they just didn't want to make a big deal about it. What they had was private and needs respecting, there was a reason why they never made it official like
Damn, there's the power couple we never knew we needed. Hey, Jen & David are both single now right....? lol
Becky Ellis
Becky Ellis:
Wow this for some reason has blown my mind, especially as Ross looked extra geeky in season 1 😂😂
Diosa Allen
Diosa Allen:
this makes me sooooo HAPPY! Get together now please.
It is true what Joey said to Chandler in season 3: If they have no chemistry on stage they are doing it IRL. All the tension goes away if they sleep together and act on their feelings.
Do it Now
Do it Now:
Their beautiful faces have changed. Their voices have become heavy and mature like my grandparents, but their humorous love has made no difference.
Tanya Ilagan
Tanya Ilagan:
Their each other’s “the one that got away” 😭😭😭
Mili Sanz
Mili Sanz:
LJ x 12
LJ x 12:
Knowing that they had feelings for each other makes me wanna watch FRIENDS all over again 🥺💜✨
If they're not like Ross and Rachel, they'd make a good couple.
The Cocktail Cauldron
The Cocktail Cauldron:
Ross and Rachel were the highlight in the reunion. I really wished they were a thing in real life too🥺
Gayathri Pradeep Menon
Gayathri Pradeep Menon:
I'm so fucking happy I've always rooted for these two as couple!! I just couldn't go ahead from 0:38 because I was so excited and just kept rewinding it😂❤️
Антоније Торбица
Антоније Торбица:
Dude we all had a crush on first season Rachel
Someone else dixit
Someone else dixit:
I loved then Ross and Rachel and I'm so ready to love now David and Jennifer!!!
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra:
Friends is a great Comedy show and is always on the Top 10 Trending shows on Netflix Globally *And Haters JUST SO YOU KNOW ITS NOT THAT COMMON IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO EVERY SHOW AND IT IS A BIG DEAL*
Precious Dee
Precious Dee:
This makes me so happy🥰 rewatching s1 will now be different😍
Janet Claire
Janet Claire:
I'll bet Brad Pitt feels a little ashamed to know they had such a crush but were respectful to the people they were in relationships with and didn't cross the line.
Mat has the cutest reactions ❤️❤️
Willstone G.A.K.
Willstone G.A.K.:
Now I'm gonna watch S1 again...
purple cha
purple cha:
I love how Joey is still evident within Matt Leblanc
Wish Jen said "No they were not on a break" and David went like
Writing Dead
Writing Dead:
Did you guys see the rereading of Ross and Rachel's first kiss? There is NO WAY those two didn't want to kiss in that! No way!
Ryan Swift
Ryan Swift:
Imagine being in love with a woman and your competition is Brad Pitt.
I always ship them!!! yahh
Ý :
Ý ::
Wish for Jennifer and David secret sacred private emotions,
blessed by Creator.
True love can not be faked. Period.
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez:
The turmoil over this proves to me that we're having very empty lives.
2:18 Now that they show those 1st season bloopers, it's actually pretty clear that Jen and David had a crush on each other❤️
Dk B
Dk B:
I would have thought it was obvious seeing how good their chemistry was
Harini Sai Ballamudi
Harini Sai Ballamudi:
I love them so much <3
Cruz Rivera
Cruz Rivera:
Hey, we got the real life Kelso & Jackie. I’m still holding out hope for real life Ross & Rachel.
In the scene when ross talk with Julie in front of rachel seems like jen really got jealous
Mariah Hossain
Mariah Hossain:
I'mma look at them and be like (insert joey's voice), " why God why? Why are you doing this to ? "
lucy gale
lucy gale:
Friends best thing ever to watch such a lovely bunch of people they truely are 🥰
Megan Sampson
Megan Sampson:
Well that was a situation where the ball was always in Jen's court and we all know it LOL LOL
Because of this I am glad that this reunion was no ordinary scripted episode
Asbira A V
Asbira A V:
If both get together in real life in this later half of their lives , the best ending for Friends and the show will be continuing in real life ❤️.
shut up cuz its hazelnut
shut up cuz its hazelnut:
We all knew it 🥺
Grace Huang
Grace Huang:
They really look like a great couple~ Wish to see their movie again.
Gladys Negrette
Gladys Negrette:
Me parecio muy sano reconocer lo que sentian y me parecen maravillosos jen y david son la mejor pareja de amor
Jasmine Dias
Jasmine Dias:
Always ALWAYS loved Racoss together and I would love to see Jenvid! However, I think Rachel is still in love with Brad and may be holding out for hope, hopefully I´m wrong. But regardless, I wonder how Jennifer and David would pan out now??
C F:
Their crush reminds me of sandra bullock and keanu reeves's crush for each other though. Ahhhhh...the ones that got away :(
lauren lipkin
lauren lipkin:
Alright 2021 time to manifest this real life!
Yasmin Awwad
Yasmin Awwad:
The way he used to look at her at the show that definitely wasn't just acting! His eyes were somehow sparkling whenever she walked in the room
Pres_ 25
Pres_ 25:
Best otp we never had
Teri penny
Teri penny:
Why do I love this show so much it is so good all the actors work so well together and are really good people in real life!!
Abigail Arreola
Abigail Arreola:
I always thought the first kiss was when the prom video showed Ross being left when he tried to be a knight in shining armor for Rachel.
this was pretty obvious actually they both had such good chemistry🥵🥵❤❤
Sam Zheng
Sam Zheng:
In the words of Joey, if it’s hot when they’re doing it on stage then they’re not doing it irl.