Jennifer Aniston Tosses Jimmy Kimmel’s Salad

Jennifer brings a painting of a frog she accidently ordered during quarantine and Jimmy’s wife Molly gives it away on the street, meets some superfans in the audience, and talks about losing an Oura Ring while tossing salad with Jimmy, staying safe during COVID, shooting “The Morning Show” with Reese Witherspoon on Apple TV+, launching her own haircare line LolaVie, and Jimmy asks Jen “Google’s Least- Searched Questions about Jennifer Aniston.”

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Dan The Man
Dan The Man:
The Morning Show is fantastic! Hands down the role of her career. She deserves all the awards and recognition for it. I do still love her in comedies, but glad to see her finally being recognised for drama as well.
Alizeh Khan
Alizeh Khan:
She gives me sunshine vibes, always. I love her ☀️
Jackie Forte
Jackie Forte:
Love 'The Morning Show' - for whatever reason I thought it would be a comedy, and it's actually a super drama with great characters and writing and Jennifer Aniston is the best I have ever seen her. Watching Jimmy & Jennifer banter is like sitting in a livingroom with old friends as you are meeting them for the first time - so comfortable.
Jessie Coghlan
Jessie Coghlan:
Who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston! A global treasure...
Karan Gera
Karan Gera:
She's fantastic on The Morning Show. I can't wait for the new season. Great news.
Ruth Yvonne
Ruth Yvonne:
Everyone likes Jenn, and the Morning Show is really good, way better than I thought it would be. Great actors also. Reese is such a great character and Steve Carnell. 👍👍👍
I'm a straight cis woman and I would marry her in a heartbeat. What a delightful person.
Jen, The Morning Show is brilliant! I was sold after the first episode. It’s up there with The Sopranos for keeping me hooked. 👍❤️
Ven Karri
Ven Karri:
She's the funniest woman ever. Absolutely delightful.
Amy David
Amy David:
So many lovely comments about Jennifer. She is such a great gift to the human race and she brings out the best in people.
Wouldn't go as far as tattooing her B-day on my arm, but, man... I love that woman. National treasure indeed.
Black Spider
Black Spider:
She's a treasure. Always cool.
Amanda Mills
Amanda Mills:
I love when Molly shows up, I literally screamed when I saw her in The Morning Show, Jen saving Molly's fandom of one people that it's me
Christopher Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt:
She is awesome, great actress who has been in tons of comedies.
I just finished season one of The Morning Show. Didn’t think I’d like it but I actually loved it. It’s really good I definitely recommend it.
Kate Templeton
Kate Templeton:
Jennifer is the embodiment of joy
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy:
She's down to earth .
Daniel Tomazzoni
Daniel Tomazzoni:
So ... basically in 13 minutes they managed to advertise:
A painting, a ring, a hair product and a restaurant!
Well done guys! Well done!
Kriti Pachurkar
Kriti Pachurkar:
OMGGGG this same incident happened in friends where Rachel lost her ring while making lasagna and Monica was literally angry with it 😂😂
Hayber Dasher
Hayber Dasher:
I love her so much, what a sweetheart :)
The three kid in a trench coat had me dying 😂😂😂 How high you gotta be to search something like that?!? 😂😂😂
Matt D
Matt D:
Jennifer in my notifications is what keeps the smile on my face! She is absolutely breath taking 👑👑👑💝💝💝
That dress was perfect for the show backdrop. LOVE Jen.
Ricky Arta
Ricky Arta:
Say what you like about Jen, she will always be my #1 favorite actress and Rachel Green.
She just lived the Real life episode of friends “the one with the 12 lasagnas” where she loses her engagement ring to barry 😂
Alex Bonafonte
Alex Bonafonte:
Tossing someone's salad is just being courteous. How thoughtful.
Mehboob km
Mehboob km:
Big fan of Jenni, she is growing younger each passing day!!
Life goal: Marry Jen Aniston.
Gorgeous Jen! Cant wait to see you again in The Morning Show. ❤️
Chloé Jade
Chloé Jade:
“February 11th 1980” Lmao, I love her. I would actually buy that was her real birthdate if I didn’t already know beforehand that she was born in 1969 😂
mrscruisequite 07 Phalo
mrscruisequite 07 Phalo:
Love this lady, has real quality. I lost a tooth pick in a cake and my daughter friend boy found it 😅.
John F
John F:
This was so funny, another great show
Judy Pasqualone
Judy Pasqualone:
Love Jennifer…I mean I watch Friends reruns every weekday. I think they’re all amazing and funny and talented. Huge fan of her movies. Just watched my dvd again Rumor Has It last week. I have the entire dvd set from Friends. Gave a set to my granddaughter (20) who also loves the show. Nice to have idols you respect. Also, have Monica’s poster..Jouets. ❤️
mesi h
mesi h:
I’m obsessed with her she could never do wrong in my eyes ❤️❤️
John Benedict Serrano
John Benedict Serrano:
"...Apple was smart enough to know that...they just had to Google it..." LOL!!!
6:01 Not quite the direction we thought things would go, but still here for this 🥗🙌
I would get her birthday or even her face tattooed on me, no question tbh.
indigo bunting
indigo bunting:
Love Jennifer she's the real deal
Theold doctor
Theold doctor:
I was taking a shot every time she mess with her hair, but I passed out about halfway through the interview, does anybody have a count ?
Luke Kulik
Luke Kulik:
If I was any of her last boyfriends, I would do everything possible to keep her happy. Not only is she beautiful, but an amazing personality.
The salad story though. I just remembered that episode when Rachel lost her engagement ring in the lasagna. So we can say that she almost pulled off a Rachel out there!
I have always wanted to be Jennifer Aniston. Always healthy and humble. Love her humor. I always want to see what she’s wearing
Kriti Pachurkar
Kriti Pachurkar:
Lmaoo i remember that interview where she showed that painting 😂😂
Ashley Donna
Ashley Donna:
I love Jen so much. I feel like she's my friend. So down to earth and caring! Love you Jen xo
Anélia Bourgoin
Anélia Bourgoin:
She’s amazing!! 💗
Mihail Ivanov
Mihail Ivanov:
She is the female version of Keanu Reeves. Highly likable and doesn't get older.
Viviana Song
Viviana Song:
this is so good! You all had this planned out and went great!
Blacck7 Goldd7
Blacck7 Goldd7:
Damn it Jimmy your very fortunate to have your salad tossed by Jennifer
Polly Goat-Nutz
Polly Goat-Nutz:
Why can't everyone be like jennifer....*sigh/heart-beat*.
She looks even more and more beautiful every day💕💕
She is fantastic and a brilliant beautiful person.. Thanks for always being you and being real.
Jesu Ponce
Jesu Ponce:
Jennifer is so cool
Abdelkarim Baghdadi
Abdelkarim Baghdadi:
sweetest ever ,modest and lovely ❤️
I laughed a bit to hard when she said "1980" :-)
Courtney McGregor
Courtney McGregor:
I love Jen. Such a big fan. I have all of her movies. Lots of love from oceanside tropical Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺
Alessandra Uliani
Alessandra Uliani:
Ela é tudooo
JP Vorster
JP Vorster:
Did Jen have collagen injection just before going on stage?!
Ýøsëf Vïvəřøś
Ýøsëf Vïvəřøś:
Shes so nice. Brad blew it.
Zezo 377
Zezo 377:
I just love her sm 🥺♥️
Polina Demina
Polina Demina:
Can I just say how well Jen's dress matches the background?!
Olivia M
Olivia M:
Jennifer Aniston tosses Jimmy Kimmel's salad. Literally.
Zippy Ustar
Zippy Ustar:
She’s a winner💥
Jay Me
Jay Me:
My God she is such a beautiful woman! Classy and fun all around. America's sweetheart for sure!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Just got to the part where Jimmy told Jennifer the title hahaha savage
* Netta
* Netta:
Kimmel's wife is hilarious! We would love to see her get rid of more crap
i freakin LOVE her!!
Felicia R
Felicia R:
Really? I felt like that was awkward after his wife snatched the painting 😮 🤣
Tatiana Holešová
Tatiana Holešová:
Jen is so amazing. I love her. She looks perfect, she is perfect. Wow 😍
Jessica Hammerly
Jessica Hammerly:
She walked out and I was like wait I remember that painting.. why do I remember that? Lol now I know..

And I knew I recognized the Lola part of Lolavie but couldn’t remember why either lol! I guess I’ve just watched a lot of Jennifer Aniston stuff..

I got her birthday wrong thought I just kept thinking in the spring.. maybe March? So I was a month off..

Why did I just turn this into some kind of trivia lol?? Apparently I need a distraction from life right now..
Mark Bowen
Mark Bowen:
She is still a stunner but I am very surprised she didn't drool with that botoxed top lip unless someone cracked her one on the way in.
Who else thought this was a throwback clip based on how young Jennifer looks?
Jasmine Dias
Jasmine Dias:
11:34 Her immediate eye roll after hearing "when it comes to men" LOL
love her so much she is amazing
Ann Walt Locke
Ann Walt Locke:
I'm not obsessed with celebs but... God, she would make the walls fall in love with here! I'm a straight woman and I can't help but see how beautiful she is!! Is that inner glow she has! She's a delight to listen to and look at! 😊
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan:
The Morning Show was the best show ever with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, along with the cast.
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd:
Who doesn't love this woman...
Jen looks incredible! Such a legend. 🙌🏾
Inbar :
I love this woman so much😭😂😂
She will forever be my #1 girl crush omg she is beautiful like no other 😍❤️🥰
Not to mention her humble, comical personality ugh 100000/10 ❤️
Darth Nerd
Darth Nerd:
For someone who is 52 Jennifer looks great and I dont have to be a fan of hers to say that. No player hating here
scott williams
scott williams:
This woman is absolutely beautiful and her personality makes her a solid 13 out of 10
Charles Canlas
Charles Canlas:
are we in the 90s still? mygahhdd! Jen still looks great!! 💯🔥🥰
Geno Mitchalinni
Geno Mitchalinni:
I named my daughter after her.( she's 17 and still doesn't know it yet. Neither does my ex.).😂
Sean Divarco
Sean Divarco:
I love Jennifer Aniston. ❤️
Keeshia Esguerra
Keeshia Esguerra:
omg the frog playing golf painting 😂 I wanted it too!!
Luved her in both Horrible Bosses and We’re the miller’s
Eva Bunton
Eva Bunton :
Love her soooo much 💗💗
Greg Brogan
Greg Brogan:
Friends started in 1994. How does Jennifer Aniston still look like that?! It's like she aged about 1 year for every 10 of the last 30!
I love her. Big fan!!
Marina Pico
Marina Pico:
She makes me smile. ❤️ JimmEl never told you this because I’m married to another J but you crack me up when you come out and start talking over everyone clapping, cheering and going crazy over you. 🤘🏼
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad:
good for Jimmy for calling it as is
Sean Inness
Sean Inness:
How many times does she have to brush her hair back? It's driving me nuts during a 13 minutes video, she has to live with that.
Ana OS
Ana OS:
Seriously, Jennifer Aniston = beauty goals ❤️❤️
Shawn Karter
Shawn Karter:
She's tossing his salad, say whaaaat🤣🤣
omg the salad story! it reminds me when Rachel lost her wedding ring in the lasagna 😂😂😂
Not me here screaming: "FEB 11!!! Jennifer's birthday is February 11!"
I never noticed how often she touches her hair during a conversation 😄
Alex Tran
Alex Tran:
I knew Jennifer’s birthday but in this case I’d pretend I didn’t so I can call her
Love her, always did <3
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad:
she is so underrated, she is incredibly talented I don't know why she was keeping doing all those comedies but she is Oscar material, you have GOT to se The Morning Show thank me later, amazing from start to finish incredible performances by Jen and Reese obis but from all the cast it keeps you on the edge of your seat! if you haven't please watch season one and I am so thrilled to watch the second season!!!! lol this sound almost like a paid advertisement or something, I hope but no, just acknowledging and admiring talent :)