Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off

Here at the show we’re known for bleeping and blurring things unnecessarily - but for once, the bleeping is necessary. If you are faint of heart cover your ears because Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow play America’s most foul-mouthed competition: #CelebrityCurseOff

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Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off

100+ komentarze:

Aniston was half Rachel, but Kudrow was 100% Phoebe....
Erisdelmy Alba
Erisdelmy Alba:
David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox will be competitive af
Madison's World
Madison's World:
Lisa’s mad face is pure phoebe
What's the point of having a curse off and bleeping it all
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte:
The one where Phoebe and Rachel curse on live television
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia:
*You are saying to me that Lisa Kudrow was playing herself all these years.*
Lisa hasn't changed wow both physically and mentally
Keira Wilson
Keira Wilson:
Omg when Lisa was swearing she was screaming it like she would as phoebe in friends 😂
Rima Begum
Rima Begum:
Lol if this was British television it would not be bleeped out
Dul! Set! Annoenghaseyo Bangtan Seonyodan imnida
Dul! Set! Annoenghaseyo Bangtan Seonyodan imnida:
They both have the same hairstyle from FRIENDS
Danae Kolyva
Danae Kolyva:
"It's Greek!"
Zac Fisher
Zac Fisher:
Jennifer acting surprised to see Lisa like she didn’t see her backstage 1 minute ago 😂
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar:
Get Anjelina Jolie in place of Lisa Kudrow and then the battle will be real.
lisa actually swears like phoebe when she loses at pacman loooool
Joey: "Va fa Napoli"
The beep, beep and beep were fine, but when they said beep, that was too far and dirty.
Abby Bechtel
Abby Bechtel:
The whole time i was thinking
The coins has NOT forgiven her like she thought!
Alexandra Massey
Alexandra Massey:
I love the way Lisa scrunches up her face when cursing. Like when all that opera music plays when she played Ms. Pac-Man and lost. Ross and Ben walk in.....
Kim Stege
Kim Stege:
Soooo... Is there an uncensored version anywhere, so us that weren't in the crowd can enjoy it?
Zeina Molokhya
Zeina Molokhya:
Come on guys
There's the best curse ever "va fa Napoli" 🤦🏻‍♀️
Remember when she was playing pac man and she lose and she started screaming in curse words 😂
Lisa still makes the same faces when she swears
You don’t know me bitch
You don’t know me bitch:
2:54 the Greek worlμd MALAKA” is actually not a curse anymore.. we say it for good morning in Greece 😂
weird stream
weird stream:
i was hoping for a "RACHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL" and a "SON OF A B- *insert opera music*"
Lindsey Reuther
Lindsey Reuther:
3:14 phoebe yelling at Ms. Pac-Man just as Ben walks in
It was soo sweet that when Lisa couldn’t think of any other words Jen was helping her and was like: “Come on, go French.... Get French on us” and then Lisa was like OH YA I’M GONNA BLOW YOUR MINDS OFF!😂
Imagine having Lisa as a mom
Alli Mckoy
Alli Mckoy:
Anyone else notice that as soon as lisa came out Jennifer got into "Rachel " stance. Hands on her hips shoulder back chin up. It was cute. I never noticed how humans change their entire body around certain people they know.
Scotty ColoradoKid
Scotty ColoradoKid:
why am i not surprised that Lisa speaks French she is also fluent in Russian, as her family is from Minsk.....OH I just remembered; her husband is French!
aysha a
aysha a:
Graham Ellis
Graham Ellis:
How come they accepted Jennifer’s Greek swear word, but they had to make sure Lisa’s French swear word was okay? That wasn’t fair.
SM - 10ZZ 704200 Castlebrooke SS
SM - 10ZZ 704200 Castlebrooke SS:
I feel like Phoebe is the most preferred in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
4:06 Love how Lisa went to pick up Jen's badge when it fell down
Sarah Paulson Is queen
Sarah Paulson Is queen:
I love lisa so much her laugh, her facial expressions are amazing
Bryan Cunanan
Bryan Cunanan:
Me: I saw Lisa's mad face
Me also: OH, OH, MY EYES, MY EYES!!
When jennifer said "Malaka" 😭😭 (its greek)
Annie R
Annie R:
Omg all I can see when Lisa swears is phoebe swearing on friends when Ben walks into the room and Ross has to covers his ears 😂😂😂
David C
David C:
I want Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell
Sean Medvitz
Sean Medvitz:
I love that they hate cursing at each other. It shows how close they are
Ishani Guhathakurta
Ishani Guhathakurta:
This reminds me of the time when Phoebe was cursing and Ross was covering Ben's ears .
Seeing how excited they got when they see eachother makes me wanna cry 😩😍
the greek word is “malaka/ Μαλάκα” it’s either slang for “friend” or you’re calling someone a wanker
Taylor Drew
Taylor Drew:
Lisa: "I have a teenage son" he must be so proud lmfao 😂😂😂
Anusha Roy
Anusha Roy:
Phoebe still looks the same but Jennifer has changed so much I kept imagining Rachel's face
Japsimar grewal
Japsimar grewal:
2:08 proof that coins hate her as phoebe said in season 7
Should've brought out David Schwimmer covering Cole Sprouse's ear saying "Phoebe!!" at the end
Reverse flash
Reverse flash:
Gordon Ramsey would destroy any of them
The faces Lisa made while cussing reminded me of that episode of Friends when Phoebe was playing the PAC Man & exploded into cussing!!! Ahhh memories!!
Charisse Cardino
Charisse Cardino:
we needed "va fa napoli" and ross' version of the middle finger lmao
Husnain uetian
Husnain uetian:
Jimmy even didn't shake hands with Jennifer while giving a kiss to Lisa.
They should’ve done ✊🏼✊🏼 (the one Ross does instead of the middle finger)
I love their reaction when they saw eachother, so pure🥺🥰
Michael G
Michael G:
I love it when Lisa screws her face up and screams.
Damián "el Salsuero":
Schmuck is a curse word that censors must bleep? That's news to me.
Mega Mind
Mega Mind:
It’s just so strange seeing people without masks and so close to each other now.
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz:
I so wanna hear the uncensored version
Mini Bikers
Mini Bikers:
Imagine if that was Angelina Joile and Jennifer Aniston.
Justin N
Justin N:
aww jennifer is so happy to see lisa
Hugh Hogg
Hugh Hogg:
Lisa losing to the Flip coin reminds me of phoebe in season 7 where she said “No coins hate me” 🤣🤣
Fresh Cookiess
Fresh Cookiess:
This would be SO EASY in Spanish
Quick Ben, cover your ears!
Bhimsen Mandal
Bhimsen Mandal:
When Lisa entered, Jenifer wanted to hug her...... But controlled very well..
Lauren Matal
Lauren Matal:
Haha now I'm getting images of phoebe screaming and yelling when she lost at the video game and ben came in!! Haha
Kurumi Tokisaki
Kurumi Tokisaki:
Wait.. so they are not Phoebe and Rachel?? That means my whole life has been a LIE!!!
Jen’s reaction when she knew it was Lisa 🤩
Julie Hansen
Julie Hansen:
the coins are still against phoebe ahahaha
Ally Rapp
Ally Rapp:
The fact that this went on for 5 minutes 😭
tom jarvis
tom jarvis:
I was expecting Jennifer's signature pokies. She still looks good. Lisa's no too shabby either.
Bhawaansh Varma
Bhawaansh Varma:
"When they said *bleep"*

*that hit me*
Gansta 5515
Gansta 5515:
“I have a teenage son” LMAO
Kylie Roberts
Kylie Roberts:
Lisa hasn't aged a day
Fairy God Duck
Fairy God Duck:
Not sure if winning this game is a good thing or bad. Lol
A Wise Cat
A Wise Cat:
*Imagine Gordon ramsay playing this*
Arima Pendragon
Arima Pendragon:
" I have a teenage son"
Omg so sweet XD
Igor Vukovic
Igor Vukovic:
If only Lisa said: "We were on a break" - not bleepable but definitely game ending :)
karan pandey
karan pandey:
5:18 Finally, a Princess Consuela Banana Hammock-ish vocabulary 🤣
elena russo
elena russo:
they haven’t aged at alllll omg
imagine watching your mom explicitly cuss at someone on tv
Nintendorak Yamato
Nintendorak Yamato:
when Lisa laughs

It cures heart disease, cancer and COVID
David James
David James:
Lisa Kudrow has aged fabulously.
Pooja chhabra
Pooja chhabra:
If this was an episode then I will name it " THE ONE WITH THE CURSE WORDS "
Z O E:
And my mom says I don't learn things from staring at a screen...
emma grey
emma grey:
Omg I really want to see Dakota Johnson play this she would be amazing 😂
Vasiliki-Maria Gkotsi
Vasiliki-Maria Gkotsi:
- It's Greek!
This would be much funnier if they didn't blur the words.
Stpotter Stan
Stpotter Stan:
"The one where Pheebs and Rach reunite"
Hope Grace
Hope Grace:
Ahhhh Jen and Lisa were soo happy to see each otherrrr🤩🥺
Ricard Roberg
Ricard Roberg:
"Other things than pornography on the internet" BLASPHEMY!!!!!
Nikhil Rao
Nikhil Rao:
Great show . This is exactly what is needed for future generation.
Welcome to America, where everything is possible except cursing on public television....
Ashish Parajuli
Ashish Parajuli:
Jen curses more than Lisa for sure. She's so fluent! 😂😂
Jackie Alv
Jackie Alv:
When you realize that 6 years have passed and Guillermo’s job is still to say “Jes Jimmy “ , followed by a big laugh .
Who else thought of the scene when phoebe lost at that game right when Ben walked in the apartment
it’s soooo cute when Jen put her name card on her forehead 🤣🤧🥰
Goutham Narravula
Goutham Narravula:
Phoebe: 4:20
Ross closing Ben's ears: "PHOEBE!"
Eleni Babarakou
Eleni Babarakou:
When she said "malaka" i felt proud lmao
ajay krishnan
ajay krishnan:
I was literally waiting for them to do Ross's hand gesture curse 😆😅
jon-paul terry
jon-paul terry:
If there were two British people on this challenge, it would be at least a 20 min video lol