Jennifer Aniston's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads

The phrase "America's Sweetheart" gets thrown around a lot, but Jennifer Aniston certainly held that title for a long stretch starting in the '90s, with her debut on Friends. Her character, Rachel Green, and even her character's haircut, The Rachel, were pretty much loved by all. Aniston won a ton of awards for her performance as Green, and later went on to be a bona fide movie star, specializing in rom-coms and light comedies, naturally. She returned to TV in 2019 on The Morning Show, and all eyes are on her and the rest of the Friends cast as they reunite on HBO Max in June 2021. Jennifer Aniston's transformation is seriously turning heads, even all these years later. Here's a look back.

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Born a star | 0:00
High school for acting | 1:02

Early jobs | 1:41
Time off in her twenties | 2:33
Rachel | 3:10
An Emmy win | 4:07
Married to Brad Pitt | 4:51
Moving on from Friends | 5:41
Hollywood Walk of Fame | 6:26
No kids | 6:57
Married again | 7:42
Making the big bucks | 8:13
Crashing Instagram | 8:54
The Friends reunion | 9:51

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The List
The List:
What do you think about Jennifer Aniston?
I think...
I think...:
Ohhh look at her cute little nose. She is adorable.
Kim Walsh
Kim Walsh:
She has worked hard to get where she is.
She always had a good hair .
Aries Rainbow Child
Aries Rainbow Child:
She is my girl….her choice of attitude.. inspired me.👀
X J:
Love Jen .She is an amazing and strong women . I loved Rachel and Monica.
Sharon Collins-Chiasson
Sharon Collins-Chiasson:
Jennifer Aniston is a wonderful person and actress. “The Morning Show” is a testimony to her talent. Living through her divorce from Brad Pitt that seemed to never end was torturous to me. I cannot imagine what it was like for an actress and person like her. Angelina Jolie, to this day if provoked,
Sandy Gan
Sandy Gan:
The ladies look younger and younger. The guys look like their fathers.
Louis Zima
Louis Zima:
love your mesmerizing eyes .
Arlz Conz
Arlz Conz:
I think she's a great role model for women and deserves her success 💯 she's was most definitely the beautiful girl on the show
Connie McKoy
Connie McKoy:
Love her! Love her acting!!!!
Peter Williamson
Peter Williamson:
I like her iconic Rachel too and apparently so do millions of women who copied it, cute and funny in her moustache episode.
Liala Liala
Liala Liala:
She is beautiful and sweet too ❤️💯
Lizette hernandez
Lizette hernandez:
You are a awesome serious women ms.jennifer.🤟
Suenette Edwards
Suenette Edwards:
Excuse me, but I do not believe her father played Victor on Days. I think he was on another soap..
Always energetic 👍 go Jennifer go Jennifer
She is so cute
F C:
Uh high school is not college. High school is minimum education
Tina Plourde
Tina Plourde:
I love her ❤
Just Common Senze Yo
Just Common Senze Yo:
Please, we are so tired of this bullshit !! It's not as if the world isn't slowly finding out the layers of fake stories the majority of those sick actors have. Her/his? relatives were in the top of Hollywood, she didn't just come out of no where...and wasn't her acting abilities either. But hey, she has been nice through the years and kept her head out of politics. So hope she survives the death of demon-wood one way or another and isn't cloned like so many others are ....!!
Alfred Conway
Alfred Conway:
Don't u have any more videos
VanWilder X
VanWilder X:
Five minutes into this and I'm bored. Bye.
This "actress" is actually a man. So yeah, she's definitely "trans-formed" over the years...
In Pro Per
In Pro Per:
Sorry Jen definitely not a fan