Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk Alter Ego 'Gail'

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence described to Ellen her drunk alter ego "Gail," who loves rum and jumping into shark-infested waters.

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Martina Louise Cabelino
Martina Louise Cabelino:
she literally ran away and forgot one of her shoes....she is a whole mood
Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute master of self-deprecation in a healthy, positive way. It makes her incredible accessible.
She’s so funny without trying too hard. Like you can tell she’s genuine? Anyway she always makes me laugh.. call her annoyingly relatable or whatever but the girl IS witty
Jennifer: I can't, I really can't
Gail: I'll take this one
Atara Me
Atara Me:
This is not an interview, it’s literally two girlfriends casually talking bout life
A forever dream of mine is to one day have a drink with Jennifer Lawrence and just laugh about life. Gosh. She's freaking hilarious.
Everyone of her interviews turn into a friends hang out. Thats how charismatic she is
Maria Michelle
Maria Michelle:
I think she's more like Haymitch Abenathy in reality than Katniss Everdeen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
In future I want to be just like Jennifer Lawrence.
Jordan Hull
Jordan Hull:
I’m going to say it again Jennifer should be a talk show host
Gani Santos
Gani Santos:
I always come back at this interview. She makes me smile
Laura Ferreira Schaub
Laura Ferreira Schaub:
be honest: you've watched this more than once
Elle Baby
Elle Baby:
my favourite part is when she runs away with just one shoe on and is so willing to leave the other one without letting go of her drink
i love this woman so much
Luis Macarandan
Luis Macarandan:
This Gail woman looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence.
G. U . M
G. U . M:
This is literally just a normal conversation between two friends.
“I can’t, I really can’t, I’ll take this one.”
Lol 😂
Also when she got up when Ellen showed the picture notice she only had one shoe on
Alizee Defan
Alizee Defan:
so natural and real, Not your typical diva Love her
Larrisa Archuleta
Larrisa Archuleta:
You gotta love Jennifer Lawrence, she's so down to earth.
RICHIE Dickinson
RICHIE Dickinson:
Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute master of self-deprecation in a healthy, positive way. It makes her incredible accessible.
Trish R
Trish R:
I absolutely LOOOOVE Jennifer Lawrence!! She’s so real and herself and doesn’t give a f*ck what others think! I wish more “Hollywood people” would be more like her!
Oh my gosh she is so real. So good at being normal and acting like she is one of us. Incredibly great performer. Ellen is so funny too. I'd love to work for her some day.
Marlie Hodge
Marlie Hodge:
Shes literally so hilarious I love her
Jay Kelley
Jay Kelley:
Lot of respect for this actress and how she handles herself. She just lays it out there and says "it's me.. Like it or not"
mansi babar
mansi babar:
“In my defence please take her away “ 😂😂😂
yasmin sara
yasmin sara:
I’ve never seen Ellen like actually genuinely have a good time
Dancing Through Quarantine
Dancing Through Quarantine:
This is probably the 20th time I’ve seen this interview, it continues to be absolutely hilarious.
Payel Das
Payel Das:
She is a genuine person, brings positivity with her funny lines and laughter, ❤️for gail❤️for Jennifer 🤣
My favorite thing about her above everything else is her voice. I never get tired of hearing her
Manisha S
Manisha S:
Her personality and realness are likable and adorable. She doesn't hurt anyone when she's being herself.
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe:
I love Jennifer Lawrence she’s freaking hilarious and the moment she describe with Jennifer Anniston just kills me 😂
Melany Paternó
Melany Paternó:
It’s rare to see genuine laughter from Ellen, but you can tell she really enjoys hearing J Law
I absolutely just love her personality omfg- I wasn’t really a fan of her but now I guess I am
Raye's a Fan
Raye's a Fan:
Her charisma is incredible. she's hilarious!
Nico Sun
Nico Sun:
I can’t believe how Jennifer Lawrence is able to make fun of herself. She’s so awesome!
Nina Schick
Nina Schick:
Jennifer Lawrence DEFINITELY is one of the sweetest, realest and funniest celebrity ever
Savindi Edirisinghe
Savindi Edirisinghe:
God she can laugh at herself n make embarrassing moments not embarassing!🤣 I love this woman😂❤
Jennifer is an incredibly candid,open,honest,courageously transparent comedic genius
Elettra Pierelli
Elettra Pierelli:
Jenny is fantastic!!!😂😂😂😂
I love her and I hope to watch another movie with her as soon as possible!!
Fckles Mcgee
Fckles Mcgee:
"Drinking is not a good idea for me" she says with drinking straw in her mouth
Alexandra Henderson
Alexandra Henderson:
She's a gem. Purely amazing 👏
A Saha
A Saha:
I love how she's her own biggest critic
She roasts herself like no one else does
Love her
Kristin Jones
Kristin Jones:
I LOVE HER!! Fame hasn't got to her head, she's just a real live girl lol
Gp Mr
Gp Mr:
“I really can’t” and in the same breath “I’ll take this one” 😂
Jennifer Haror
Jennifer Haror:
Could I love Jennifer any more than I already do ??? Nope, she's the best!
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420:
Jennifer Lawrence: I cant I really can’t
Also Jennifer Lawrence: I’ll take this one
P Ville
P Ville:
Jennifer Lawrence has to be all hosts dream guest. She is so charismatic and genuinely funny. She is the best!
Scott Vanhille
Scott Vanhille:
Jennifer's next movie: Gail.
God- San
God- San:
I want Jennifer’s personality, I mean I’m like that honestly lol but she doesn’t feel embarrassed to show her true self.
rizky hermawan
rizky hermawan:
I love her, she's so genuine. 😂
Advika Pandey
Advika Pandey:
I binge watched all her interviews and God knows I need more 😎
Chris Havoc
Chris Havoc:
Its impossible to be sad watching her interviews. she's so awesome.
Her sense of humor is superb!!💯♥️ I super love her!!😍😘♥️
i like how ellen is genuinely entertained by jen. i feel like a lot of her guests try too hard and ellen’s like yeah sure but i think she really likes jen
RiteshB Doerga
RiteshB Doerga:
She's hilarious
Big Jumpa
Big Jumpa:
How can someone be so funny and so beautiful at the same time?
And her level of confidence and power.....GIRRRLLLLL
Li la laune Lu
Li la laune Lu:
I just love her so much.. she's so incredible funny😂👌❤
Fran R.
Fran R.:
They seem to be really good friends. Ellen was laughing a lot 😂
Grace Camacho
Grace Camacho:
There are no words, Jennifer lawrence is jus a queen and is so loved bc she’s relatable and doesn’t try to look like a superstar she jus naturally is one❤️❤️
Noi xo
Noi xo:
I laughed so hard at this interview.. I love Jennifer Lawrence
Ryan Osulli
Ryan Osulli:
I love her so much she is SOO funny 😂😂😂
She's soooo funny without even trying. 🤣🤣🤣
José Ap Santos
José Ap Santos:
Boa noite, uma linda entrevista com essa deusa do cinema.Adorei o vídeo.
She seems so down to earth!! I would love to hang out with her! I bet there's never a dull moment, even sober lol
Harry Tomlinson
Harry Tomlinson:
i love that she started with "at first that's not..." and she wanted to clarify that's not how she normally looks
Mi mi
Mi mi:
She looks like a potential football mom that yells at other women's kids
Doggy Boy 1320
Doggy Boy 1320:
Jennifer Lawrence just seems like a very genuine person. Idk if I’m the only one who thinks that?
k b
k b:
I love Jen even more...she is so hilarious!!
Ivy Desch
Ivy Desch:
she honestly seems so nice, i genuinely wanna be friends with her
I can't believe I'm not the only one to have drunkenly ate worms to make my friends laugh
Malak Anees Mohsin
Malak Anees Mohsin:
I’ve watched this interview way too many times i dont think its healthy anymore
Gosh I love her so much. Best personality ever.
Anna Soley Boada
Anna Soley Boada:
I really love Jennifer Lawrence! She is so funny! Hahahahaha
Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed she ran away with one shoe and forgot the other 😭😭😭
I lied 🤥 I’m still in my room hiding
I lied 🤥 I’m still in my room hiding:
If l feel a bet down l always come back here for a good laugh 😂
LoRaine Bejar
LoRaine Bejar:
Thank you JLaw for making me laugh so hard. It's been a while. Blessed you beautiful human being. 🙏🙂💞
dan henrikas
dan henrikas:
Jennifer deserves her own show
Abigail Parry
Abigail Parry:
4:48 she actually ran about with just one shoe on😂😂😂😂
*I can't, I really can't.............ILL TAKE THIS ONE* XDDDDDDDDDDD 😂😂😂😂
Terry Hatchett
Terry Hatchett:
She’s adorable! So naturally and no read tense pretense!
Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard:
Jennifer Lawrence she always gives good interviews... A-lister every day of the week. She just needs more quality scripts.
Hanie Sprayberry
Hanie Sprayberry:
I love her so much!!! I hope she can make social media accounts so we can get an update to her 🥺
estou vendo esse vídeo e bebendo junto com Gail ! Saúde !!!!
Joni Collazo
Joni Collazo:
She cracks me up soooo much. My spirit animal 🦔
Jennifer Lawrence is such and ICONIC QUEEN, i love her so much, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me happy, shes just PERFECT
Jennifer Lawrence is so funny!!!! 😂😂😂
suganya devarajan
suganya devarajan:
Even Ellen is carried away by the energy Jen had
Zarar Afridi
Zarar Afridi:
She's the most loveable, down to earth, adorable and an incredibly gifted actress... I consider myself lucky that I'm massive movie watcher at a time when this exquisite beauty is working and is at the top of her game....
veronica iannuzzi
veronica iannuzzi:
My god i love her. She's honestly the best
Bryan Lavecchia
Bryan Lavecchia:
I love her 😂❤️
Sepehr Shahidi
Sepehr Shahidi:
We all know this is not the first time we’re watching THIS.
Khalmukhamedova Mokhinur
Khalmukhamedova Mokhinur:
I think we all underestimate how crazy she’s in real life
Özge Solmaz
Özge Solmaz:
am i the only one noticing that Ellen don't exude alpha energy when she's with Jennifer
Okay...... She's officially now my best friend
corona virus
corona virus:
More Human than Celebrity...Love her.
Dugan Chapell
Dugan Chapell:
“I can’t, I really can’t, I’ll take this one.”
Lol 😂
Also when she got up when Ellen showed the picture notice she only had one shoe on
Venusia Venus
Venusia Venus:
"The hair is So Presidential" Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Ha.
I have never laughed so hard out loud watching YouTube before!

She is adorable and so real you can't help but listen and immerse yourself fully in her stories.

No wonder she's famous..she's brilliantly funny just by being herself. ❤️😂😂❤️
Danielle fernandes
Danielle fernandes:
Jennifer needs to star in a movie as herself😂
Dhriti sinha
Dhriti sinha:
She is someone who I would always be friends with she is so fun😂
Telesophic Stanza
Telesophic Stanza:
What a start what an energy
Love her