Jeremy Clarkson's Biggest Mishaps | Clarkson's Farm | Prime Video

Jeremy Clarkson's genius and shortcuts are so incredible, they're almost staggering. Unfortunately, not all these shortcuts go as planned... Watch Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video.

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Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK:
What's your favourite mishap from Clarkson's Farm?
I M:
Never been interested in farming or watching anything related to it. Watched this for Clarkson. Absolutely loved watching this show. Have got a great deal more respect for farmers now, really opened the eyes, especially with that mind blowing £144 profit. A brilliant way to raise awareness.
It's honestly pretty refreshing that's there's no censoring in this
Neil Tonks
Neil Tonks:
Hey Amazon,
Give the man a second series. This is TV gold.
Super geologist 2016
Super geologist 2016:
This show has done more for farming than anything shown in the last 50 years.
Mr Boogang
Mr Boogang:
"I had to ask Kaleb to put his girlfriend down and come and help" - absolute classic Clarkson. Best series in 10 years.
Daniel Garner
Daniel Garner:
Makes you realise how tough farming is, respect to Jeremy for taking it on!!! great show, and respect to all farmers.
Im disapointed Clarkson didnt start the show by saying «Farming, how hard can it be?»
My Second
My Second:
Real farmers get no where near enough respect for their skills and wisdom....
Dork Jedi
Dork Jedi:
"Yeah, but Sam Mendes called, he's thinking of doing 1918!" - Jeremy is an absolute legend. Brilliant series!
Terry Ross
Terry Ross:
Having grown up in Montana surrounded by agriculture I find this show utterly hilarious and yet I feel sorry for Jeremy and especially sorry for Kaleb.
Amano Shrimp
Amano Shrimp:
Jeremy is a legend in his own right lol , Caleb however deserves a raise.
Connor McAndrew
Connor McAndrew:
I’ve never wanted a second season of something so bad… Farming is crazy
Eugene Burns
Eugene Burns:
I hope they do a season 2, JC highlighting the bureaucracy farmers have to endure was the backbone to the show for me

And farmers arguing in a field/yard is pure Faulty Tower's. Funny as it's true to all who have lived this, exceptional Mr Clarkson keep going please
This is one of the most entertaining programs I've watched in a goodwhile. Its given me a whole new respect for farming and farmers. Come on Amazon and jezza we want a season 2
Vikaas Manohar
Vikaas Manohar:
"what could possibly go wrong?" everything Jeremy, everything....
Kevin Ngoya
Kevin Ngoya:
“Why does everybody shout at me?” Must be one of the funniest of Jeremy’s rants, he is soooo innocent 😂😂
Caleb needs a raise. Regardless what Clarkson pays him, he needs a raise!
Mohid Pirzada
Mohid Pirzada:
to be honest i never thought Clarkson would ever be good at something other then cars. But this was an amazing show.
Rashid Sa'di
Rashid Sa'di:
This show convinced me never to become a farmer and Gordan Ramsey’s kitchen nightmare convinced me never to be a restaurant owner
Larry Scott
Larry Scott:
A good binge watch.
Farming brought out a different Clarkson.
Loved it
Colin F.
Colin F.:
The boys gives their heart to the things they love, first the cars, now Jeremy's farm and Hammond's workshop..
You are up next James with your cooking show 😂
Rachel R
Rachel R:
I love Caleb's honesty and cheerful Charlie, so funny
Granny E
Granny E:
Thank you Jeremy! Obviously showing how difficult life is for farmers! He’s no fool! In making himself look ridiculous he’s making a stand for farming. Love it!
One of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Can't wait for season 2 and to see how things are now. 👍
Aman kaushik
Aman kaushik:
This show was simply Fantastic.
Mix of everything.
A masterpiece.
Connor McAndrew
Connor McAndrew:
I would love to see more outrageous equipment & more stuff like the pond. Go crazy with it… also loved seeing all the legal stuff. Shines a light on how much you have to go through as a farmer
dan nichol
dan nichol:
This program has to be inline for a massive award it's simply brilliant
VegemiteIs AVitamin
VegemiteIs AVitamin:
It's refreshing seeing Jeremy getting yelled at instead of doing the yelling for once.
Thor Out
Thor Out:
Imagine what that poor bee went through!
Sharon Wuttke
Sharon Wuttke:
LOVED this show. Please Amazon....bring this back for another season.
Robert Mcmurtry
Robert Mcmurtry:
Absolutely loved this. I truly hope there are going to be more of Clarky ballsing up farming. The guy is Mr Bean 🤣
I always roll my eyes when city people say "I want to retire on a farm". This is exactly what happens. If you didn't grow up on a farm, you have no business having one later.
Jan Williams
Jan Williams:
I hope there is another season, this is fabulous television.
Please more Clarkson. Too bad this one's over. I had my doubts about Clarkson and sheep and all but, brilliant.
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson:
Much respect to our farmers.
Honestly don't know why you wouldn't greenlight 3 seasons. It's an amazing show, even for those who don't like Clarkson. His honestly and humour is just on point 👌
Nunpuia Zahkhar
Nunpuia Zahkhar:
Once in a while a person like Jeremy was born. Who thinks he can do everything but doesn't want to follow any rules. Doesn't learn from their mistakes.
Jeremy should be grateful that the bee didn't choose to go down his front side.
Andy Hammond
Andy Hammond:
Best show on Amazon without a shadow of a doubt. Hopes there’s another season .
Matthew FaT CaT Quinn
Matthew FaT CaT Quinn:
This needs a second series !! Comedy gold
Dear Amazon, if you could keep this show going for as long as Mr. Clarkson is happy with, I would greatly appreciate it.


A Prime customer.
I binged watched this and I’m now on my 2nd go, the best thing ever well worth getting AP just for this brilliant bit of tv!! Please Amazon you have to do another season we need Clarkson’s Farm it’s the only thing making me laugh during all this (COVID) madness
CNN is Fake News
CNN is Fake News:
"What was wrong with that mess that you had to make another one?" "Why does everyone shout at me?"
Jana Simon
Jana Simon:
I really enjoyed season 1 and was truly hoping for a season 2! Disappointed to hear not looking like it'll happen. PLEASE PUT UP A SECOND SEASON...👍🙌
You can say all you like about Clarkson, but he doesn't mind making himself the object of some humour.
True sport!
Jay Limos
Jay Limos:
"That's as straight as a roundabout!" Best line in the show.
Angi Dudley
Angi Dudley:
One of the best things we’ve seen on tv in a long time. Roll on season two!! 👍🏼
John Webster
John Webster:
I have watched this multiple times I don’t think I will ever get bored of it.
This show was brilliant. Please Amazon, we need a season 2!
Simon Bredvig
Simon Bredvig:
"So I had to ask Kaleb to put his girlfriend down and come out to help" - Is probably the funniest line I've heard on this show! XD
This was the best thing since Top Gear. Heartfelt and you can see it.
fefi coins
fefi coins:
Absolutely brilliant viewing I was glued to the tv from start to end best thing on TV for years. Can't wait for the next episodes 👍
Nocturne 03
Nocturne 03:
7:28 as a rancher this is so immensely relatable
No Code Ninja
No Code Ninja:
Clarksons Farm. The gift that keeps on giving.
Kylene Gould
Kylene Gould:
The best series I've watched.... I loved it...💖
Ekata Satya
Ekata Satya:
i just love the naturally occuring dry english humour in this unique farmer beginner series.
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker:
Fabulously idiotic. I love the way all of the other stakeholders know so much more than Jeremy about how to farm….(even the sheep 😊)
Tell me why second season is not already in the making? This is by far the best thing on your platform.
My favourite line:"I bought it in Germany." "You may well have done."
1:27 Jeremy’s comedic presenter character slips for just a moment and he’s startlingly honest
Paul Reeve
Paul Reeve:
You know it’s Clarkson when he gets a bee in an enclosed suit and you’re worried about the 🐝👍
adrian vincent
adrian vincent:
We need a second series.
Sometimes his genius is actually frightening 🤣
So many laugh out loud moments watching this series. I wonder how much the film crew paid the bee 🤣
Roger Ward
Roger Ward:
This got to be the best farming TV ever made.
That barking drone is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen
Katie Foster
Katie Foster:
Absolutely crying of laughter 😭 so funny
This is fantastic, I love Jeremy....he's classic..😂😂😂😂
Henry Pride
Henry Pride:
Love the show ,so refreshing. 10 ou of 10 !
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen ever. He's not putting it on, he really IS that incompetent 😂
Edgars Ozols
Edgars Ozols:
it was brilliant! hopefull for a second season 👏🙌
Kalven P
Kalven P:
Best show ever. I could watch this for the rest of my life
He's the oldest child in the world.
Freaky Leek
Freaky Leek:
Watching Jeremy fail and listening to people shouting at him is fun.
such a great series someting slightly different but with the Clarkson additude. I wish there was a Season 2
muhamad Hariss azrai
muhamad Hariss azrai:
Jeremy has got to be the oldest child ever🤣
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne:
Best tv series I've watched in years!
LOL, Clarkson as much as I love him, should NEVER be allowed near heavy equipment. Or a drone, or sheep........ or a pump. Or anything for that matter.............LOL
Caz Realist
Caz Realist:
JEREMY thankyou the most worthwhile TV I have ever watched loved every minute of this serious bought back so many memories of my youth and I sincerely wish you every success in the future ❤
Tecdec collect mahek quaterfillies
Tecdec collect mahek quaterfillies:
I love how Jeremy can do what he wants because he bought the farm with his own fortune. He could fuck up literally everything and laugh it off as everyone around him complains. What a happy man.
Thijs Hagenbeek
Thijs Hagenbeek:
As straight as a round-a-bout..

That is superb banter.
Simon Dearing
Simon Dearing:
So sad to hear Amazon have axed this, it's one of the best shows on the service.
barry cox
barry cox:
I love this, it's the best thing I've watched for years. Thanks
Marian Lenehan
Marian Lenehan:
Absolutely loved it and I’ve never liked Jeremy Clarkson, but I do now. Can’t wait for year 2. However, I’d reconsider my farm consultant, Charlie. His advice seemed sporadic, he was on holiday during the busiest time of Jeremy’s first year and, in presenting the accounts in such a pessimistic way, he didn’t factor in rookie Jeremy’s extravagant purchases and the one off nature of those purchases. Great series, brilliant insight into British farming and some of the bureaucracies that deserve to be challenged 👍
Almighty Dre
Almighty Dre:
About 3:50 when he completely dodges her question and just complains about everybody shouting at him 😂😂😂
This edit looks a lot more Top Geary than the actual show. Feels more scripted and actiony than it really is.
That's not better or worse but very different.
Kevin Ngoya
Kevin Ngoya:
Gotta envy Caleb, he gets to shout at Jeremy every time he does something wrong, which is …….every time
Jann B
Jann B:
We need more Clarkson"s Farm please.
I cant imagine having to wait for a next season i want it now! ^^
Lovin Malta 🇲🇹
Lovin Malta 🇲🇹:
This guy is just hilarious🤣
Chris Bashart
Chris Bashart:
Jeremy Is Basically Living A Real Mans Dream ❤️
Alen Tuco
Alen Tuco:
"That`s as straight as eh roundabout!"
I`m framing that.
Hilarious,big respect to jeremy .
Christian O
Christian O:
Brilliant. I miss Clarkson so much.
Jeff Fletcher
Jeff Fletcher:
It's nice to see that they're giving Kelly Clarkson's dad something to do in his retirement.
Mark M
Mark M:
Brilliant as always , real person says it as is , national , worldwide treasure is Sir Clarkson
John Smith9867
John Smith9867:
Me and my wife sat down and watched every episode before I had to leave for 4 months, we were sad and she had not ever heard of Clarkson

We laughed, and learned so much, honestly I just walked away grateful I’m not a farmer lol massive respect to those who can do it though. We forgot I was leaving
Larry Bacon
Larry Bacon:
Haha Jeremy needs a TV screen painting on his tummy on the bee keeping suit. He'd fit right in with Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa! (aka Richard and James) Great show.
Evening Star
Evening Star:
Just watched the whole thing!! Best TV Ive seen for years!! Well Done!!