Jeremy Sochan (2021 Baylor Commit) Orange Academy Pro B 2020 Highlights

Jeremy Sochan (17 Years Old)
6'8 | Forward
2021 Baylor Commit
Orange Academy (Barmer 2 Pro B - Germany)
2020 Highlights

Stats (First 8 Games)
10.1 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 1.9 APG, 1.8 BPG, 1.4 SPG

Footage Used/Thanks To;
Barmer 2. Basketball Bundesliga
Orange Academy
Hanau White Wings
Bayern Munich II
KIT Karlsruhe
Oberhaching Tropics

Music Used - PRP Gio - Soul

4 komentarze:

mjkz -
mjkz -:
Future NBA player and I hope top1 all time Polish player :))
Ross Puch
Ross Puch:
Great kid, great player.
Bradley Grayson
Bradley Grayson:
This guy with Baylors players coming in and those returning are going to be something to see. I can't wait for the future even though Baylor is already SO strong!!! Sic em!
Michał G
Michał G:
1st round in 2022 Draft!