Jerry From Cheer: King of Mat Talk

Jerry from Cheer is a legend among men. Uplifting, inspiring, loud. Just a few words to describe Jerry. This is the best of his now-legendary mat talk as part of team Navarro.

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100+ komentarze:

“98 pounds!!!”😂😂😂
Sami Godinez
Sami Godinez:
Yup. His career ended quick.
R a n d y
R a n d y:
This didn't age well...
Erik Foreman
Erik Foreman:
Should've stayed away from them kids, Jerry
Omg who’s here after the allegations? :/
Lucky Adi
Lucky Adi:
Who's come here after saw Jerry make all stars freak out on Oscar for Ellen show interview?
Weapon of mass construction
Weapon of mass construction:
And just like that, his life's over.
Yanni Delvalle
Yanni Delvalle:
This didn’t age well 😂😂😂
Jake keating
Jake keating:
Hi I’m Chris Hansen from dateline NBC
Everyone enjoy these comments before Netflix takes everything down!
I guess Netflix damage control hasn't gotten around to this video yet...
padrig d
padrig d:
I hope he enjoys his pillow talk in jail
Bianca Culpo
Bianca Culpo:
“YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!!!! 98 POUNDS!!!!!” Omg I swear that’s the best mat talk😩😭😭 ugh I love this show and these people so much
Franscine Garcia
Franscine Garcia:
This didn't age well...
This didn't age well.
Everybody needs a jerry just to get through your day
-A C-
-A C-:
Maybe he should mat talk the jury, they might lower his sentence.
Candle Kane
Candle Kane:
Damn you don't realize how strenuous cheerleading is until you see that they are holding a 100 pound chick about their head with 2 hands. I can't even lift 20 pounds above my head like that lmfao
Rhodes 03
Rhodes 03:
who’s here after the allegations
James Hampton-Snow
James Hampton-Snow:
This is what is thrown at the public as a "legend among men" ???? People need to get their priorities straight, this guy was a mess long BEFORE he was arrested.
David Reinstein
David Reinstein:
So a guy in a Netflix series is into child pornography...... who could have EVER imagined.🙄
salah jriri
salah jriri:
who else thinks he does the same voice and attitude as peele jordan when doing meegan or a gay man in general ... lol
Riding On Eggshells
Riding On Eggshells:
I think I'm going to copy Jerry's style to motivate my girlfriend. "That's it BABY! feather that clutch, deweight those pegs!"
Jerry will be in prison for a long time.
Jo Things
Jo Things:
He is so fun to watch. Yep, just ask the moms of the boys he abused. Surprised Netflix still has this video up Jerry's arrest.
protect him at all costs
Official Justin
Official Justin:
Dude sounds like the bird from the dark crystal movie
tart green
tart green:
Followup video: Matt Talk in Prison
John Penguin the 3rd
John Penguin the 3rd:
This video did NOT age well. LMAO.
Evan West
Evan West:
Now he can mat cheer for some inmates lamo
who's here after seeing that he's under investigation ?
he would love cuties
Marcos Jimenez
Marcos Jimenez:
I’ve never liked flamboyant individuals like this predator. They play everyone’s friend just to get close to their victims and use their connections to prey and manipulate people
Equality 7-2521
Equality 7-2521:
Between this and Cuties, Netflix is doing their best to prove that Q was right all along ...
Annya Heinzerling
Annya Heinzerling:
oh well this is....
A Sens
A Sens:
1:27 is what I live for
Imaan U
Imaan U:
Anyone here after the underage situation.....
Agonize Astrum Pro
Agonize Astrum Pro:
Jerry likes 13 year old boys
Kayla Ooo
Kayla Ooo:
Honestly so sad bc this was genuinely enjoyable 😒😞😞
Yeh Nah
Yeh Nah:
This guy gonna be dropping the soap on purpose
This hasn't aged well...
Nol Sova
Nol Sova:
1:25 98 pounds!!
Jan Glorieux
Jan Glorieux:
Jerry is a legend. A criminal legend.
Probably time to take this down.
ceanna s
ceanna s:
Came here after I read about the shit he done... he ruined himself 😂
L.E's Photography
L.E's Photography:
Jerry needs to protect his “mat talk” voice- it’s been in high demand lately working overtime and we don’t want him to lose it 👍 I also feel like some company is gonna take advantage of it and start selling it like bottled water 🙄😆🤔😬
Jerry is my whole church.
Miquelle Cordova
Miquelle Cordova:
Reminds me of Jordan Peele lol
Milo Ibrado
Milo Ibrado:
His mat talk was so good he could get kids to do anything. Lol
"Jerry from Cheer is a legend among men" in jail yes.
MiileHiigh Ro
MiileHiigh Ro:
I just found out what “oo yo thighs are big.... Yeah” means
“98 POUNDS!!!”
Wow! And I thought I had a personality, but this guy is walking cup of coffee! Lol! Good for him.
Dame Von Bon Daisy
Dame Von Bon Daisy:
And now he's arrested
cdot earl
cdot earl:
Caught em tryna to mat talk them lil boys😂
Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley:
I ❤️ Jerry So Much!! I need him as my alarm for motivation to get out the bed every morning. I’m not a morning person. NOT AT ALL!!!
Well this is awkward :/
xx. axxa
xx. axxa:
That was unexpected
zi paris
zi paris:
Do we really need to put this much energy into cheerleading?
Pradnja Pradipta
Pradnja Pradipta:
oh my god why does his yells sound like jordan peele's voice when acting as woman in key & peele sketches 😭😭
Joy Howard
Joy Howard:
He kind of sounds like Zachary Campbell 😂😂😂
2:16 when you gotta get in shape for big Tyrone in prison
Madison Miller
Madison Miller:
Out of EVERY age of people in the world, you CHOSE MINORS!!!! Come on, Jerry, get your life together.
Sherman Shecapio
Sherman Shecapio:
Production of child pornography is punishable by a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison, but Harris could face up to 30 years if convicted.
Rocco 76
Rocco 76:
"Why don't you have a seat"
Jang Lee
Jang Lee:
"Jerry's kids" remember that telethon.
Clau B
Clau B:
I hope he can "mat talk " himself when hes in jail for doing those things to such young boys.
SM Fan
SM Fan:
Nice to watch this now, knowing what happens "behind the scenes"
This definitely didn't age well 😬
People on the side be like....”STFU”
Lil Shewe
Lil Shewe:
Now why you get them pictures from that lil boy 😕
Phimosis Jones
Phimosis Jones:
Damn he got a trunk😤😤😤💨💨💨
Pinay Nomad
Pinay Nomad:
Jerry, you da best! I love you! ❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Logan
Jamie Logan:
America’s sweetheart “98 pounds!!”
Olivier The MaD PaNdA
Olivier The MaD PaNdA:
I think he's very annoying to watch. 98 pounds.
He’s a favorite
Da Vinxi
Da Vinxi:
To catch a predator. Chris Hansen
This aged well lol
LoLshark99 B
LoLshark99 B:
womp womp
Lynne Baptista
Lynne Baptista:
Jerry would be great to listen to during workouts!
Welp now this dream is done 💀💀💀
kim Vuong
kim Vuong:
Thank you cheers for cheering me up 😃
Anja AEL
Anja AEL:
Somehow it reminds me of Megan from Key and Peele sketch
Matt J.
Matt J.:
Mat talk? Really?

My name’s so popular they added it into sports? I don’t know how to feel about this.
Deborah Godwin
Deborah Godwin:
This show is so utterly stupid.
Someone on Navarro cheer had to have known.
you're gorgeous 98 poundss!! lmaoo
Odalys Cordova Gonzalez
Odalys Cordova Gonzalez:
This didn’t age well
Caleel Dyette
Caleel Dyette:
Well this didn’t age well
I love him! This show was fantastic.
rama samy
rama samy:
hi guys im from the future
Nicholas Bogosian
Nicholas Bogosian:
Jerry's cellmate: 0:27
Eric the Red
Eric the Red:
OMG what did I just watch....a total train wreck..
hilary hilary
hilary hilary:
And there goes his career
the life of Danielle
the life of Danielle:
98 pounds
Mariama Duruh
Mariama Duruh:
You are on the road to being successful and you screw up like this.
98 pounds😂😂
I want to see Jerry teaching Leslie Jones to mat talk!
Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu
Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu:
From listening to them...Seems like all the men are gay.