JESC 2019 Top 19 With Comments (After 2nd Rehearsal)

This will be my final ranking before the contest actually takes place (am so excited!). Think any of my top ten this year would be good winners (talk about quality!).

It might be the best edition of JESC so far. Remember to vote for your favourites!

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21 komentarze:

There is nothing to add - your video said everything I wanted to say. Well done Kale Project. I see it like you did ♥. The biggest grower of all times is Ireland for me .... that is "high class" ......Poland is wow (Viki and her song) but the staging dropped it .....and Spain - that is "PERFECTION". Armenia is super cool to watch ....same is with North Macedonia (the ring of fire on the floor made it). France is not so good as in the video but the performance is still amazing and those dancers are outstanding.
Jeon Cake
Jeon Cake:
i really love how you put Ireland this high, she completely deserves it too! solid staging and solid voice. Can you tell its my favorite entry yet? 😆
kolyaaa yen
kolyaaa yen:
Ukraine is beautiful😍😍i love her😍😍😍
Tullio Mucciolo
Tullio Mucciolo:
Italy 19th??????? I😂😂😂😂.... you are deaf!!😂😂... love from Italy and congratulations to all the 19 singers. They are all great!❤❤❤❤🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤❤❤
Nora Smith
Nora Smith:
Why do I get goosebumps everytime I hear Marte?😂💜
Very accurate comments! Agree with you... but I'm afraid Ukraine may be underrated! If you like it, please vote for us :)
Tamino De Vriendt
Tamino De Vriendt:
The winner is polen, france , north macedonia , spain or the netherlands
Elfo Yador
Elfo Yador:
Thanks a lot from Spain 🌹❤
Simply Sandra
Simply Sandra:
Spain makes my ears hurt
Reno van der Spoel
Reno van der Spoel:
Netherlands 10th its so underrated
Antonio Adessi Jamboree
Antonio Adessi Jamboree:
Italy came 7th. You are really tasteless 😊
NoNonsense Esc
NoNonsense Esc:
About #16, I think judging the staging should be how well it goes with the song. Which it does. On its own it would look a bit weird
Avicci 8!
Avicci 8!:
NoNonsense Esc
NoNonsense Esc:
Jordan’s vocal sounds so bad in my opinion. Am I the only one who noticed that the dancers were dancing out of sync during the live performance. A bit overdone in my opinion

I don’t think for a second that it is his fault, he has a great voice but it sounds so strained and painful to listen to. He’s great normally
Kubus Mazur
Kubus Mazur:
Poland is the real winner <3
Kristofer Pann
Kristofer Pann:
I like poland's stage
Модератор azaza
Модератор azaza:
Boldizsár Szántó
Boldizsár Szántó:
Νάγια Οικονόμου
Νάγια Οικονόμου:
1.Serbia! 2.Poland 3.Armenia 4.N.Macedonia 5.Malta 6.Spain
Edouard Marques
Edouard Marques:
Portugal vainqueur de l'Eurovision junior cette année
Anna sargsian
Anna sargsian:
Are you sure? You think that Georgia is better than France and Armenia?