Jessica Pegula vs. Naomi Osaka | 2021 Rome Round 2 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Jessica Pegula vs. Naomi Osaka at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia.

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Five career Top 10 wins for Jessica Pegula!
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Pegula is the real deal.
Pegula is a hard worker and fighter. Easy to route for
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Congratulations Jessica Pegula 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏👏
Daniel H Koo
Daniel H Koo:
Hmm moving on clay effectively still an issue for Osaka. Power clearly isn’t enough on this surface. If she wants to win more, she has to study on how to manoeuvre around clay.
Honestly I know people give her crap for how bad she is in clay but I really don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. I agree that it's her weakest surface and she has some improvements to make...but she's not abysmal lol
Sebastian Veri
Sebastian Veri:
Osaka not only has to improve her movement on clay but also her second serve . It is still too weak and the opponent made so many winners out of it.
Tom Graham
Tom Graham:
6 months ago Pegula was an also ran, a mere name in the draw to lose first round. She's no youngster. Where has she been all these years? Her game is very impressive.
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Congrats Pegula!!Wonderful tennis played a cool game to win the champion, Osaka. 👍👍👌
Gracie Lamphee
Gracie Lamphee:
And people say Ash should not be no1, yes its not Osaka's perferred surface but look how well Ash has done on this season's clay, she has not played on clay since she won the French in 2019...
Raymond Hall
Raymond Hall:
It seemed to me as Naomi played very nonchalantly today, almost as if she doesn't really care. Bravo Pegula.
Sel Os
Sel Os:
Medvedev/Osaka x Clay
A love story for the ages
Ninad Samant
Ninad Samant:
Jess P is a nice player. I wish she wins more tournaments. She is calm and dark horse. She has the potential to beat top players👏👏👏👏👏
Not meant to be today, but like someone said "If you learn from a loss, you really have not lost". So chin up Naomi, lets try harder and better next time and, congrats to Jessi Pegula who is having an amazing season and lastly Naomi please enter a WTA 250 next week, you need the match practice. Love you and will keep supporting you always ❤
Richard's World
Richard's World:
Naomi really needs to get her mental game improved.
Pegula is a great example of how you can be born a billionaire and still have targets in life, and put actual effort and hard work into something
Trouble Brother
Trouble Brother:
Props WTA for quality highlights. Why do we get 8 minute highlights for Rome R2 and 1.2 Minute highlights for Grand Slams from respective organizations?
Congrats to Pegula 👏🏾👏🏾
Romans 8:9
Romans 8:9:
The silence from those who said Barty was the "fake no.1" is glorious.
J nid
J nid:
Osaka is Medvedev on atp. a force on hardcourts. wtf on clay 😅
Great for Pegula! She's making great strides on all all surfaces. Osaka not so much...Sigh.
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
Pegula is proving she is a force🔥. We basically saw a finals match in round 2. Welp Maybe in a rematch Osaka will redeem herself... We shall see😁
James Thompson
James Thompson:
Great upset!
naomi won't get any better if she continues to only play slams and the WTA1000's before hand
Melissa O
Melissa O:
Go Jessica 👏🎾😍🔥💪 !!
Jorge Fernandes
Jorge Fernandes:
Pegula, a grande surpresa e revelação de 2021
One more top ten for Pegula 🙌
4000 ດອນ
4000 ດອນ:
It seems, Osaka doesnt feel playing today..
Case K
Case K:
Clay is really not Osaka’s surface isn’t it lol Also, it looks like she gave up early in the second set. She was not even trying in the end
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice:
Osaka is no threat at all playing on clay, I can probably beat her easy.
Jinkai Huang
Jinkai Huang:
The battle of half-asians
Lookin good in red... Smokin play , smokin look... Forza Jessica ...
Bill T
Bill T:
Congrats, Jessica!!
Moses Kioi
Moses Kioi:
I will say it again, I will believe Naomi is the real deal if she wins the French and Wimbledon
I can't remember the last time i saw a player with such a great disparity between their ability on different surfaces. Osaka was almost unbeatable on hard courts yet on clay she looks so uncomfortable and can barely string two wins together.
I’m hoping Naomi can improve on clay in time for RG. Naomi needs to adapt her game on other surfaces in order to be better. I don’t want people seeing her as the ordinary hardcourt player😞
Yvette mcgann
Yvette mcgann:
Pegula the next champion,,,,,, Bravo a very great win 👩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍
Oscar Centrón G.
Oscar Centrón G.:
Algo le sucede a Naomi, que no está a su nivel.
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
I would get to go against pegula. She’s like a counter puncher who gives back balls with extra pace. Definitely need patience with hwr
Reena Sat
Reena Sat:
Love Pegula. Well done
Lara Croft
Lara Croft:
Great match 7-5, 6-4/ Congrats Jessica @ Naomi not you best for sure.
Bella Datu
Bella Datu:
She is impressive. Wow 🤩. I’m a fan 🙌🏽👏🏽👍🏽✨💕
Lil Nicky Da Baddest
Lil Nicky Da Baddest:
Every time Serena and Osaka have a match I always find a argument in the comments comparing them. Please just stop you can’t compare where you don’t compete you’re gonna compare a 23 grand slam champion to a 4 time one? Not shading anyone love both ladies but be realistic
Tax Isax
Tax Isax:
she pulled out RG. shes to weak on clay
Osaka's 2nd serve is a liability. It's so disjointed.
Markus E
Markus E:
Congrats on a big win, Jessi.
Shomari Gwad
Shomari Gwad:
It's really not her surface but I also suspect a lack of training and seriousness on this surface maybe she would have to participate in a lot of minor tournaments on clay to get used to it but I trust she will tame it.
Wta= bully opponent’s second serves
Maybe now all the Pegula haters can 🤐 now. She just beat a multiple slam winner and #2 ranked player. All the money in the world can’t buy talent.
Saiyan Prince Woods
Saiyan Prince Woods:
Pegula fights till the end no matter the score
St Jude0
St Jude0:
I think I can beat Osaka on clay
Osaka getting flustered always seems to result in an L for her. Am I wrong in saying this?
Rolando Reyes
Rolando Reyes:
What is a JPEG? It is a Jessica Pegula mechanism for compressing the famous Osaka power into bits of useless tennis strokes in clay. See how she attacks Osaka's powerful serve. It's beautiful to watch.
♡♥❣❤❦❧❥ Pegula
Pegula can win one grand slam champion!
Naomi made too many unforced errors in this match. She is not focused. When she is focused, she is unbeatable. Congratulations to Jessica!
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Both Sakkari and Osaka blew their lids 😡 in their respective matches today. Sakkari after a supposed late ball challenge call by the chair ump that lead to a heated exchange with Maria walking off to her chair and proceeding to smash the sh!t out of her raquet - drawing a verbal warning by the ump. Then Osaka p!ssed at herself after one of her many UEs in the 1st set did the same.
Osaka too focused on her political statements than tennis
Joel Byrd
Joel Byrd:
Pegula has played so well this year. Didn’t expect her game to suit a clay court too well but she was impressive here.
Warming up to Pegula! No unnecessary over the top celebration & crazy grunt how it should be
Tax Isax
Tax Isax:
osaka got wasted
Hart K
Hart K:
ATP : Medvedev
WTA : Osaka
Ivan Wu
Ivan Wu:
Naomi seem doesn’t care of this match
aynyn Qu
aynyn Qu:
Naomi is on a roll today! Tomorrow's wind will blow!
santosh thapa
santosh thapa:
is this pegula chick gonna one those chicks that takes out all the top players but never win any titles or is she the real deal?
Owen W
Owen W:
Osaka just doesn't seem to play well on clay.......yet.
Stan Orr
Stan Orr:
Not really an upset on clay. I had Osaka losing 7-5, 6-4. I guess she tanked after losing the tiebreaker. Jessica is a great player one my favorites for RG.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
Until Osaka develops a net game she will continue to be bad on clay like she’s been her whole career.
Jessica Pegula is a true beast.
Self Made
Self Made:
Glad Pegula won in straights. Osaka looked slow and tired.
Андрей Сыхов
Андрей Сыхов:
Не нравится грунт темпераментной Наоми Осаке, а Джессике в двойне приятно обыграть сеянную, браво?!.
The first time I saw Jessica Pegula play was at this year's Australian Open, as far as I know she made the Semi final there. I was really impressed with her play, she's very crafty and skillful with her play, she's very accurate with her shots and she understands when to use power and when to back off on power to go for accuracy, very intelligent player on court. If you like to bet, she'd be one I'd pick to be a upset winner of Roland Garros, she seems comfortable on clay, Naomi definitely hasn't mastered clay yet but she can improve with time.
Oliver Diamante
Oliver Diamante:
In terms of clay, Osaka is the equivalent of medvedev 😂
Jerald Moir
Jerald Moir:
And that is the reason why Osaka is not deserving of the number 1 ranking. Shes just not versatile enough
Lesane Parish Crookz
Lesane Parish Crookz:
Osaka not in her best Times
IF Osaka doesn't win the point in couple of shots...she's like a sitting hippo on clay XD
Bratin Basu
Bratin Basu:
Osaka is not compatible with clay court.
Marion Boucher
Marion Boucher:
osaka should get a haircut to begin with .
Osaka doesn't exist outside of hardcourts.
Wimz Swimz
Wimz Swimz:
Osaka is in the worst shape in 2021!
Osaka is not that Mighty. Any player can win the race💪💪💪!!!.
Osaka can still get it any day of the week. My baby girl sexy af with them juicy thighs and fluffy hair. Y'all know it too.
Alex King
Alex King:
A match she had no right losing. Losing the first set and a couple of lucky pegula points led to a complete mental collapse. Very disappointing as there was a clear path to at least the quarter finals.
Mad Wisdom
Mad Wisdom:
Love you Naomi Osaka!
Great Mind
Great Mind:
Expected result... Osaka is not improving at all, some aspects like fitness or mental attitude have gotten worse and i dont see her winning slam this year.
Mery Reina
Mery Reina:
But what time can you watch the games on ESPN
Osaka on clay. Yikes.
L B:
naomi's second serve yikes
Fight Justice
Fight Justice:
Osaka has obviously gotten fat and slow but no one wants to talk about it.
Angela B
Angela B:
Interesting that Osaka didn’t get penalized when she broke her racket out of frustration from losing. If Serena did that it would be all over the media and everyone would say she had a bad attitude.
Edson Marcos
Edson Marcos:
Virgilio Cayno
Virgilio Cayno:
Osaka have to learn to play on clay. She looks uncomfortable on the court, don't have the sliding skills, can't read the bounce of the ball properly, don' have the powerful slice and accurate drop shot. Hope she can find the way to be better on clay.
leoreysan 04
leoreysan 04:
Serena and Osaka out... i wasn't expecting that
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats to Pegula🥳. Osaka has 4 Grand Slam titles. Many top 10 players (men and women) are still dreaming of winning a GS. Osaka raises her level at GS, when the stakes are high, she plays at her highest level. 💫 She did not seem to pumped up for this match.
chaitanya chaitu
chaitanya chaitu:
Osaka is useless
Both Pegula and Osaka are among my top five favorite female tennis players. But Naomi has not been playing anywhere near her potential lately. That’s not to take anything away from Pegula who really took it to her and took the match to her! I’m wondering about that dress that Naomi is wearing, with the beltline way above her stomach. She seems to me like she’s a little bit either overweight and or out of shape.
Brendan Cocos
Brendan Cocos:
I love her but her movement is worse after maiden us open championship
Troung-An Nguyen
Troung-An Nguyen:
This is why Ash Barty is number one for me despite the criticism she gets from the media. Naomi is too interested in creating a brand for herself these days cos she’s already getting too much fame from people already but I feel like it’s always affected her performance or ruin her consistency. The media doesn’t seem to bash her, even if she’s not performing well. Doesn’t matter if Naomi had won multiple grand slams, Ash Barty is more of a consistent and precise player on tour than she is. I really expected more from Osaka tbh
EDIT: so what if she’s not good on clay?
Gayatri N
Gayatri N:
Osaka is hopeless on clay and grass. Overrated