Jim's Pranks Against Dwight - The Office US

Over the years there has been tomfoolery a’plenty in The Office. Revisit some of Jim's best pranks against Dwight.

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100+ komentarze:

*Dwight:* "Don't do it Michael..."
*Michael:* "It's a million dollar sale..."
Can we take a moment to appreciate all the meme templates that the office has given us
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce:
“They don’t give out black belts for things that are stupid.”
Zooms on Jim’s face 😂😂
S F:
Jim is the most unemployed employed person I’ve ever seen 🤣
sami hamdan
sami hamdan:
Its kinda cool that Dwight thought someone poisoned the coffee, and tried to save the guy.
being a camera man in this show must be so entertaining
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln:
0:34 The fact that Jim was able to replicate every object in Dwight's office and even the desk in Gift form without actually anything inside it, is why Jim is a literal god a pranking.
“I don’t believe you. Continue.”
- Everyone reading tabloids
Fun fact: Someone calculated how much money jim wasted on pranks for Dwight and it was aproximately: 5000$
s staners
s staners:
Dwight: “Jim is not Asian.”
Asian Jim: “Seriously, you didn’t notice. Hats off to you for not seeing race.”

Best prank ever.😂
The Office wouldn't be the same without Jim's knowing glances into the camera
Irish Maverick
Irish Maverick:
The one when Jim fakes his death in his hotel room and Dwight and Erin walk in and he falls out of the closet is just the absolute best
Areo Morales
Areo Morales:
I love how even after Jim moves Dwight’s desk into the bathroom Dwight still helps him w a call
George Cherucheril
George Cherucheril:
I love Pam and how she let's us in on the trick without a word but by her super cute facial expressions and her wink.
OMG It's DeV
OMG It's DeV:
Dwight: This is completely unprofessional
Jim: Well youre the one that lost the desk .. Where is the last place you saw it?
Me: *dies in laughter
kal el
kal el:
I love how Dwight never really suspect Pam that she could be helping Jim.
I love that despite all the jokes and pranks, Dwight considers Jim to be his best friend.
Louis Kowalski
Louis Kowalski:
Jim is one of the smoothest laid back characters in any show
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin:
The best part of Asian Jim is how Jim knew everything Dwight would ask and do
Rasmus Jørgensen
Rasmus Jørgensen:
I love that Jim never outright laughs when he pranks Dwight. Always just a satisfied smile at the camera.
robert bean
robert bean:
I love how Pam is supportive of almost every joke on Dwight.
auroarylion 1
auroarylion 1:
Jim: [Places bobble head on table]
Dwight: [Slams Pen On Table] "Identiy theft is not a joke Jim, Millions of family's suffer each year!"
Dwight: "Oh that's funny MICHAEL!"
James Slattery
James Slattery:
"Jim is my enemy, but it turns out that Jim is also his own worst enemy. And the enemy of an enemy is my friend. So Jim is actually my friend. But, because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy. So actually, Jim is my enemy. But..."

- Dwight Schrute
Bullier's Bully
Bullier's Bully:
Facts being said: This series is almost nothing without Dwight schrute!
H M:
Jim: Ok, calm down. Where was the last place you saw it?
Lieutenant Dude
Lieutenant Dude:
I just love how Dwight picks up the phone in the bathroom and instantly forgets he's mad and goes into work mode.
John Duran
John Duran:
Dwight: "I don't believe you..."

Also Dwight: "...continue."
Demon Badger
Demon Badger:
The way Asian Jim looks at the camera like regular Jim would do when Dwight is acting crazy is my favorite thing.
Aditya Ganjoo
Aditya Ganjoo:

The best one was when Jim, who was an assistant to Dwight, convinced Dwight to become is assistant. So, Dwight became an assistant of his assistant, and willingly so

Edit: Added Spoiler tag
I like how when Jim moves Dwights desk, he acts like it’s losing car keys or something much smaller by saying shut like
“Where was the last place you saw it?”
Or just the blank
“That’s weird”
elise ymomo
elise ymomo:
Dwight: "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim"

Also Dwight: "I have a wig for every single person in the office"
Fardin Nobi Siam
Fardin Nobi Siam:
Dwight:That's Ridiculous, of course it wasn’t me.
Jim: Marijuana is a memory loss drug,so maybe you just don’t remember.
Honestly I miss this, like why isn’t it on Netflix anymore😭
Paul Martin Cordero
Paul Martin Cordero:
I swear Jim is like Batman or Sherlock when predicting Dwight's next move.
"I don't believe you. Continue" yep me when my best friend gets a boyfriend
“I don’t believe you continue” xd
Jim has made Dwight question his sanity and reality so many times
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios:
Joe: Larz is trying to take my girls away from me!
Larz: 1:14
Decisive dirt
Decisive dirt:
Dwight: calls lawsuits against Jim after Dwight falls off roof
Jim: chuckles, I’m in danger.
Matthew Flores
Matthew Flores:
"Thank you, Mr. Buttlicker. I don't think you'll regret this."
John Doe
John Doe:
The fact that Michael is considering to fire Dwight based on imaginary sales shows another level of comical gesture comedy.
Jim: "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."
Dwight: "Bears do not- What is going one?! What are you doing?!"
Shumile Swift
Shumile Swift:
“i dont believe you, continue.” Is so underrated LMAOOOOOO
Jim as Dwight is still one of the funniest things I've seen.
Abby Lynn
Abby Lynn:
I just love how Dwight just went along with the desk bathroom prank or most of the time his desk was moved. He didn’t even try to fight it, but instead answered the phone or whatever I’m almost every situation
Jim and Dwight are a very accurate representation of siblings
Harry Steel
Harry Steel:
Asian Jim looking at the camera is one of my favourite moments in any sitcom, makes me crack up every time
Villain deku
Villain deku:
One of the most iconic lines ever… bears- beat- battle star galactica.
Blue Turtle
Blue Turtle:
I love how many of these rely on just predicting Dwight.
Jim: Marijuana is a memory loss drug, so maybe you just don't remember.

Dwight: I would remember.

Jim:  Well, how could you if it just erased your memory?

Dwight: That's not how it works.

Jim: Now, how do you know how it works?

Dwight: **visible confusion** 07:18
zombiebutcher 333
zombiebutcher 333:
I love how Asian Jim looked over at the camera just like real Jim would have
3:10 if Michael is saying "boundaries" a line was definitely crossed
11:39 that 'oh my god' could get an oscar for his acting, that's how much good it was
Iris Delmar
Iris Delmar:
I love how Dwight kept trying to get closer to the phone to hear what Buttlicker was saying as if he wasn’t directly across from him
Victor Jimenez
Victor Jimenez:
I want to think that message on SteveJim's voicemail is actually Jim congratulating Dwight for respecting boundaries, but he knew Dwight would just freak out and not let him hear it.
My first job was as an IT guy for a small company. The office space looked strikingly similar to the one in this show, so it always gave such good vibes going to work. The people working there weren't as entertaining though
They’re all so good I don’t know which I like best, I think his impersonation of Dwight is legendary 😂
Bailey Davis
Bailey Davis:
I can’t imagine how much fun those three had through out the years of filming.
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld:
Steve nailed Jim's character. Even looking at the camera.
Abdar Farooqi
Abdar Farooqi:
Lets be honest. If it wasnt for Dwight, Jim and Pam would'nt have been together!
Matt B
Matt B:
Oh my god, this is absolute gold comedy! Regret not regularly watching The Office on TV or on Netflix when I had the chance. I knew it was brilliant, but it's so brilliant! Immediately rips genuine chuckles out of me even on the worst days. 5:02 is perfect example!
Sana Deshmukh
Sana Deshmukh:
jim did so well when he was impersonating dwight
Katherine Baker
Katherine Baker:
The thing is, how did Jim and Pam know that Dwight would say ‘make the coat rack move?’ Maybe Jim actually does have telekinetic powers….
Mizer Mustard
Mizer Mustard:
I love the yummy 😉 Pam gives Jim when he is moving the coat rack with his mind. But, how did Roy not freak out with jealousy, during that wink?
It might be Milo
It might be Milo:

Jim to Dwight: “let me show you a little lesson in trickery.”
Renata Díaz De Santiago
Renata Díaz De Santiago:
4:08 one of my favorites parts of the entire season HAHAHAHA
Owen Reaney
Owen Reaney:
I don’t know why but I was giggling for over a minute (not an exaggeration) when he said he put coins on the phone then took them out so he hit his head with the phone.
Even when Jim wasn't working at the Scranton branch, he still found a way to prank Dwight. That's dedication.
Jaiden Detering
Jaiden Detering:
I've never really liked this show, but I can't deny that the banter between Dwight and Jim is just classic
I wanna thank you so much for having well written subtitles, I’m half deaf so when the subtitles are accurate it helps the video so much <3
Camden Brewer
Camden Brewer:
When jim says “MICHAEL” and gets up stiffly walking away like Dewight always does, I lost it😂😂😂
Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil:
Even though they didn't show it making him hit himself with the phone was the funniest
mohit jain
mohit jain:
The nickels in phone prank is the simplest and yet IMO the most clever and diabolical prank that Jim pulled on Dwight.
Shafayath Jamil
Shafayath Jamil:
7:28 Dwight's face when Jim said, "Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?" 😂
Dwight: "When somone smiles, all i see is a chimpanzee begging for its life"
*stares into the camera looking at the people laughing at the scene*
Vernard M.
Vernard M.:
My favorite Dwight line: "I don't believe you, continue"
This Guy!
This Guy!:
The more I watch The Office I realise that Jim isn’t a practical joker, he’s just got too much time on his hands
Subtitles in the poisoned coffee scene: *Dwight runs around the office like a madman* 🤣🤣
5:48 = pam and oscar are mildly impressed or in the midst of laughing
Nicolas Riveros
Nicolas Riveros:
I've never seen this show before but I really laughed so hard.
S M:
peak humour. I'll keep coming back to this for a laugh until the day I die
Srivathson Sam ✅
Srivathson Sam ✅:
" What kind of bear is best ?"
" That's ridiculous question "
" False , Black bear "
L E:
Jim's proud face as Michael lists all his pranks
Lord Darkrai
Lord Darkrai:
Jim's Pranks against Dwight: Emotional Discomfort
Dwight's pranks against Jim: PAIN
Jim pulled over 100 pranks throughout the series!
Thiago R. Silva
Thiago R. Silva:
The mind control prank worked because Dwight said Roulette isn't a game of skill. Imagine how many pranks Jim set up and never came to fruition because Dwight missed a cue. That's dedication, right there
Bitter Girl
Bitter Girl:
Jim: *does anything*

Dwight: “f a l s e”
Salty Eastwood
Salty Eastwood:
The excitement on that million dollar sale is one of my fav parts of all time!
Joe Scopelite
Joe Scopelite:
The pranks aren’t half as funny as Dwight’s reactions.. those are always priceless..
General Kenobi
General Kenobi:
Jim's "MICHAEL!" gets me dead everytime
Joslin Rosenberger
Joslin Rosenberger:
Dwight: identity theft is not a joke Jim millions of families suffer every year

Jim: Michael!

Dwight: seriously..... Micheal!

Yates A
Yates A:
I actually think it’s so sweet that Dwight “saves” Stanley from the poison coffee.
anonymous alien 2.0
anonymous alien 2.0:
The fact that jim pranks dwight even all the way from stamford lmao
The coatrack was so bs. Dwight should have asked for something else or more.
11:39 the most honest "oh my god" i've ever heard in my entire life😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Agent Dusky
Agent Dusky:
Photographer: "Smile."
Dwight: *"No."*
It's honestly sweet that Dwight was so worried about Stanley's safety.
The captions... they're just pure gold lol
Damian Morningstar
Damian Morningstar:
I love how the other actors/actresses are caught watching the pranks unfold in the back of the set
Nats Nic Nacs
Nats Nic Nacs:
These two have amazing chemistry!