J.K. Rowling Talks Harry Potter and More | TODAY

J.K. Rowling sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about her charity, Lumos, which helps children living in orphanages and institutions, and the future of Harry Potter.
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J.K. Rowling Talks Harry Potter and More | TODAY

100+ komentarze:

Casey O'neill
Casey O'neill:
Its not a children's book.
María Florencia
María Florencia:
I don't feel like the Harry Potter series is "for kids". I know adults who read and enjoyed the 7 books. But I get it that the magical theme might be aimed to children while the relationships and the characters can be read in different ways by kids, teenagers and adults and have a deep meaning.
She ended it perfectly. We don't need another book.
S.K. Matarieh
S.K. Matarieh:
"Harry potter 8 is probably not going to happen" TELL THAT TO CURSED CHILD!!
Pasqualena Chiarella
Pasqualena Chiarella:
I think people need to stop pressuring J.k to write another book. There harry potter books were a huge part of my life but when J.k moved on I did as well. Do we really want every cultural phenomenon to over stay their welcome and decline in quality like the simpsons? Sometimes it is best for things to gracefully bow and leave and Harry Potter did just that. So fans appreciate what you have and what this woman gave us and just be glad it is what it is
kad yz
kad yz:
I'd love to read about Lily/James in hogwarts and how they fell in love especially how james became a good person rather than remaining a bully... Or about Harry Potter's or someone from the HP books' kids!
We are not muggles. We are squibs... unfortunately.
Nikeysia Butler
Nikeysia Butler:
The Proud Sun Bro.
The Proud Sun Bro.:
We don't really need another Harry Potter. The story ended on a high note.
Jordan A
Jordan A:
Wow, she is so beautiful, humble, and incredibly talented.
Jianbing Hao
Jianbing Hao:
i feel ashamed to say this but I love her harry potter books, each and every one of them, but I just don't like her. it's a weird feeling
I can't watch one video including her without starting to cry. This woman was my childhood and she still is a huge part of my life and everything she says and does and will do is so damn amazing. She is one of the most beautiful people on earth inside and out.
La Sonrisita
La Sonrisita:
Am I the only one who would LOVE a "Marauders-and-Lily-and-James"-story? :)
Dean20VT VRS
Dean20VT VRS:
J.K. R. Is looking younger and younger! My god she is just absolutely stunning!
Torun Sandström
Torun Sandström:
Wish The Cursed Child never happened. She was right, she'd already wrapped that story up, and it was perfect
AC FireWriter
AC FireWriter:
That woman is my hero... I've always wanted to be just like her.
NWC Wrestling
NWC Wrestling:
How dare you call me a Muggle!

"There will probably not be an eight Harry Potter book"
This is why I think the Cursed Child is fanfiction by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany that they somehow convinced J.K Rowling to write her name on.
The next Einstein
The next Einstein:
A book I would love to see is one about Lord Voldemort. His whole life and him creating the horn ruses and all the other magic he has ever done. I still hope😂😂
Schnecks Schnecks
Schnecks Schnecks:
She's so damn beautiful
Lily Stephenson
Lily Stephenson:
who else is watching after the announcement of the 8th book 😂😂
Sean Saxena
Sean Saxena:
kind of random but i feel like a lot of ppl are embarrassed of liking the harry potter books and there are also a lot of people who judge the books as being lame or nerdy or childish and uncool. What does that tell us about society? That valuing good morals is embarrassing? Because the books teach loyalty, friendship, courage, etc. I don't get what's lame about it. And yet i myself am embarrassed at how much i love the Harry Potter books. I absolutely love getting lost in Harry Potter world. Reminds me of that biblical saying: we aren't afraid of our darkness but of our own light.
Motivating force...
It's her compassion...
Her narration...
Lighting everyone...
Helpful soul...
Hope she find the force to fight the system...
Saushthab Dasgupta
Saushthab Dasgupta:
So, by creating project lumos she wants to prevent the beginning of Tom Riddle.
B/w it's a awsome project
Sammy Snail
Sammy Snail:
I think J K Rowling should make a new series about albus Severus I know there is going to be an 8th book but that's a script I want a book like if you agree
Norma Grixti
Norma Grixti:
Great lady who has given this boring world some amazing books, and she has made some lucky kids famous, fan for always JK
Becca Essie
Becca Essie:
She's such an inspirational person!
Cole Mclaren
Cole Mclaren:
Wait did he just call me muggle!?
José M. P
José M. P:
I am one of those who think that the seven books so well, no longer needed. I read new books that he has written and I've loved. I love what you are doing Lumos and hopefully soon reach Latin America.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter:
Love her so much she's such an angel ♡
I love HP but I am content with the ending and that the fact that it ended.. Every story has an end, just leave it at that, and marvel at the beautiful journey.
Gleame Dominique Zurita Gealon
Gleame Dominique Zurita Gealon:
I say this everytime I hear someone telling Harry Potter is a joke
Guilherme Sattamini
Guilherme Sattamini:
amazing woman. humble, very talented, beautiful and with a great heart
Vasilis Kortianos
Vasilis Kortianos:
Harry Potter is not only for kids, you ignorant journalists :)
Lili Myu
Lili Myu:
I admire her even more now ♥
julia Fernandez
julia Fernandez:
Can't imagine the amount of time and eddort she exerted in writing the books....
She should think up another story line based on something that happened in the 1800's or something
I've always been a bit intrigued about the history behind certain characters, specifically Dumbledore. It would be nice to read a story telling events in his early life. I just find wizards that fascinating. Overall, J.K.Rowling is the reason why I am working on writing and illustrating my own children's books. She has been a major inspiration for me, and I'm happy to hear that she is trying to help children. Every child deserves to enjoy a happy childhood.
She is such an amazing person and is my role model. I have never experienced a new book release or anything,😕 but I'm a huge fan 😊 it would be awesome if she made a book of their kids
Fea Elentari
Fea Elentari:
I don't need more Harry Potter books I want a book from draco's perspective
Delaney Crawley
Delaney Crawley:
I am pretty sure Stephanie Myer is spending all her twilight money on stupid things... Like I don't know... Twilight Merchandise? GOD BLESS J.K. Rowling!
Holly Cope
Holly Cope:
Jk Rowling has undoubtably saved my life and is a living, breathing Magician!
No Name
No Name:
1:12 Cursed child is canon everyone
Bruno Bruno
Bruno Bruno:
Please more Harry Potter like for JK making more HP
Sway Nation
Sway Nation:
Why not make a book about Harry's son James?
Jane Dough
Jane Dough:
These last few generations aren't making satan even break a sweat fpr their souls.
এক ঝলক
এক ঝলক:
“If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
― J.K. Rowling,
Avinash Francis
Avinash Francis:
So Lily Potter was actually JK Rowling herself?
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed:
Some people change our life's just by their imagination (stan lee , j.k Rowling and more) salute😭
When Dumbledore said the speech about Happiness being found in the darkness of times is a clue about how to defeat Dementors.
So did someone edit that answer in the beginning?
G Roulot
G Roulot:
I think Harry Potter is a book for all: children and adults. For me, it's a beautiful story and I read Harry Potter in many moments, so one or two books are always with me... I love Harry Potter and I think everybody have to read it !
(I'm sorry for my not perfect english, I'm a french fan...)
Myrah Chaudhary
Myrah Chaudhary:
I LOVE Harry Potter and I think it is an injustice that they have removed it from Netflix!!!
Hailey Haas
Hailey Haas:
I just CAN'T there HAS to be another Harry Potter! I don't care if it a movie or book there just needs to be one... Please please make another book!!!!
God I would love to read about Harry's kids at the school from Albus Severus and Ron and Hermione's kids Hugo and Rose, and Malfoy's kid! Ahh
Alex Talamilla
Alex Talamilla:
I love everything about Harry Potter, books, films, everything.. xD
King Peppy
King Peppy:
I think having the murderer in Troubled Blood wear blackface to disguise himself as African American was a bad idea
omg, this brought a tear to my eyes. I love the books. When I heard that the program is called "Lumos" and I heard her say the quote from her books, ... chills! J.K. Rowling is an amazing human beings. She really does care about children
idkwuisp 76
idkwuisp 76:
she used so much imagination on those books that i'm gonna explode
Forest Que
Forest Que:
She has the most interesting mouth and it makes her so unique. Sorry if that is weird to say. haha. I just love her
Croft Miller
Croft Miller:
I love so much more my queen now 👑❤️
Best Name EVER
Best Name EVER:

Every creature in the Universe:


We want Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling:

The Unboxing Channel
The Unboxing Channel:
Such a kind person Jo ... 💖👑
Happy birthday J.K. Rowling. Thanks for the memories.
Guy in video:...all you muggles out there

Scotland’s Smooth Criminal
Scotland’s Smooth Criminal:
Wish they could make more Harry Potter films which they film there kids on how they have a life at hogwarts IV been to the Harry Potter Studios In London And it's great !
jhon doe
jhon doe:
Oh god i hope she writes a new series that introduces midichlorians
1 year later- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is out and is the fastest selling book of the year!
What is Harry Potter's favorite method of getting down a hill?
Walking... jk, rolling !!
If she ever writes for the Harry potter universe. I would like a prequel about Harry's mother
Hera Thaqi
Hera Thaqi:
This video broke my heart....
0:40 That’s it, right there. That is the J.K. Rowling I respected. I still love her books, and I love here for writing them, but I don’t love the fact that she put her name on anything to do with the Cursed Child.
larin barzan
larin barzan:
not just an amazing writer but an gorgeous and awesome person J K Rowling is life
James Potter book
Megki Ntogia
Megki Ntogia:
I wanted to see dumbledore’s life or lord Voldemort’s or both . That would be so interesting.
Nooruleman Eman
Nooruleman Eman:
Jk Rowling is a legend who made an amazing childhood of the whole world children she is spectacularly talented woman I have had ever seen such a extravagant belligerent she is I have no words to show my feelings I literally enjoyed my childhood because of potter series and the most amazing character for me was Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy 😁😁still I love that characters 😻😍
Mr. krabs
Mr. krabs:
2019 anyone?
Arthur Joseph
Arthur Joseph:
Hello, Savannah you looking lovely as always. Truly perfection in the makings I tell you. I do hope you and your co- host and today staff. Do have a wonderful weekend I say, really. Take care. Good Evening ;)
Diana Gothong
Diana Gothong:
I’ll never forget the first time I’ve read Harry Potter, I’d love to relive that feeling of stepping in Hogwarts for the first time once more.
Alice Kiesov
Alice Kiesov:
The queen of literature....
Yohan Silva
Yohan Silva:
Julia S.
Julia S.:
She's a jewel 💎 the older she gets the more beautiful she gets.
Sara Nordström
Sara Nordström:
I would say the Harry Potter is more aimed towards children than classic adult literature, but there are millions of adult fans, so it almost feels strange to hear people talk about it as books for kids. Now, I've grown up with Harry Potter, but still at age 17, when I consume all sorts of "adult" literature and so on, I still love Harry Potter endlessly. I could absolutely not tire of it. So, I just wanted to point out that it's not exactly "for kids". J.K. Rowling herself has said that she didn't consider her audience when writing Harry Potter, and so when the story becomes a lot darker in the later books, I think more mature readers appreciate it even more.
Caleb Parkhurst
Caleb Parkhurst:
She's absolutely brilliant
a book on dumbledore would be awesome
Danna Rica Guzman
Danna Rica Guzman:
I really love this lady. Just recently Im watching all HP movie and I cant help wonder how she created it.. such a marvelous woman not to mention super brainy.,,
Fernando Monsivais
Fernando Monsivais:
It sounds like she's about to break up with me
David Boubion
David Boubion:
she's such a huge inspiration!! I'm inspired by how far she's come in the literary world. Her story inspires me as a prospective author.
Zebra Faces
Zebra Faces:
I'm not a muggle.
Expecto Patronum
I'm fine with HP staying finished for good, although I wish that wasn't the case, but another series of children in the wizarding world.
the amazing,legendary JK Rowling.love you forever.HP is the greatest.I wish then she would write a book about Dumbledore or some other character.
K G:
The first time I saw Harry Potter on tv, I remember the scene with sirius black dying. And I sobbed. Never thought it was a 'just for kids' film or book series. In fact, I thought she did a great job of handling the story line and talking about the tough/dark side of life in a way kids can understand.
thanks J.K Rowling... makes my imagination so beautiful...
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler:
what kind of british accent does she have? I've never heard it before
Jessica Mackinnon Barbalace
Jessica Mackinnon Barbalace:
I love the Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is my Favorite auther.
Spill the tea sisss
Spill the tea sisss:
*Hold on,*

J.K.Rowling has change a part of my life that I felt like I should also do good.
ever since 1st year of Harry new film, I changed of way if thinking to a more positive thinking and not doing wrong just as simple as turning on the lite.
As4tori Sun
As4tori Sun:
This video had me tear up. I randomly went to look up her interview to see how she speaks because one of astrology videos mentioned she had same placing like me(Mercury Leo in 12th house)and then I remembered the time I read her books-neglected 7 year old at the time, it's always hard to look back. As that wasn't enough, next thing that pops up in video is that dreadful photo of a boy in a cage, while my 3 year old is sleeping next to me as I write. Such a difficult topic to think about for me personally.
Shawna Jensen Johnson
Shawna Jensen Johnson:
She is such a beautiful inspiration in so many avenues.