JLo And Ben Affleck Might Be Snuggling In A $65million Mansion Soon | Rumour Juice

Are these lovebirds moving in together? First a rare million-dollar rock on J-Lo's finger, then a million-dollar bracelet and now a million-dollar mansion? What's next? Will Ben buy Jen the moon? Well, we can't put it past him. They're swimming in a pool of money and can afford to blend their families. But the big question is, will they take things to the next level?

JLo And Ben Affleck Might Be Snuggling In A $65million Mansion Soon | Rumour Juice

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25 komentarze:

Bennifer forever ❤❤🔥🔥
LoveCaliforniasDiversity Diversity
LoveCaliforniasDiversity Diversity:
🥂 Wishing them the Best🥂💕
Kab Yaj
Kab Yaj:
If you’re truly with the love of your life, you don’t need a 65M to tell you that!
Congartulations and best wishes forever Loved Bennifer
Carla Trezza
Carla Trezza:
Yes!!! This is so awesome!!!
Hinda McKenna
Hinda McKenna:
❤️❤️Wishing both of them the best❤️❤️
2manybooks 2littletime
2manybooks 2littletime:
Time will tell if they make it this time. Hopefully, they'll be less interested in sharing all with the media, including social media. ❤💘
SYd Polash
SYd Polash:
Ben the batman affleck 🔥❤️
Karen Hicks
Karen Hicks:
Good on them best wishes to you both xxx
Julie Hall
Julie Hall:
These people are so self-absorbed. Ben had a wonderful wife, but drinking, gambling and whatever else ended that. I'm sorry for Jolo to think he'd change. All this publicity doesn't bode well.
Heather Mac
Heather Mac:
I wish them all the love and luck in the world if there neasting then so be it you work hard then you play even harder so let them play together ❤️ thanks Rumour 🧃 Juice
hagos tewolde
hagos tewolde:
When your both have a net worth of $800mill combined why not
Why would you need 12 bathrooms? Do they all do their business at the same time or what 🤣🤣
Crystel Marie
Crystel Marie:
Who paid for this?i dont think Ben🤣Ben only want to use Jlo to come back to the media.
Delores Stewart
Delores Stewart:
They really want to break up keep making it all public.
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon:
Discount please…
Paula Borges
Paula Borges:
lily baide
lily baide:
Cuesta $85 not $65 publiquen lo cierto
Ram Ngaihzuala
Ram Ngaihzuala:
And a years later.....it doesn't work? Hahaha
Carla Trezza
Carla Trezza:
See?? Anyone can get back together years later. And my exes new gf laughs at me.....well its very possible I will be back with him soon. Marriage and kids with someone else is not forever...they left them and are finally back together. Amen
Jennifer Gottlieb El-Azhari
Jennifer Gottlieb El-Azhari:
These people are so disgusting honestly. Why would anyone give themselves so much stuff why there is so much need in this world?
Cathy Andresiak
Cathy Andresiak:
Who the hell needs a 65 million dollar mansion. These stars are way out there out of reality!
elsa snow
elsa snow:
Please get married ASAP!!!
I hope they break up soon. I don’t want Jlo to be happy. She’s done too much bad!