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In our latest episode of Life Lessons Joan Collins reveals the key to success and why no career lasts forever.


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100+ komentarze:

For a woman of 88, not only does she look fabulous, but her voice still sounds so youthful, not a hint of deepening or tremor, but clear and young sounding.. incredible. She has always been a straight shooter and says it how it is, very down to earth and ironically given her apparent ‘artifice’, wigs, Jewell’s, designer clothes etc and probably some well chosen cosmetic tweaks, very natural as a person I’ve always thought.
S D:
Dear Joan years ago, I am 71, I purchased your book Health, Youth and Happiness. That was my beauty bible. Yes lipstick is. Everything you are saying in this video is how I take care of myself. During the eighties I would make up hair and clothes like you did in Dynasty. My husband was older than me and we loved Dynasty. One day I went to work and my boss said “who do we have here, Joan Collins.” People today can’t believe I am 71. So nice to see you in this video. 🥰
I love Joan Collins, she’s absolutely genuine.
Matt A
Matt A:
Dame Joan is one classy Dame. She's always worked and still does, she' been though it all especially a lot of rejection which, is hard for anyone, and she has pretty much supported herself and her family. She hasn't given up which, is a true inspiration for men and women. She did it all while, still staying beautiful. Keep it up and, keep working Dame Joan!
andrew green
andrew green:
Joan is a wonderful lady. Honest, wise, down to earth and incredibly beautiful. This woman is amazing
Lorraine Richards
Lorraine Richards:
I really like Joan Collins, she really is so straight forward, totally glamourous , with high standards, that can be sadly lacking sometimes today!
Dame Joan is 88 and enjoying her life. She has set a wonderful example that enjoying life is not dictated by age or youth.
maryelinor mays
maryelinor mays:
Joan has always been so awesome with life advice, shares her beauty advice , dealing with life issues.. what a grand woman!!
I can only hope to be as composed, classy, and well spoken as her! What a woman.
I admire her strength and fortitude. What woman wouldn’t? She’s made mistakes with her choice of partners sometimes but she doesn’t let it crush her spirit. Always positive, witty and entertaining her advice is invaluable.
roger simpson
roger simpson:
She's so awesome, she takes no bull shit and knows all the Hollywood dirt. I am sure there is a ton of tea she could spill but she's a class act. I hope we have her around and sharp as a tack like this for many more years.
Kim Runyan
Kim Runyan:
Gotta love Joan...Her candor just adds to her beauty.
Thank you for putting such wonderfully glamorous and wise mature women on this channel. Joan, I could listen to you all day. (Not that you will be reading this). Such wise advice, about career and friends. Gosh you have really spoken to me today. Thank you and I hope and know you will always be glam. x
Jackie Houghton
Jackie Houghton:
88 and still rocking it! What an absolute inspiration. Thank you, Joan. You're beautiful in every way 💜
Joseph Ososkie
Joseph Ososkie:
She clearly explained the traits and to some extent, core values that brought her to where she is. She is clever, adaptable, and apparently honest. She is very British.
Anthony C Brown
Anthony C Brown:
Joan Collins was very aware of her physicality and dressed in ways to emphasize the strengths and minimizing other areas. She was also very strict and consistent in her eating and exercise where she never operated under extremes in either direction. I believe this reflects in her overall longevity combined with always wearing age-appropriate clothing. A totally class-act where she believed in herself.
Beverley Roberts
Beverley Roberts:
My Mum loved Joan and so do I. I remember reading one of her books, My Secrets when I was 27 and Joan's advice was that wearing foundation protects your skin from damage. I remember reading that and now I'm almost 56 that advice has definitely worked for me. Also thinking well of yourself too, that also carries you through life, through all the ups and downs.x 😊
Victoria Gadd
Victoria Gadd:
This is one amazing and wonderful woman. What an inspiration and a delight always. She’s sassy smart funny and intelligent. Those things last forever and are a rare combination. Joan is one of the last remaining of the era that was sheer glamour and iconic stars. Long live our Joan. Love her to pieces.
Love this woman! She is fantastic.
My absolute favourite. Joan is a marvellous woman. Straight talking woman, and I'm pleased she's had all these years of happiness with Percy her husband. Well done girl, I'll be watching your documentary. Stay safe.
BG Ueberdenteich
BG Ueberdenteich:
She is amazing and down to earth , I would love to have tea with her , there would be absolutely no boring moments . How can she look like that at age 88 ? Dallas should be shown on TV again . I have a hunch that many people would watch it !
C Mac
C Mac:
So fabulous! Alexis Carrington was the villainous we all loved to hate. Joan is still so classy, demure and glamorous. Queen!
Pamela Reilly
Pamela Reilly:
My oldest granddaughter was named Alexis! Joan's Dynasty character Alexis Colby was my favorite. Underneath all that glamor, Alexis loved her children and would fight like a tigress to protect them. Joan Collins is also one of the greatest actresses of her generation and still so beautiful inside and out.
Maggy Wilson
Maggy Wilson:
An inspiration! I love those clothes and her fabulous authenticity. She's kissed some of the greats! God bless you Joan!
Emerald eyes
Emerald eyes:
I love Joan she is professional always and is very wise, a true icon.
Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeney:
Wonderful Dame Joan, beautiful then, beautiful now, inside and out. She sure can teach the younger generation a thing or two, classy, stylish and amazing wise words, god bless you lovely Dame Joan.
She has aged so beautifully. Can’t believe shes nearly 90!
Jim English
Jim English:
A true legend. She's awfully smart. Adored this video.
Johnty Andersen
Johnty Andersen:
Amazing woman who still looks great and has loads of good tips. She still moves well and just keeps working and being productive which is the key to remaining sharp and on the ball. Her skincare tips are sound I use SPF50 in the sun but here in Florida a tan is unavoidable. Her advice on moisturisers is first rate too but I will give the lipstick a miss :-)
"You need to find your feet". Loved this talk about confidence.
Sula Lee
Sula Lee:
Wonderful hearing this lady's advice. I agree with all of it. :)
helena neumann
helena neumann:
Even if the lady doesn't read my comment. Her real beauty secret is her intelligence and humor. I like this self-determined lady.
Maura Conlon
Maura Conlon:
The most amazing beautiful talented woman . The lady every young girl should aspire to. I have been in total awe of her my entire life. She still looks stunning . I wish her many more years of good health and happiness.
Anna Sutton
Anna Sutton:
Love Joan she is so honest and straight talking.
Judy Kessinger
Judy Kessinger:
Always saw Miss Joan as a classy lady with level headed sense. Love her work and she always comes across honest and still attractive.
Fiona Rita Fox
Fiona Rita Fox:
She’s incredible I remember serving her in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge a lot nicer than most high profile people that shopped there
harewood light
harewood light:
Ah the wonderful, wonderful, Joan. Completely beautiful - at any age. And a great personality! So sensible and shrewd yet lovely sense of humour. Can laugh at herself too. Not pompous. I love what you're wearing here too!! 🤗☀️Happy 2022💐
Still a spectacular beauty and a strong role model for women!
Marcus Seidel
Marcus Seidel:
Joan, thank you for your life lessons.
I appreciate.
eva K
eva K:
Exceptionally beautiful, respectful, intelligent woman. Just listened to her on BBC radio2, very brave, never a sheep, strong woman 💃♥️
Thirteen Numbers
Thirteen Numbers:
Love Joan! Beautiful, smart and honest
Well said Joan, I love how glamorous you are, my mum was always very smart but sadly has dementia.
I always put my make up on regardless of whether I'm going out or not.
You're amazing 🙂
Emma MacGregor
Emma MacGregor:
I have so much respect and warm regard for Dame Joan.
Angela Ferrante
Angela Ferrante:
Lovely, lovely Joan. Sensational till this day. Just love her. A beauty, inside and out
Beau Monroe
Beau Monroe:
3 cheers for Joan🙌Self confidence/loving your self /and the ability to ignore unwarranted criticism is excellent advice💋 lipstick 💄 is great make sure it complements your skin tone Also know how to apply it in a way that doesn’t exaggerate imperfections such a smoker lines !I’m a makeup artist hairstylist and fashion consultant I do freelance work love bringing out your own kind of beautiful Be blessed love yourself and always sparkle 💖
Patrick and Missy
Patrick and Missy:
What an inspiration! I absolutely love her!
Scarlett Tonkin
Scarlett Tonkin:
A true Icon, and lovely lady.
Eloquent, elegant and intelligent.
A winning combination for any woman.
Elizabeth Larson
Elizabeth Larson:
Her intelligence and confidence are inspiring.
I have a new-found respect for you, Joan. Your philosophical wisdom is honest and brilliantly blunt. All power to you!
Haniyeh Lavoi
Haniyeh Lavoi:
She's amazing 💗 very inspiring
Phela Re Phele Music Academy
Phela Re Phele Music Academy:
My siblings and i watched Dynasty as we grew up. During those days, in my neighborhood, we were the only family that had a television. As a child, watching Dynasty was a way of learning English. My dad always ensured that all the English words spoken by Alexis Carrington were written on a piece of paper. After Dynasty finished, my dad would teach us to look for the words in the dictionary. Alexis Carrington spoke impeccable English and we all loved her character and also, her sense of style...👌🏿
Nicole Theron
Nicole Theron:
Dear Joan you been my role model and inspiration since I was a little girl watching you on Dynasty.
Sending you much love and respect ❤ . You truly are "The Goddess of Glamour."
Jesus Quezada
Jesus Quezada:
Wise words from a legend.
Miss Purrr-fect
Miss Purrr-fect:
"Keep your face out of the Sun " 🌞 .... Took her advice in 80s, & it works !

Thanks Joan
💖 💄 😉
JT Reedy
JT Reedy:
To Joan's point about some people having hated Alexis... I personally believe that hating Alexis should be considered a crime.
Joan Jones
Joan Jones:
She has always been just wonderful! I always liked her!
Beauty, common sense, humor, realistic. Perfect.💕
I've taken her advice about keeping your face out of the sun....she did an interview meny years ago, about two decades ago in 2003 and I have taken her advice at age 22 back then and she is absolutely right, it does wonders for your skin in the long run and you age slower and I'm now 41 years old and people think I'm 24 years old and call me a kid. Because I stayed out of the sun, worked out daily, running 30 miles a day, and eating right.

And I drink nothing but water and tea, tea with no sugar, just plain tea with just lemon.

And I started all this in my early 20's when most people my age at the time were eating junk foods and processed foods.

Before I took this advice I was doing what every young youthful person was doing, swimming a lot in the sun, getting tans, and always in the sun and eating anything, nothing but fast foods, drinking a lot, and partying hard...although I still partied hard and went out clubbing and still had a great young experience, and still went out on the night life...but remember it was at night time... when the sun was gone, and I avoided beer and only took shots.

But I always worked out and ran everyday the next day.

When my friends tell the 20 year olds, who are usually playing beer pong today, to guess how old do you think I am...They all look at me and say ??? 24, 25ish?
And my friends tell them No he is 41 years old and they all look at me with their eyes popped out and astonished and try to interrogate me and telling I'm lying and they ask me for proof and I show them My ID and they are floored...they all can't believe I'm 41, they thought I was around there age and They all ask me what my secret is...I tell's not that fancy or anything drastic...just stay out of the sun and moisturize, and eat healthy, drink water and stay away from processed foods, and never stress, just feel young all the time...Idk what else to say...I'm still gonna age someday, my aging process is just slower...and also I don't have kids so I don't have the same worries and hectic responsibilities and stresses and weight gain couples have when being to comfortable with eachother and sometimes let ethemselves go after awhile...that takes a lot out of person and that ages you...but I have to say having kids is a beautiful thing, I love my nieces and nephews and I love watching them grow and celebrating Birthdays, holidays with them.
But being a parent is a very hard and stressful and I've seen people my age look 50 years old and some are getting white hair because most people look like that at age 40 ..they all look like they can be my parent... which really bazaar to me.
anthony lagano
anthony lagano:
Such a great lady . She tells it like it is …pulls no punches . I’ve been a fan since I saw her play the Siren on Batman when I was a little boy . A true star !
“I don’t read it, baby.” Perfect
Rachel Evans Barbie
Rachel Evans Barbie:
I love Joan she’s an inspiration x⭐️💖❤️
Captain Coco
Captain Coco:
"Don't sweat the small stuff....get over it". Oh how I love Joan!!
Have always loved Joan Collins!
Zelda Smith
Zelda Smith:
Friendship is daunting no matter who you are.
We love you, Dame Joan! Thank you for the excellent advice!
Gertrude die Rüde
Gertrude die Rüde:
I absolutely adore Dame JOAN, the high priestess of camp. SHE deserves better than this video’s pitiful colour grading giving HER a greenish complexion.
"Unfortunately a lot of people only like you if you are very successful". Yes, sad truth. A friend in need is a friend indeed. But there are still good people out there! How hard it is to survive in Hollywood. One should have a charachter of steel, resilience, strong personality and a safe place which is a supportive family.
Ірина Дубянська
Ірина Дубянська:
She is amazing. Stunning, breathtaking.
Ostrelj Krivelj
Ostrelj Krivelj:
Bravo, bravo, bravo I agree with everything you said! You have been amazing and you lasting as really amazing person beauty and style! Respect ,respect!!!
Ragnhild A
Ragnhild A:
Love it! Great advise!
Love Joan 😊 she's a British institution and last of the truly glamorous stars x❤️
Maria Lozada
Maria Lozada:
Thank you for sharing, Ms. Rivers. Kudos to you! Continue to be blessed.
She’s fantastic
love her! my friend stephanie beacham says joan is the real deal. and she never lies.
Annette In Cairns
Annette In Cairns:
🧡💜❤️ Loved this interview. Good advice. ❤️💜🧡
Carol Burke
Carol Burke:
I've always liked joan, she is so pragmatic.
Sally Campbell
Sally Campbell:
Brilliant woman.
Graham Goddard
Graham Goddard:
Wow now that's what I call a real women , She has absolutely everything a man could wish for ,Beauty and Brains too And such a lovely manner , One of England s finest ,Great video .
Jolynn Frost
Jolynn Frost:
What an amazing woman Joan Collins is. Such elegance, beauty, glamor, intelligence and class.
I want to be like her 💞
She's beautiful and so wise.. I enjoyed listening.
Kirk Merritt
Kirk Merritt:
The definition of FABULOUS
Svilena Ninetta
Svilena Ninetta:
This is the thing how you can look so elegant so glamorous but still be down to earth that's the real lady. 🌹
Alexander Will
Alexander Will:
Love her so much, great Dame!
Loc Trang
Loc Trang:
Beautiful woman! Classy, strong, wise and a wonderful actress 🎊🎉🍾🎶
I love watching her, she is always dressed up from head to toe. Very captivating!
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Isn't she just extraordinarily lovely?
Claire McDonnell
Claire McDonnell:
One of a kind. Wonderful.
Marilyn Michaels
Marilyn Michaels:
Brilliant, terrific and so gorgeous in person... I was floored....
Lu Lu
Lu Lu:
Fabulous, and great advice.
Such a delight to listen to her... just a lovely woman!
Ivy Snow Filly Videos
Ivy Snow Filly Videos:
Wonderful advice from a lovely lady ❤
Sandy C.
Sandy C.:
Queen! Love her.
Maria A.
Maria A.:
So good! The first Christmas mood I get on 21 December! Thank you 😘🎄
Jay See
Jay See:
What a woman, if you haven’t checked out Joan’s new autobiography based on her extensive diaries, I can highly recommend it! Especially the audiobook as she narrates that herself and she’s just brilliant! A true icon in my book.
Geraldine Ardley
Geraldine Ardley:
Love Joan - beautiful inside and out. Old school beauty.
Belinda Jardim
Belinda Jardim:
Love Joan Collins🥰 and still living🙏, she must be doing something right😜😘
Thank you for the wonderful advice
Susan Carty
Susan Carty:
Thats one class act right there .i bow to you ms.collins
Lucky dube
Lucky dube:
Just love you Miss Collins I totally adore you you are simply fabulous.
A true goddess.
A true beauty.
This woman is amazing and her beauty is everlasting.
My favorite Joan collins is when she played Nicole in mission impossible.
Omg, the party seen in the beginning of the episode.
Joan Collins in that seen is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
2021 women don't hold a match 2 a woman like Joan Collins.
The last of Amazing Actresses.
Joan Collins is a hot badass.
She road a Harley for God sakes.
I'm so happy you are still around and everyone should listen 2 your very wise advice.
With love.