Joe Biden says he "has cancer" in awkward speech slip up

US President Joe Biden said that he has “cancer” during a speech, which has caused the White House to scramble to clarify his statement.
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It’s not his age that’s the issue. Trump is only a year or two younger and Bernie is older. But both of them are more “with it” than Biden. As Sam Harris said, “Watching Biden talk is like watching your mother do parkour. You’re just waiting for something to go horribly wrong.”
Jean Ghiberti
Jean Ghiberti:
Correction, not “I have cancer”, but “I am a cancer on America.”
Everyone: Putin has cancer
Joe biden: actually 😂
Ronny Ronny
Ronny Ronny:
How ashamed will people from the USA feel themselves every time Joe appears at the stage somewhere in the world? 😂🇺🇸
Lambo Rambo
Lambo Rambo:
Correct me if I’m wrong, but he didn’t say “had” cancer, like the tweet suggests... He said “have” as in, present tense.
Not Sure
Not Sure:
"Hey everyone, I'm Joe Biden's husband."

Priceless 😂
Patrick Williamson
Patrick Williamson:
How many of these incoherent/off-the-wall speeches do we have to listen to before we invoke the 25th amendment? Even Democrats are admitting this guy isn't all there.
Warriors Rule
Warriors Rule:
Joe Biden: The gift that keeps on giving to our enemies.
The Tallest Dwarf
The Tallest Dwarf:
No worries Joe, you promised to cure cancer if you're elected, so it's all good
Not a slip up. It's a lie or he is senile. 👏
William John
William John:
"A nation always gets the kind of politicians it deserves." - Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Bearded Roofer
Bearded Roofer:
An 80yr old dementia patient stating he has cancer is unfortunate, but not surprising. An 80yr old dementia patient with the US nuclear codes stating that he has cancer is outright lunacy.
Eddie Schantz
Eddie Schantz:
There are more people at an AA meeting than Joe had today.
Karol S
Karol S:
Delaware looks exactly as predicted after 40 years of senator Biden
Wise Fix
Wise Fix:
This is maybe in preparation to have him exit the coming race with a shred of dignity and some sympathy. Dems need him out of the way.
k mock
k mock:
He told the exact same story back in april but this time instead of cancer he said asthma.
Whispers From The Dark
Whispers From The Dark:
He's an embarrassment to our Country.
Every time Joe speaks, the Whitehouse has to scramble. 😂😂😂
Cut the guy a break, he clearly didn't mean to say he has cancer, he meant to say he /is/ cancer.
So we can’t believe anything he says. He keeps getting fact checked.
Mega Watts
Mega Watts:
I have lived almost my whole life very close to major oil refineries and I have no idea what he’s talking about I have never had to wipe oil off of my windshield due to the refineries. Someone please take the mic away from Grandpa.
Since when do presidents wear creepy sunglasses . He looks like weekend at bernies.
Raccoon Nation
Raccoon Nation:
Well good thing “Joe Biden will cure cancer” according to Obama 🤣
Ramón Orlando
Ramón Orlando:
The background is perfect representation of his administration, a waste land.
This must be the last straw. How can a man say these things and run a country this is a comedy 🤣🤣🤣
Angry Dog production
Angry Dog production:
I can't take much more of this clown
ThisModern MonkiedElection
ThisModern MonkiedElection:
He didn't want to speak it to sincerely, give voters any doubts of his bids for re-election. One good sign, is along with five bad signs behind.
John Naples
John Naples:
Acouple of years ago he told story verbatim except he got asthma. He said his mother was clearing frost and there was oil there. If window was coated with oil there would be no frost. I am his age and lived right outside Delaware and it was great going to Delaware Park and Rehobeth beach in Delaware.
Will Star
Will Star:
So embarrassing for our great country, honestly thought the likes of Herman Monster VN traitor, as well elitist snob was gone. He is the quintessential definition of a person who thinks he deserves special privileges, power and respect due to his supposed superior qualities. This country needs better leadership.
celebrity tributes
celebrity tributes:
Oil slicks on car windows 🤣🤣

When did this happen? When he was watching his mum playing Mario cart on the Nintendo 64? 🤣

Any car ever in the history of automobiles, if they were splashing out oil on the cars behind them covering them in "oil slicks" they should never be on the road lol

I'm starting to think the people writing his scripts are just pushing it to the extreme just to see if he will say it 🤣🤣🤣
roland smith
roland smith:
Biden is the top Democrat, period.
Their bench really is that shallow.
Kelsey Mariel
Kelsey Mariel:
Figures that I have to get the actual news from Australia rather from my own state of Massachusetts. Think any US media would post this?
Senninha mcl
Senninha mcl:
I feel so sorry for this guy, he's almost 80, and he needs all the help he can get.
That's not funny anymore
Salvador Hernandez
Salvador Hernandez:
You can't believe anything this man says! 🤦
Yakin Getahun
Yakin Getahun:
This should be international news but everybody is like nope you got dementia
I do not for a second believe this is a gaffe. If this is real, and he’s on chemo, that’d make a lot more sense and explain most of his public gaffes.
Robert Zivko
Robert Zivko:
I've lived many lives and many years. In a thousand years as a God, I never have seen such disknowlege and disgrace to humanity. People are doomed.
Marta Reitmajer
Marta Reitmajer:
Yeah this is elderly abuse… that video of him napping while sitting up?! Let this man retire and rest.
Hesron Jagers
Hesron Jagers:
At this point I won't be surprised if he got lost standing still
Luke Devine
Luke Devine:
It’s crazy to think this clown is the leader of the free world😂😂 he couldn’t lead a pack of ants to a picnic
I don’t like how Biden and he always messes up talking, but I think he says I’m Jill Bidens husbands
Better Baseball
Better Baseball:
This administration is a freaking joke
Its terrifying having a feeble president
I’m so annoyed, he’s been traveling all over the globe these past few weeks.
My Zero
My Zero:
A great country should have a great leader and a broad mind. Have legitimate means to face other chasing countries.
The one time I wish Joe Biden were telling the truth..
Thomas Tracy
Thomas Tracy:
Interpretation: "I gave the U.S. cancer."
"Clean up on aisle Biden."
USA in 2022 = clown nation
That's nice joe, I have to figure out if I should get gas or groceries because of you so I guess I can see what you're getting at.
Now he has “Covid” to cover it up. 😂😂
Finally some good news
Neena Louise
Neena Louise:
He’s a walking disaster!
carl sanders
carl sanders:
I suggest longer naps, and way less appearances. This is getting sadder by the day.
Kassi Jones
Kassi Jones:
He had plagued the US with some type of cancer. SMH
Alfred E
Alfred E:
You know right from wrong and you see your countries leaders are doing wrong. Now the choice to right those who do wrong is upon us you must do your part. Action is needed the time for words has pasted. God bless us all. Never ever vote democrat.
Susan Burns
Susan Burns:
I wish they'd put subtitles for this old coot! I have a retired neighbour younger than Biden and he's got memory lapses, confusion, foot in mouth, etc.
He goes to a lovely assisted living complex Next week!
And Biden is a US President?
Dip Stick
Dip Stick:
He meant to say that he has Covid! Let's Go Brandon!
For a minute, I thought there was hope for us yet.
nick rameo
nick rameo:
Lol, observing this president and his admin is like watching the 3 stooges, such a class act! America bobbleheads on full display, fumble fudging everything they do.
From Corn Pop, Mandela, Cancer, shaking air hands, can't get out one sentence and his state rains oil. I don't think he's gonna make it to a 4 yr term.
He and all his puppets are a huge embarrassment to this country
sleepy world
sleepy world:
We went from trump saying windmills cause cancer ro biden saying a bit of oil gave him cancer 😂
Jason Muska
Jason Muska:
He's either purposely lying cuz that's what he does or he's just sun downing again.
Nancy Davieau
Nancy Davieau:
Having COVID must agree with him if NOW he is able to do his job
Jesus loves
Jesus loves:
So sad speedy recovery Mr. PRESIDENT!🙏❤💪
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee:
Oh, I hope this is the start of his removal / resignation!!
Ambyr Rose
Ambyr Rose:
The oil industry‘s need to sue this administration for slander and liable.
He is to goofy
Robbie Schubert
Robbie Schubert:
He said it unhealthy is unfit sorry Joe we need to move on the 25th
TJB 1955
TJB 1955:
He was confused, he meant to say he IS a cancer. Note: He calls it an emergency, what he's really saying: We can't let this "good crisis" go to waste. Can't say we weren't warned.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
lets hire more 100 year olds with dementia guys! so good for the country
Mary C
Mary C:
Can anybody who has used windshield wipers to get oilslick off please stand up? I have never heard of anyone who did this. Ever.
Super Mario glitchy 5
Super Mario glitchy 5:
Another 2 1/2 years listening to this dementia clown 🤦‍♂️
Faith Hope Love
Faith Hope Love:
Although he’s not my favorite leader in the world , I hope he finds healing and gets better. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone . May he find God, Jesus, repent and find eternal life.
Maybe Wilmington ran out of shower caps and that oil slick was just Corn Pop's Pomade
Richards Family
Richards Family:
BRANDON thought he had BRAIN CANCER until he realized HE NEEDED A BRAIN! ❤️🙏
Jason Cordill
Jason Cordill:
There once was a man from Delaware. Who was clumsy to fall up the stair. He gave to Ukraine as Americans endure pain. “Come on, Kids! Feel my leg hair!!!”
Youtube University
Youtube University:
It's called a lie when anyone else does it.
Mohammed Hassouneh
Mohammed Hassouneh:
He's already suffering from several ailments 🤷🏾‍♂️
Well, his wife is a Doctor!
And according to some US talk-show hosts, she's a really great Dr. She can certainly help him...heck, she's such a gifted Doctor, she might even heal him. How did a life-long public servant and an educator get so FILTHY rich, anyway?
weird how none of the regular US media outlets have videos on this one
Sam S1000RR
Sam S1000RR:
My question is how did he know he have cancer if he don’t know how to read 🤔
someone new
someone new:
When Joe Biden was in Somerset Massachusetts MSM did not show you the fjb signs and all the Trump supporters who greeted Joe Biden
Mark Felder
Mark Felder:
This is a speech that people will say "Oh poor Joe. He's got Covid-32 and cancer." That's the version of Covid we're up to right?
Frank Bags
Frank Bags:
Oh just wait there will be a claim of him misspeaking
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa:
First man to work on Saturn too.
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins:
Joe Biden singing his ABC’s:
_”A,B,C,G,P,F,D,H,I… and you know the thing….JACK!”_
from a known liar! must have caught it driving big rigs !
Johnny Mays
Johnny Mays:
Let's all sing a friggin hem for Uncle Joe
mumbledjumbledxxxxxxxxxxdynastyape 🦍
mumbledjumbledxxxxxxxxxxdynastyape 🦍:
😂😂😂🤦🏿I can't with this guy
Frankii Elliott
Frankii Elliott:
Hmm 🤨 🤔 🧐

Is this how they’ll get rid off this imposter 😝

Pretend to slip up [cancer] then say he’s resigning.

What a tool him and those that think this is real. 😜😝🕊
Daniel Ericsson
Daniel Ericsson:
He Joey- is so GOFFY
King Boggy B
King Boggy B:
I got the results of the test back, I definitely have brain cancer
Andr P
Andr P:
Let’s go Brandon!
Amber waves of grain! Ohh wait, that’s a dump behind him
2Near Alki
2Near Alki:
And now he has Covid...🤔 Really he's in time out
"i can ,sir" = cancer
Actually all the fact checkers say that him claiming he has cancer is misinformation
Kelsey Mariel
Kelsey Mariel:
Was this before he called Jake Auchincloss “Auchincloss Sauce” and then asked where “she” was? They flew in from DC together and he doesn’t remember if Jake is a guy or girl??
That explains a lot that's why he hates oil so much he blames oil for his death