Joe Joyce calls outs Oleksandr Usyk after incredible win over Dubois!

Joe Joyce wants Oleksandr Usyk after his impressive underdog win over Daniel Dubois.

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100+ komentarze:

randy marshole
randy marshole:
I'm really happy for David Haye, he finally got a prediction right hahaha.
Ozzy Raja Videos
Ozzy Raja Videos:
Respect to Daniel for being gracious in defeat.. he’s not ready as just yet. Having said that Joyce is not on world level either. Good fight tho 👏
al fonso
al fonso:
Joyce has an iron chin, he went 10 rounds with a heavy hitter and still looks like he just woke up
M State of mind
M State of mind:
Frank warren saw sonic rings all over the floor when dubois quit
matthew smith
matthew smith:
One judge had daniel 7 rounds up. The fix was already being set up. Glad Joe finished him, would have been a robbery even if he won the last few rounds
Shahmeer Abbas Official
Shahmeer Abbas Official:
Who's slow now ??
Haters : Joyce is too slow, he'll lose
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy:
Even in JJ's victory. They still banging on about DDD
Completely unfair on Joe's great win
Boxing fans: "Fighters never take risks"
Fighter takes risks and loses: "He's thrash, his career is over just retire"
Navakash Gill
Navakash Gill:
Joyce isn’t a spectacular fighter, but he possesses great physical strength, an iron chin and an underrated boxing IQ. He broke Dubois will. Similar to Foreman but not as talented of course.
Andel Murala
Andel Murala:
Frank crying like the day Eddie saw Ruiz TKO Joshua.
Sy Ahmed
Sy Ahmed:
People hating on Dubois. The Guy is only 23. He can come back.
“I am the man to beat Daniel Dubois” Nathan Gorman 2019
Never Forget
David Scott
David Scott:
Frank: I said before the fight it’s a battle of the jab!!!
Joe Joyce: what?!!!!
The J Roos Theory
The J Roos Theory:
Joyce's chin is incredible.
Kevin Microwave
Kevin Microwave:
Dubois so emotional this is very sad to see. He's a young lad and this loss will teach him so much and I'm glad it's came against a quality opponent. He'll bounce back and learn a lot from this
David Fernandez
David Fernandez:
At least Dubois was gracious on defeat, no excuses
Gerardo Sessa
Gerardo Sessa:
Usyk is on another level, Joyce was pretty accurate with his jab but I don't think he's good enough to face usyk at this stage
Kashif Malik Awan
Kashif Malik Awan:
This is One Fight Result Eye didnt Expect to See 👀
Sean Shepherd
Sean Shepherd:
Joyce had an egg weight in his gloves , that's why Dubois's eye swelled up in an egg weight form x
Kr U.K
Kr U.K:
Just heard the judges had this rigged and Dubois 8 rounds ahead on one of the score cards. Shocking behaviour Frank protecting his hype job. Good thing Joe took it out their hands.
Joyce is a gentleman, a class act...slow like treacle but strong like an ox
The Toad
The Toad:
Thanks for the good Christmas, Joe.
Paul Keogh
Paul Keogh:
Better man on the night won. Hope there’s no permanent damage to the eye.
Casper x
Casper x:
I feel after watching this, frank secretly wanted joe out of the picture being a harder sell at 35yrs old and shorter time frame to gross in the money , hes lost his golden boy his version of AJ
H K:
BT should apologise for the disrespect they've shown to Joyce!
Good he got what he deserved for dissing Joe's mum bing blind.

Look at him now..

BT should also apologize to Joyce for being so biased
Brizzy 91270
Brizzy 91270:
Frank just lost his golden goose ! He’s furious 😂😂
Fire Cracker
Fire Cracker:
I thought he would've beat him with one eye closed but guess I was wrong
Jp 1
Jp 1:
Joyce hasn't been given enough credit for this win when he's been wrote off since the fight was announced fair play to him
steve Mills
steve Mills:
Would love to see the Usyk rematch be a good fight, cant see it happening anytime soon tho as Usyk is with Hearn.
Amateur Vegan
Amateur Vegan:
Lovely to see Joyce feeling more comfortable in front of the camera.
I’d rather see him face other people before Usyk though
Broken Nose Boxing
Broken Nose Boxing:
Weird interview, should’ve been asking Joyce more questions. Post-fight reaction on my channel 📺
Craig Miller
Craig Miller:
Total biased towards to DDD in this interview. Embarrassing
M State of mind
M State of mind:
Joe joyce looks like a wii sports character 🤣
I won £500 on Joyce I’m happy, Joyce is slow but he’s had great accuracy, brilliant fighting brain, Dubios was really tested tonight his issue was not enough experience, used all his energy to early he’ll come back stronger in due time.
Billy williams
Billy williams:
I told everyone! Cheers jo sorted me Christmas right out 🤑
"It is what it is, Joe Won" - respect to that.

And respect to Joyce for showing people not to write experience off.
Amin Kritah
Amin Kritah:
Ironic how Dubois made a comment about Joyce’s Mothers vision in the build up and now he’s having eye trouble...Karma? 👀
Matt Schofield
Matt Schofield:
Franks face 😂 he’s fuming 😤
Willpower T
Willpower T:
I watched another video called listen in, DDD kinda knew he was giving up...
Jianxiong Feng
Jianxiong Feng:
joyce is underrated because he lost to usyk. now people should realize how good usyk is. usyk does have a future in heavyweight
J.A.W L.I.G:
Joe was smart tonight. He saw that what he was doing was working and never changed it. He literally ended Dubois with just the left hand..
*How rude! Is DDD flirting with us, with that left eye shut!* 👀
Ash R
Ash R:
Joe wins the fight, his promoter comes on and simply talks about DDD. Charming
Say It how it is!
Say It how it is!:
Dubois running befor he can walk....needs to build up substancial experience! Stopping because of his eye while frazer fought while blind in one the difference between past legends and the currant heavy weight devision...
Mark Davis
Mark Davis:
10 seconds later we could have been taking about DDD losing an eye Best decision live to fight another day! Great job Joe !
Grey Cooper
Grey Cooper:
Great performance from Joe, had everything. Technique, game plan, strength, resilience, punch power, stamina and ultimately busting his opponent up while making him quit, for good measure. Well impressed, did everything he said he was going to and with a smile plus that awesome standing cartwheel.
D.j Power
D.j Power:
AJ his age was winning gold at the olympics frank
I'm absolutely ecstatic for big Joe cool calm collected, devastating jab, underdog and gentleman, brilliant and taking nothing away from Dubois.
Maimed Fascia A.K.A. New London
Maimed Fascia A.K.A. New London:
0:31 Joe is so AWKWARD 😂😂😂😂💯
Velvet table Velvet table
Velvet table Velvet table:
Finally someone humbled him I been waiting for this
SuperCake 22
SuperCake 22:
Shouldn't interview fighters together after they fight, what madness is this?
There's still si much adrenaline in them. This was poor
S X:
3:52 Lol, this old mans's voice really sounds like Trump's.
Kr U.K
Kr U.K:
Shocking BT commentary, clearly wanted Dubois to win even when Joe was winning the rounds. Well done Joe, the Juggernaut caved his head in.👍👍👍
reza f
reza f:
Such of amazing fighters ,classic respectful ,good fight
Kris Morris
Kris Morris:
Fighting styles like their personality’s lol
Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchell:
Remember when a certain someone said
I’ll be the daddy on that night
bone 4114
bone 4114:
Massive win bro u deserved it!!
Damn 🤫 (promoter)
Mark Arthur
Mark Arthur:
He didn't wanna lose his eye. I can understand that
rob lee
rob lee:
All the casuals scratching there heads 😂
Say fudeen
Say fudeen:
Joe Joyce the bosss
Luve from Holland 🥊🥇
Бай Хой
Бай Хой:
Dubois: Where did the jab come from, where did it go? Where did it come from, busting-eye Joe? 😂😂
3:25 xD
Damien roughley
Damien roughley:
Fought a smart fight there Joyce. And won me £80 for the TKO. I had my money on juggernaut 😃 calling out usyk 😭 though, not fast enough for usyk.
A J:
Shows how tough Vitali was..
He caught me with a good jab 🤣🤣
Mick Flick
Mick Flick:
Check Frank rematch he's sore that dubious lost lets hope can keep hold of Joyce
F Dot
F Dot:
Frank's a salty old man isn't he 😂😂😂 I can't be the only one who noticed a few slick disses towards Joyce
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain:
0:35 awkward silence lol
Happy for Joe!! Good bloke, hope he gets his share of the the top fights !
Orrin Tate
Orrin Tate:
DD ended up with a 'REALITY' ck just like AY did with Kov.🤔
Lennon Fortey
Lennon Fortey:
Incredible win😂😂 omg he looked absolutely awful
Fish eyes is not happy at all.
Joe Joyce was too strong and he’s got the experience.
Daniel is still young and he can come back,
Well done Joe! Boxed really well, some good feints and head movement 👍🏻 not to mention that Left hand jab!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
he’s amazing
Rhys Richmond
Rhys Richmond:
Frank is so salty 😂😂😂 the man needs to retire
Amazing fight for me, best fight of the year so far
Level Sports
Level Sports:
Dubois is young he can learn from this loss. Joe joyce should fight top 10 fighters
I like dubois alot but he was being hyped up to much, he “will” be a problem 1 day but rn he’s not got the experience, joyce dominated just by using the jab, i dont think he landed a right hand on dubois but that jab just shutdown dubois, i new joyce had a iron chin but omds🤣he got have 1 of the best chins ever
Jonty Arnold
Jonty Arnold:
Gotta love Joe Joyce.... just keeps rolling....🥊
Adam Thorne
Adam Thorne:
6:18 nice try Frank lol
Don't Be Fooled
Don't Be Fooled:
Dubois should never have spoken about Joyce's mom. LESSON LEARNED.
vlad mash TV
vlad mash TV:
Joyce can def take a punch 🥊 in HW got good head movement as well ! Might be to slow for Usyk but Usyk don’t have any power punch for HW ! So could be a good Match up step up for Both of them
samad farooq
samad farooq:
Joe sounds like a good guy, congrats !
Bad man Vegeta
Bad man Vegeta:
Respect to Joyce smart humble fighter 👏🏻
Joyce 2 paces forward jab and 2 paces back and same again right through this fight - a more technical fighter will beat Joyce quite easily
Nick Ward
Nick Ward:
Feel like the spotlight has been taken away from joe for winning.. all they seem to care about is what Dubois will do next.. congrats joe!
SUPER jdilly Dillio
SUPER jdilly Dillio:
Whoaaa!!! This was a huge upset! Dubois was laying everyone out until now. Great. great win for Joyce!
Gareth Flewers
Gareth Flewers:
That decision quit will follow him throughout his career now. Every opponent will bring it up.
His decision ultimately, he is young and very talented.
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski:
The lack of respect to joyce both pre fight and post fight by everyone at bt is disgraceful
Dubois gracious in defeat 👏
Martyn Jago
Martyn Jago:
Talking like Joe Joyce isn't even there absolute disgrace , why would Joyce want a rematch and by the looks of it I don't think DD would fancy it anyway.
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes:
I'm really happy for David Haye, he finally got a prediction right hahaha.
and Tony Yoka challenged Joyce for an olympic finale rematch :)
Pa Egan
Pa Egan:
Frank has just lost all my respect
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson:
Juggernaut Knots his 👁!!!!😂😂😂😂
Underground Station 2
Underground Station 2:
Joe is such a "good vibes" guy! Great match!
Excellent fight. Beautiful respect. Joe was amazing Daniel is still young. Two fantastic british heavy weight future champions. Well done guys.
Bob Carter
Bob Carter:
“It Is what it is” - Frank Warren
Dd Jack Jack
Dd Jack Jack:
Daniel Dubois came in with 2 eyes open, left with 1 eye closed, 1 eye opened; DD just need to be humble.