Joe Rogan Experience #1532 - Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Check out his new podcast called “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” on Spotify. @Mike Tyson

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Kyle Perkins
Kyle Perkins:
Mike Tyson asking for some of Joe's elk was quite possibly the greatest moment of Joe Rogan's entire life
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
"That's not funny"
Joe: Stops laughing (dont box me)
I haven’t found anything funny since mike said that’s not funny, it’s been three weeks.
David Meyerson
David Meyerson:
Mike is sharper when he isn’t high. Being high may be better for him though to stay mello. We don’t want that tiger out of the cage...except in the ring
Bryan Bustos
Bryan Bustos:
Tyson wearing at shirt of himself to the Rogan podcast - fkn priceless lol
Heroes Workshop
Heroes Workshop:
Mike “Hey, listen” Tyson
Le Dest
Le Dest:
What if Mike Tyson was born to be the youngest and the oldest WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION ?
Masingita Rikhotso
Masingita Rikhotso:
The guy named "Eugenius" that Mike was referring to is actually Diogenes, Diogenes of Sinope.
Joe Rogan proving once again, with all his faults, that he's a legendary interviewer. How many people can connect with Mike Tyson and Elon Musk like this?
Jay Horvath
Jay Horvath:
1:21:42 “No, tell me about Terrance.”

That, is why Mike’s so awesome. Most people just want to talk. Mike, actually wants to learn.
Andy To
Andy To:
"That's not funny"
Chris Ensea
Chris Ensea:
“Impossible is nothing to somebody that tries” - Mike Tyson 2020
L R:
Joe "It really is like a movie" Rogan
Tyler Trumbull
Tyler Trumbull:
Joe Rogan sitting there like “please don’t eat me”
Rapmagic Deleon
Rapmagic Deleon:
I came to see if Tyson would lose his cool. He's very unpredictable.
1 Time
1 Time:
Joe: Laughing hysterically
Mike: That’s not funny
Joe: Instantly stops laughing
“We’re gonna be in that world longer than we’re gonna be in this world” - Mike Tyson
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda:
Mike Tyson is proof that the mind is the most powerful thing we posses. He was pulled from a very tough, troubled life and taught the art of boxing along with unrelenting self belief by Cos Dematto. He achieved things in his life he couldn't have dreamed of. He also ran into trouble, addiction, prison and being broke. Then yet again, resurrects himself from the depths to give himself and his family everything he/they deserve. A truly amazing man. Feed your brain positivity and goals and see what happens.
Tokes Alotta
Tokes Alotta:
Cyrus the great may have freed slaves, but he demanded everyone bend the knee to him.
Desmond Dutremaine
Desmond Dutremaine:
He is still battling hella demons dude
When Mike cracks up it's IMPOSSIBLE not to crack up with him 😂
Mike:”That’s not funny.”
Everyone: 😶
“That’s not funny” was cosmic payback for when Joe gave Jamie that look for interrupting him once 😂
Random Wolfs
Random Wolfs:
Mike:”That’s not funny.”
Everyone: 😶
Bora Bora
Bora Bora:
Joe Rogan: Wanna tell us about a fight that made you erotic?

Mike *breathing heavy:* 🤔

All Mike's previous opponents: 😱
As It is
As It is:
It's horrible at Spotify, I feel alone without the comments section.
Brenin Watson
Brenin Watson:
I love how interested he gets when someone is talking
dolita windo
dolita windo:
There is much,much more to Mike Tyson than anyone could ever have imagined,Mike is a very,very intelligent,insightful and thoughtful guy, who oozes passion.
non yobussiness
non yobussiness:
Mike Tyson “I wanted to find out if you’re really bright” stares through Joe.
aola wili
aola wili:
Tyson “the book that talks to you.. what’s is the called? Audiobook” 😂
Tokes Alotta
Tokes Alotta:
Most conquerors and authorians also had poor or no relationship with their fathers, and many were constantly told their father was a great man, and they, the son were destined to do great things.
Muamer Blazevic
Muamer Blazevic:
So this is the podcast that made Joe find a new studio 😂
Can't blame him it's freaking iron Mike Tyson
Hearing Jamie laughing throughout the whole podcast is so good.
mark miniard
mark miniard:
Mike is sharp without weed. He’s such a humble person and doesn’t mind complimenting another man. Some people look at that as a weakness. It’s awesome to have such a special champ in our lifetime
Mike is a S tier person
I'm in my late 50s now. I wonder if the young guys truly understand the gift they're receiving by listening to two men in their fifties discuss life. One of them was the baddest man on the planet at one time. These confessions were held in backrooms amongst mature me when I was a teenager. A comparable for my generation would be to watch and listen to Mohammed Ali at 54 baring his soul with Johnny Carson or maybe George Carlin. Youngsters (10-30 y.o.) , you're so lucky today!!
Joe: Do you know about Genghis Khan?
Mike: *gives a 5 minute summary of his birthname, family background, wife's name, era he lived in, early life motivation for conquering
Joe: So you know about conquerors.
Mike: *gives a 10 minute summary of Alexander the Great, his family background, names, where his parents are from, their personalities, what he has conquered, and his disposition and how he felt about foreign peoples.

fucking classic
Toi Bain
Toi Bain:
Just so everyone knows Joe Rohan is a sell out. He repeated conspiracy theories from a CULT called QuANON and he keeps doing it! Do not Trust Joe Rogan on politics. He is repeating cult information pushed by Russians. Google the Cult “QuAnon” you will see. I use to be a fan until I realized he was drinking the kool-aid Joe Rogan is in a cult. I am pretty positive. He says all there same information
Guillermo Ibarra
Guillermo Ibarra:
*Joe laughs*
Mike: "it´s not funny"
Joe: "I completly agree it´s not funny at all."

Mike transforms everybody into Brendan Schaub.
Johnathan Jaco
Johnathan Jaco:
*D* uncan
*M* iley
*T* yson

First Spotify episodes
David Faulds
David Faulds:
There is much,much more to Mike Tyson than anyone could ever have imagined,Mike is a very,very intelligent,insightful and thoughtful guy, who oozes passion.
Jaden Rieken
Jaden Rieken:
Gonna be the youngest and oldest heavyweight champ ever
Enes Tahirovic
Enes Tahirovic:
Him breathing into the mic is menacing by itself. Like a lion in waiting.
“If you know who you are, then you’re limited”..... damn mike’s dropping some knowledge...
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
Who came back to see how good the old studio was
wayne clark
wayne clark:
Love Mike, he is way more intelligent than he gets credit for.
Kat F
Kat F:
I love this Mike Tyson Mantra: “Delusions are only Delusional when you don’t accomplish your goals in order to make your delusions a Reality.” Wise words Mike Tyson.
I totally love these stoner conversations. Tyson is honest and really philosophical. I love these conversations!
Slim Dood Dood
Slim Dood Dood:
That’s not funny he stop ASAP Laughingn🤣🤣😂 respect level is real
Brandon Larkin
Brandon Larkin:
Im a janitor, and i in the behalf of them all are not offended champ
Alexander Franzen
Alexander Franzen:
Interviewing Mike Tyson is like playing with a lion. Long periods of fun and childish wonder followed by brief moments of sheer terror.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Jaime is a well representation of each time I actually laughed out loud.
Funky Rooster
Funky Rooster:
Joe: "how close are you to fighting shape?"
That was him trying to figure out how much danger he was in 😂
James Odonnell
James Odonnell:
Can't wait to see him fight again, more enthusiasm for his fight than watching Joshua or wilder.
General Mo Rice
General Mo Rice:
Man God Bless Mike's wife, she's an awesome woman for being the balance in his life. Salute
Lance Champion
Lance Champion:
Joe: laughing hysterically

Mike: It’s not funny

Joe: stops immediately
Yusuf Koroma
Yusuf Koroma:
"I'm just gonna watch a few minutes of the Rogan show and then go to sleep". 2hours later "Goddamit Joe! I stayed up past my bed time again!"
“Do what you hate to do, but do it like you love it.”
So Forlorn
So Forlorn:
"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour." ~Winston Churchill
Imre Toth
Imre Toth:
How does he say “the books that talk to you” and 5 minutes later he’s talking about the essence of time and mortality itself.
Andy To
Andy To:
Joe "I wanna give you some of my Elk" Rogan 21:05
Skate Lord
Skate Lord:

-The World
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee:
How pathetic is Joe. Poor Tyson being called a murderer by joe for 3 hours straight. Joe is kinda belittling him.
Mike is cool but I don't know what he is saying 98% of the time.
Mark Fraser
Mark Fraser:
Ps Roy Jones dont use drugs or drink so we will see the truth!
John B
John B:
Roy Jones Jr has to be watching this and wondering what he's got himself into. It's an exhibition match and Tyson is talking about reawakening inner demons and all that.
Testikuski TestdriVR
Testikuski TestdriVR:
Love Tyson, he knew once he pulled that cord the machine would be back and running again. LOL 2h imagine him just pushing through as a old geezer, scary picture.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu:
Tyson “the book that talks to you.. what’s is the called? Audiobook” 😂
Got milk
Got milk:
Hats off legend .Win or lose .True inspiration.
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe:
lk. lol man I love Mike He's came so far. He will win that fight in 2 rounds
Ultimate Night Vision
Ultimate Night Vision:
Mike pronouncing psilocybin got me weak 😭
Mikes laugh cured my depression
He is a lot different than in the previous podcast. Even the look in his eye.
tez b
tez b:
Third time watching this. Best podcast Joe’s done. Tyson is one of the most interesting person I’ve come across.
Jacob Mccarthy
Jacob Mccarthy:
This conversation IRL:






D Loc710419
D Loc710419:
Mike Tyson is the guy who says "it's not funny" and you stop laughing immediately. Even joe rogan lmao 😭🤣😂🤣
Exotic Car Facts Official Channel
Exotic Car Facts Official Channel:
So good to see Mike Tyson laughing and smiling. He's really evolved from who he was to become the best version of himself. God bless you man! 😎👍 #GOAT
Jon Carrillo
Jon Carrillo:
“Delusions are only delusional when you don’t accomplish your goal of making it a reality” - Mike Tyson
Andreas Gloggengiehser
Andreas Gloggengiehser:
Whenever I see an interview with Mike Tyson he reminds me of a big cuddly bear. He just seems like a nice sincere person that it would be fun to go fishing with.
Leon jewells
Leon jewells:
Joe Rogan's interview skills 👏 To keep Mike on the edge of his emotions like this and for 2hours. You da man bro. I've seen many reports say the wrong thing and boom... Mike's handler has to step in
When you’re laughing and Mike Tyson says “Ith not funny”
Rick James
Rick James:
I love Mike. Guy is AWESOME. Have liked him for 34 years and like him even more today than ever.

R.I.P. R.J.J. Hope you don't get hurt so bad that you can't enjoy that big Payday. God be with you🙏
Zanny Barz
Zanny Barz:
Use me as an "I miss the old studio" button
Mark Fraser
Mark Fraser:
I love Mike but Roy will win just like i thought Frank Bruno would !
Oracle at Deptford
Oracle at Deptford:
Orgasm & Violence
Are not only bedfellows ,

They are Embedded.

No less intertwined than
Jekyll & Hyde.

The genesis of this dynamic duo is that , we are ever indebted to violence for
Our grand exit from Plato's
Cramped up Cave.
...... Orgasm is our
Ad Astra .
Silat Fan TV
Silat Fan TV:
Joe Rogan seems confused when Mike Tyson says he isn't doing this for money and wants to help people. Lol
Man Mike Tyson is schooling Joe about life’s philosophy
M.Saabir Khan
M.Saabir Khan:
the book that talks to you
H. Nguyen
H. Nguyen:
Mike Tyson "That's not funny", Joe Rogan "I'm sorry daddy" while laughing nervously.....
Mike: That's not funny

The entire world: ...
Wife: Just go walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes
Mike: Ight imma go punch Roy Jones in the face
Ryan Bloom
Ryan Bloom:
I hope Tyson has some true friends that will stop this stuff if his ego starts going and he goes off the deep end. Tyson said he didn't want to do all this originally cause he might go back to his old tendencies
Seddon Farm & Forestry
Seddon Farm & Forestry:
Mike Tyson is a legend watching this pod cast shows he to be human just like an average person joe rogan pod cast is probably the best pod cast on youtube
miko foin
miko foin:
“I was in bed for 3 days” Joe: 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😛🥴🥴🥴🕺🏻😆😆🤣🤣 “And it’s not funny” Joe: :I
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe:
I think Cus and Phill Jackson were very much on the same page
Mike Tyson spits unfunny jokes
Me: 10:44
OB Saint Gospel
OB Saint Gospel:
I like how he appreciates the wife...God bless the family
Erwin Gil
Erwin Gil:
There’s moments where he legit scares me when he talks
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson:
joe has everything in the back...
Jeremy Kean
Jeremy Kean:
"Doing it for myself just wasn't doin it for me no more"
1:27:07 - 1:29:45 That whole talk Mike gave about how he got motivated to lose weight was so VALID, like if I was becoming overweight & getting unhealthy or a friend was getting out of shape or unhealthy & no one is saying anything cause they dont want to hurt the feelings its like ya lettin em get progressively worse if ya dont say somethin and do more damage. If you boys just be up front with each other xD