Johaug seals third Beijing gold with dominant victory | 2022 Winter Olympics

Therese Johaug finished the gruelling women's 30km mass start to claim gold, with USA's Jessie Diggins winning silver and Finland's Kerttu Niskanen taking the bronze.

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37 komentarze:

Yosef Coleman
Yosef Coleman:
so happy for Diggins. A well-deserved silver medal. Winning a medal in the sprint and in the marathon. Greatest American cross country skier of all time. Fantastic performances and so well deserved.
fahrudin catovic
fahrudin catovic:
30 kilometers, in such icy weather, on such a difficult track, only top sports heroes can do that. Ladies, hat to the floor. You deserve the respect of the whole world. each of you.Congratulations to ALL.
kea allivart
kea allivart:
I am so happy for Jessie. Well deserved ❤️❤️
Congrats to the Olympic Champion, Therese Johaug! Congrats on silver and bronze to Jessie Diggins and Kertu Niskanen!
A pity this was Therese's last olympics. I swear that the Norwegians had much fun with gnällare from Gnällrige. Ofcourse we can present more athletes than just Johaug. gnällares' mantra is 'we are so tired of the Norwegian dominance'! Brilliant stuff adopted gnällare little siblings! Promise me you won't stop grälla even tho Therese olympic career is over. You're all fun.
Faisal A.
Faisal A.:
great athlete, when you you can run 10k in almost only 30min then anything is possible.
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar:
Dammit! Chinese have occupied antarctica and holding olympics there 🤯

On a serious note, this is horrible conditions for cross-country skiers. This is probably the most demanding race physically for women in the entire winter Olympics, when they are pushing their limits the weather isn't making even tougher for them. Well done everyone!
Jovo Nikolić
Jovo Nikolić:
3:23 'the best distance skier we have ever seen" AGREE 👑🥇🥇🥇❤️❤️❤️
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer:
Fantastic how Kerttu caught up with Ebba. Feel a little sorry for Ebba but nobody in the world has deserved these 2 medals more than Kerttu. Its just a shame she wasn't half a second faster in the 10 km and would have beaten Johaug.
What a steal by Niskanen!
Guangkai Yang
Guangkai Yang:
Congrats 🎉🎉
Aleksander Finstad
Aleksander Finstad:
Therese Johaug, Queen of Ski 👏🔥💪❤🇧🇻
Gratulerer med seieren, Therese ❤🇧🇻
NORGE!! Therese !!!
Jovo Nikolić
Jovo Nikolić:
They took Pyeongchang from her,but she took revenge 🥇🥇🥇👑👑🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪
Queen! Haters can just keep crying
It’s Amazing👏👏👏
Jim Bombadill
Jim Bombadill:
realy happy for Diggins, she did an amazing race. Johaug is in her own universe but its actually gona be good to see her gone from the skiing...nothing against her she is an amazing atleath but she realy isnt that good of a skiier teqnicly and winns because most races are adjusted to lightweight skiiers with alot of hills and her enormous physical range. Even as a swede i cant feel that sorry for Ebba, she often proven she has bad tactics and after the race she claimed "she didnt see them comming" stupid can you be? No Sundling is or big star in sweden and when Linn Svahn comes back they will dominate alote the coming years because both have proven that they can go the distance and still dominate the the years to come Sundling will winn alot of these mass-starts, no one beats her in the end if they havnt got rid of her before the finnish.
Feel so sorry for her. Belive in my core she has always been clean. I cant even imagine how it must have been for her after the lip balm scandale. A clean athlete that the rest of her life would have to defend herself. This hell could break anyone. She have been struggling with her lips for years. A doctor gave to her. Im sure most people wouldnt even think to check the package after the team doctor gave it. The dose found in her body was on line with what use og the balm would produce. And the dose was not big enough to do anything for her.
To treat her the same way we do epo cheaters is horrible. All fair treatment of the law we are used to in normal life is out the window if you ever get mixed up i this. Its a shame to watch how people still just write her of as a doper.
honestly it could be in 4k, are u living in 2014?
I feel real malicious joy over the bitterness from our annoying neighbours.
Yes yes johaug is gonna finish 1 minute before everyone else, but look at diggins tho if johaug would have gotten food poisoning like so many others diggins would have been the new johaug finishing the race 1 minute before everyone else
It's weird to think that Therese Johaug and Kerttu Niskanen are the same age, Johaug looks so much older than Niskanen...
Georg Norgren
Georg Norgren:
Theyrise johaough akkurat ja
Nu märktes effekterna av johaugs doping.
Ebba 😭
What a dope victory!
Frank Dürfeld
Frank Dürfeld:
I always have my doubts if Someone ist so dominant after he/she was banned by rison of Doping
Aleksander Tomczyk
Aleksander Tomczyk:
Czy dalej reprezentacja Norwegii ciężko choruje na astmę? Bo na to wygląda.
Peter Sand
Peter Sand:
Dope queen
climbing and going in full speed with almost 2 minutes in goal before the other contestants and she isnt even tired while the others lay on the ground. Johaug loves the doping
Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater.
Mile Nikolic
Mile Nikolic:
Congrats to Jessie Diggins Kerttu Niskanen and Jonna Sundling !
Yes, Norway won most gold medals in Beijing 2022, but I’m afraid it’s the least favorite nation because of their bad attitude… not nice
Mattias Danielsson
Mattias Danielsson:
Yes with steroids you can ski like this.
Jessie Diggins the real winner
❌Johaug= Doping
❌Johaug= Doping

2016 we remember ❌
Johannes K
Johannes K:
Doping works.