John Travolta Reacts To Olivia Newton-John Death

John Travolta Reacts To Olivia Newton-John Death

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Us Weekly
Us Weekly:
RIP Olivia Newton-John ❤
Tray Daniel
Tray Daniel:
I can’t even imagine how John is feeling right now. First he lost his son Jett, then his wife Kelly 2 years ago, and now he lost a dear friend who was like his family ❤️🙏🏽 R.I.P. Olivia
Corey Blakee
Corey Blakee:
She is in a better place now full of memories and happiness. Instead of this world we live in now that’s lost all values. Rip Olivia.
Missy Dee
Missy Dee:
I’ve only cried at 2 famous peoples deaths. Princess Diana and now Olivia Newton John. So beautiful, even through her worst of times, with the voice of an angel. I’m so glad I grew up when Grease came out. She and John Travolta will always be the cutest couple to me. Sandy and Danny! ❤️
Steph A
Steph A:
Can't imagine the pain poor Travolta is going through. 😞
What a talented beautiful soul, such a sad loss. As a radio dj at an Easy-Listening station in the early '90s, I loved playing the two Olivia Newton-John songs in the playlist- the gorgeous gem "Magic" and "Have You Never Been Mellow". Rest in Peace, Olivia.
Theresa Pierce
Theresa Pierce:
I remember the queues to watch the movie Grease, at the Streatham ABC cinema, every day while it was showing and the rave reviews it had. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta really lit up the screen. Such tragic news that this beautiful woman has passed away, but she has left her talent and wonderful voice for us to listen to for years to come. RIP Olivia and god bless.
Sandy, can't you see I'm in misery?
We made a start, now we're apart
There's nothing left for me
Love has flown, all alone I sit and wonder why yi-yi-yi
Oh why you left me, oh Sandy, oh Sandy
This hurts my heart…..such a beautiful strong woman. I am so lucky to have lived during her time….iconic woman! Love you and RIP angel.
Christine Thornhill 🕊
Christine Thornhill 🕊:
🙏🏼🕊 No pain , no sadness …only beautiful memories to give all gladness. Rest in Peace Olivia 🌹
Music Oldies
Music Oldies:
Not only a very talented artist, but such a beautiful woman deep down inside her soul. Olivia had a way of successfully self-promoting her amazing acting & musical abilities where she kept her dignity and never became part of the fake Hollywood riff-raff crowd - which unfortunately is a big part today of being a well-known & household name celebrity (Are you taking note, Kardashians?)

Rest In Peace, my lovely lady 😢😇❤
Kit Bailey
Kit Bailey:
How can one sum up this amazing beautiful women? I've followed her career since it's beginning. I have every single album she ever made, still wrapped in plastic and fresh as the day I ordered them. Now decade's ago.

She put up a fight with this terrible awful disease with dignity and an unselfish attitude. She didn't make her cancer about her. No, she made it about all of us who have dealt with this disease. There are so many things I want too say about Olivia. However, let me say this:

Olivia, departed from our midst, but forever loved by all. We know you now go to a place where you serve God in a cause greater than anything you or any of us can imagine.

We love you Olivia
I love you.
My heart is broken knowing our world is just a little darker without the light of your soul helping us all cope with life.



Brayden Alexander
Brayden Alexander:
God bless her. Her career was outstanding, and I really hope she rests in peace. This is an example to cherish to moments you have with people. We don't live forever. Once more, God bless her. Her spirit will continue to live on.
Christine 1985
Christine 1985:
Olivia was a big part of my late teens as I loved to sing her songs at karaoke.❤️
Rest in peace beautiful lady. I’m so sad tonight.😪😪
Sltayo Productions
Sltayo Productions:
What an amazing talent. I loved her music and her as well. One of my crushes growing up. Her music is timeless and so is she. Rest In Paradise Olivia!
Scott McLain
Scott McLain:
A true icon with her role in Grease… Sandy and Danny changed our generation… also her music was positive, honest RIP Olivia Newton-John, you will be missed! 🙏🏼❤️
Macau Streets  [ P. Osmubal / O. Balajadia ]
Macau Streets [ P. Osmubal / O. Balajadia ]:
Xanadu and Physical-- the songs that (in my book) put Oliver Newton John on the pedestal of greatness in music industry. RIP.
It’s been a long time since I cried at the passing of a celebrity. I’m quite shocked at my reaction. There was just something special about Olivia Newton John. May she Rest In Peace! 🤗❤️
John Travolta has gone through so much lately. He lost his dear wife Kelly and now he lost a true friend and member of his close family. My prayers are with him✝️😭👼❤️
Madzskie J. Mariveles
Madzskie J. Mariveles:
I love Olivia Newton-John and her music 🎵🎶 she's got that amazing beauty and voice resonating all throughout her entire pop career that is best uniquely identify as her own and incomparable with any other diva or icon and sounds even better through time. She's iconic on her own and timeless. Olivia Newton-John will be greatly missed along with her great contributions to society of cancer awareness and she will always be remembered as an almost perfect human being. With great respect, she deserves to be honored as a new hero and legend of the world and the most unforgettable international showbiz icon of all time👋👍... The love 💕♥️ of Olivia Newton-John will always be here even for generations to come.
RIP ONJ (Sept. 26, 1948 - Aug. 8, 2022)
carlos vega
carlos vega:
Thank you Olivia. You had the voice of an angel. Now you can sing with them.
Man even as a 6 or 7 yr old kid seeing you I vividly remember thinking you were a pretty lady. I know her family is grieving but poor John Travolta recently just lost his wife and now Sandy. Grieving is rough! RIP Mrs. John 😢
J G:
RIP Olivia, Thank you for all the great memories
Her Dolphin song touched my heart and helped me to love through some of the worst life had to offer. Unconditional love is what I saw in her and the strength to share it with the world. A mighty lady, shit I'm crying now!----
RIP Olivia Newton-John. She sure fought hard to live longer god bless you
Bee Moyes
Bee Moyes:
I can't imagine how John is felling right now he's been through so much lately and loosing a really good friend and co-star breaks my heart she was such a great soal rip 😘❤❤❤
Penni Oltheten
Penni Oltheten:
Let me be there in the morning , let me be there in the night . I grew up with her songs. So sorry for your loss John. Condolences to her family and friends. We are losing all the great ones now. RIP Olivia. You are now an angel watching over your family. Friends. Like John said you will all be together someday..thank you for your wonderful voice.
Janine Boutel
Janine Boutel:
We are all hopelessly broken hearted ....gone but never forgotten.....😭😭
Our Good Sale
Our Good Sale:
So sad to hear this tragic news. She is no longer suffering. RIP Olivia, you will be greatly missed. :(
Paul Crisp
Paul Crisp:
So sad to hear the news of the passing of olivia Newton John, such a seventies icon. May she rest in peace. 🙏❤️🙏❤️ Aug twenty two
Such a beautiful soul who will be greatly missed. RIP: Olivia
Marine Corps Warrior
Marine Corps Warrior:
I generally don't feel sad or shed a tear when a celebrity pass, but dang this one hurts, it's right up there when hearing the news that Prince had passed. Glad that we'll always have her music. She made us all believe in magic.
Alice van der Bruggen
Alice van der Bruggen:
Her songs were everywhere growing up😢
Prayers and Deepest Condolences to Family and Friends.
Dalton Naivolasiga
Dalton Naivolasiga:
I am from the Fiji Islands and back in 1983 when i was 6 years old through them video decks me and my cousins used to play grease and let's get physical
over and over until the video deck would heat up. I cried today when i heard of Olivia Newton john' s passing. She brought joy to my life as a little boy who wanted nothing more then to dance now and then.
Thank you Olivia for the entertainment with your talent that you shared with the world.
Love ya forever as you will be missed. One of Australia's icon has left the building😭😭💔
night fangs
night fangs:
A beautiful woman inside and out with an incredible voice, you will be missed Liv 💔💔💔💔😢😢😢
Amy P
Amy P:
Rest in peace Olivia. You were a wonderful lady, actress and singer.
D Sallenger
D Sallenger:
Olivia.... we Honestly Love You... forever! We will miss your voice, music, acting and talent! 😔
I grew up watching her I can’t believe she’s gone
She was great we'll miss you Olivia♥️♥️♥️
Amber Marie Lewis
Amber Marie Lewis:
Rest in peace beautiful, you’ll be missed for sure
TimH Metal
TimH Metal:
Today, I cry for the memories and the loss of a beautiful soul and devoted mother. Respect and love forever...
Julie's Life of love
Julie's Life of love:
May she Rest in Paradise!!!🙏🏾
Hated to hear we have to add her to the list of great artist we have lost lately. Forever beautiful.for ever in our u olivia💖💔😢
Nobu Francis
Nobu Francis:
Rest in eternal peace Olivia ❤️😢
fred flintstone
fred flintstone:
very sad news, such great memories to look back on, hopelessly devoted to you was a gem of a song, she sung it beautifully,
Marie-France VASSEUR
Marie-France VASSEUR:
RIP Olivia, I will never forget you
Inge Wolf
Inge Wolf:
Rest In Peace Olivia!
I am sad that she is gone and I am glad that she was here when I was here.
Derek Lyons
Derek Lyons:
So very sad. Another Angel in Heaven RIP Olivia 🙏
richard fox
richard fox:
We Honestly Loves You and your glorious spirit and Beautiful Music. You'll never be forgotten. RIP
Teeka McNamara
Teeka McNamara:
Omg😭 a beautiful soul has left us. Her memory is a legacy❤️
RIP dear heart 💔 Deepest condolences to her Family & loved Friends 🥺
Dejair Esquivel
Dejair Esquivel:
We Will love her forever...
Nathe London
Nathe London:
Two days after Judith Durham. The lights have gone out in Australia. RIP
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan:
Rest in Peace Olivia Newton John. Australia' s not the only contribution to movie " Grease"
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
Would be missed badly.Rest in peace 🙏😔💖
Amber F
Amber F:
Rest in the,Light Olivia You are a beautiful soul💗
Tyler Kie
Tyler Kie:
Rip Olivia Newton-John you'll always be our Sandy forever ❤️😔
Max Borde
Max Borde:
R.I.P. No more death. NEVER forgotten😓
ieuan jones
ieuan jones:
My heart go,s out to her family on a very sad time Olivia newton John is and alway a very beautiful soul an a very good person iam a very big fan of hers and i say this Olivia Newton John give us a final bow you were the greatest in songs and a filmstar i will miss you RIP.
Fanny Peere
Fanny Peere:
Especialy i bought something pink to support cancer. I did it because of her. She was a beautifull woman. As a young child i loved the movie with john. Grease.
Geraldine Kearney
Geraldine Kearney:
A wonderful Australian, and a beautiful woman 💔💔💔💔
Christina Banta
Christina Banta:
Rip Olivia newton John we well miss you 🙏💖
Jeff King
Jeff King:
This one is painful. She was exactly 11 years older than me and exactly one day younger than my sister who died in 2014. I had such a crush. RIP.
Nancy Doney
Nancy Doney:
So heartbreaking that she is gone I know John is torn apart I will say this is olive never got married and John to they would made a beautiful couple they had last few and respect for each other I will pray for her husband and daughter
Sheldon Helms
Sheldon Helms:
Olivia Newton-John had “several” hit records? Please stop assigning Millennials to write this stuff for you. ONJ had 40 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 -- including five No. 1s!
Deborah Farooq
Deborah Farooq:
Rest in.peace . She was beautiful singer, beautiful soul. I grew up with her music. I be 64 next month. She is a angel gone on to heaven.
Mr. 7
Mr. 7:
R.I.P. Olivia! ❤🙏❤
Princess Alyson Sweat Morales
Princess Alyson Sweat Morales:
Rest In Heaven Olivia Newton John
Bony's Miniature's
Bony's Miniature's:
rip what an icon
May Olivia Newton-John now rest with the other Angels 👼 , forever be free from all sickness and sadness but still remain in our hearts for all eternity. 😭😭❤️✝️
J.L. Nawan
J.L. Nawan:
RIP - Rest In Love …… Olivia Newton-John …
Nerio Zulberti
Nerio Zulberti:
I remember her also in Xanadu with Gene Kelly,now is dancing with him into the light💖
Marc Athens
Marc Athens:
Sweet Beautiful Woman... Rest in Peace 🙏 🌹💕
So so sad news, RIP you beautiful lady.
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist:
Dearest John, her husband, family and close friends . I am feeling your deep loss and send you all love , gutting news
Jodie Clayton
Jodie Clayton:
Just very sad news RIP in peace great women and soul.
Tammy Sharon Loretta Stafford
Tammy Sharon Loretta Stafford:
I sit,I wonder WHY?RIP Olivia.😢
Larissa Roberts
Larissa Roberts:
Rip Olivia 🙏
Kristina Marie Lambert
Kristina Marie Lambert:
Forever in my heart, I love you ❤️
Tameisha Giddens
Tameisha Giddens:
I love you Olivia!!!!
Anne-marie Callanan
Anne-marie Callanan:
She was fab in grease she is up there with very best may she rip
I'm sure John is hurting.
Goodbye to Sandra Dee. 💔💔💔

Rest in Bliss Olivia. ❤️‍🩹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
From Singapore 🇸🇬. 9Aug2022..see. ews that Olivia has passed on at age 73..after a long fight with cancer...But she always showed the bright side of life having seen more than one tragedy in her life...She has gone to a better place...will Forever be remembered...Will be with great artistes and good people up there!!!.....she has contributed so much..have the Olivia Newton John Cancer centre in Australia...She has earned a well earned rest...Rest in Peace.
Roger Pr
Roger Pr:
No no no! it can't be!!
I'm certainly not the only one but, my Heart is busted into pieces!!
Just told my wife that my alltime spirit love💕 is in heaven!
R.I.P Olivia 🥀🌷🌸
My condoleances to John!
Bea Bety
Bea Bety:
Angela Riggs
Angela Riggs:
Click bait? Where did I miss JT’s reaction?
Janelle Silbs
Janelle Silbs:
Absolute beautiful icon!!!!!
RIP Olivia
Tyneshia James
Tyneshia James:
ugh! I still can't believe this RIH 🕊🕊🙏🏽🙏🏽My love 💫💜 💗
Rip :( ❤️❤️❤️
Nunca te olvidaré desde
R.I.P sweet heart
Ray White
Ray White:
I just can't believe. Another one of my girls gone. I really like Kelly Preston. Now my favorite Olivia Newton John. John Travolta I can't imagine what he's going through. Chris's wife Kelly dies. A breast cancer now his number one female friend Olivia Newton-John dies. They only other girlfriend that I know he has as a friend is Christy I'm sorry I forgot her last name. She played with John Travolta who's looking back I think that's the name of the movie
Susan Long
Susan Long:
Awww PRETTY lady with a beautiful soul.. What HAPPENED?
Mildred Muñoz
Mildred Muñoz:
RIP 🙏🙏
Latin Queen49
Latin Queen49:
Pug Ninja
Pug Ninja:
Least now she's in peace , a sad day ..
Wishes to their friends and family x
Biden owes me gas money
Biden owes me gas money:
This terrible disease has taking another wonderful being from us. Rip Olivia