Jose Mourinho Explains Soccer To A Baffled Ted Lasso

Jose Mourinho got a surprise call during the UCL Final.

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100+ komentarze:

It's nice to see Tottenham's greatest manager of all time chatting with Jose Mourinho.
Tarkan Bolat
Tarkan Bolat:
"Did I just miss the half time show?" is the most American thing I've heard in a while
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe:
Jose would make a great bond villain
Robby Russell
Robby Russell:
I’m surprised they got Jose to do this 😂😂
Mourinho: "Copa del Rey"
Lasso: "I know her sister"

Fernando Fidalgo
Fernando Fidalgo:
Mourinho is pure entertainment no matter what mood he's in
Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray:
That editing pause before "What do you want, Ted" is just so, so good.
jose oro
jose oro:
Jose: “I usually park the bus to avoid losing” Ted: “Do I need one of them fancy British drivers licenses to do that cuz all I have is my regular license. Where do I get the bus?”
ae Tank_yyteawu
ae Tank_yyteawu:
Mourinho actually did a pretty good job in this skit 👍 Very natural. Especially when naming the titles he’s won.😏
rahul singhal
rahul singhal:
Imagine a manager with Ted's attitude and Mourinho's tactics.
Nasir Salih
Nasir Salih:
I’d like to imagine Jose has his lines on the laptop in front of him
"Ted Lasso, you know, he is a specialist in failure. I am not. Respect man, respect."
Majin Loro
Majin Loro:
2 Legends, Sudeikis 😂
and Mourinho, o patrão! 🇵🇹🏆🇵🇹
"you're just making these up now"

That killed me...
Yongseok Kim
Yongseok Kim:
"...they offered chicken tiki-taka on my flight over here..." lol
John Mavroudis
John Mavroudis:
Mourinho rattled off his CV like it was his usual halftime or post-match press conference speech.
phil mark
phil mark:
love the simplicity of ted lasso. in the world we live in today comedy shows are a true blessing. cant wait for next season.
Task Force
Task Force:
All these years we thought we really needed a standoff between Jose vs Wenger or Jose vs Pep Guardiola but all we needed was Jose vs Ted Lasso
Jose: “…copa del rey”
Ted: “I know her sister”

1:00 That pause and Jose’s response after it… 😂
I've not found any of the Ted Lasso videos funny but this was brilliant. Obviously, inviting Mourinho was a brilliant idea since the contrast between his deadpan style and Ted's gushing enthusiasm can't help but be hilarious. They should have a show of their own, imagine the comic possibilities....Mourinho goesto America to coach and hires Ted Lasso as his assistant.....
Mohammed Hossam
Mohammed Hossam:
One of the best managers of all time is Jose Mourinho
Mark Denney
Mark Denney:
And Ted still understands football more than Stan Kronke! 🤣🤣🤣
Mourinho KILLED it 🤣 Did not expect that
ali mohmmed
ali mohmmed:
The fact that he said he missed the entertainment kills me 😂 to us the football is the entertainment
We need more of these. He should have these with different coaches or a zoom with like all of them 😂😂
The Red House
The Red House:
Mourinho just spoke his CV like the Special One he is🔥🔥🔥😅😅😅
Dux Ganeb
Dux Ganeb:
Jose doesn't even try to be mean,he just does it.
Lols love the show so far. Watched the first 4 episodes and its really good. Sudeikis is great as Ted Lasso. The show just has a feel good vibe about it that makes you smile and laugh.
And in Germany they favour Lewangolski, you know because he scores so many goals. Lewangolski, yes?
Musse K
Musse K:
He explained European football in 5 seconds!
Shrilaxmi Hegde
Shrilaxmi Hegde:
Jose missed his true calling as an actor 😂😂😂
Bionic Rid
Bionic Rid:
Best series to watch if you feel depressed &। Low...will lift up surely! Go Lasso!!
William Buttlicker
William Buttlicker:
Who knew Ted Lasso will have their own Mourinho in form of Nate? Great show and great characters.
Jacus Joe
Jacus Joe:
"I know her sister" 😂
That was clever. Very clever.
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman:
This is Mourinho in a talkative, happy mood...
Drew Branch
Drew Branch:
I knew guys like Ted Lasso when I was a fútbol coach in the States🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
Im not gonna lie Jose would be a good antagonists in the show
Got here after finally getting Apple TV+ and binging both seasons of Ted Lasso.
Murs Gaming
Murs Gaming:
The real interview of Ted Lasso & Jose Mourinho was:

Ted: Hey Jose, Ted Lasso here...
Jose interrupts: I prefer not to speak, goodbye.
Hangs up phone
Ted pauses with disbelief...but is happy

Ted: ain't he a great guy!
Jason managed to capture the most clueless American way of watching “British football”, cracking open a cold one and yelling “kick it!”
Mayank Jha
Mayank Jha:
Lasso is at Richmond for a longer time than jose managed at tottenham. LEGEND.
Sivan Goundar
Sivan Goundar:
damn, Jose can act
Rocky McDonald
Rocky McDonald:
watched every episode, this, this , is a masterclass
Hami Baloochi
Hami Baloochi:
loved the part when mou said "copa del rey" and ted lasso was like "I know her sister"😃
Nomaan Alwi
Nomaan Alwi:
Need to have Jose show up in Season 2 of Ted Lasso!
The chicken tiki taka had me in tears 🤣
All of that is hilarious. God bless America and Ted Lasso.
Chrisler San Martin
Chrisler San Martin:
If they get Mou to appear on season 2, I would flip so muuuuuuuuuch
Sanket S
Sanket S:
Ted Lasso is a reel life Pep Guardiola whose overthought tactics actually work
Archit Kulkarni
Archit Kulkarni:
Hahahahaha we need lots n lots of Ted Lasso & Mourinho crossover 😂😂😂😂
Moreno is one of the best football coaches 😍💙
mourinho is a great character haha
I'd thought it would be a shitty show but no. Actually it's a fun show to watch with the kids.
What a nice young man....
Lasha Eliashvili
Lasha Eliashvili:
Never knew Jose played chess.
S Saunders
S Saunders:
Jose has such good comic timing.
G I O:
This is Gold lol they should make Mou a regular 🔥🔥👌🏽👏🏽
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
He said Cheerios instead of cheerio or cheers. Best 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Rowdy Rodrigues
Alex Rowdy Rodrigues:
" The Special One " in a Skit with Jason Sudeikis? What year is this? This is fucking amazing!!!
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim:
Whoever wrote this sketch has seen enough mourinho interviews to get the tone right
“Copa del Rey—”
“—I know her sister”
Hahahah thats brilliant
Kuye Doluwamu
Kuye Doluwamu:
Jose can do everything
Impressive the time invested to put two big persons that you cannot distinguish it being shot on different takes. Imagine the chemistry you would create if these were actually put together
Stanley George
Stanley George:
Jose is such a great actor!!
Dan Pham
Dan Pham:
how on earth did they manage to get Mourinho to sign up for this =))
Who at the time thought Ted Lasso would beca great show?
Uncle B
Uncle B:
"Well you're just making these up now!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
oggy jack
oggy jack:
Jose is destined for acting.
Dave William
Dave William:
Mourinho: Super cup, Copa del rey
Ted: i know her sister !
Laughed so hard 😂😂
ko knockout
ko knockout:
This dude is actually funny
ayodele agoro
ayodele agoro:
King Jose Mourinho 👑❤️🥳
gjoka soni
gjoka soni:
Mourinho Is good actor
He can win an Oscar if he will be part of an Hollywood movie
What a nice young man🤣
You just know Mourinho loved to mention all his trophies...
Brian Treadwell
Brian Treadwell:
I’m loving Ted Lasso . . . the show I mean
Lorenzo Del Re
Lorenzo Del Re:
Lovely, funny. As a Roma fan i might be glad he's now coaching our team. We '' ll, Joe, what you ll manage to do here. Roma ain't an easy place for soccer. We usually wanna win with no particular plan tdo it, what so ever. That said, now Dan n ryan are in the bottons room....
Anesse Ameer
Anesse Ameer:
0:24 Jose face 🤣🤣🤣
feras hdaib
feras hdaib:
Ted Lesso is really heartwarming and funny tv series
big man pig man
big man pig man:
the crossover i didn’t know i needed
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson:
I love this show, best show on TV these days
Tamas Hadaszy
Tamas Hadaszy:
This would have been even more poignant in the 80s when high school coaches were gym teachers looking for extra income.
Scott Ugbeva
Scott Ugbeva:
Do not ever ask Mourihno what's his achievement. He's gonna list every single individual awards
Aspiring Abogado Productions
Aspiring Abogado Productions:
They really got Mourinho to praise Tiki Taka!
Todd Livingston
Todd Livingston:
Just finished the series and it's wonderful.
RyanAir TM
RyanAir TM:
I hope Jose is on the show
Damn Jose's good at playing himself
The Schwomp
The Schwomp:
Is it just me or will Jose just take literally any opportunity to name what titles he's won?
Angelo C
Angelo C:
Mourinho never fails to brag about his trophies. LMAO!
Amal George
Amal George:
Mourinho is history already
Average football fan "Well, I don't know why people keep calling Mourinho one of the best coaches ever. He was sacked from Man United and Tottenham.
Mourinho: 1:13
Sreenath Reddy
Sreenath Reddy:
I would pick Jose as my best villain in cinema..
Patrick Rumbu
Patrick Rumbu:
You know a female colleague in the office being sweating me out to watch 'Ted Lasso' so over the weekend I downloaded season 1 but haven't given it any attention but this here is the motivation I need
Dani H
Dani H:
Congrats 👏🏽 on your Emmy wins! 🏆
Peter Edoki
Peter Edoki:
You can't help but love Ted
Mourinho turned Tottenham into Ted Lasso's team in real life xD
Darren Porter
Darren Porter:
I just watched season 1. Surprised it was so good.
Jacques DeLyons
Jacques DeLyons:
Mourinho has good comic timing.
Philip Zamora
Philip Zamora:
Ted is what Ernest P. Worrell might be like if he had more smarts.
God bless America, and God bless Ted Lasso! Haven't seen a single episode, but I'm loving it!