Jude Bellingham's First Day at Borussia Dortmund

It's official! Jude Bellingham joins Borussia Dortmund.

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The 17-year-old talent joins from Birmingham City, where he set the incredible record of being the youngest goalscorer in the club's history. With four goals and three assists last season, Bellingham has enormous potential, which Dortmund hope to further develop. The young prospect is now following in the footsteps of other top teenaged talents at BVB such as Erling Haaland, Gio Reyna, and Jadon Sancho. Watch him take a first look at his new club and hear about his excitement on joining the team. What do you think? Which key position will Bellingham take up in the Dortmund team next season? Let us know in the comments!

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Ironic Virus14
Ironic Virus14:
Cue the United fans trying not to cry
Safi 123 ツ
Safi 123 ツ:
Me: Mom, I want Sancho.
Mom: We have Sancho at home.
Sancho at home:
Agent P
Agent P:
This kid and Gio Reyna 🇺🇲 are really amazing talents, who I'm sure will become fantastic players in the future. From a Man Utd fan #HejaBVB
Jeshmi Jecy
Jeshmi Jecy:
I love how Witsel just could not be bothered to talk
Callum screen
Callum screen:
Never did I think a Birmingham player would go on and sign for bvb
Andreas Darsaklis
Andreas Darsaklis:
Add Jude to the Dortmund end cut and tell him to say: Don't leave us now, just like I did not leave Birmingham City for Man Utd. 😂😂😂😂
Can we realise this guy went from BIRMINGHAM CITY( Not even a PL team) and signed for one of the biggest teams in the world😂
Ashton Holloway
Ashton Holloway:
Great signing, hopefully he does well
Steven Chen
Steven Chen:
Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham 😱
Sulayaman Ceesay
Sulayaman Ceesay:
Will he score 3 just like haaland on his debut we never know
Ruben Rowe
Ruben Rowe:
As a Birmingham city fan I’m so happy for him. And he is my sisters friend
A W4
A W4:
Welcome Jude 💰
A Kadri
A Kadri:
Came for the Brummie accent lol
Rhys Playz
Rhys Playz:
Me crying because I’m a blues fan 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 like the comment if you support Birmingham city fc
Afron Malika
Afron Malika:
The next English player in Borussia Dortmund 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
abdulrahim 1
abdulrahim 1:
Hes always been a player ive hoped to be like one day and now hes joined dormund and i hope one day ill do the same. Best of luck to you jude Bellingham.
Datboi Luca
Datboi Luca:
Can't wait to see him play and grow
Jeff Is 21
Jeff Is 21:
Ayy bro. Congrats. I hope you become a great player and make sure to treat that number with respect.
Football Fan
Football Fan:
Hope he do well in Dortmund
Henryk Martinez
Henryk Martinez:
Welcome Bellingham!!!
Mason Dunn
Mason Dunn:
“From Brum to Borussia with Bellingham”
he does not look happy to be there🤣🤣🤣
Faathir Muhammad
Faathir Muhammad:
MU hunt Haaland: It goin' bought by Dortmund
MU hunt Bellingham:It goin' bought by Dortmund
MU hunt Maddison:IYKWIM
Outcaste Films
Outcaste Films:
Welcome to Dortmund
Hongyi Han
Hongyi Han:
Finally someone with the peaky blinders’ accent!! From Bermingham exclusively 😗😗
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber:
He will get me good chemistry next Fifa with sancho
Alberto Cruz
Alberto Cruz:
Dortmund aren’t good at singing players
They are good at selling players
Jnr Francis Agyemfra
Jnr Francis Agyemfra:
Wow promising talent
football king has comed f9
football king has comed f9:
I knew the dortmund new jersey from this vid 😅
Future star!
Steven Chen
Steven Chen:
Hey Jude!
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time:
When you are early and don't really want to watch the video but want to get a reply from Bundesliga
Oliver Martisek
Oliver Martisek:
Good luck to Jude Bellingham! Hope he'll be as good as Sancho! (No pressure tho...)
onurcan Pro Kral
onurcan Pro Kral:
Show he what he looks in 442oons
Dude Dude
Dude Dude:
Why did he say, This is the best club for me RIGHT NOW, this is the best club for DEVELOPING YOUNG TALENT, and then next I can take the next step”, does this mean he will stay for 1 or 2 years and leave to a bigger club like MANCHESTER UNITED
Just like Sancho, 3 years at Dortmund, just to develop, then he is off to the RED side of Manchester
zunaira bilqees
zunaira bilqees:
They put haaland in the end card!!! 😱
Leon Djukic
Leon Djukic:
I'm so early that i don't know what to say
Oguzhan Etik
Oguzhan Etik:
He's young Jadon
2 players that are picking dortmund over united.
K4 Josiah
K4 Josiah:
Woah was nit expecting that type of accent
FZ11 .t
FZ11 .t:
Hope sancho stays another season and makes a wise decision on where to go in future, Man Utd rly ain’t it
Great singing hope it goes well
Peace FC
Peace FC:
Good luck 🍀
Gonna do great 👍🏾
Red Alert
Red Alert:
I hope he doesnt turn out to be like sanches 2.0, 65 k for a 17 yr old, hope his head is in the right place and has proper people around him
Dodou Junior
Dodou Junior:
Another youngster about to to transformed into a superstar!!
Haha interesting
lemoi konyak
lemoi konyak:
Hope you enjoyed your first day!!!
Wish the young brother all the best!!!
Mayookh Rajesh
Mayookh Rajesh:
Bellingham looks serious to improve
Sancho - Yo durtmund I am leaving Dortmund -All right we already bought your replacement
Levi Guyan
Levi Guyan:
@Bundesliga your team is freaking awesome and so is your content. Just a little request, since there isn't necessarily any limitation on upload quality like there would be for the live televised side of the Bundesliga, is there any reason why your content can't be in 4K 60fps? Or at least 1080 with 60 FPS. I would love love LOVE to see that if possible. Thx, love you guys so much. Best league channel on YouTube so keep up the good work:)
Max Power
Max Power:
Love how the non English players speak better English than Sancho
Aidan 2003
Aidan 2003:
The Birmingham accent 🤮
Adam Westwood
Adam Westwood:
feels bad that we didnt get him but i wish him all the best at dortmund and i hope he succeeds!
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali:
Dortmund could transform him into a right-back
Matthew MacMahon
Matthew MacMahon:
I mean bvb def best team for young players to develop
Teratik Koanan
Teratik Koanan:
Jadon effects.
Roshan Jai
Roshan Jai:
flfc :)
Andro Rukavina
Andro Rukavina:
Jude - ready to win titles hahahahaha
Jonas Bender
Jonas Bender:
0:35 was hat er da am hals
Alex stokes
Alex stokes:
Maybe a little 7 goals in 3 games
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson:
I think he will play Great att dourtmund
If he moved to United i would say new Che Adams, but now i wish he become new young star
Looks like Wolves jersey
Tanush Kakar
Tanush Kakar:
I am so happy he didn’t go to United
Irfan Khadar
Irfan Khadar:
I mean he's anyway going to want to move to a bigger club after a year or two of development.
It's a shame Dortmund isn't capable of holding on to the players that they nurture.
Kai Liebe
Kai Liebe:
Wishing him all the best at the Bundesliga 😜
MasterOv Gaming
MasterOv Gaming:
The new jadon sancho?
Danny Chimborazo
Danny Chimborazo:
Name of the song?
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
Yes definitely
Dortmund steels another Manchester United signing
Jessica Bräutigam
Jessica Bräutigam:
Hey admin👋kannst du Deutsch?(do you speak german?)
Superpower Football
Superpower Football:
One for the future! ⚡️
Carlos Dunga
Carlos Dunga:
I hope sancho stays at dortmund so we can see the combination of jude Bellingham and sancho
papa Legend
papa Legend:
ajax is great at developing youth
Good luck for next season man
The Next Sancho
Jayson Danger
Jayson Danger:
BVB: We signed Jude Bellingham
Bundesliga:Dont leave now
Man Utd: Please leave now
Man like Jude Bellingham 👏🏼
Der SamSam
Der SamSam:
Welcome to bundesliga
A YouTube Comment
A YouTube Comment:
Heyyyyy Juuuuuuude
Oh So
Oh So:
This is the 3rd time I hear this song and the 3rd asking, what's the name of this song?!
I went thru all the comments, no info on the song.
Kass Teale
Kass Teale:
Hes going to flop
Stepan V
Stepan V:
Sancho replacement
Chris Tang
Chris Tang:
I hope he's like Sancho and comes to United after two years at Dortmund
Wish Bayern signed him.

Play him in FM all the time, he's great at training and can easily be a first team player in any side by the time he's 18
He sounds like 23years old
Paraag raj Sahoo
Paraag raj Sahoo:
Has he learn german
Mickale Chambers
Mickale Chambers:
The new jadon sancho
yeahh buddy
yeahh buddy:
So glad he rejected united.they would of ruined him.dortmund will turn him into a star. Good luck!
So will witsel be 2nd choice now
The Librarian
The Librarian:
Hey Jude
One season later, EPL teams Will want him for 100m .... Yet they had him at their disposal.
Noel Chiramal
Noel Chiramal:
I am too early
Noah Carrington
Noah Carrington:
Now sancho has to leave
The kit too sick
Came here to Borussia, all away from Birmingham, by order of Peaky fuk*n Blinders!!