Julia Roberts Acts Out Her Film Career w/ James Corden

Julia Roberts and James Corden act out snippets of scenes from Julia's unbelievable film career, covering everything from "Pretty Woman" to "Erin Brockovich" to her new film, "Wonder."

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100+ komentarze:

In all seriousness though, what an amazing career this woman's had.
Arlene Santiago
Arlene Santiago:
I like that she did this. Not taking her self serious and just enjoying her success... it was hilarious!
Julia avoiding looking at James (Stepmom) without laughing is everything 😂😂😂
Sophie Luce
Sophie Luce:
We don't have actresses like her anymore. She's rare cause she can play any part and u forget that she's julia roberts
Julie Reid
Julie Reid:
She has *the* best smile!
TheDegu Guru
TheDegu Guru:
The aggressiveness as James was shouting “DRINK THE JUICE SHELBY!!” Had me rolling😂
Amy Marshall
Amy Marshall:
I love how everyone goes wild when pretty woman starts playing.💚😂
Ann Girling
Ann Girling:
Priceless.whoever wrote this is a genius,not forgetting the props team.Thank you.
Lightning the Greyhound
Lightning the Greyhound:
Everything James does is top shelf comedy. What an entertaining guy! Love his singing, too🎆
Lily Featherstone
Lily Featherstone:
Julia Robert is one of the best actresses ever and has had a great career and still is so kind hearted and amazing ❤️❤️
Jared Lozano
Jared Lozano:
That was incredibly well done, it was funny and well executed. Props to everyone who worked on that. That was both funny and works like a a charm.
Paula Q
Paula Q:
On a dreary, rainy, COVID distancing day, when I’m feeling unsettled and nervous, watching too much news, this was ALL I needed! Thank you.
Matthew Pirante-Pérez
Matthew Pirante-Pérez:
when you do it like this, you realize how extensive Julia Robert’s career is! I adore her!
Apoorva Goel
Apoorva Goel:
This video made me suddenly realise the number of iconic films Julia has been a part of! Hats off!! There’s nobody like her in the current generation.
Caitlyn Sergei
Caitlyn Sergei:
James corden and Julia Roberts singing “I say a little prayer” is what I never knew I needed
She is absolutely amazing. I've really enjoyed watching this. James and her are great together.
Yvonne Schiffer
Yvonne Schiffer:
Seeing all her roles one by one shows what great actress she is. But James was best as George Clooney - I couldn't stop laughing!
Ma Z
Ma Z:
I love the fact she still remembers the lines from Erin Brockovich
OMG, I laughed so hard when James had a curly wig on...someone in the audience was laughing loudly, and you could see both Julia and James trying not to laugh...
treasured tots
treasured tots:
These just keep getting better and better. Cried through the whole thing. Love, a family of baseball fanatics!
Never a dull moment watching all of your antics James!! Keep ‘em coming!!
She's an absolute legend and her films are awesome, so many brilliant ones!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ronda D'Oliveira
Ronda D'Oliveira:
I love her so much! What an amazing woman and person. So authentic!
Not Red Robyn
Not Red Robyn:
I loved it when they rolled straight from dead Snow White to flatliners - genius!
Mommy Jing and Toto
Mommy Jing and Toto:
Was laughing the whole time. You are an amazing actress Julia.🤗
I love Holland Roden
I love Holland Roden:
THIS IS TOO GOOD I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING her smile is so cute ❤️😭
Florence Love
Florence Love:
That was adorable :) my face hurts from smiling for literally 10 minutes straight
Mike Masiello
Mike Masiello:
This was really cute. You can tell how much fun she had.
AJ Llewellyn
AJ Llewellyn:
This made my day!! After scouring stores for toilet paper during this coronavirus lockdown, returned to watch this. I needed this laugh. Loved the Runaway Bride veil and toy horse! Classic!
Linda Lee-Brown
Linda Lee-Brown:
James is so full of fun and happiness 💕✨☀️ Julia still has that gorgeous smile
Alliyah Sophia
Alliyah Sophia:
Julia is one of the best actresses who carried the ‘90s! I mean seriously! 🥰❤️
Feris Yunos
Feris Yunos:
Julia Roberts will always be my favourite actress with the most loveliest smile ever in Hollywood. 😊
Some how I have only just discovered this gold 💖 I Love Julia Roberts, seen almost all of her movies 👊🏼 this was brilliant, loved the duet with James at the end 😍
I’m honestly happy for James he started of with gavin and Stacy and now look how big he has become that’s a positive and fixed mind set he had there nothing but love and respect for him
Erin Brockovich was one of her best movies by far in my opinion ❤
Susan Sadaka
Susan Sadaka:
Totally super funny he is great and Julia is a amazing sport!! Thank you for making us smile.
T R:
This just made me realize how few of her movies I've actually seen.
Kat Bowl
Kat Bowl:
I can't get enough of this. So much fun!
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson:
I love how James is actually eating the food 😂
Silvia Garcia Contreras
Silvia Garcia Contreras:
The only one who can make my tears break and also my laughter. A total legend!!
Pqp, que carreira linda!!! Amo demais essa atriz!
Reviewing Julia
Reviewing Julia:
Loving this! Such a great career and so many movies still missing from this overview too!
Sue Griffiths
Sue Griffiths:
Just what we need, self isolating and in need of some happy faces. this certaily hit the spot. love it, Julia and James, phenominal ! thank you !!
4:37 Julia not being able to keep a serious face while James was wearing the Susan Step Mom wig had me SCREAMING.
This was so good!!! I love so many of her movies.....living legend 🤩
Julia Roberts has more charisma than should be humanly possible.
Cheerful Butterflies
Cheerful Butterflies:
I will always love Julia Roberts! She is real, kind, and beautiful inside and out!
James’s Tom Hanks impression was bloody great, lol.
Just loved this! The whole world could use more smiles! Thanks for sharing yours Julia!
Precioso lo que hicieron!! La recorrida por los trabajos de Julia y James tan carismático, tan buen "hombre todo terreno", todo lo que hace, lo hace bien, no sobreactúa jamás... Es un genio Cordren👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
waleed A
waleed A:
gosh !!! the amount of iconic movies she made is mind blowing ..i just remembered that i love her
The ending was amazing. That was my favorite movie scene when I was a kid, and 25 years later, it still is!
In all seriousness though, what an amazing career this woman's had.
the lonely ghosts
the lonely ghosts:
God love her, this woman is a treasure
Stacy Williams
Stacy Williams:
loved loved loved!!!! Had to finally show my husband your carpool karoke and when I did it was just posted, of you and Paul McCartney! Now, this he must see tonight! Especially to enjoy after a long day at work. Thank you for the entertainment you share!
bluedance lilly
bluedance lilly:
She's been in a boatload of movies! An iconic movie star.
Neil Rogers
Neil Rogers:
So many good films . And a smile that can light up a room . Legend
Christine Bonebright
Christine Bonebright:
My favorite actress since I was a kid and saw Pretty Woman. She will always be one of my favs. She has such elegance, poise, beauty and intelligence.💕
It is so hard to pick which one I like the most . Thank you for being you Julia Roberts and bringing me a big smile and laughing moments this morning.
My goodness, Julia Roberts is my favorite person ever
Kat Bowl
Kat Bowl:
I could watch this over & over again...and I have! Love it!
Dani Feitoza
Dani Feitoza:
James seu programa é de mais , nao sei falar inglês mas me divirto muito vendo! Ps : partiu cursinho de inglês 😘🤗✌️😁🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 julia Roberts amooo ❤️
Felicia-May Stevenson
Felicia-May Stevenson:
This was awesome. Lovely to see this side of Julia ❤️
hghg 26
hghg 26:
i love Julia so so much! shes an incredible women and i literally am crazy about her movies! i loved her curly red hair and amazing style. shes the biggest inspiration for me and always will be!💕💕💕💕💕
Lindsey Drummond
Lindsey Drummond:
Oh Julia I have laughed and cried with you for years. Love you!!! Keep making movies!!!
I love Holland Roden
I love Holland Roden:
I cant stop laughing 😂😂
I just love her normalcy and being a fantastic actor
Chittesh Saravanan
Chittesh Saravanan:
the say a little prayer scene from my best friend’s wedding is STILL one of my favorite moments in romcom history, and i’m so glad they recognized its legacy and brought it out again 😭😭 man do i love julia roberts
I was waiting for My Best Friend’s Wedding and the ending killed me😂
Donzkie Naz
Donzkie Naz:
Julia Roberts has the most memorable movie lines, I love her since until now she's not aging she still looks good at her age. Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, My Best Friend's Wedding, Pretty Woman are my favorites film of her and I'm so excited for Wonder :-)
Jena Keahi
Jena Keahi:
Hilarious I was waiting for “my best friend wedding” scene since right after pretty woman and they ended that perfectly ❤️😂
Karen Benedetti
Karen Benedetti:
Absolutely love Julia, shes my favourite actress and if i could look like anybody else it would be her, simply stunning 💖
Ihssane Lghazaoui
Ihssane Lghazaoui:
The biggest thing I love about this woman is that whatever she does she always has a ton of fun. Love u Julia
Julia avoiding looking at James (Stepmom) without laughing is everything
Wow she's been in so many movies what an incredible movie career
Ana Hartman
Ana Hartman:
I've seen everyone of these movies. I love Julia Roberts and wish she would make more movies.
Kelly Atwell
Kelly Atwell:
The transitions from scene to scene with props and scenery...brilliant!
Walking Trails 777
Walking Trails 777:
What a talented actress, there's someone who is good at their job!
Rose Mary
Rose Mary:
Julia was really holding in the laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tessa Mitz
Tessa Mitz:
Julia Roberts is a AMAZING Actress LOVE her work! This was so funny I LOVE these that James does :) :)
Érika Chada
Érika Chada:
"I'm being George Clooney: coffee, tequila, and a couple of babies" lol
Brens Green
Brens Green:
Greatest actress ever, love seeing her
Charming Charly
Charming Charly:
I just LOVE how she has to suppress giggling too much ♥
Helen Howard
Helen Howard:
😂😂😂😂 Lmfao!!!! This was just brilliant & soooooo funny!!! Just love her films & what an actress. Even though this was done for a laugh some of the scenes especially the 'Stepmom' scene how the hell she managed to carry on the scene & pretend to cry sat opposite James in that wig just shows how professional she can be even when it is lol funny!
Marie Samyn
Marie Samyn:
this is like the 15th time I'm watching this during times of COVID-19. This really cracks me up every time!
My best friend’s wedding last scene is iconic. Love her smile.
Christine T
Christine T:
This made me want to do a Julia Roberts marathon 🖤
E.M. Smiley
E.M. Smiley:
This was fantastic. I need to watch some more of her films!
Abraham Longoria Rodríguez
Abraham Longoria Rodríguez:
I've always love her, so charismatic.
John M
John M:
That was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you for the laughs. I appreciate this more than I can express. <3 <3 <3
Jennifer Anniston doesn’t age, but this Pretty Woman stays pretty damn well
Carol Uphoff
Carol Uphoff:
I needed this joy and humor today❣️
LOVE #JuliaRoberts
Thank you😃
Crazy Plant Guy
Crazy Plant Guy:
Looks like I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Julia Roberts movie marathon!!! 😁
Liya Sora
Liya Sora:
Julia is awesome ! And James Corden is so damn talented , he plays and sing so well !
Ashley Ashley
Ashley Ashley:
The love i have for Julia Roberts is unreal 😍 she is simply AMAZING
L M:
Two of my favorite people 😉 love love love watching this. So much fun
Love all Julia`s Movies ,and often re watch just to get back that feel good moment.All time best performance has to be Erin Brockovich though ,definitely an Oscar worthy movie and starring role from Julia.
love the transition from Valentine's day to Mother's day, epic!
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro:
Priceless.whoever wrote this is a genius,not forgetting the props team.Thank you.
Noel Pineda
Noel Pineda:
That was so creative!i loved it!well done!❤❤❤