Jurgen Klopp vs Marcelo Bielsa

Jurgen Klopp vs Marcelo Bielsa
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Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa are high priests of the game, both ideologues who are synonymous with high energy, high pressing styles which now, with Leeds winning promotion, will finally clash. But what are the differences in the football they preach and where do the contrasts occur?

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100+ komentarze:

sen _
sen _:
Everyone ganster until Bielsa starts spying from a tree
T H:
They’ve done the ox dirty with that graphic
They both pale in comparison to master tactician David Moyes...
Danish Choo
Danish Choo:
Here after watching Liverpool vs Leeds. So interesting to see almost similar styles playing against each other, and Leeds played really well!!! Unbelievable game
Pako Lekhutile
Pako Lekhutile:
Tifo and Bielsa are a match made in heaven😍
Hari Bhandari
Hari Bhandari:
One thing is for sure there would be no midfield in this match
Translation: When those two teams meet, they will gegenpress the hell out of each other, resulting in a pristine 0:0.
English for FOOTBALL FANS:
Leeds will be a great watch this season - feathers are going to be ruffled.
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Nothing compared to some of Wenger’s masterclasses of selling players to score 4 past their rivals.
Kurt Avergonzado
Kurt Avergonzado:
My football knowledge goes up everytime i watch Tifo Football
Biraj Thapa
Biraj Thapa:
Liked before watching cause this gonna be fire😍
RafaDinho ForLahm
RafaDinho ForLahm:
Sometimes I watch Tifo videos on teams I’ll never even watch, but I just like hearing them talk about football.
Pravin Raj Chandramogan
Pravin Raj Chandramogan:

bielsa enters the chat
Sebastián Lima
Sebastián Lima:
Bielsa is one of the best underrated managers of all time... Coming from a United fan. Bielsa changed Chilean football and built the base of of their "golden generation". He takes challenges and that's why he isn't that recognized. Took Bilbao who only uses local players, O. Marseille in one their worst years and promoted leeds after 16 years. Playing attractive and pressing football. Knows how to neutralize teams and apply a winning mentality to his players. A genius.
galactico ti
galactico ti:
We'll just enjoyed a 7 goal thriller

Bielsa is a genius
Oran Moten
Oran Moten:
I’ve always wondered if Klopp’s evolution was the reason behind his fallout with Buvac
Dee With a B
Dee With a B:
I’m ‘Counter Pressing’ like on this video!
Siddharth K
Siddharth K:
Animations are getting better and better. Great vid Tifo👏🏽
Samu Krizbai
Samu Krizbai:
Finally understood why he starts Bamford
Why can't England play with High Energy they always seems Lazy.
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Dipthong thathongthongthong:
Wow. That was Tifo going FULL NERD analyzing two of footballs biggest nerds. Was waiting for the Periodic Table of Elements to be tied in somehow.
shid j
shid j:
Great analysis as usual from tifo, eagerly waiting for next pl season to start
your mums knickers
your mums knickers:
Maaarcelo Bielsa. LEEDS. 💙💛
Heavy Cavalry Archer
Heavy Cavalry Archer:
Don't mind me, I'm just here to get my daily dose of Marcelo Bielsa.
the annointed one
the annointed one:
well it lived up to the hype...
Lubondo Chilekwa
Lubondo Chilekwa:
Just here to say that this match was fireworks!
Mohammad Futloo
Mohammad Futloo:
Lots of anticipation around Leeds from every football connaisseur.
The Tactics show
The Tactics show:
need one help from you, how are you moving multiple images at the same time in videoscribe? another great video by the way.
Hariz Amir
Hariz Amir:
here after Liverpool vs Leeds. damn match
John Travis
John Travis:
The match ended 4-3 for a reason
_El Loco_ is one of the most influential managers in the history game. I look forward to seeing him at work in the world's most competitive professional football league!
Terri Taylor
Terri Taylor:
It all depends on the players. If they don't work hard, you won't win.
Anyone here after the match ?

What a game.
Nqabayetu Gwaza
Nqabayetu Gwaza:
Everytime i see these videos, I wanna play FIFA Career mode
Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Goldwyn:
Would you record a video of you reads about anything for 2 hours? That would be really nice to help me sleep. Such a wonderful voice.
But also, i am always happy when you have Liverpool related video.
Rajarshi Bhattacharya
Rajarshi Bhattacharya:
Was just waiting for something like this ❤️
David Christiansen
David Christiansen:
I find the illustrations and overall aesthetic has improved significantly. Your voice over complements this, and so results in an overall quality video. Always keen on seeing more from your channel - keep going mate!
Fantastic analysis as always from a TIFO video!
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Bielsa "The best coach who always loses"
If only Draxler accepted a loan of 1 year...
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
This video aged so well
Diego Funes
Diego Funes:
Im so exited to see how Leeds gonna performance in the Premier, cant wait !
Prashanna shrestha
Prashanna shrestha:
Who is here after 4-3?
Benji banjo
Benji banjo:
Someone finally acknowledging why Bamford has been so good for Leeds.
Kuan Hau
Kuan Hau:
Would love to see how Arteta combines all three coaches in his approach.
Cameron O'Hare
Cameron O'Hare:
As we’ve seen today, just two counter attacking teams going at it haha
Anns Mahboob
Anns Mahboob:
Mourinho vs Ancelotti in preparation for Sunday?
Neville Dominic
Neville Dominic:
U deserve a million followers ASAP
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi:
Always gotta appreciate Tifo's presentation style videos, so interactive!
swarnak Ray
swarnak Ray:
I have never seen Leeds play..I hope they do well this year..
John Kang'ang'a
John Kang'ang'a:
Amazing analysis - so nice esp if someone watched the first video on Bielsa at United and Gegenpressing applied by Klopp .
Alex G
Alex G:
Kalvin makes his debut for England and TiFo in the same month, hes made it.
Managers like bielsa ,Marcelo gallardo , simeone , pocchetino,klopp ,jupp heynckes aren't given enough credit is something what I've witnessed..... *these coaches have built teams for success with limited finances and have had a lot failures that's why always overlooked*
Aman Singh
Aman Singh:
Love triangle of Tifo, Bielsa and Athletic 😍
Changaya Kausa
Changaya Kausa:
This is one of the best videos I've seen from you guys!
Ushangsu Paul
Ushangsu Paul:
Leeds may have lost
But they gave a good fight
Martin Almeida
Martin Almeida:
Amazing see Bielsa on the premier! Enjoy premier league fans to watch something espectacular this year ! Saludos desde Chile
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye:
The universe first originated from The Athletic
manLIKE drogba
manLIKE drogba:
leeds is giving liverpool hell right now
Shafiz Rahman
Shafiz Rahman:
Extremely urgent, more urgent the tweak! FM20 reference
Lets Serebotseng
Lets Serebotseng:
Imagine what Bielsa could do with a squad as of Liverpool or man city. still surprised that barca didn't even consider him
Adrianka Pratomo
Adrianka Pratomo:
This video is spot on. the result is 4-3. entertaining football to watch even as Man Utd fan.
Sailing Legend
Sailing Legend:
The most similarity between the two is that they believe they can develop players, neither ask for players and are very loyal to the ones they have. The is a blessing and a curse.
hassan abdulkadir
hassan abdulkadir:
Honestly, I learned nothing from this.
Bielsa gonna b class, looks strategically very strong... Let's see how Leeds will put up a show...
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor:
It was a mind-blowing game. You guys get everything right!!!!
2:45 wow Southampton and Leicester that high surprised me a little. But then again both have got great "new school" technical, progressive managers. Both underrated IMO. Hasenhüttl especially, Brendan does get praised at times. Hasenhüttl did really well to pick Southampton up and get them going again after the 9-0. Which ofc. was against Leicester. Both really modern managers. I really like them both.

As a Boro fan I really wish we had a manager like that tbh. Wooders was the first manager of that type we've ever had, but sadly it didn't work out and now we've gone back to the Jurrasic period again with another dinosaur manager in Warnock. We should have got someone of the mold of a Rogers/Hasenhüttl a real forward thinking modern progressive manager. Really disappointed in our recruitment of managers over the years. I REALLY wanted Woodgate to do well. He spoke BRILLIANTLY about how he wanted to play etc. very open and direct in the way he talked. Very clear philosophy. I wished we could have held on better and given him a second season with some of his own signings.
Arnab's Vlog
Arnab's Vlog:
What can I say about Athletic?
Group of genius working together to make my wishes come true ❤️😀
Internet User
Internet User:
Klopp vs Bielsa! Can't wait for PL to start!
many a true gamer
many a true gamer:
Leeds are being so overrated right now
King Vis
King Vis:
Who's here after watching the game?
It's sure gonna be an entertaining season opener between the winners of the EPL and Championship
Andile Ngema
Andile Ngema:
Great analysis.. but would really appreciate some match footage
Razvan Teleanu
Razvan Teleanu:
come on, leeds!
Khin David
Khin David:
Love this. It all comes down to the players performance. Leeds only goal is to stay in the league this season.
Furkan Atlay
Furkan Atlay:
Finally subbed to The Athletic
I hope Bielsa stays. We need some more action in the PL.
The quality of the illustrations and animations has really moved up a notch. Thumbs-up to everyone involved 👍
Now I am super excited for saturday.
Faisal Nasim
Faisal Nasim:
I'm just addicted to this channel. Quality and proper footballing class.
Ivan Toshkov
Ivan Toshkov:
My prediction: open, entertaining game. Result 4:3 for Liverpool.
Detrimental Duck
Detrimental Duck:
Starts watching a Tifo video
love you tifo. we need to appreciate bielsa as much as we can before people have the chance to remember tony pulis and pardew exist
Arsenal Connect
Arsenal Connect:
Pep + Klop + Bielsa = Arteta.. He's been learning from the best..
Samya Sen
Samya Sen:
My tonsillectomy was sponsored by The Athletic
Great content this! Thanks. Would love more of these comparisons to Bielsa - but also other legendary coaches such as Sacchi and Cruyff. How the past affects the present helps us predict the future.
Tren Beige
Tren Beige:
Can't wait for this unveil.
the game evolved from playing short quick passing in small spaces and regrouping to defend, to now pressing the ball actively and attacking the big spaces with small direct sequences.
Put some respect on Tony Pulis name.

Great vid by the way.
rabbit a.k.a. nómada
rabbit a.k.a. nómada:
I just came here to say WHAT A GAME
schmong honnes
schmong honnes:
Nice graphics and really beautiful transitions and colours!
J M:
very much looking forward to Bielsa's tactics in the Premier League. Leeds will be fun to watch this season
ftblnatt Comps.
ftblnatt Comps.:
Keep up the good work guys, and can i get one detail video on juanma lilo
Anthony Bardill
Anthony Bardill:
@4:35 Can't not un-see Harry Enfield Klopp
i wonder if either klopp or bielsa watches this vid and uses it to alter their tactics before matchday
Obalolu Adaramola
Obalolu Adaramola:
Underrated video of this week 😍😍🥰
ankur srivastav
ankur srivastav:
Great insight and in depth information, nobody does football videos like Tifo, Great Work guys!!
Bilalze Binu haji Olat
Bilalze Binu haji Olat:
Its great analysis as always tifo products are set near perfection
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin:
EPL status: Soon
Axel Coker
Axel Coker:
Tifo's Graphics...
Summer time Sadness
Summer time Sadness:
Liverpool has too much quality to lose the game