Jürgen Klopp's pre match press conference | Liverpool vs Leeds Utd

Watch live as the Reds boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's first game of the season, as they kick off the defence of their Premier League crown at Anfield.

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100+ komentarze:

R G:
He’s the complete manager: intelligent & well spoken, highly respected, loved by home/away fans, special relationship with his players, positive & exciting style of play. We are so fortunate to have him as our manager, let’s enjoy the legend that is Jurgen Klopp!!! YNWA.
Bielsa Ball
Bielsa Ball:
Already thought klopp was CLASS... but after listening to this interview, there aren’t words to describe what a unique human being he is. 👏🏽👏🏽👍🏼 MOT
The fact Klopp is so respectful of the opponent is class. No mind games or any low blows like certain other managers. Top guy.
Andy Woody
Andy Woody:
(leeds fans) did not think klopp could be anymore respectful and humble! I stand corrected!! you can't help but smile when he speaks 😂
Chris Hobson
Chris Hobson:
I think we'll win but leeds are dangerous. And bielsa has worked wonders with leeds.... I must admit I'm happy they are back in the premiership.
Phillip Benavides
Phillip Benavides:
Drinking from his own coffee mug. Boss.
Arya Ghorbani
Arya Ghorbani:
We are going to win it again, don't worry.😎
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
Sign Thiago..Keep Gini. We need super strong depth !
Harv Biggest LFC fan
Harv Biggest LFC fan:
Sadio mane needs 16 EPL goals to reach 100 and he needs 19 to reach 100 Liverpool goals
Salah 25 EPL goals to reach 100 and needs 6 to reach 100 LFC goals
Roberto firmino 43 EPL goals to reach 100 and 22 goals to reach 100 LFC goals and they need to win 10 honours in total

Like if they do this they will become LFC and Premier league legends
Ducking Fuzz
Ducking Fuzz:
We need to win it again , 20 times 20 times F! united
That Mug... klopp knows how to sell merchandise lol
Rollrick Gaming
Rollrick Gaming:
This is how many Interviews Klopp and Bielsa will give, with a smile, next season
Tanay Tulalwar
Tanay Tulalwar:
You know what's more infectious than COVID-19......Klopp's Laughter!
Aza Zam
Aza Zam:
I hope gini will stay.. good player... all are good player
John Black
John Black:
Rumor said we offer €30 for Thiago but Bayern want €35. This channel have 5 million subscribers. So.... €1 each person is enough. Let go!
The way his face lit up when he spoke about Thiago
Craig Lawton
Craig Lawton:
Let's start strong and give Leeds a proper "welcome back" to the top flight.
This iconic and legendary liverpool FC club must imperatively pass Manchester United as it always has been!
Asheesh Banga
Asheesh Banga:
8:13 "The Muug" Brilliant!
Netty Andriani
Netty Andriani:
5 milions subscribers!!
Sven Lancaster
Sven Lancaster:
Boss took his happy pills. Great to see him relaxed like this - good sign for the team.
“Everybody wants to be champions, that’s no news to me, I knew that before!” Hahaha, brilliant.
From a Leeds fan I really respect klopp
Trevor Archer
Trevor Archer:
Yes boys let's do it again please...!!! YNWA 💯
It would be too bad for Liverpool to not recruit Thiago Alcantara. This player could be key for future successes
Ray Dignam
Ray Dignam:
Let's give Leeds a good a oul welcome back 3/4-0 and send a message out to rest of them,that this season is going to be the SAME AS the last 2, up the champions Liverpool
Love when he calls them "my boys" ❤
Fernando La Rosa
Fernando La Rosa:
i'm in minute 3 and i have to cut the video to say, i love this man, thanks god we have Klopp on our side
Sri Harsha
Sri Harsha:
Bielsa vs kloppo...🔥🔥🔥
Phufoilom ภูฝอยลม
Phufoilom ภูฝอยลม:
Liverpool fan club pay 5€ per person for thiago ?
Silver Steel
Silver Steel:
No mention of Klopp’s decision to colour match his glasses with his beard as opposed to the lesser spotted look of matching his glasses with his hair colour?
Come on lads hope we will keep our form and win another premier league title 👍😎🤙
Manh le
Manh le:
predict the score 3-2
Liam Van Rooi
Liam Van Rooi:
Pretty much confirmed Thiago. I can't wait.
Khoa Bert
Khoa Bert:
I love this man 💯🔴🔴🔴
Stuart Romero
Stuart Romero:
Master of the Universe, managing the World! 💪🏻
Nây• Maa
Nây• Maa:
19:00 , 12/9 day
Unknown Stranger
Unknown Stranger:
If Liverpool don't sign thiago we riot that man is the best out there seen his gameplay he would be like vandyik in midfield 🔥🔥🔥
João Maria Sátiro de Barros
João Maria Sátiro de Barros:
Good luck to Liverpool this season, I hope you are champions and win the champions league too.
To complete the cast pay attention to Gabriel Veron from Palmeiras.
Nick Barakat
Nick Barakat:
Love this guy. Very happy he is in the EPL.
A dig at Daniel Farke and Norwich XD
Electric Fence
Electric Fence:
if liverpool win again this season they are gonna be tied with 20 league titles with man utd :0
Neil Gregson
Neil Gregson:
We go again, with all we have... Jurgen, you are the Boss.
He’s drinking out of the normal one mug 😂
Nathan U
Nathan U:
Love Juergen , thanks for the respect you shown Leeds . Liverpool are awesome last season. Looking forward to us back in the big time with all the challenges it brings MOTD.
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
Atsuko Roberts
Atsuko Roberts:
LIVERPOOL will start this season like last season with a win, !
4-1 to the mighty REDS CHAMPIONS
Nur Zayn
Nur Zayn:
Finally 5million subscriber ❤️
Kane Reuben
Kane Reuben:
As a Leeds fan, I have so much respect for Klopp and Liverpool and he always make me smile. Really excited to watch both teams play today.
Mr Yahye official
Mr Yahye official:
We hit 5M ⚡💞💞💞✅
All the best for tommorow Jürgen I wish the best for you and Liverpool ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
John T
John T:
Welcome back Premier League !
Thobeka Gazu
Thobeka Gazu:
Guys i'm worried about this season its going to be really tough.
Leeds fan here, but can't help but smile when I see Klopp. Fantastic man!
Agnel Manoj
Agnel Manoj:
I watched the video just to know klopp's stance on Thiago 😆
Ibrahim Baimba Koroma
Ibrahim Baimba Koroma:
We need an obvious main addition to the quad for motivation factors
12:38 Thiago comment

EDIT: obvisouly it changed after the video was edited. So, now the time stamp is 2:21
Love you Liverpool, WE GO AGAIN
I simply love this man.
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan:
Jus here to confirm my FPL players 😂
Akhil Raghuram Iyer
Akhil Raghuram Iyer:
I'm going 4-0 liverpool. Come on!
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
Now im 100% positive that we are gonna sign thiago.
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman:
Glad to see Boss press conference LFC ynwa
Who's here after 4-3? 🙅🏽‍♂️
I just love his mag cup. How can i get that?
James Villis
James Villis:
I'm getting worried about us not signing anyone, as much as in trying not to
Arber Kurjuni
Arber Kurjuni:
You are already rich how much you want more 😂
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer:
Here we klopps the man for Liverpool best wishes .🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Azmier Abu Bakar
Azmier Abu Bakar:
The mug was a bigger issue than the match. 😂👏🏽👍🏼
Get Thiago soon.
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Come on Liverpool ! 🔴🔴⚽️🌍👍
Come on Botafogo RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️🌍⚽️🇧🇷👍
Brandon Chi
Brandon Chi:
I don't know why Gini must be sold to get Thiago. Both can can do well in the squad
Hey hey boy.. 😁😁
Jude Thaddeus
Jude Thaddeus:
Great manager.
ck Leung
ck Leung:
LIV becomes weak in this season, its sad to say.
Martin Costello
Martin Costello:
Best of luck all season to JK & his team. A truly great manager.
Apples Oranges
Apples Oranges:
So "THE NORMAL ONE"....has a sip of tea from the normal mug ☕ (gifted to him from the LFC Kitchen 👨‍🍳)...n just casually informs the media that he's had 400-500 talks with Gini n keeps mum 🤫 ...man am I gonna cry when he's gone...Such a respectful, humorous n happy spirit oozes class all the time...can't even comprehend wat would that fateful day b like without him 😭...

Let's attack the title again 🏆 ..
Kerisha Nayager
Kerisha Nayager:
Took a bit of time to answer about Thiago 🤔🤔😂😂
Comment your predictions
Mine is Liverpool 3 - 1 Leeds!
tshepang gm
tshepang gm:
He said something very important, we not defending the title we are attacking the title.
liverpoollllll ❤❤❤❤
Conaire Mclaughlin
Conaire Mclaughlin:
Liverpool 5. Dirty Leeds 1
Harv Biggest LFC fan
Harv Biggest LFC fan:
If klopp wins 1-2 more EPL and wins another 4 trophies or so and he’s trophy haul for Liverpool is 10 plus he will be a Liverpool legend and a premier league one

Like if u agree and if u think this will happen.
Ayushmaan Singh Nikumbh
Ayushmaan Singh Nikumbh:
Idc about gini going, mane rumors to barca scares me
BRX Channel
BRX Channel:
Liverpool 3 - 1 LEED UNITED
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists:
Tough first run of games, but we are up to it. Retain the Premier League and win the Champions League.
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman:
Premier League back tomorrow Premier League Champions Liverpool against newly promoted Leeds United hopefully fingers crossed Liverpool win come on you reds LFC ynwa
Rifaldo Palaska
Rifaldo Palaska:
Here's for another trophies this season
Matthew Diviney
Matthew Diviney:
Well done on 5 million subscribers
Come on u mighty reds ....... YNWA
D Joel Daniel Raj
D Joel Daniel Raj:
You are very great we need to talk soon
Liverpool 3 - 0 Leeds
(Chelsea fan) I need Liverpool to lose to Leeds.
Burung Hitam
Burung Hitam:
Lets win the league again like last season. I want us to walk the league like last season. No more heart dropping no more complencency win win win Come on you Reds!!!
Bu Rida
Bu Rida:
Sign Thiago and a CB. We need depth in case of injuries.
Aaron T
Aaron T:
5 mil subs
Topan Lazuardi
Topan Lazuardi:
Rapido Jorgë Klopp, goo Eugene Klopp, Los Jurgën Klopp
johan sukangto
johan sukangto:
FA winner vs EPL winner
Epl winner vs championship winner
Epl winner vs FA Runner Up
Cody Rudra
Cody Rudra:
If Kloop is confident that he doesn't want...
I'm with him
Team will be knowing that he trust them fully