Justice Online ( 逆水寒 ) First Impressions - "A NEW MMO, Is It Worth Playing?! (2018) [逆水寒OL]

Justice Online (逆水寒) is a NEW MMO just released into Open Beta, but after so many disappointments, is it worth playing?

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Justice Online ( 逆水寒 ) First Impressions - "A NEW Chinese MMO, Is It Worth Playing?! (2018)

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Play MHW again bro. Tempered cancerjho event is back and he misses you 😂
3:07 Ahhhhh so you know about Dynasty Warriors eh? Wait.....I feel like I heard you mention about Dynasty Warriors before. Maybe it's just my imagination.
Dude I love the beginning of your video with the rush hour clip fricking genius xD
prayas pandey
prayas pandey:
O-boi, you really like "Skipping", Did you also "Skipped" your life story?
Lloyd Chambers
Lloyd Chambers:
Hahahaha I really enjoyed this review, you made me laugh a lot, felt good . take care.
s c
s c:
The part when you said Bless ONLINE made my day..... nice kinda like revelation online story with upgraded graphics
KEVON Pierrot
KEVON Pierrot:
I really enjoyed watching this.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Polish Deebo
Polish Deebo:
Game looks interesting. The most reserved I’ve ever heard out of you and your videos but time will tell lol
Vera Rose
Vera Rose:
there's a second timer above the first that lets u skip early by pressing esc key after time is done
omar sameh
omar sameh:
lol just wait when people get massive disappointment when ( lost ark online ) become P2W in day 1
Wow... finally you are making a civilized review.
Only Tuuuurrraaaassshhhh
MangaComic Vibe
MangaComic Vibe:
This video was so funny lolz iove the game as well as graphics and design I haven't played the game yet .I see it's in Chinese bummer.....well let's give it a try! I'm all for outfits tbh
Kamel Kadri
Kamel Kadri:
Graphics are good, gameplay however doesn't seem all that much (haven't played it) all and all seems like title i will keep an eye on
Lord Pikachu
Lord Pikachu:
"Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters 2011"
Jiahua Zhou
Jiahua Zhou:
Thank you for the interesting video. Unfortunately this game is getting mostly negative feedback. The optimisation is actually terrible, much worse than moonlight blade. My pc (7700+1060) had about 30 fps in the main city with second lowest graphic setting. The daily quests are super boaring. What you will do is autopathing to your team leader (yes you can autopath to your teamleader) and kill some easy mobs and that's it. You cannot skip the daily because the rewards are great. The game offers four modes of control: action mode like bdo, classic tap targetting mode like wow, 2.5D mode like dota and whatever mode like whatever. This may sound interesting but it is not because the combat have to be designed in a way that playable in all modes and missing all the advantages of each mode. They tried but to me it didn't work. It seems like the developer don't know what exactly they want to make.
The game if free to try and start to charge for 0.6rmb (less than 0.1 usd) per hour after hitting lv34. It is somehow p2w because you can buy in-game currency with cash from other players. However, you will be good enought to enjoy all the pve contents if you are willing to spend 100-200 bucks. pvp? God bless you... Netease has another game that one piece of gear sells for thousands of bucks....
Anyway, I will play this game for a few more weeks and see if the pve contents are fun enough so that I can bear the boring dailies.
It’s a buy time card to play game atm, which is good. ( not like most other Chinese pay to win games)
Cedric Parker
Cedric Parker:
Spicy Chicken Served With Rice
Spicy Chicken Served With Rice:
All Chinese MMO are pay to win.
Looks like Revelation Online, same Hud and graphics o.O
Combat looks pretty similar to, aswell the autopathing, quest and chat hud, and auto equip.
Chiafade now
Chiafade now:
Ok enough of this. It's the weekend and tempered jho is back and he's daring you to use the hunting horn against him.😃
Why no english version? how tf im suppose to know what i have to do lol..
aramis rivera
aramis rivera:
Bro go play mhw again 😂😂
Ric Mark Buguis
Ric Mark Buguis:
Hey GG tempered picklejho is back and he's looking for you.
Eliza V
Eliza V:
Wow this mmo looks quite good... time to learn chinese I guess
Awesome Legend
Awesome Legend:
Looks like a worst version of moon light blade
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt:
Looks like a decent game, minus cutscenes
Yonathan Asefaw
Yonathan Asefaw:
I would never play this game, its 72Gb to download why?
The part about Tab targeting is wrong. This game lets you choose how you want to play. Tab targeting, click to walk like LoL, and even Action Combat. The Action Combat is really good.
Looks interesting your using the assassin class in the video. The guy with the instrument is the mage class. The spear is area attack but trash. The girl in is the high damage ranged attacker. Then there's the healer and tank.
Fiqri Rihyawan
Fiqri Rihyawan:
Why don’t u try guild wars 2 gg ? It’s a pretty good mmo
Ananta Smapan
Ananta Smapan:
GG try Path Of Exile....
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt:
This is PC,????
The game looks decent tbh
Satomi DC
Satomi DC:
how are u able to play a game that u totally cant read??!
n t
n t:
It’s actually a p2w+p2p🐷
Goh gamer I know MMOs are in a pretty bad state but which one do you like the most?
Chroma Prime
Chroma Prime:
syed gouse
syed gouse:
How to download this game mate
choose creamofsumyungman role 🤔🤔😲
J S:
Asian mmos are always terrible and doomed to fail in a global market.
But western mmo transcend culture because we don't inject our culture in them.
Omae wa mo shindeiru
Blade and Soul is the best Chinese MMO there is. Simply because I can create a character that can look almost like my character in this avatar.
mayumi wang
mayumi wang:
Riccardo Centonze
Riccardo Centonze:
when i see a mmo with auto path and auto equip i just uninstall it, boring. Manual MMOs are obv the better ones
Lord Pikachu
Lord Pikachu:
For those that thinks this game have potential and not p2w.... sorry to say my chinese friend just told me today its very p2w.
Zack Fair
Zack Fair:
since i didnt see this game sucks in the title i can tell u liked it. i might be wrong though.
OMG this game,逆水寒. not worth it.
Penelope Winther
Penelope Winther:
Really dissapointing to see such a bad reviewer having an audience. Sorry but it's just so lack luster, and you are hardly paying attention to anything :// just heard about the game so arent hyped or anything but sure this game deserved better than a guy complaining about cutscenes.
Bella Yang
Bella Yang:
I laughed way too much in one video
Forgive me for not knowing in advance but you do not like Black Desert? If you don't I was unaware of it so take it easy on me