Justice Online Healer Combat & Party Gameplay

Targeting styles available, isometric, action mode, classic, or hybrid.
Not really sure how I feel, the game plays a bit like Moonlight Blade.
http://n.163.com/ - PC - Wuxia MMORPG - CN - Open Beta - Semi F2P

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Kin Fin
Kin Fin:
Came here for the law suit
I think 2019 people is here to see what the f**k the $1.4 mil is on about x)
kkingkkilla 36
kkingkkilla 36:
1.4 mil for a character? For this game? Why?
Who came to see this game because of the law suit?
Chinese developers really know how to make top tier waifus.
will moore
will moore:
I wanted to see what game some guy spent 1.4 mil on
Your name in this game: 丝特帕露 (si te pa lu) hahaha nice translation
Sever Teran
Sever Teran:
Rofl you can just literally be a kite in this game.
6:42 i clicked here , wtf lol
6:56 whats the white rope thing? very interesting
It's pretty but the mobs are also pretty damn easy. Seems to be another boring grind simulator. Lost Ark is the only one so far that is beautiful and actually engaging with difficult bosses.
Browser Games
Browser Games:
Rumors that this game only became famous after the guy who spent 1.4 million on this game hahah
that one F3 ability is amazing, you're like an actual pocket healer xD
Polow BornFly
Polow BornFly:
Any news on if this would ever come to the west ? I would be a healer all day in this looks so cool
Only time where a lawsuit against a game helps the game with massive free PR :O
Hi, thank you for your review. after playing Justice Online for a couple of hours, the game prompts me to enter their national ID if not I will not be allowed to proceed with the game. I wonder how to continue with the game?
epic am gonna learn Chinese for this
Who needs to follow the Tank manually when you can just auto follow them with a skill now. :p
this looks pretty okay. im excited to see how chinese games develop
Okay. I think that's probably worth 1,4 million. I already had the fear that something was wrong with the player. 🙃
Devon Draco
Devon Draco:
reminds me so much of revelation. might want to play
that law suit was a huge advertising for this game hahaha
Even more than Blade and Soul, every character class in the game is a Wuxia movie archetype.

Can't count how often I've seen that sleeve fighting in Wuxia flicks.
Malvin Uruçi
Malvin Uruçi:
the flower in the middle looks exactly like the one in Revelation online wtf.
Katherine Shute
Katherine Shute:
Hey, how do you download the game? I downloaded the client but then when I try to patch it stays at 0mb/s and doesn't actually download. It's not downloading too slow, left it overnight and was 0mb/s when I woke up
That’s so cute
Hasvisal Chum
Hasvisal Chum:
What's your spec....I can't seem to run it smooth as you with i5 7300hq and 1060 max q 8 ram...
Looks amazing, but the question is...Is it like your generic MMORPG? I want something fresh so I hope this is it. I got hooked onto BDO action combat, but sadly it was too much P2C and grind was crazy. I hope this better than BDO.
Tentacless X
Tentacless X:
Steparuuu Ive been watching your videos for too long nooooow Steparuuuu please notice me Steparuuuu greetings and much love from Turkey love you Steparuuuu <3<3<3
is this game new? Why have i never heard of it it looks amazing
Filip Agrippa
Filip Agrippa:
These Chinesse martial arts MMOs look really nice, but they all also look the same. It reminds me so much of Moonlight Blade and some other games you featured on your channel, Step.
Vail Sekirei Uzume eeh :D
to be fair
to be fair:
Oohhh I never realized it before but seeing a 'minimalist' skill particle make this game looks appealing to me.
I love Mandarin Movie and 6:40 moment i wont play that game so much is any english version or i can create acount in asia? Free to Play? any link?
Daniel Bolivar
Daniel Bolivar:
The mobs looks so bored, they just stand quiet waiting for a ez die.
Rohit Das
Rohit Das:
I am here after hearing about the law suit
Let’s be honest we all here cause the lawsuit
Nikhil Sha
Nikhil Sha:
its one of those top tier games that leech on players wallets and then end up shelving it afterwards, not only that but dont release it internationally
Absolute Senpai
Absolute Senpai:
That's gotta be one of the ugliest mini map ive ever seen. Its even moving at like 15 fps lul
wow the game looks great.
Ken Ken
Ken Ken:
Game looks pretty cool tbh. Wouldnt mind spending 1.4 mil if I had the money to spend.
지콘GAME channel
지콘GAME channel:
good Game~
Azhar Shaik
Azhar Shaik:
Came here to see what's so special about this game that made the guy spend 1.4 million.
how can some thing be worth 1,3m in this game tho
我的i7 5700hq+970m的笔记本电脑不能玩这个游戏 😥
Alejandro Mang
Alejandro Mang:
ngl i'd spend 1.4 mil on this too
Ying Dong
Ying Dong:
I used to play these mythology- or kongfu-based MMORPGs in my motherland; got bored fast and eventually joined WOW and never looked back. They became pale and chore when WOW came to China, which was #1 game throughout many years and is still top 10 in China right now.

Button smash, peeled needle-like jaws, exposed long leg, huge eyes, pale faces, cute waifus, unreasonably large head short leg Lolis, unnecessarily-exposed outfits that are considered prostitution and criminal in ancient China . Epic games. Hundreds of them, go ahead and play.

MMORPGs need innovation. While matured games like World of Warcraft still stands in the peak there are countless Korean MMORPGs being produced without change of formula and are theoretically the same. Then follows Chinese MMORPG, whose industry is still trying to copy these formula due to the limitation of its own cultural and historical influence on Chinese developers, which limits their potential.
Filipe Fochier
Filipe Fochier:
Graphics perfect 😮
Its Kioh
Its Kioh:
Seems more ping reliant than Moonlight Blade
Mr X
Mr X:
way too outdated for my liking...
just for FUN
just for FUN:
Here for the law suit🤣
Rofl, someone has literally paid £1.4m to be a healing kite in a game....
Even their friend thought £400 was a good deal to be a kite 😂
keshav ichigo
keshav ichigo:
Wow i love this game does this game exist in the server of EUROPE OR SEA
There's absolutely NO weight in the combat. It's like you're hitting dolls made of paper.
Remus Baisan
Remus Baisan:
Steparu after you that mobile games rock at the moment?english versions?
Gentle Man
Gentle Man:
I want spend 1,3 Billion in this Game 😜
Chris Jamin
Chris Jamin:
When SEA?
Irvin AO Arts
Irvin AO Arts:
While they have beautiful combat and animation..the enemies are just damn horrible
Tom shiba
Tom shiba:
isnt this a super obvious moonlight blade online clone?
King Star
King Star:
How to download this game?
so any chance for eu/na market this game?!
Jonathan Ingram
Jonathan Ingram:
It's not also known as moonlight blade ?
apparently in this game you gotta spend around 60 bucks for one outfit/skin. ONLY ONE. I now understand how that guy spent 1.4 million on a character
Trinity Gaming
Trinity Gaming:
Is the gameplay the same as dragon nest?
this game looks so weird
Mark Lorence Munsayac
Mark Lorence Munsayac:
Not worth even my $1. Everyone looks the same lol, a kite.
Happy Life WISH
Happy Life WISH:
Can't get any more generic than this... 😖
music, menu bottom right corner and skill slot are copycat from swordsman online
5 button at right top corner are copycat from black desert online
This or Moonlight Blade?
Blade and soul with better graphics??????????
Teguh Aditya
Teguh Aditya:
For that amount of money, and see another gameplay of these games. Well the games itself is very beautiful, it's like Chinese painting, so beautiful... No wonder why the guys spends a lot of money on these games.
ali nobnaga
ali nobnaga:
No guild war ?? No mass pvp ??,ive been searching for a video of it but nothin
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones:
Visually it looks great. Graphics are very nice. Combat was nice and fluid. That healer class was pretty cool with using the sash to attack and whatnot.
Actual gameplay seemed pretty stale though. Literally just beating the shit out of dummy mobs and they get stun locked without a chance to attack.

That's what I like about the mobs in like BDO. You can kite a bunch around, and generally arent even difficult pre-50, but if you aren't paying attention they can kill you, but you also have the ability to dodge and position yourself unlike the traditional point and click mmo where if an enemy attacks you get hit period.

Hard to make out how the combat might be with challenging mobs in this game since you were able to just completely demolish every mob as a healer and they were stunned and knocked back by basic attacks.
Alex ander
Alex ander:
man spends 1.4 million
Cristian V
Cristian V:
Who would spend a dime on this?
What is your computer configuration?
is this class gender locked?
Marcelo Henrique Chaves
Marcelo Henrique Chaves:
I don't think this game needs a healer class...
WiNd Xu
WiNd Xu:
In the video game for 10 minutes, you don't need to cure that NPC. After killing the enemy, everyone should pick up a fire gun on the ground to attack the subsequent enemy (I'm not good at English, this is the translator's XD).
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot:
So where is the 1.4 million dollar character or did we get catfish?
Jake Cha
Jake Cha:
Honestly this looks super generic and oversaturated at this point. I've seen way too many oriental themed Chinese mmos that it just seems less and less polished as they keep pumping out more and more. They're quick cash grabs until the next oriental mmo they release and I highly doubt seeing any longevity in the majority of these games. Moonlight blade, Revelation Online, Ancient Sword Online, Legend of Chu Liuxiang, God Slayer Online, Swords of Legend Online, Twilight Spirits, Age of Wushu, and now Justice Online. Just a ton of edgy names and repeated content. Way too many mmos of this genre exist and I'm glad the majority of these aren't being being localized to the western mmo market since they give mmos a terrible name.
Andrew H
Andrew H:
Anyone have the timestamp for isometric? ._.
Almost all mmorpg looks like this, same genre, thats why it flops, seems like Dragon nest still better than this sorry
Kinniku Sensei
Kinniku Sensei:
does this youtube ever talk? if not why not? wtf?
N ight
N ight:
The enemies dont even fight back wtf looks so boring
Cory V
Cory V:
Looks a lot like Dynasty Warriors. O.o
Orbital Dew*
Orbital Dew*:
just came here to see if the game is worth the 1mil
Miyunas 1
Miyunas 1:
I really want to play this, but then I remember that I can only read 30% of Chinese... Is there a English version?
Mr Saki
Mr Saki:
i really love chinese mmo but the thing is they are way too expensive to play... In moonlight blade one single costume costs 80 to 100 dollars... and this game is even more rediculous as you have to pay for the amount of hours you play, which I think it was 2dollars per hours, last time i check.... thats like 100 dollars if you want to play for 2 days and if you like the costume u pay extra.....
Mo fu
Mo fu:
Nice kite btw!!
Aaron dimm
Aaron dimm:
it is very big game and needs 49G to download
Guys are there english available?
Lauder_Gen CHANNEL
Lauder_Gen CHANNEL:
Name game?
Another Game with such potential to be a very very very very good game. Like revelation online was. And so many other mmorpgs.
Just another fail tho... :(
Alaa prime
Alaa prime:
another cool game that will be released to the rest of the world other than asia in 5 years
This is a bad game!very bad in China!Chinese shame!(Please use Google Translate)
PVP,三十秒结束游戏,几乎每个人物都是站着打,每天服务器排队,要从早晨排到晚上,全是官方的AI在排。虽然说的是按游戏时间收费,可是里面的一切都要花钱,甚至连观看一个场景都要花钱,武器还有耐久度这种说法,身为一个Chinese ,我都觉得这款游戏是我们国家的耻辱。


Ксения Поцелуева
Ксения Поцелуева:
Dark Phantomv1
Dark Phantomv1:
If this hit ps4 might be better then tera. Just my personal opinion lol. I'm really loving the graphic of this game maybe o should get a pc
purple kitties
purple kitties:
How is it possible for graphics to look great but downright terrible at the same time? Something about this is just so bad...
TBH, except graphics, this game is totally trash. a good game need a solid gameplay experience. this game only has graphics, beautiful characters, that's it. you will easily get bored after you played 24 hours