Justin Bieber - Baby (Official Music Video) ft. Ludacris

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Baby feat. Ludacris.
VEVOCertified on April 25, 2010.

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_Honestly this is pretty good now that I compare it to YouTube Rewind..._
J Schwalb
J Schwalb:
Crazy how this has 14M Likes and 11M Disslikes
Siddhant Satao
Siddhant Satao:
let's see how many people watching this during Quarantine .
Help me to reach 10k subs with 1 video
Help me to reach 10k subs with 1 video:
Fun fact : Nobody know why this song got so many dislikes.
Baby: *most disliked video on YouTube*

YouTube Rewind: Nice place you got here...
Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez:
Omg brings me back memories when the world was not as horrible but it's whatever I guess
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
Fun fact: Nobody Cares what year you are watching this.
Help me to reach 10k subs with 1 video
Help me to reach 10k subs with 1 video:
This song technically ruled the world for a time.
Rising Star
Rising Star:
14 Million likes and 11 Million dislikes and 4.6 Million comments

Me: BRUH This is my first time seeing a Million likes and dislikes and comments
We made history
]ジョット] shut up
]ジョット] shut up:
ohh ok, I can't believe Justin Bieber in those days I liked him and I was a mega fan of him, oh god, and he loved this song a lot.
No won’t never make it I have cancer will u guys help me
Pritish Sarangi
Pritish Sarangi:
THIS VIDEO WAS MADE 10 years Ago n STILL GETTING recommended 👇👇 and IF YOU FIND MY COMMEMT then you are LEGEND 🙌
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
I am leaving this comment for future generations.
Vaibhav Kamble
Vaibhav Kamble:
Baby take 10 years for 11m dislike and sadak 2 take 20 hrs for 6mi dislike
We indian are really proud of our unity.
Mateo Cook
Mateo Cook:
Me 10 years ago: what the actual hell?
k-pop: exists
Me: OMG this song is lit BABY BABY OHHHH
It's 2020 and he is still a thing, I honestly didn't expect that.
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
Can't believe it's an old song now feels like yesterday.
Justin Bieber 10 years ago : simps for a girl

Justin Bieber now : girls simp for him
سلاير Slayer
سلاير Slayer:
10m dislikes and 10m likes, perfectly balanced as all things should be!!
Melvin Azor
Melvin Azor:
I used to hate this song. But now I love it because people hate it.
I'm a rebel
aliah parreño cuevas
aliah parreño cuevas:
Only justine bieber real fan can like this💚🖤🐉
Jayden Bland
Jayden Bland:
Who’s here in 2020 during COVID-19?
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
Let's see how many people are watching this in September 2020.
Aditi Jha
Aditi Jha:
Fun Fact : many people are here to watch the no. of dislikes after watching sadak 2's dislikes😂
*Why people have disliked it?*
*Many teenagers from all over the world has some childhood memories attached to this song* ❤️
Jerraldyne Yaneza
Jerraldyne Yaneza:
I can't believe that little kid is now merried
jesus is with us
jesus is with us:
The fact is the comment section is still active after 10 years
AQ Studios
AQ Studios:
When you realise he was still a kid when he made this-
Siddhant Dubey
Siddhant Dubey:
There's 4.6M comments if you find mine then you are a legend
RealChecco OG
RealChecco OG:
I put 11mln dislikes with my fake accounts xD
Bruno_ 687
Bruno_ 687:
when this video does not exist, THEN JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT FAMOUS!!!!
Jeanette Saunders
Jeanette Saunders:
"We will never ever ever be apart"
Quarantine: allow me to introduce myself....
ServerHide TV
ServerHide TV:
our team name is WE ARE THE BESTEST
our team name is WE ARE THE BESTEST:
I feel old cause next year this song will be 10 years old😭😭😭

Edit: Jeez 1.2k people watch this at 2 am in the morning and like my comments when they can’t sleep and this is on their auto play 😅
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
I will be back every year the next every decade so I can see this again. Remind me!
2020 : ✔︎
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Alim Abdul
Alim Abdul:
Let's be honest if the dislike button on your phone isn't blue you're a psychopath!!!
Moon Talukdar
Moon Talukdar:
He has progressed beyond his talent.
100%telent 💓💓jb 🤗🤗
Serenity Hernandez
Serenity Hernandez:
Who is here from 2020? And bro that girl is pretty
I can't believe people actually like this crap

Edit: I can not believe out of all the videos I've commented on YouTube my most liked comment was on a fricking justin bieber video
Nimisha Dixit
Nimisha Dixit:
How many of you dont care if people hate justin, and will still listen to this song?
Abigail das
Abigail das:
At last of the song he found his love and baby
Assassin Vector
Assassin Vector:
How does this song has 11 million dislikes
But it's so good even it's ten years ago
Legends will know To watch this
this is a masterpiece i don't get why people disliked it
david hunchoo
david hunchoo:
if your a glizzy gladiator like this comment
Help me reach 1k subs with no videos challenge
Help me reach 1k subs with no videos challenge:
Who else just randomly felt like listening to this
Yaziel Rodriguez
Yaziel Rodriguez:
Aqui esta el comentario en ESPAÑOL :> dale Like xD
Y everyone hate it it's actually a good song
Carmella Tufts
Carmella Tufts:
He owned the world for a while after this now it's the most dislike video on yt..
love yourself
love yourself:
I'm here after seeing disliked of sadak2 trailar anyone else
whos there in 2020!?smash that like button
Katsuki Bakugoo
Katsuki Bakugoo:
The 11m dislikes are people who were heartbroken by their first crush...
im a ravioli
im a ravioli:
*the dislikes are from the people who didnt like his bowlcut*
Mateo Cook
Mateo Cook:
Baby: I am the most disliked vid
Youtube: Hello-o
Here before Youtube Rewind 2018 passes this with dislikes? 🤣🤣🤣 ( UPDATE: Officially NOT the most disliked video on YouTube anymore 😂)
I am obligated to listen this song 1 hour ...
The worst challenge ...
Kaushik Kumar Sarma
Kaushik Kumar Sarma:
Remember the good old days when this guy's voice hurt our ears?
Me too cuz his voice is still the same.
sopla gomez
sopla gomez:
Just imagine how many people come everyday
Pandurang Divate
Pandurang Divate:
How ironic he said baby you will be always mine and in reality he had More than 7 relationship 😂
Nishal Verma
Nishal Verma:
Dont worry justin sadak 2 trailer will overtake ur dislike record in few days
lenkaa racković
lenkaa racković:
i remember being jelaous over this girl with black hair when i was in 2nd grade 😂
CynneMeinie Mochi
CynneMeinie Mochi:
can't believe I'm still addicted to this song, time pass but never gets old still a bop❤️
Everyone in 2020: "And just shake me til you wake me from this bad dream..."
2010 justin is fever and 2020 corona is fever ❤️ justin is my real fever
Hayden Lo
Hayden Lo:
Let’s be honest this wasn’t in your recommendation, you search for this
Sebastian Goral
Sebastian Goral:
As much as i hate this song its always nice to hear it just for the nostalgia and ur WHOLE ENTIRE CHILDHOOD when days were so CALM and PEACEFUL🥺
Marega officielle
Marega officielle:
if you listened in september 2020 come like❤
A song lads tell their mates they hate but dance around their room at night to it
EGHM. Cine De Culto.
EGHM. Cine De Culto.:
Desde que Justin Biber cambio ahora la gente le da like al video.
Trap King
Trap King:
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is coming for you
Framboise ou Fraise
Framboise ou Fraise:
Ariana Grande: i'm pickin it up
Selena Gomez: ok
Jose Brown
Jose Brown:
I’m surprised drake showed up for this video, but not the video shoot for “Versace” ft migos 🤦🏽‍♂️
StaR Galaxii
StaR Galaxii:
Justin Bieber is that one girl that no simp wants him.
Timo g. Geh mal schlafen
Timo g. Geh mal schlafen:
10 years later who is watching this must be a legend 😂
Jisung’s Jeekies
Jisung’s Jeekies:
Y’all I watching this in August of 2019 and I just realized drake was in the video
The Koala Playz
The Koala Playz:
The girl look like Vanessa Hudgens in “say OK”
Edit: btw this video is honestly a really good video
Baby: most disliked video on YouTube

YouTube Rewind: Nice place you got here...
What I really listen too when the bois aren’t around ..
Rolanda Thompson
Rolanda Thompson:
Justin bieber you have fun and you are the only person I know who will have to go with the house and I have fun and be careful and know how nosk you lmiss ok RolandaThompson pregnant baby ok RolandaThompson tomorrow lmiss ok RolandaThompson tomorrow morning friends and you are welcome
This song is 10 years old ,but the comment section is still active wow
Don Alonzo
Don Alonzo:
I dont get it why people hating this song. Can anyone tell me why?
sarah L
sarah L:
10 Years later we grew up and crushing on old Justin Bieber when he was a kid
The fact that the comments section is still active after 10 year's it's 🔥
J̷U̷R̷A̷S̷S̷I̷C̷ E̷Y̷A̷D̷ إياد عمرو
J̷U̷R̷A̷S̷S̷I̷C̷ E̷Y̷A̷D̷ إياد عمرو:
No No No. Forcing A kid To Do This?!

People: _Dislike button_
Kamal lochan Pradhan
Kamal lochan Pradhan:
Fun fact about Justin Bieber :
His highest liked song - Baby.
His highest disliked song- Baby.
world show
world show:
Only people who didn't get this from tik tok can like this comment.
there’s no way this was ten years ago- am I that old geezzzz
Taylor Inouye
Taylor Inouye:
Everyone: this song sucks 🥴 Drake fans: Ayoo, is that Drake? 🤨
Dʀᴇᴀᴍ•Boy シ
Dʀᴇᴀᴍ•Boy シ:
Imagine u are scrolling down to find this comment while we are in the 4.6M comments..
munna das
munna das:
2.1 billion views
11 million likes
10 million dislikes
4.6 million comments
wag 1
wag 1:
4.6 million comments if you found this i wish you succes and happiness
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
The fact that the comment section is still active after 10 years is lit.
Andris Herdian
Andris Herdian:
who is watching this song in 2020 Say attend ☝️
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker:
I came back 10 years later to undo my dislike, because this song gives me nostalgia for a better time.
Danny Boy gaming and sports
Danny Boy gaming and sports:
Who’s watching this while the Coronavirus is spreading?
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before The Vaccine's Launch
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before The Vaccine's Launch:
This hits different on mute.
Ricky Franklin
Ricky Franklin:
Justin has a nice voice when he was a kid
*Think about daily come here and listen this song.*
Abdul Rehmanvlogz
Abdul Rehmanvlogz:
I came to know this today that this song was released 10 years ago on my birthday and I was a huge fan of this song since I listened it in 2010 and after 10 years still I am listening this song