Justin Timberlake CAUGHT CHEATING With Co-Star Alisha Wainwright

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In today’s video, I talk about Justin Timberlake getting caught while acting pretttttyyy friendly with his Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainwright. He’s been married to Jessica Biel for 7 years and has been shading his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears for cheating for YEARS now—oh how the table have turned.

LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW IN THE COMMENTS → Is there any way that these photos & video are actually innocent? Or would you be mad seeing your significant other like this with someone else, even if there was no kissing involved?

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100+ komentarze:

Alisha is wrong for that and Justin is wrong for that Periodt. Ladies we need to do better to each other. What you do to someone will happen to you. We are all connected so please ladies don’t flirt with married men ... do better 🤦🏽‍♀️
As a married man, when a woman who isn't your wife places her hand on your knee or even further onto your thigh at a bar, there's no doubt what is happening. This seriously don't look good Justin.
Stephanie Everhart
Stephanie Everhart:
No woman better ever touch my husband like that
Janet Lovewell
Janet Lovewell:
That hand looks way too comfortable on his leg. She's done it before with him😮
"His eyes are dead. He is sitting in the corner contemplating every aspect of his life" I felt that.

LOL. Something I can't unsee now. LOL
Aidee Francisco
Aidee Francisco:
Her body language speaks for her and it seems like she likes him
Michelle Elizabeth
Michelle Elizabeth:
Where there's smoke there's fire, He's stone cold drunk, looks like things are a bit shaky at home
Kasabian Lavoe TV
Kasabian Lavoe TV:
Cry me a river will never be the same

Holding hands is the synch. Her hand has been there before.
her hands on his thighs and no cameras in sight ummm 👀🥴
siivous lista
siivous lista:
He might be drunk, but she is not.
Britney Spears loves to see it! Serves him right for always dragging my Britney
Although nothing happened, as a married man, nobody touches me like that and nobody touches or holds my wife's hand period. Jessica has a right to be concerned and upset with him. Yeah he was wasted, but no excuse. Maybe he and his wife have an open marriage, we don't know.
Brook53 74
Brook53 74:
Looks like the girl was trying to get him away from his handsy co star... SMDH
Now if the roles were reverse and that was a man coercing and touching a drunk girl like that we'd be up in arms screaming "me too."
Ramona Flowers
Ramona Flowers:
I feel like a Justin Timberlake hater but it's about time he got some poetic justice for stealing the narrative from Britney and Janet Jackson. It does not look like he is cheating though just drunk
Le Mystical
Le Mystical:
Okay BASICALLY, if you wouldn’t do those things in front of his wife, THEN why are you doing that when she is not there. Sketch.
Vanessa Leppelman
Vanessa Leppelman:
That's why you dont get drunk and party without your wife
Elaine P
Elaine P:
That woman knows he’s married!
Loren Willcutt
Loren Willcutt:
Definitely inappropriate. It absolutely seems like they've done this before.
If that was my husband, first why would he have his ring off and why is her hand moving from his knee to his thigh? Not divorce material but my gut tells me it's not the first time he's taken off his wedding ring. Plus this is very embarrassing for his wife.
siivous lista
siivous lista:
She showed how much she respects marriages
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma:
That level of comfort only comes when you’ve been there before. Such a shame
Ala M
Ala M:
Maybe him and Jessica biel are separated. Celebrity have a tendency of breaking up before telling the world.
K de la Cruz
K de la Cruz:
Why do I have a bad feeling that the media will protect JT? His PR machine is going to guard him 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Justice for Janet and Britney
Ari Greene
Ari Greene:
He so hammered. What is he going through? Usually people get super drunk when they are trying to forget about things.
He’s smacked 😂 send him home.
Ari Greene
Ari Greene:
Omg she seems like she is totally taking advantage of his drunkenness lol she knows he's attracted to her and she wants to get her flirt on lol
Adam Harb
Adam Harb:
After what he did to Britney and Janet, bad karma is finally getting to him
I wouldn’t say what they’re doing is exactly cheating, but at the same time I wouldn’t want my significant other doing that with a random person. And if nothing else, they look real comfortable doing that with each other and that makes me believe that it was done before not just for the sake of the movie
Mia Donna
Mia Donna:
Well he's always loved the coco, just ask Beyonce 👀
Freebie Babe
Freebie Babe:
He is sloppy drunk. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt right now.
Carmela Oro
Carmela Oro:
That man is drunk. And girl was still standing and more cautious! obviously just want to get some.
A little respect to his wife 🤨
island Phae
island Phae:
Hmmmm ......there is something there
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant:
Friend of not her hand shouldn't of been their.
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez:
Drunk or not I don’t start touching married men like that. And neither does my husband.
He's always been a cheater.
The fact that they will hold hands in public being celebrities, especially someone as famous as JT, knowing that every move can be caught by paparazzi, there’s no telling what has happened in private
Pamela Masuku
Pamela Masuku:
"this man is drunk your honor" yes. Yes he is.
I mean his wedding ring was off so there is a POSSIBILITY that he and Jessica are separated and we just don’t know but if that’s not the case then yeah we got a cheater and a home wrecker on our hands
Johanna Munoz
Johanna Munoz:
You can tell she’s that type of girl, that likes to be like by him, her body language screams touch me, see me, like me...no bueno
Jane DoeEyed
Jane DoeEyed:
Look how excited she is lmao she thinks she boutta be his next baby mama like nah you just the other unsympathetic selfish shallow woman
Rosmery Guerra
Rosmery Guerra:
“Cry me a river will never be the same”
bella belle
bella belle:
he got the proverbial 7 year itch.
Nirvana Crown
Nirvana Crown:
Ya know... It's crazy how we love to gossip about other people business when at the same time got shit going on our lives
Cee Bee
Cee Bee:
Hes drunk 🤷🏻‍♀️
Didso Lv
Didso Lv:
ooh no that hand on the knee mmmhmmm she is banging him or maybe they are just cousins pffffft
L Deleon
L Deleon:
Angelina Jolie did the same thing with Brad pitt
Gina Vecta
Gina Vecta:
It’s the woman mistake! She’s taking advantage if his drunk! She knows his married but still flirting with him!
Stephanie Monroy
Stephanie Monroy:
He looks very drunk or high , she don’t and that women is disrespectful touching hands with a marry men
Cali Cat
Cali Cat:
Pfft. Who’s that “source”?? Justin?! Pics don’t lie, ppl do!
5th Best Carter
5th Best Carter:
The hand holding looks weak. Those weren't interlocked fingers. But you cant put your hand on the thigh meat. No ma'am.
en cee
en cee:
I feel like he was REALLy drunk and she might have been taking advantage but some people are just more touchy feely when they are drunk. The thigh rub was suspicious 🤔
Adriana Vc
Adriana Vc:
This married man with kids spent a whole decade slut shaming Britney Spears for cheating on him when they were teenagers
Saartje Lepel
Saartje Lepel:
that girl is disapointed the other girl took him away
Kasabian Lavoe TV
Kasabian Lavoe TV:
Can’t lie you did that lol
Jill Seufert
Jill Seufert:
both wrong, speaking as a lady though, I'm disappointed she thought that was ok. we don't do that to each others husbands, not real women, real women respect other women's situations. same with men, real men respect someone's situation. all I know is if I were Jessica I'd be heated for embarrassing me like that.
Christen Sanders
Christen Sanders:
He looks drunk and touchy feely as hell
Sid Cerise
Sid Cerise:
“Contemplating every aspect of his life”
banana aya playa
banana aya playa:
it's funny how everyone's going after that woman, but won't mention the fact that it was indeed justin who you can clearly see grabbing her arm, and pulled her arm in to rest over his knee to touch him lol smh
King Rich
King Rich:
"Even though this dosnt show cheating cheating " why is the title "Caught cheating" ? For more views right.
Isn't year seven considered to be a hurdle? Why isn't anyone talking about this second girl pulling on him? What is her motive? Alisha is definitely wrong. Comfort is one thing, but this is too much touching going on.
Dena Martinez
Dena Martinez:
Remember he didn't really want to marry her anyways
Right he forgets his jewelry which is his wedding ring something that he puts on every day but he doesn't forget his hat?...Lmaooooo naw....
Johanna Munoz
Johanna Munoz:
Ummmm if any girl touched my husband like that, I would flip!!!! Dude no!
Miss D
Miss D:
Alesha isnt right for that, he looks totally wasted, part of me feels this is innocent but could have been done differently with the placement if her hands
Liv Ann
Liv Ann:
No it's not taken out of context we all see what's going on hand holding and hand on thigh are all signs of affection all inappropriate if you're married. His wife I'm sure is livid right now!
She hi key looks like Alisha Keys 🎹 🔑
maryam mure
maryam mure:
Y'all seeing the video? Omg. I watched it again and I noticed when he grabs her hip she smiles and looks around all nervously and then they look at each other and he says Yeah I know, As he winks at her and then looks right st her Again. Wow. So this means they wanted to touch each other but couldn't cuz of other people around. Holy shit. The yeah I know gave it away that these two are getting it on.
Sid Cerise
Sid Cerise:
Lmaooo. I love your commentary. 😂🤣😅🤣
I blame the woman more though. He is drunk and this lady is all up on him! He’s a married man! He shouldn’t have got so drunk though too :/
Donna Lorusso
Donna Lorusso:
He looks like he’s drunk, and not realizing what the hell he is doing?
Ebony Wales
Ebony Wales:
"This man is drunk your Hounor" 😂😂😂😂😂
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler:
Definitely caught
Naadirah Khan
Naadirah Khan:
If I was he’s wife I would be calling my divorce lawyer real quick
Vu’s Views
Vu’s Views:
I’ve hung out with plenty of male friends and never put my hand on their knee or held their hand. People who claim it’s innocent is trying to bullshit the public.
She's just ready to be his mistress because no woman in her right mind would allow a married/taken man to get that comfortable with her. I wouldn't do this because I wouldn't want his wife to beat my as.🤷
J. Rambo
J. Rambo:
He is holding his glass like: is that the glass i had a piss in^
Cherita Explains It All
Cherita Explains It All:
Not contemplating every aspect of his life 😂😂😂 he’s still bae 💕💕💕
Kushmael McFlurray
Kushmael McFlurray:
They were holding hands bruh🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s obvious what’s going on here...🙄
Yeah no. Her hand on his knee, than inner thigh, then holding hands.... That's some b.s. something's up. Mmhmm.
shahin shahkar
shahin shahkar:
So honest opinion from someone whos fairly an expert on flirting and f***in around...
There is 100% something going on romantically between them
Jessica beil is to good for this shit!!!
What goes around...
Comes around....
This song came to mind
That hand-hold was very casual; it says a lot. Body language is everything.
Mario Jason
Mario Jason:
Well i guess it's only a matter of time folks! 🤣
clove 1971
clove 1971:
I think the actress likes jt and took advantage of the situation due to him appearing to be drunk. Of course jt should have made better choices that day as well
Angel Eli
Angel Eli:
I instantly disliked the both of them when I heard the news, especially Justin.
Andrea Brantley
Andrea Brantley:
😲...💭 Look like Alisha trying to get a black-eye!🤨👊🏼 / No, but really I think Justine a alright dude.(he was drunk.)🤷🏼‍♀️😬
That’s what he gets for getting married. Maybe he’ll learn now.
U might be on to something lol
I'm 29 going on 30 and I've never been drunk before but from what I see from other people is they tend to be less conservative with what they do or say when they're drunk. If we know that alcohol impairs people's judgement, consciousness, and certain physicalities, why can't it be an excuse. We could stop drinking altogether to avoid the risk of these things but is anyone gonna do that?.. No. Your ability to make rational decisions and abstain from making mistakes are paralyzed when you're inebriated. If Justin did something, he's wrong. but the alcohol shares some blame right?
baby 1
baby 1:
She's feeling right at home with him, look how she looks at him,all smiling,if she wasn't sure he was on board in this with her she wouldn't have slide her fingers on his leg...and he doesn't seem to mind at all,he even holds her arm and later holding hands with her...what a looser...this is the only situation where I'm glad there are paparazzi every where .
Emily Lee
Emily Lee:
Saw the actual video , nothing innocent about that, he grabs her hand with two hands too.
Oh this tea is hot! But idk what to believe
Rosemary Etnee
Rosemary Etnee:
His cheating alright
Maybe she’s a good friend supporting her costar by holding his hand while he’s going through a hard time and drunk. His body language seemed really upset
Jimmycar Jean
Jimmycar Jean:
This whole thing is wacked, find something else to you’re not good at it.
Paulette Jordan
Paulette Jordan:
She reminds me of a younger version of Alicia Keys.