Justin Timberlake CHEATING Scandal! There's Photos And Video! Plus, A Sad Demi Lovato Exclusive!

Poor Jessica Biel! Publicly humiliated by Justin Timberlake's inappropriateness! All the breaking info out of New Orleans of his relationship with costar Alisha Wainwright! Plus, has Demi Lovato relapsed from her sobriety? That's what I'm being told. All the details on that here. Watch! Enjoy! SHARE!

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Justin Timberlake CHEATING Scandal! There's Photos And Video! Plus, A Sad Demi Lovato Exclusive! | Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

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Perez Hilton And Family:
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Sonia Ortiz
Sonia Ortiz:
2002 Britney: “... and this song’s my sorry”
2019 Britney: “well well well how the turntables”
Tatiana M
Tatiana M:
He was so hurt when Britney cheated on him, and he goes and does this? What a hypocrite, and how stupid can he be?...
All I have to say about JT is....
maryam mure
maryam mure:
He's a cheater. He cheated on Britney too. He cheated on Jessica biel with Olivia Munn. He's a serial cheater. Wow. Not shocked at all.
His fans said it looks innocent lol. How is it Innocent when the girl got her hand on the married man's knee and they holding hands. Wow. Not that innocent.
Oops he cheated again!!
Jessica Biel is too classy for this messy bs. Shame on him.
M M:
"I'm so upset because I wanted to make money off of this story" 😂 love it
Tootie Ramsey
Tootie Ramsey:
No one puts their hand on a married mans thigh especially in public when they're just friends. I would chop my husbands leg off.. and I think you know which leg I mean...
Fay A
Fay A:
Britney Spears also said that he cheated on her too, it was a mutual thing they both did yet he made it look like she was the one cheating.
Ashlee Taylor
Ashlee Taylor:
Crazy as hell after he’s tried to drag Britney for over a decade for allegedly cheating
Shamey Ames
Shamey Ames:
Oof. A little Karma for Justin? All theses yrs after him publicly outing and humiliating Britney in various ways, sex shaming her, talking about it/her every time he needs to promo something all these decades later, HE gets publicly caught cheating . Hmmm, wish I felt worse. Cry me a river Justin.
Tra Rai
Tra Rai:
If my hubby was caught with his arm around some girls waist, holding hands, hand on his knees, I promise you he will have a gender identity issue when I got done with him! Hope Jessica leaves his butt!!!
And let’s insert BRITNEY - WOMANIZER. 😂✌️
jklmn ghjk
jklmn ghjk:
Britney spears ft jessica biel -cry me river
Justin’s guilty af in those pictures and video. Not a good look, though this wouldn’t be the first time he’s cheated on Jessica Biel.
Jt has been miserable after britney spears, he was a jerk calling her names and what not .... karma is a Bisssh 💯 #NobodyWantsFakeLOVE
Meghan Kennedy
Meghan Kennedy:
when K fed cheated on Britney, Justin made that song what goes around comes around..

how quickly he forgets....
Kerri Burgess
Kerri Burgess:
That “Cry Me a River” rendition 🤣🤣🤣

Honestly, that’s all I could think about too when I heard the news, haha
Lavender Kat
Lavender Kat:
I am sure you don’t remember but back when you talked about him not doing cochella I said a comment that you actually liked! I said it’s cause it’s Hoechella and he can’t be trusted!!! I WAS RIGHT!! He is a cheater always a cheater!
🎶 ✔ Oops! He cheated again
He played with her heart, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops, he think he's in love
That he sent from above
He's not that innocent...
no no
no no:
Shame about Demi, but until she breaks all ties with toxic people she will keep falling. Addiction is a lifelong battle, but until you're serious about quitting, it's impossible to overcome.
Anti Afro Svengalis
Anti Afro Svengalis:
Timberlake has always cheated. Nothing new!
If my husband was doing any of that he gonna be missing a member.
kels bels
kels bels:
Regarding Demi:

I feel like she is using other substances too soon after her recovery, I think if she was 5 - 10 years down the line, she could try to smoke weed... but I think it’s a lil too soon, ya know?
Nana Nana
Nana Nana:
And he was pretending to be an angel and showing that britney is the cheater
I saw a couple of the pictures of Justin and it looked like he wasn't wearing his wedding ring.
Wily Grz
Wily Grz:
Jessica stalked hin when he was still with Cameron Diaz and she caused their break up.
Dont get married period.
steph likes cats
steph likes cats:
Ok. Heres what I think in regards to demi... if it's TRUE, she is hopeless. She is going into these situations knowingly. She is asking for the chaos and inner wars. My understanding is she was a drug addict that also abused alcohol when she could not get a drug fix. I feel that weed wont necessarily do any harm - you cant get alcohol poisoning or seizure from it. But the alcohol part is a red flag... I hope this isnt true. She just keeps asking for the same sinusoidal life where she finds some type of love, involves in partying, fires people, gets help, starts over again.
Leigh loves Simon
Leigh loves Simon:
What goes around comes around lol. Now he can't say nothing about our Brit🧐
Colleen T
Colleen T:
JT never wanted to get married anyway; a tiger doesn't change his stripes.
Kimberley watson
Kimberley watson:
Justin been cheating though...🤷‍♀️
Bad Gyal VeVe
Bad Gyal VeVe:
Justin was way too comfortable with his co-star he could've been drunk but she was stroking his leg and his inner thigh.
On the move
On the move:
Oh yawn. Justin has always cheated on her. You live in Hollywood Perez. You know this. Also, did you see the video? He was drunk af. And he's always liked black chicks. Ok bye.
maryam mure
maryam mure:
This is Jason Aldean and Brittany all over again. Y'all remember when Jason was married to that chick and he was seeing flirting and getting hot and heavy and he was heavily drunk with his current wife Brittany? Y'all dont remember that. It was similar situation. Wow. He too was caught cheating on his wife with another girl. A younger girl. And JT is doing the same thing. All I know is Britney is so glad she dodged a bullet haha. She even said marrying Justin would have been the biggest mistake I would ever make.
Now we know what she meant. Wow.
This dude acts weird almost unstable ...... What a goof 😂
Chele Bowns
Chele Bowns:
Caught my ex with his hand on some chicks knee, he told she was his cousin 🙄
You cannot drink or smoke weed if you’re sober. Absolutely not. She’s an addict plain and simple. It’s just not smart or safe to test those waters.
Reyes Ebana
Reyes Ebana:
I said it on her last book that she wasn’t done but her people came after me 🦹‍♂️
Is anyone shocked really womaniser for sure.
I'll tell you even if it was to be "innocent" it is extremely inappropriate.
You do not touch someone like that when..
1 you are in a relationship &
2 when that person is in a relationship with someone else.
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny:
Justin is not into Jessica. He broke up with her before they got married, but she wouldn't go away. He been cheating, just got caught. He'll be very careful next time lol
Linda Womeldorff
Linda Womeldorff:
I never could believe how they were together...such an odd pair. But they are married and he should respect their marraige. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. Such a bastard if its true...
Avery Crosson
Avery Crosson:
Just saw the pics... Oof. There’s definitely something going on between them. 🥴
Second Opinion
Second Opinion:
PR is trying to say that Justin was drunk, he came out and said the same. So I guess it's okay to get handsy when you're drunk, dont most affairs don't happen that way? Wow
Karina Rosales
Karina Rosales:
Jessica Biel es mucha mujer para ese hombrecillo. Stay strong Jessica!
Shay G
Shay G:
Even if she was “just helping him home..” it still looks bad. Justin shouldn’t have been to a bar without his wife. He should have kept his ass at home. My best friend’s soon to be hubby was drunk once before and yeah I helped him to the car, and my hands was around his waist, HOWEVER.. he kept his hands in front of him, and he was VERY respectful about it.

*Edit* he didn’t have his wedding band on. That would be a HELL NO.. if I were Jessica. You can drink and have fun, but don’t get that trashed without your wifey. Like I said he should have kept his ass at home. Don’t drink into oblivion, and be handsy with another female that isn’t your wife. My friend’s boyfriend was that drunk, and he still knew better. She asked me to go pick him up because she was working. Idk it just looks wrong.
Idk he looked like he was on drugs sitting there- I didn’t see anything that said he was cheating.

Demi can not stay off the addiction and still drink alcohol and smoke weed- nope. Someone call Dr Phil
Shay G
Shay G:
I’ve always said Jessica pressured him into marriage. They were off and on before they got married. A ring never will change him honey. Justin seemed like the type to never settle down.
Natalie Burns
Natalie Burns:
I laughed out loud when he started singing cry me a river 😂😂😂😂
Carm 22
Carm 22:
I hate to hear that about Justin. He should know better.
Thanks for a great video Perez!!!❤️❤️
Kelle Nicole Smith
Kelle Nicole Smith:
He also cheated on Jessica Biel with singer Ciara after working on Love Sex And Magic video shoot
And Jessica and Ciara had a beef over it. They strongly dislike each other I wonder if it was true and not just a trashy tabloid story
elba carrillo
elba carrillo:
“.... Cry me a river (Justin).” Hypocrisy at its finest.
Elizabeth Castillo
Elizabeth Castillo:
The part where you suddenly sing cry me a river got me by surprise. 😆 Timberlake is disgusting for doing that to his wife and child.
D.L. L.
D.L. L.:
He looked really drunk. It seemed like the other chick was getting more action.
Cheaters are freaking RUDE
Lolita Delaware
Lolita Delaware:
‘Cry me a river’ never rang so true!!!! 😂
Jacqueline Milowski
Jacqueline Milowski:
Whoa, Perez! You're serving the hot tea AGAIN!
Emily Lee
Emily Lee:
Nothing new, he has always cheated on Jessica
KEENster D
KEENster D:
Well it's not the first time he's cheated on Jessica sorry to say.
Kylie*KittenStar* B.E. T
Kylie*KittenStar* B.E. T:
The Marriage was over for a little while now. They are pretending to be happy! I can see they are not happy! Justin
Is not happy. He has been seeing and talking to other women! I know he has! Just a feeling!! You can tell! He is so handsome everyone women wants him! 💕💌
Natalie Grace
Natalie Grace:
Hehe Justin deserves it Justin Bieber will get it too
Isabella Estrada
Isabella Estrada:
Perez: I LOVE YOU, love your signing style!!!!
Courtney Devlin
Courtney Devlin:
❤❤ you Perez ... Also on demi i really love how you worded it and your genuine concern for her ❤
Lorraine Da Silva
Lorraine Da Silva:
Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson:
He’s not wearing his ring!! 😅
Lapzul Music
Lapzul Music:
Lol this is my first time watching your videos. Im watching some more ;)
Dude was literally wasted. It didn't even seem like he knew where he was even at. It didn't seem like anything sexual at all or that he was even into her.
What is disgusting and disrespectful is "the unnatural sex between two men." ...NOT the circle of life.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
Very sad, I hate to see a marriage breakup. As far as Demi is concerned, she'll probably backslide several times, before she gets it right. But, hanging with users and addicts is the WRONG approach.
ALL men in hollyweird to the random dude who works at walgreens cheat!!
Men are all the same not surprised.
They all cheat until caught 😒
Robin Nightwing
Robin Nightwing:
Perez Hilton's, "Cry Me A Sarcastic, River!", on ITUNES......I wish!🤘😄🙃❤
Ida Diane
Ida Diane:
Your reaction at 3:10 to 3:19 is EVERYTHING!!!
G Bear
G Bear:
I love Perez Hilton he’s amazing !!!
Jaclyn Monique
Jaclyn Monique:
Love you!!!! SO happy to be in an era where YOU deliver the gossip lol God bless you and the kids!
I don't want to see Demi loose this battle. Prayers for her!
Demi has the addiction gene. Hard to handle. Lifelong thing.
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan:
I’m binge watching with my cuppa tea ☕️❤️🥰
B daily
B daily:
Damn Demi gonna die if any of this is true
I thought they had an open relationship. I’m not surprised that either one of them have something extra going on.
Greice Salazar
Greice Salazar:
I love you Perez, thanks for the exclusive. Smh on the justin thing, i mean even if they were separated there hasnt been a statement. Thats still ur wife and the Mother of ur child. I mean classless
KAB 2020
KAB 2020:
Jessica was his quick rebound after he and Cameron Diaz broke up. I remember he hooked up with Jessica after the Grammy awards after party and he pounced. Jess has so much class and he in my opinion not that handsome or talented. Sux for him.
Perez! Youuuuuu just keep getting hotttter.. Zaddieee!
I am here for the tea and I get to see youuu! 😍😍😍
Rebecca Tsien
Rebecca Tsien:
Ugh! Hope that’s not true about Demi :(.
Sure didn’t get a good feeling about the new boyfriend though...he looked a lot like the drug dealer who left her for dead not too long ago
baby sinclair
baby sinclair:
Hi Perez! Happy weekend! I know you have to report on the Demi Lovato stuff bc of your job but I can’t stand her & could care less. But I love you so I am watching to support :) xoxoxoxox
Yeah and Biel has been seen wlw smooching over the years on the dl so not sure she is as worked up over this as people outside of their open (?) relationship.
Wonder Momo
Wonder Momo:
No Demi she’s my fav I pray she doesn’t do drugs again she’s so beautiful and talented and young we understand your young and want to party but I feel it’s too soon for her to be exposed to drinking and smoking weed and that dude as her man who prolly knows her drug situation should help her not bring her down with him
Damn! that’s some boiling hot tea sis- hope Demi is ok
Valerie Michaels
Valerie Michaels:
Ahh wish you got to release this story first! At least you had fun at the game ♥️
Lin Jones
Lin Jones:
I Don't Think It's Going To Be A Huge Issue🌻Several Hollywood Couples Have "Open Marriages"🌹💗
Amanda Alves
Amanda Alves:
Cryyyyy Me A River , Justin 😂

so ironic 😍
staci cornbread
staci cornbread:
i do not think her using marijuana would be an issue, but alcohol is another story bc it impairs judgement and for an extended period of time.. so yeah it is very worrisome🖤🖤🖤
melnyc belo
melnyc belo:
He’s about to release new music so pleaseee and they are doing that outdoors. That’s all planned
Lady Kiowa Warrior
Lady Kiowa Warrior:
Lmao 😆 cry me a river🎼💦💧😂
I’ve seen the video and if that was my husband i would be devastated. That was not innocent at all no friends touch each other like that specially being married.. there is definitely something going on there. The way she reacted when he touched her waist seemed like they’ve been doing stuff already and she was like no not here.. I saw that Jessica was still wearing her wedding ring and she probably knows it’s true but chooses to pretend its not. even if he said nothing happened. It’s evident. So sad
The Blue Ninja Ninja
The Blue Ninja Ninja:
Justin marriage probably ended long. We just don't know about it yet. Because it dont seem like him to take such risk in public
cheating in hollywood?? that shocking; i love your harry styles gif btw
Wane felicia
Wane felicia:
If they break up i wonder if tay would go for him 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Anika Joy
Anika Joy:
I am a recovering drug addict .... Opiates were my drug of choice. I smoke weed and have been clean from heroin for over 3 years.
Posty Fan
Posty Fan:
Idk I’ll take her doin that over that other stuff smh