Juventus 0-1 Empoli | Empoli stun the Allianz Stadium as they defeat Juventus | Serie A 2021/22

Leonardo Mancuso scores his first Serie A goal in Empoli’s triumphant trip to Turin | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ komentarze:

Juve need to resign Andrea Pirlo. As a midfield player of course 😅
Yuri Bezmenov stan account
Yuri Bezmenov stan account:
127 goals and assists in 132 games.
Juventus blaming Cristiano for not winning a CL is like a family of 11 people blaming the sole bread earner of the family for not putting more food on the table.
ashish boora
ashish boora:
Man how GOAT scored 29 league goals with no midfield is class apart!!
Arun Jose
Arun Jose:
I used to watch Juventus highlights to see Ronaldo goals. Now I watching the highlights to see Juventus struggle without Ronaldo 😂
Smart Boy
Smart Boy:
Chiesa is attacking all alone.
Chiese: Will you guys help me out?
Other teammates: I missed the part where that's my problem
Bob Abraham
Bob Abraham:
Juve team's
Goal Keeper : Szcheny
Defender : Chiesa
Midfielder : Chiesa
Forward : Chiesa
pasantos Jacinto
pasantos Jacinto:
One of Juventus problem was not to built a strong team when CR7 came. They let some great players go and did not bring the same quality in. CR7 does not need to be defended, he is is one of the greatest ever and his numbers in Juve prove that.
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina:
When Chiesa is accelerating with the ball not a single runner in support, this is what Allegri's tactic is.
Siyabonga Kunene
Siyabonga Kunene:
Thank you Juventus for giving us back our player🙏. Can't really believe that you would chase CR7 away. But thanks any way. Can't wait to see him in red again.
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming:
If Ronaldo was here Chiesa would have alot of passing option. Ronaldo always sprint in the attack but these Chiesa teammates just jog lol
Meidian Media
Meidian Media:
Chiesa: *initiates an attack*
Other Juve players: "You got it, boy! Score a goal for us!"
nishant gautam
nishant gautam:
Yeah yeah yeah, Cristiano was the problem as we can clearly see 🙆🤷
Finally we've got rid of the problem, and we can see the result, GOAT Team, with GOAT coach 🔥😎
Siyabonga Kunene
Siyabonga Kunene:
Chiesa! What a player! His father was one heck of a player but I believe the son might be better.
Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari:
The most underrated forward europe currently, federico chiesa..When he got the ball,everybody was like this guy has the ball,lets take a nap
Bharath Krishnan
Bharath Krishnan:
Thank you Man United for rescuing my King from these finished frauds.
Garrick Kidd
Garrick Kidd:
Chiesa now realizing what Ronaldo had to deal with being the only attacker most times.
Mikhil Manoj
Mikhil Manoj:
Now every one can understand how much important was cr7 for juve
Juve didn't even post a goodbye in any social media platforms
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh:
Allegri : I'll make Dybala centre of my project

Ronaldo : LOL
Diego Bonaventura
Diego Bonaventura:
“Cristiano had so much help at Juventus” 🤣
UCL Highlights
UCL Highlights:
cheasa- forward
Juventus 💩💩💩
Chiesa: "I'm attacking, come help me attack my squad friends"
Juventus: "What is attacking?"
austin aaron
austin aaron:
Cristiano was like a band aid for a wound that was festering ,as long as he was at the club he carried them and masked their weakness now that he is gone ,Juve can't hide their weakness and also lost their greatest weapon
Alan Cantu
Alan Cantu:
Chiesa is quickly becoming a world class attacker
When Chiesa gets tired of it and eventually leaves this team will be fighting for Top 10 if they continue at this rate
xpress mathonsi
xpress mathonsi:
seeing how old Ronaldo is and the number of goals he scored for this team. Surely they now know what they lost
arrijal rifa'i
arrijal rifa'i:
And they still said Alegri is the answer for Juve's declining. Just see how he will go with this current Squad. Plus, they still sacked Ronaldo. Even Sarri's Lazio is better than this team. bet me
Well I am definitely shocked. Congratulations to Empoli for a huge upset win over Juventus. Juventus has to step it up.
Certified Gamerboy
Certified Gamerboy:
"Ronaldo was holding them back they said." Funny stuff 🤣
Satya Yala Reksanegara
Satya Yala Reksanegara:
As an Inter fan, i know what Ronaldo feel to carry all of this deadwood every season
Aiman Man
Aiman Man:
Best performance by chiesa.such hardworking player.
onytha rahayu
onytha rahayu:
Jose about Cristiano :"Juve have managed to get nuclear ammunition but they don't know how to use it"
Dawa 24
Dawa 24:
Happy for Empoli 🤙🏻
Chiesa please come to Man United
He will win trophies and medals here 💪
Juventus loss makes me happy
GL to Juventus fans, enjoyed watching football with them for 3 years. Great club but unfortunately the midfield is just in shambles and the games are just unwatchable.
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Hahahahaha No Ronaldo No party😆
Basically just chiesa tried to attack and always alone. Any player helped him. It’s really a old way to attack.. no game no ball possession…just chiesa. I understand Ronaldo ran away …
abhi k
abhi k:
chiesa is a talent, he also improved a lot while playing alongside ronaldo, Rest of the players are not even worthy of serie b.
Karthic Venu
Karthic Venu:
Dybala's been on the decline for the past couple of seasons...such a talented player...needs a move desperately imo.
what the f is in bowl meal??
what the f is in bowl meal??:
Chisea was the only juve player that played last night. Now I know why Ronaldo want to leave the club 😒
Yayang Dendi J
Yayang Dendi J:
They said without Ronaldo, Juve can play as a teamwork. But they are forget that Ronaldo finishing is the best
"You never understand what you have unless it's gone"

If Ronaldo had still wore that black and white yesterday, Chiesa wouldn't be doing everything alone and Juve would be winning the match.

Feel sad for Chiesa, his future is dark and getting rotten in this club, feel even sadder for Ronaldo.. man was playing with a dead team and still giving them wins and 30 goals a season. Next season, hope a top club gets hand on Chiesa and he goes for it leaving the burden behind.

Viva Ronaldo and Forza Chiesa 🙏🏿
amin sarabi
amin sarabi:
When you put all pressure on cr7 and blames him for everything this happened.. he left... i dont watch seria A anymore
Ropheka Music
Ropheka Music:
Chiesa played all positions😂 were we think chiesa is there!!😂
Pisang Koklat
Pisang Koklat:
I hope in this UCL Juve can meet Atletico and see what will happend.
Akposiegbe Ovie
Akposiegbe Ovie:
You guys blamed Cristiano when the truth is juventus needs a major rebuild.. Get creative players and a striker
Legendary CR7 ⚽
Legendary CR7 ⚽:
Juve feeling what they have lost.
Just think, what if Chiesa leaves...😂
It's Jared
It's Jared:
History made by Empoli. Sure I saw somewhere it's there 1st ever win in Turin against Juve, or is it the first win at the allianz in Turin.
Either way, what a game
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW:
It's only chiesa that gives hope to juve..
Yes the clowns were right. Ronaldo’s 30 goals was the problem. Clearly. 🤦‍♂️🤡
J C:
What is Danilo (no. 6) doing when Chiesa is already going for the attack?! He just stood there and watch him go forth against 6 people 0:29
Grudon 57
Grudon 57:
Malmo is much better than Empoli. I can already see us taking 3 points in the opening game in Champions league 😝
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
"Ronaldo makes the team worse" - Deluded Juventus fans
Cristiano Olieh
Cristiano Olieh:
chiesa has now taken up the mantle from cr7 to do everything for Juventus. smh
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans:
The commentator during the Juventus loss to Empoli 🗣 :

"You simply cannot replace Cristiano Ronaldo, It is impossible."
C Roman
C Roman:
We all watching now Juventus only to see how they are playing without Ronaldo
Only Juve fans watching for Juve, the rest of the world only by curiosity
I was more of a Inter fan because of R9 but with CR7 I kept watching Juve
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Allegri : I'll make Dybala centre of my project Ronaldo : LOL
Football S SEBO
Football S SEBO:
This is the real Juventus without Ronaldo!
Seeing CR7 scoring twice at his debut today against Newcastle justifies that he scored all those goals alone without any help from non existent midfield at juve. Imagine if he could have instead gone to Man Utd 2 years back.
madrid should replace hazard with chiesa, mbappe on the left benzema in the middle chiesa on the right. Has the potential to absolutely tear up teams.
Animesh Bhatt
Animesh Bhatt:
0:29 chiesa gets the ball and starts running.... Meanwhile morata is standing still and whole midfield is just jogging🤣🤣🤣🤣
God Gifted
God Gifted:
Chiesa what a player I'm totally Impress with him, RONALDO and Chiesa should be perfect Duo
Oriola Odutoye
Oriola Odutoye:
wow what a place and time to get your first goal for the empoli player!
Nitin Palindrome
Nitin Palindrome:
Alegri does deployed Danilo as a CDM 😂 what a joke 😀 they are gonna miss Ronaldo effect 😀
I swear i feel like chisea miss ronaldo alot
He just attacking alone😥💔
zing zing
zing zing:
chiesa should move to other club if he want more trophy and recognition
Zero midfield, the easiness and speed Empoli players reached Juve's area is outstanding, it's like there is no one in midfield for Juve.
They should hired a well-experienced GK instead recent Scezny
Ishaan Lakhera
Ishaan Lakhera:
Chiesa is a special talent need to have some support upfront
Cbse Jee
Cbse Jee:
What a player chiesa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oru Kalvin Klien
Oru Kalvin Klien:
That Last chance Locatelli had, imagine if it was cr7 in his shoes, he will definitely not make any mistake. We miss the Man of the Moment! 😏
Jeremy Gziji
Jeremy Gziji:
C ronaldo scored 38% of juventus league goals last season ( 29 goals ) ... Morata Chiesa Ramsey Dybala combined scored 25 goals ... id have to say Ronaldo made the right decision in leaving
Aryan M
Aryan M:
If Ronaldo can score 29 goals with this dead team imagine what he will do at United
Football S SEBO
Football S SEBO:
Well at least Juve should post something to thank Ronaldo for what he did after this match!
Love it!
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me:
I told you without cr7 Juve is already finished 😂
Kaycee Azubike
Kaycee Azubike:
An attack with only Chiesa. The rest of the players are like " go go Chiesa, you can do this for us." You don't know the usefulness of what you have until it is gone. That's RONALDO.
In Dybalas defence he hasn't had alot of playtime and has had covid multiple times
MNK Khuman
MNK Khuman:
Juve must try to qualify atleast Europa League in this Season.... Best of Luck🤞
Juventus: who needs Ronaldo?
Empoli: you!
afoka dushku
afoka dushku:
Agnelli and Allegri is Allergic to winning...😂
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
I can proudly say chiesa will get the no. 7 jersey
He deserves it
Credence Eve.
Credence Eve.:
Chiesa is literally playing alone
ahmad al-harith
ahmad al-harith:
Juve should rename this club Chiesa Fc 😅
Ghana Boy
Ghana Boy:
Juventus will struggle even for 4th position this year, mark my words.
Costin Nitu
Costin Nitu:
"Thank you, Juventus"...I've lost all my remaining money on a "sure bet". No more betting for me. This is getting ridiculous.
KBob Dixie
KBob Dixie:
So...Chiesa is the only attacker? Lol
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy:
“Cristiano had so much help at Juventus” 🤣
Alban Goranci
Alban Goranci:
The downfall has started. Ronaldo is gone so they will rely solely on Chiesa, who has the ability to decide games singlehandedly, but not always if his teammates have nothing to offer.
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
3 seasons... century of goals #Eerie 🥶
Amanda Hoyal
Amanda Hoyal:
Make Juventus great again, call Allegri 🤭
Iván Jiménez MAJESTIC
Iván Jiménez MAJESTIC:
It looks like Juve will face dark times, the only top players they have now are Chiesa and Cuadrado. But it was all Ronaldo's fault according to haters. 🤣🤣
Mike 14 P M
Mike 14 P M:
More like Chiesa 0- Empoli 1...
He was literally everywhere and everyone else was literally invisible.....
The way Juve is run reminds me of 90s Inter under Moratti!!!
The Juve keeper is having a huge shocker start of the season. Amazing that Juve didn’t buy donnarumma. Idiots.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Juventus go all the way for Vlahovic now.
Shinde Ajinkya
Shinde Ajinkya:
Now they'll realize how important CR7 has been 💯😪🤷‍♂️
jangminhao haokip
jangminhao haokip:
This is just the beggining juve you guys will continue to loss
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
Wow, might still watch because of Chiesa🙆🙆😳😳
0:30 Danilo (6) to Chiasa : *You got it mate . I’m just gonna stand here*