Kaia Gerber On Turning 18 | British Vogue

As she turns 18, and with the fashion world at her feet, British Vogue's October cover star Kaia Gerber reflects on everything she's learned so far, and her excitement at what lies ahead. Here, the second-generation supermodel outshines the efforts of the Old Masters inside The Frick Collection in New York – with a little help from Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Ralph & Russo and more.

Featuring: Kaia Gerber

Director: Barbara Anastacio

Stylist: Andrew Mukamal

Director of Photography: Drew Dawson

Vogue Video Producer: Minnie J Carver

Make-Up Artist: Yumi Lee

Hairstylist: Benjamin Muller

With thanks to
Anita Ko
Armani Privé
Chrome Hearts
Eric Javits
Giambattista Valli
Gianvito Rossi
Jimmy Choo
Ralph & Russo
Tiffany and Co.

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Kaia Gerber On Turning 18


100+ komentarze:

Hannah Schrock
Hannah Schrock:
She makes me want to chop all my hair off despite knowing that I’ll bawl my eyeballs out afterward and look like lord farquad.
Yeezus Season
Yeezus Season:
thats the most overused background music in all of fashion
Kayley Sakamoto
Kayley Sakamoto:
ugh those dresses im in love.
Pepe Ivorra
Pepe Ivorra:
She's just one year older than me why life is so unfair smh
well she just turned 18 and i'm 18. and she's probably earning more money than my mom and dad combined... i don't know what to feel
WHAT ''age is very much so...a concept'' and ''imma tell my younger self'' ...what is this?? why does vogue make her sound so precocious with those lines? She's just a regular 18 year old girl... it's so excessively emotional.
Alisa 03
Alisa 03:
This girl is fire in runway! Probably the only model from this decade with actual talent! She seems like she will be probably the last original supermodel! 😶
Isaac Hurtado
Isaac Hurtado:
Oh wow. Because she's 47 and telling her "youngerself" to be less worry. She's just starting to live. You should have done that with her mom.
Wait what I thought she was still 16?
Kenechukwu Okolo
Kenechukwu Okolo:
I love Kaia but this video felt so unnatural it made me uncomfortable. Not to mention that fake sneeze at 0:54
the location(s) they used are beautiful!
Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah:
I like the bob and she kind of reminds me of Keira Knightly.
Supreme Tech69
Supreme Tech69:
I feel like she has no sense of humor at all
John Ayala
John Ayala:
Gorgeous and it looks like she got taller. Growing still.
Maddy Roy
Maddy Roy:
her overall body is picture perfect and also runway ready .but I don't think she has that one special facial features that attracts the runway and cover pages. I don't know like Adriana lima 's eyes and Giselese face structure these are some rare qualities which separates super models from normal runway models . She looks plain to me . and even quite old rather being jz 18 that natural glow of youth in facial features is jz not there . even kendall and bella had that natural young glow on their faces when they were teens.
Nepotism. Everything earned because of her lineage. Sorry no struggle.
Natalia Gorozhantseva
Natalia Gorozhantseva:
The video is so fantastic and delicate. The model has zero charisma though
She has a pretty face, but i dont see her charm and charisma, which i find way more important than looks.
Clarice Jean Estrada
Clarice Jean Estrada:
Im not a hater but the best part of this video was I got an ad with angelina jolie in it. A goddess.
Selena Hingano
Selena Hingano:
Girlll wtf, here i thought she was atleast 22???? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
iplaywithfoodtt Mohammed
iplaywithfoodtt Mohammed:
New Season of Chef's Table out already?!
Dewi Maharani
Dewi Maharani:
She's 2 years younger then me, walking down the runways being famous and travelling while I,a 20 year old college students life is only focused on books books and studying. Lucky her!
Kristina M
Kristina M:
I wouldn't want to live in my mom's shadow...
well im a 23 y/o loser that wants the life of this 18 years old
She has zero charisma.
Lozan Phoenix
Lozan Phoenix:
Those dresses and that place, WOW.
: 0
: 0:
she looks so mature for her age!! Gorgeous, I love her hair
Why does she low key sound like kylie Jenner
H.R.H Princess Gayatri Vijay Lakshmi Singh
H.R.H Princess Gayatri Vijay Lakshmi Singh:
She's so mature at 18
Me: Laughs for no reason and cracks jokes
Ariana Pineda
Ariana Pineda:
She's so powerful I-
Alex Arkadios
Alex Arkadios:
I saw her my first fashion show. Really shy but poise
mia saldanha
mia saldanha:
She’s my age and I look like a potato
She's got the physique but that's it. I doubt that she'd get to the status where she is now all on her own.
Rhythmic Elegance
Rhythmic Elegance:
Very lovely presentation, nice reflective dialogue. At 18 still learning and growing through a lot. She has a lot of influence from older people which can be helpful and, in excess, a hinderance. Hopefully she stays safe, unjaded, unembittered, and independently fulfilled as time goes on. Happy Birthday.
(Side note: same bday as my dad’s, who has been around since before WWII).
Xavier's Lover
Xavier's Lover:
When other models turn 18 they don't get vogue videos like this. Kaia is Cindy Crawford's daughter that is why she get all this attention from the media. This is so extra???
I'm 19 she's 19, you think I have a chance? I don't
Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake:
I love this new generation of nepotism models!
Noa Cornélie
Noa Cornélie:
Those dresses tho
She reminds me of Claudia Schieffer actually.
She's breathtakingly beautiful and such a splitting image of Cindy 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🥰
Winnie DaPooh
Winnie DaPooh:
She’s an angel. Kaia, keep it up. I’m so proud that you are finally 18! Love and support from this little fan here!
We stan an elegant & iconic young model❤️
C Will
C Will:
I’m just happy to see a model that’s actually natural and haven’t done tons of plastic surgery.
her voice is even more attractive than her physical appearance
Louise Hatesherlastname
Louise Hatesherlastname:
Love the video, love the location, the styling, the model & absolutely everything 😍❤️❤️❤️
Jason Morris
Jason Morris:
She looks like popeyes girlfriend olive oil.
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x:
I don't know who filled her head up and said she's an "old soul" but everything she just said about age and being 18 is literally the most teenage gen z thing to say. Idk but this clip of her just made her seem so vapid and pretentious and have zero zest and charm.
Chloe Summers
Chloe Summers:
I thought she was older lol
Maliha Intikhab
Maliha Intikhab:
Omg where is that shirt/ dress hybrid thing from? It's beautiful!!!
This girl sounds incredibly pretentious and out of touch but the wardrobe is absolutely stunning.
Ow Lin Lin
Ow Lin Lin:
Vivaldi summer playing in the bgm!! Btw love kaia <3
Haileigh G
Haileigh G:
So awkwardly scripted. I just turned the volume down because she is amazing.
Alex Pham
Alex Pham:
All the perverts that have been waiting for her to grow up:"FINALLY!!!"
Arabella Davis
Arabella Davis:
This was so adorable, and she’s so precious—imparting her wisdom—what a genius child. Bless her Heart. :)
she and lily rose depp are such fashion icons
well my mom wasnt a model so here i am
Maria Spencer
Maria Spencer:
Her voice similar to Dakota Johnson's voice
lernoutt __
lernoutt __:
a natural beauty 💗
Too much money spend and too much effort for promoting her. This is when you already belong to fashion elite. The beauty of museum doesn’t bring grace to her idiotically coquettish body gesturing.
Sonja R
Sonja R:
With her long, lean body, Kaia Gerber is the definition of runway. This is what designers love. They are known as ‘ hangers’. Her face is born for the camera. I thought the video itself, and the costumes were exquisite. However, if I were the photographer, the advice I would give to her is, emote- show some depth of thought in your eyes. I think that too many shots of Kaia are somewhat void of any deep joy, or mischievousness, or sensuousness, or passion. Her expressions, or lack thereof, are more of what you see on the runway models, but still shots need more.
Hussan Raizve
Hussan Raizve:
She is really attractive and her voice and spoken language is so formal.
Adele Ange
Adele Ange:
The art on this video is just BRILLANT ✨❤️🎥
Al Wa
Al Wa:
Age is a concept careful girl this isn’t applied across the board.
Lockdown sucks
Lockdown sucks:
I was 18 in 2009.
Nykolas Reded
Nykolas Reded:
Beauty runs in the family
Mattie Martinez
Mattie Martinez:
Interesting how british vogue took this at the frick collection in nyc! Nice
Her lip is like Cindy's splitting image :)
rashida gabaji
rashida gabaji:
She sounds like a mix of kendall and kylie and i don't know how to feel about that
Dharma Chatterji
Dharma Chatterji:
Kaiya, when 18, amazing, nobody, knew, so early,
V Casazza.
V Casazza.:
imagine living this life...woah
It like she's alive! It's a milestone! A celebration!
Diane Caney
Diane Caney:
Reading Just Kids by Patti Smith!! One of my favourite books ever, and the one in my handbag!! Congratulations. Have a great year :-)
Aleyda L.
Aleyda L.:
I love Kaia but come on she’s 18.
She’s still very young, Vogue is just like Buzzfeed. Too exaggerated.
Final Limits
Final Limits:
She should tell her younger self to EAT
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android:
How to lala love.
Reham M
Reham M:
she is my birthday twin
Christoffer Aguilar
Christoffer Aguilar:
Younger self? Ok lol.
Michelle Tom
Michelle Tom:
I’m applying to a million colleges I wish I could relate to her
I love her so much ❤️❤️
the irony today is her 19th!!
her beauty is unreal!
Her brother is going down a bad path, tatted up, talking tough asking for trub 🤷🏻‍♂️
Yarelis Acosta
Yarelis Acosta:
She can Strut! I know her momma pulls some strings, but Kaia got it! Momma CINDY and Naomi are teaching her Properly!
Vanessa CM
Vanessa CM:
Wow love how she expresses !
Blessymol Saji
Blessymol Saji:
Just literally the best thing I've ever seen
She is so well spoken.
Kathy Bauman
Kathy Bauman:
Legs that go on forever, blessed to be Cindy's daughter. Seems like a good kid.
B M:
Her mother was and still is an amazing teacher to her daughter on what it means to be a model.
isadora rodrigues
isadora rodrigues:
what’s the song name?
Scott Stanley
Scott Stanley:
Hey I have an old soul and I’m young
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young:
She is like literally 18 and the world is on her feet
Is it me or does her voice sounds a lil bit like Kendall? 👀
This video is so full of bs. She’s a regular 18 year old girl, there’s nothing special about her apart from the fact that she has a famous mum and a pretty face. This video only showed her lack of personality and it’s obvious that what she said wasn’t even written by her. Vivaldi and other amazing artists are reserved for legendary people only, not for models who make my money by looking pretty.
Celia Hjorth
Celia Hjorth:
She definitely sounds wise!
The dresses omg😫❤️
Rin Wesley
Rin Wesley:
I'm so excited for her career. I feel like she embodies the 90's supermodel.
Tanishka L
Tanishka L:
Idk who she is! Idk y I'm watching this! I also idk y I'm liking the comments abt her!😂😂
Hanka Gerretsen
Hanka Gerretsen:
Love the music!
This is gorgeous 💕💕🤘I am hooked💋