Kamil Semeniuk | Top Performance - Quarter-Finals (Home Matches) | #CLVolleyM

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9 komentarze:

Absolutely amazing
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Semeniuk is totally awesome!!! Great vertical and great v-ball instincts!!! 👍
Lorenzo Vazquez Alcantara
Lorenzo Vazquez Alcantara:
Gran jugador. Excelente salto fuerza e inteligencia
Rufina 176
Rufina 176:
Kamil Semeniuk the best💪😍👍
Enrico Anderlini
Enrico Anderlini:
Bravo Kamil,complimenti.saluti da Italia.
Poland 2021 outside spiker Team 1; Kubiak, Leon, Bednorz, Semeniuk, Śliwka, Kwolek, Szymura, Szalpuk, T Fornal /
Team 2; Mika, Łukasik, Orczyk, Żaliński, Depowski, J. Fornal, Buszek, Lipiński, Halaba
James Adrian Panganiban
James Adrian Panganiban:
Will Kubiak still be the starting outside hitter for Poland alongside Leon? Poland has a lot of great outside hitters. Their roster is deep.
Queen of games
Queen of games:
Women's​ vnl​ 2019