Kane goal ruled out as Ziyech and Silva win it | HIGHLIGHTS | Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

Check out the highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the Premier League. There was a Harry Kane ruled out by VAR before half-time, with Hakim Ziyech and Thiago Silva winning it for the hosts after the break.

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urang sunda
urang sunda:
What an outstanding performance by Ziyech .
What a goal by Ziyech
Can't blame Silva for what he did. No matter the result, we saw that there's a gap between us and a team like Chelsea. The only way It can be closed is if we back Conte.
Sansani B.N.
Sansani B.N.:
The fact that we had no chioce but to start Tanganga and Doherty against Chelsea says everything about our club.
roshdi Ali
roshdi Ali:
What a goal Zyech 🤩
Martin Evans
Martin Evans:
I think the goal of the year has just been scored already in January. That goal was too sweet
If VAR hadn't disallowed that the game would've been very different
b e n l a w s o n
b e n l a w s o n:
i fucking despise chelsea but i do respect that ziyech goal
Such a fan of this channel. Watched highlights of all 3 recent Chelsea matches. All three videos have reasons for the loss in the video title. That is so Spurs, and it made me so happy 💙💙
Chuong Tang Khanh
Chuong Tang Khanh:
Chelsea seems to be a nemesis of Spurs some recent seasons. They always beat us and in this season, it is 8-0 after 4 matches 🙂. I hope that we can earn as many points as possible in next matches and have a slot in champion leagues. Harry and Sonny is one of the best striker in the world and they should play in c1, not c3 ☹️. Miss Poch alot, we are always in top 4 in his period. Levy shouldn't have fired him 😢
wanderer 77
wanderer 77:
That was a grim watch we was completely outclassed. So much dead wood out there. The amount of misplaced passes and poor ball control in the second half was shocking. Only player with tekkers on the ball was big harry. Conte doesn't get 3 or 4 top level players he wont hang around..
Money-Maker Kang
Money-Maker Kang:
It would've been very sure for Spur to be on top 4 if we had won this game. I'm so sad. Chelsea is like a huge wall that we can't get over no matter what.
bazi master
bazi master:
What Tottenham needs is a passmaster like Eriksen.
Kane is the only player who can pass in the middle.
High-quality midfielders and passers are needed.
Then Tottenham will score more than one goal in each game.
Tottenham doesn't have a passer to give Kane and Sonny the ball in the middle.
The best in this role is Kevin De Bruyne. Of course, there is no possibility that he will come to Tottenham.
Spurs is truly struggling without sonny
Irfan Faizzudin
Irfan Faizzudin:
I think conte's stratgy not working well on spurs basic skill. We also know that spurs are strong in long trough pass and has a great finishing in 2/3 area .. just see the highlight when spurs beat chelsea in Pochettino era .. so what spurs really needed is a central playmaker who has accuracy of passing and finishing
Yooyoung Ji
Yooyoung Ji:
There was no one that could do a good pass to the best striker in the EPM
Luis Arthur
Luis Arthur:
Parabéns 👏👏👏👏
Rashad Chowdhury
Rashad Chowdhury:
We have been outclassed by Chelsea 3 times in matter of two weeks. The gap between us and Chelsea is showing clearly. Must sell many players and invest heavily or we will not improve and never win a game against Chelsea.
Can see how much we miss and need players like Eriksen, Dembele, Toby / Jan and a solid RWB that can put in a good cross. Positions that are yet to be replaced. The reliance on Kane to have to play so deep and cover 2 roles in a game is a joke. Even when we have Son in the team it means Kane still plays deep as we have no creative mid backing him + Son. Missing the days when these 2 could just play upfront with an Eriksen / Ali creating chances behind them, Dembele controlling that mid like a magician and skipping through the opposition. Toby and Jan putting their bodies on the line to stop any opportunities. On one hand hoping ENIC + Levy will back Conte and invest in seriously improving this squad to avoid Conte from walking. On the other hand worried that if Conte manages to make top 4 with this squad that Levy and co will not invest in improving them and think Conte can turn water into wine with this group as they expected once Poch started making top 4.
Kexia Kelly
Kexia Kelly:
Good job team we wish you the best after international break! 🙌
Probably goal of the year by ziyech just wow
I love everything Conte's been doing so far except us trying to futilely chasing Chelsea in our two last matches. They r f-ing playing with us to come and press to tire our offensive players and get a good beginning to their attacks. They practically turn into counter-attacks when we try to press with one and two men at a time... :/
ziyech plays his own position and immediately is the best in the world.
세계 최고 공격수를 두고 패스해줄 선수가 없다.
For Chelsea, Jorginho left and Kante came in. look at this depth difference
The current Spurs team will be struggling against Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea who defend and attack very well so I hope there would be some changes to improve both aspects in transfer window.
Fadly Fadilah
Fadly Fadilah:
Respect For Hotspurs 👏👏
Toolloottra Ggaddiyr
Toolloottra Ggaddiyr:
Tottenham will make it this season. I believe in you guys. be strong,be courageous.
mike fun
mike fun:
That's the type of trickery you get from a vet. Clever by Silva. Spurs was toothless today.
We really need to pull together as a team for this to happen.
Frenkie de Jong
Frenkie de Jong:
Spurs must buy a creative playmaker, like Eriksen.
buen partido del tottenham amo estos partidos
Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa:
That was a harsh call by Referee. Silva overran Kane. Most of the Chelsea goals were very lucky recently against Tottenham.
Hajin kim '-'
Hajin kim '-':
One of the best strikers in the world nvm no one will give a good pass
no players to make a single killer pass to Kane.
Let's make a small analysis: Weak, Mediocre, Good, Great, World class are the rankings, we basically have world class attacking in Harry Kane, Son, and someone like Bergwijn(good) or Moura(good/great depends on form) are great in combination with Son and Kane for sure make a deadly CL level attacking force, midfield we have Hojbjerg(good/great depends on form) which IMO is perfect for CDM while Skipp, Winks(mediocre/good depends on form), while one of Dele, Tanguy(mediocre-world class depending on form) if in form would be the perfect player for us, they are just not consistent enough and we have to get a great/world class attacking midfielder, and another CM that's consistently great and we could rotate Hojbjerg with Skipp or winks because their young and have potential but we have to have a great/world class CAM(ex: Dybala, Muller, Reus level type player) and at least a great CM(Koke, Thiago, Jorginho, Valverde, Wijnaldum level player), on defence which is by far our weakest link we have Romero(good/great depends on form) and Dier/Sanchez/Davies/Tanganga(mediocre/good form) we would need a great/world class defender to complement Romero(ex: De ligt, Koulibali, Hummels level player) and another Good defender for a 3-4-3 (ex Rudiger, Joe gomez, lenglet type player) on the flanks we have Reguilon, Sessegnon, Davies, Emerson, Doherty all are mediocre/good depending on form so we have to get a great left flanker and maybe use Moura on the right flank(ex Mendy, Chilwel) so the minimum transfers to get a team that is a very strong candidate for PL, FA Cup and a good candidate(1/8th at least) CL candidate, we would need a Great/World class CAM, a good/great CM, a Great/World class CB, a Good/Great CB, a Good/Great defensive winger, a total of 5 crucial transfers to take us to that Chelsea/Liverpool/City level, so a team like: Lloris - Romero/World class CB/Great CB - Great LWB/World class CAM/Great CM/Mours - Son/Kane/Bergwijn and we have a team that can compete in the champions league we currently have a decent team with decent players that we might be able to get top 4 with a bit of luck but to get to that next level we have to get at least these 5 transfers, for which we have the money to, there is high hopes with Conte we will do great!
After all these years, we are still trash at defending set pieces.
Despite the constant battering by Chelsea I’ll still remain a Spurs fan till the end .Yes at this very moment our squad is a legit piece of shit .But conte can be a game changer .We may have shit owners and a shit team but I’m there with Spurs even if we relegate .Cause ik we will bonce back .COYS ❤️❤️❤️
Danjo Manjo
Danjo Manjo:
No Son, no party - facts.
Zidane Akbar
Zidane Akbar:
Chelsea win 8-0 this season on aggregate against spurs. Abysmal attack and defense Chelsea too much for spurs
Edward Kim
Edward Kim:
It's been several years since I have been a Totenham fan. I'm finally starting to be fatigued by the lack of financial support from the Tottenham to its squad. This will be my final year as a Tottenham fan if there is no improvement. My conclusion: love is a two way street. No matter how much time and passion I give, if there is no tantamount effort from the other side, the relation often results in heartbreak. I've had enough with glimpses of hope.
Jamal Prince
Jamal Prince:
how is that a foul? 🤦🏽‍♂️
that would have never been a penalty the other way around 🙂
Mourad NosTrá
Mourad NosTrá:
Ziyech 😯♥️⚽
Frederico Zebral
Frederico Zebral:
Mais pressão na marcação pô e igual uma galera tá falando o totenham precisa de alguém pra lança a bola pra frente de forma precisa, o time tem potencial é só trabalhar algumas coisas com certos jogadores
바람의 노래
바람의 노래:
Chelsea has a world-class squad, but Tottenham is only an ordinary mid-range squad except for Harry and Son.
Andes Kurnia
Andes Kurnia:
Conte should be supported by some new players that he wants. Just like when he was in Inter Milan. He wanted Lukaku, he got it. He wanted Eriksen, he got it. He wanted Hakimi, he got, and still many players brought to Inter just to support Conte's work. And the result, Inter won Serie A. Hope this opens Spurs's president's eyes. Wanna be a champion? You gotta invest something big. And bigger money will come you...
mxst hxted
mxst hxted:
Let's be real here, sell deadwood, buy solid players, else enic out levy out
I saw Kane he only struggled for keeping ball on midfield area.
Heroes Zeros
Heroes Zeros:
So fed up with everyone saying how Chelsea always beat Spurs.
Just look at the squad they have. It’s ridiculous.
Moangangtet Jamir
Moangangtet Jamir:
Without Son Spurs is weak
Tottenham fan
Tottenham fan:
Am I the only one who thinks, that Harry Kane's "foul" wasn't a foul? It should have been a goal, and that would really change the whole match. We lost another 3 points.
Kane's goal should have been acknowledged. Thiago Silva's action seems too exaggerated.😡😡
Marcelo Lavigne
Marcelo Lavigne:
If VAR hadn't disallowed that the game would've been very different
The biggest problem with Tottenham is the foolish thought of Joe Lewis, the owner of the club who doesn't spend money, and Levier. If he doesn't reinforce the players, Conte will resign voluntarily.
Ridho maulana
Ridho maulana:
Diffrent Class.... In movement, ball possesion, finishing, even the mentality.

well Bergwyjn finishes just weak. Kane dropping too far because there is no connection on the final third
Gachie Ngumba
Gachie Ngumba:
I watched the game...and i wish i didnt...spurs didnt even make effort...blind passes, reckless tackles showing frustration...its like our mentality was defending the whole game ... No attacks...no even ball possession...NOTHING...yesterday to be honest ...the lads failed conte
Misa Todosijevic
Misa Todosijevic:
I still feel sorry for Thiago Silva who thought that football pitch is pool 🙏
Fikri Mufid
Fikri Mufid:
Thiago silva should be the MVP for everything he did in this match
the 4-4-2 formation worked better, but we still need to more confident, when passing the ball from the back, there are still to many "safe" passes to the side and backwards or the long ball. I feel like it's only Højbjerg and Skipp who can take the ball forward.
but okay, it's always tough at Stamford bridge.
I feel sorry for Kane, Lloris and Son.
If (Kane) that’s a push, I’m happy to say all day Liverpool more than deserved the penalty against palace
Jacob Choi
Jacob Choi:
Disgraceful dive when sonny got smacked in the face everyone was outraged but for silva apparently no one is
Dode Wisnu
Dode Wisnu:
Nice try my Tottenham ♥️
Noobly God
Noobly God:
Notice how Silva flew like 5m across the ground. Kane must be on some serious roids to have push a grown ass man that far. What a joke by VAR
We have Kane, Son, Conte, Lucas, Lloris..., now it's just all about fleshing it out with the right mentalities imo
I honestly think that we don't need the flashy plays, u let Conte work his magic and u all will see how far a really devoted manager can get a team. Hope u all can agree on that, coys!!
Green Tea Party
Green Tea Party:
Unfortunately, there are some players who don't fit the team situation.
That's fkn unbelievable
Ashwin Kasseeah
Ashwin Kasseeah:
The first defeat of Conte this season in the Premier League
I am what I am
I am what I am:
It's great we've got a director of football now. This transfer window is going so well
Footy Editz
Footy Editz:
When Kane barely made contact for his goal, Silva must’ve slipped on all the oil chelsea have.
Ishimaru vermillion
Ishimaru vermillion:
Here we go again trying to make sure Man U get 4th place. Silva diving was so obvious and can't believe it was ruled out. Minor touch on the back and he flops smh
Jawad Sichomaro
Jawad Sichomaro:
أنا لا امل من تكرار مشاهدة هدف زياش ( ماشاء الله)
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Bruh that Kane decision was a joke, Silva went flopping hard
Wazza THFC
Wazza THFC:
Games gone soft if that's a foul, that push couldn't even open am ajar door!
Diver thiago silva
And it's the biggest league in the world
Worst officiating in the world
Nishan Magar
Nishan Magar:
Without soon very difficult for the team to hold on.
중요한 경기 였는데 슬퍼요 콘테 감독님 다음 경기 잘 부탁 합니다 토트넘 화이팅 케인등 모든 선수들 화이팅👍👍👍
Dare. Dream. Done
Dare. Dream. Done:
This match should have been won if Var would validate Kane's goal
Martik Abramian
Martik Abramian:
Three losses in one month to Chelsea , it says all to Levy that he needs to spend some money to bring good midfielders , there are some garbage players who should go.
VAR never ruled it out. It was all Tierney
Hsn Omar
Hsn Omar:
What an aesthetic goal🤔⚽️🤩, Maestro Hakim, this goal came in order for some Chelsea fans to realize that it is not worthy of the club and that it is weak, but the truth came to them with a fabulous goal.فخر المغارية والعرب 🇲🇦❤💚
D F:
Look at how Silva scored the goal. He pushed his marker (Doherty I think) away before running forward. It's amazing why they shown Kane's goal in slow motion to rule it out but they don't show Silva's goal in slow motion.
for me, it just looks like self falling then diving, 100%
Asian King Official
Asian King Official:
That's why we need players , sell Doherty, knombele, Ali ,Gill .
Conte feeling not good after this match ...
Levy If you are not going to invest for new player , conte will surely leave our club no doubt ...
Better you should bring attacker , midfield, striker and one defender
Chris Song
Chris Song:
Kante vs Doherty
Silva vs Tanganga

When they go low_ We go high
When they go low_ We go high:
Depth is useless as the only players Pochettino signed in his later years are players with poor talent or a bad attitude. Before you spend any money, do a quick clean up of your squad. There is a reason the owner refuses to release the money. Disappointed a lot. 😔😤☹
I Am Tahseen
I Am Tahseen:
Harry Kane's goal not given is quite strange
No matter who the coach there is always something about Chelsea that Tottenham is vulnerable
I’m missing son 😔. Please recover soon
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
Next spurs vs barca is going to be a bit tight if things stay the same for both teams
its been 4 years since i watched football, the level of spurs have DROPPED so much after the UCL final, buying useless player like tanguy and doherty. We need to sign a tons of player in the RWB position, doherty and emerson isn't good enough
ashiashi hatra
ashiashi hatra:
Mr. Conte can complain about the poor level of players .. But Chelsea had been also awful before Tuchel joined.. well Conte was the best option in that situation when no decent manager wants to take over Tottenham.. but I guess it would be better if with Tuchel..
The Servant
The Servant:
I’m done with this team if Levy doesn’t back Conte. We’re years behind if we want to be compete for the league !
unise yoosuf
unise yoosuf:
A week squad against powerful squad. No wonder always happens .
Soumyabrata Das
Soumyabrata Das:
We lost but team played well without Son, Reguilon, Emerson and Romero.
I think Conte need Barella and some other players from Inter. Because Conte knows more about that team.
CH Hong
CH Hong:
Spurs should sell Kane for 100 million and revamp the entire squad
D F:
After watching it in replay, the ref got it wrong. The pass is behind Kane so Kane is using Silva to stop and turn. Kane's push is not enough for Silva to fall forward 2-3 yards. IMO if the pass is in front of Kane then even a slight push is a foul because Silva can get to the ball. In this case, the ball is behind Kane. Kane is in a better position to get the ball than Silva.
Jan Bahnsen
Jan Bahnsen:
I have a couple of notes after today's game:
1. How tf was Kane's goal dissallowed, he graced Silva and dived as if he was charged by Akinfenwa.
2. I really don't get how Brighton can get a draw against them and we lost 3 times in a matter of weeks.
3. We actually have a really good squad and it's growing stornger week in week out, it's just a matter of luck sometimes.
Roa Bunghai
Roa Bunghai:
Tottenham till I die 💪
But we need playmaker
When kane leaves this team, it is a disaster
Rustem Zholdybalin
Rustem Zholdybalin:
cheap dissalowance of Harry's goal. Thiago flew like a batterfly from slightest hand touch, with Harry already stopping to kick a ball