Kane & Son(손흥 민) Brilliance Undone By Late Comeback! Tottenham 3 West Ham 3 [LIVE STREAM HIGHLIGHTS]

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Punjab Police PB32 District
Punjab Police PB32 District:
Loooool, only came here for the 3rd Hammers goal reaction, speechless.
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
Moyes at half time : " Lads it's Tottenham " .
As a West Ham fan I really enjoyed that cheers boys 😂
Tim Redshaw
Tim Redshaw:
COYI ⚒⚒⚒
C l a r k y
C l a r k y:
I've never seen a West ham fan look as devastated as you lot do after this fixture !
And you call it our cup final ?
Don't cry lads, you might win the World Cup one day
PC Hoggins
PC Hoggins:
cant lie that last west ham goal was a screamer
Harvey Gleadell
Harvey Gleadell:
so this what the milibland brothers are upto now
Matthew Monroe
Matthew Monroe:
Sanchez and Winks are completely indefensible anymore...
The Chuckle Brothers got memed hard all over the Internet yesterday! Absolute MUGS
3:10, Well, once Son left, no more threat at the back so WHU came up more easily. Also, we need a tall & tough CB.
Just Me
Just Me:
Son's off was critical.
WH defenders joined attacks without fear
These two are comedy gold...would have thought they'd have learnt their lesson from previous matches in arrogantly assuming the deluded overhyped team they support only have to turn up to beat the Hammers...
Gabriel 1
Gabriel 1:
Never ever sub Son again
Yassine Daghari
Yassine Daghari:
Our issues with defending set-pieces are serious and must be fixed !
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov:
perfect reaction to Lanzini goal
Ahmet Ibrahim
Ahmet Ibrahim:
Over and over again
Adrian Harvey
Adrian Harvey:
If there was '2 spurs fans' in a visual dictionary surely these would be pictured.
Aiden Cho
Aiden Cho:
Now I understand how Ajax fans felt
nelson slayer
nelson slayer:
the comeback was legendary
Purple Aki
Purple Aki:
Loved when he said that “Tottenham are back” like they were ever successful. But it’s a shame they cut it out.
pierce langevin
pierce langevin:
You guys man, just set yourselves up with your arrogance 😂 we never underestimate you lot and we always manage to give you a tough time 😂 ⚒ come on you irons !!!

Ps: "lucky " is the most deluded way of describing West Ham's performance
Abhik Basu Ray 4
Abhik Basu Ray 4:
Iam a spurs fan but looking back that reaction at 4:41 was just epic😂😂😂
1 New Notification
1 New Notification:
"Lucky swines…" A bit steep coming from a front wheel skid. Still, thanks for the comedy video to help us all get through this Monday. Good luck for the season. Tat ta
Malcolm Hill
Malcolm Hill:
This is so hilarious to watch now. #COYI⚒⚒⚒
Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy:
"Lucky swine". When you rip 3 points away from Spurs - priceless.
0:20 festival
4:54 funeral
dechen tsomo
dechen tsomo:
I can’t believe Son7 got replaced.. No wonder they go nuts on our pitch.. 😂😂
Stefano Berti
Stefano Berti:
“WE BACK” they said
1. Brillian perfomances from Kane Son Reguilon and solid Hoibierg
2. We should had been more clinical in finishing.
3. Son leaving made Westham's Defends to freely join the attack
4. No impacts from the subs
5. The last minute goal was... amazing.
Bike 'n' Blue
Bike 'n' Blue:
We are West Ham United... I Love seeing the bloke on the right in so much disbelief and heartbreak. You want some vinegar with all that salt? 😂😂😂😂 #COYI ⚒️
absolute zero
absolute zero:
2:00 love watching this when i know what is to come.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma:
" Spurs are back lol"
IamA Utuber
IamA Utuber:
rough with the smooth older time served Spurs lads will know that. Keep up the teamwork and your squad has every chance all the best Lee in Boro.
Tom Mulchinock
Tom Mulchinock:
"such a lucky, lucky swines."
Ryan The Iron
Ryan The Iron:
Ain't nobody,
Like Lanzini,
Makes me happy,
Plays the West Ham way!
COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒
steve hill
steve hill:
the funny version of this video is a belter with comical back ground music all over facebook and twitter, life of a football fan eh the ups and downs, Spursy the Bottlers
다 이긴경기였다구 ....슬프다....😱😤😭
Callum's Toaster
Callum's Toaster:
4:46 nonononononono
Frankie Wales-Young
Frankie Wales-Young:
Sell Sanchez !! I haven’t seen him have a good game for spurs , first 10 seconds of the game he kicks it straight to the West Ham midfield 🤦🏼‍♂️
Dean Humphries
Dean Humphries:
The Chuckle Brothers are Back. COYI Can't you give any credit to West Ham, like your fans keep ramming down our throats yes it's allways OUR F.A CUP FINAL.
Zach Tyson
Zach Tyson:
The gift that keeps on giving ⚒
Born Again Atheist
Born Again Atheist:
West ham were the far better team in the 2nd half . Great to see spurs fans suffer .
3-1, "what a shame" 😂😂, 3-2 "what is going on" 😅😅, 3-3 😬😬"how has he scored dat, ooooaaahhhhh, lucky swines" 😊😊😰. Up de Ammers 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sibounheuang Xonelothxath
Sibounheuang Xonelothxath:
No worry, possibility gap maximum is 7 now, so I believe with 33 match to go - we will cope with that and win title at the end.
많이 아쉽네요. 실수를 줄여서 더 좋은 경기를 기대. KBS
Gilly Braithwaite
Gilly Braithwaite:
Lol. He who laughs last..
Unless you are a West Ham fan you will never know how good that feels and it feels fantastic
Guys seriously, its not Jose's fault for making substitution when we were 3-0 up. its our defense that ruined the entire game with their 0 concentration.
I hope this channel blows up like aftv did 😂😂✅
'Lanzini!' is my new ring tone.
Frankie Wales-Young
Frankie Wales-Young:
Shocking to give away 3 goals when we r winning 3-0 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
JG Ballard
JG Ballard:
The best bald spot on Youtube.
Nico Widjaja
Nico Widjaja:
West ham teached us a lesson. Do not over confidence until the end of the match. Like Mourinho always said in PL in 2 minutes can concedes 2 goal. Its proven
Ryan The Iron
Ryan The Iron:
Can somebody please remind what the score was when the Spuds prodigal son entered the fray?😂😂😂😂😂😂⚒⚒⚒⚒
The bale effect 😍
LMAO my team Tottenham don't under estimate us ever again
Ronnie - Flicks
Ronnie - Flicks:
02:45 Spot on!
How is a potential goal of the season a lucky goal? Anyway it was a great game to watch.
Pauline O'Donnell
Pauline O'Donnell:
I’m so gutted I missed this game. That lanazani goal was lol fucking classic...yours faithfully an Arsenal fan with a soft spot for West Ham. #spursyatitsbest
Hilarious! Muppets!
john o shea
john o shea:
its all gone spursy again 😂😂
Beau Manikoth
Beau Manikoth:
You guys do this full-time and/or do you have regular day jobs too?
Megan Shackleton
Megan Shackleton:
This is still so funny 🤣 ⚒
Simon Hedges
Simon Hedges:
Apparently, 87% of loses/draws cam from individual player mistakes, winks, sissoko,sanchez ect.
Lenny Daliay Wright
Lenny Daliay Wright:
Lol yid mugs😂😂
Russell Milton
Russell Milton:
Very sporting of you to post this, it’s priceless TV 😂😂⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒
Just Me
Just Me:
Bale missed a critical opportunity 1 on 1 chance in 90+ min.
What if it was Sonny......
Jose shouldn't subbed Son off
lughaidh moutia
lughaidh moutia:
Lanzini 4:42 😶
Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner:
Winks is a useless footballer
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler:
Funniest six minutes I’ll see all season !!! COYI
you lot got humilitated on twitter so be realistic and pipe down
Rufino Tan
Rufino Tan:
You know why? Will draw.. Hahaha is because the curse of bale!!the golf guy! How can he miss that shot.. Too much golf than football I guess
Brian Warrall
Brian Warrall:
Are these two mentally all there 👀
Broad Sword
Broad Sword:
Not many other teams this can happen to. If you were to name one it can it is always us, innit?
You guys are a meme now.
Chris Theyer
Chris Theyer:
4:40 for 3-3 for anyone wanting a laugh
4:42 is what you came here for. You're welcome
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan:
With another 2 mins we would have beaten Spuds 5-3!!
colin campbell
colin campbell:
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
Goal of the season lads
Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks:
Just skip to 4.42
Sami EsHaghi
Sami EsHaghi:
Haha 😂😂
Gareth McKeown
Gareth McKeown:
Savio Dsouza
Savio Dsouza:
I won't go to the zoo next time 🤣🤣🤣
Lmao. COYI
absolute zero
absolute zero:
David Gritton
David Gritton:
A right pair of plums.
alman sobajo
alman sobajo:
Spurs are a big joke 😂
Palace Fan
Palace Fan:
Hahahaha nonononono
LOL 😂😂😂 ⚒⚒⚒
I knew it. I said two or three times when talking about Kim min jae or other center back. Sanchez? Dier? shiiiit defenders.
Born Again Atheist
Born Again Atheist:
You did not Chuck it away West Ham outplayed spurs in the second half and spurs bottled it
jamie cummings
jamie cummings:
The moment spurs fan says is that the bus JEW
billy roe
billy roe:
There’s only one fan tv better, MUTV when you lot beat them 6-1, bloke on there going mental.😂😂😂
But you muppets are at no.2. COYI😂😂😂
Matt Val
Matt Val:
Got feeling goal of the season
Robi sali chris luki
Robi sali chris luki:
Very bright Performance of the team especially Kane is wasted by;
1. Sanchez
2. Aurier
3. Sissoko
4. Winks
What a shame.
Are you guys Jews?