Kanye West and Irina Shayk DATING! Couple 'Casually' Seeing Each Other (Source)

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beth gavilanes
beth gavilanes:
Why does it seem like the celebrities pass each other around like a bag of candy? Its like the Hollywood Jerry Springer.
Terry Santacruz
Terry Santacruz:
Well at least he didn’t go after some 19 year old. Kanye has every right to move on and be happy to and Kim does too.
Mar It
Mar It:
She is not French she is Russian 😂
She is Russian and Tatar, not French) anyway, good for him. However it goes, I wish all the best to Kanye, Kim and Irina, all of them went through a lot. Also, I would like a new album now, please.
Paula Silva
Paula Silva:
it's funny that the reporter says Irina Shayk is a french model when in fact she is Russian
Kirbby Emoton
Kirbby Emoton:
good luck to irina. she gonna need it
Kim might as well go ahead and date Drake openly.
Angel Victoria
Angel Victoria:
She's not a "French model" she's Russian - born and raised!
Thankful and Grateful
Thankful and Grateful:
I'm sorry but I think Kanye should take some time to get himself whole. He's dealt with alot of heavy emotional stuff in the past few years. Why does the world think when people break up and jump into another relationship that mean there doing good. It takes time to process a divorce and children and what all that means. He got 4 kids he needs to be whole for. And another person just makes it more complicated.
A A:
Kim said she gets along with Kanye when she is away from him lol. that says a lot. I hope this new couple is true, I want him to be happy and Irina seems lovely.
Shelley Charlesworth
Shelley Charlesworth:
"At the end of the day life is about being happy.." NO it is not about being happy Kim. Grow up.
Van 21
Van 21:
This makes me so sad :((((( I loved kimye🥺😭😭😭😭
They keep referencing the episode, of Kim crying about her relationship, like it was recorded last week. It was before she filed for divorce in Jan, so no way to know how she’s feeling.
Remember Good Mental Health is the foundation of healthy relationships. Peace and love will manifest. This man needs help.
Johnny Silverman
Johnny Silverman:
"divorce is still pretty emotional and not fully resolved" says the one who filed it.
StAy WeIrD95
StAy WeIrD95:
I think it’s too soon tbh it hasn’t even been a year that means he was checked out awhile ago 🤭
Britney Waldron
Britney Waldron:
ET Couldn’t get the photos lol 😂. They looked cute strolling around France 🇫🇷
Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika:
Amber Rose, Kim K, Irina, Bradley Cooper, Cristiano Ronaldo.... All weirdly connected now... To name A FEW!

He should redo the "Famous" music video, he needs more wax figures and a bigger bed.

Also, Irina's style is about to take a turn for the dark, edgy and flesh coloured😩😩😩
philesia J. wilcox-Bartsch
philesia J. wilcox-Bartsch:
He can Go around the world With whomever. He does Not have 4 children Holding him down. Kim will be stronger without the Overburden!
Alisha Sood
Alisha Sood:
Irina seems like a very good girl. Happy for Kanye.
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes:
Irina is beautiful and classy and very private very happy for Him when you put God first everything falls into place God blessed him with a beautiful classy woman .
m bynes
m bynes:
Good for him! He should be able to move on and find someone who can make him happy. If Kim doesn’t want to be with him anymore, he has to move on.
It is what it is. Let him live.
Aminah B
Aminah B:
She’s beautiful
Rivera Norman F.
Rivera Norman F.:
Both be extremely fine financially, the worries are the children, in my opinion he has not been well since his mother's death.
Ellie Spring
Ellie Spring:
This is crazy. I thought it’s just a joke but he is really dating her.
Isel Chelle
Isel Chelle:
We lift our voices to God, thou shalt not commit adultery 🤣🤣 well done Kanye
Jackie Maldonado
Jackie Maldonado:
It's only sad because they have all those kids together..💔
My Life Reality A Spiritual Journey LifeCast
My Life Reality A Spiritual Journey LifeCast:
Dick Gregory always spoke on energy protecting your energy the elders and the black community if you was blessed to be around them they always spoke on protecting your energy in your peace, with that being said all I can remember her saying is 'we need more male energy'..
They literally suck the energy out of them..
shavon H
shavon H:
I’m happy for him💕 as long as his happy and healthy
Z Herrera
Z Herrera:
I miss kimye
P Day
P Day:
He didn't let the fire go out of those ashes before he found a new flame.
Safa m
Safa m:
If she stays with cR7 he would marry her bc he really loves her but I’m glad he is happy now with his family
Pumeza Qina
Pumeza Qina:
so we have YeRin now? well he seems happy and looks good too ❤️😍🙏
Marianne Snead
Marianne Snead:
It’s amazing how men get to date and the mom is behind with the kids
Rasta Fari
Rasta Fari:
Sheree Owens
Sheree Owens:
Oh my goodness...she is so beautiful !!.
Tebogo Modisane
Tebogo Modisane:
Sad for Kimye...but happy for Ye.
David King
David King:
The missing quote from all this nothingness: I want attention & I want it, now...and later. That's what sells this stuff.
L -EM:
Match made in heaven? Beauty from ashes
Joy fj
Joy fj:
Nahhh. Kanye is not in a hurry to find someone to love. Too many things to consider like kids 🥰
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose:
Irina is a gorgeous classy lady,and Kanye is a good handsome guy,wish them happiness,they are beautiful couple.😍🥰💖💞
jay c
jay c:
What went wrong with their marriage that they had to get a divorce lol
anne abdullah
anne abdullah:
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck:
That was fast!
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson:
I wouldnt marry a Kardashian if they gave me millions. Do they ever stay married? Whoever her next guy is will be just another stepping stone.
Chelsea H
Chelsea H:
Kim deserves to be happy and Kanye is crazy
Beth Hutter
Beth Hutter:
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Flowers Flowers
Flowers Flowers:
Boy I haven't seen him with that big of a smile ever...hum..must have not been to good there Kim!
Make that happen. Give my one trillion dollars to Drizzle.
Numahayseta Trawally
Numahayseta Trawally:
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton:
Kim should thank her...
V B:
Good for him!!
euphoria gal
euphoria gal:
wow kanye... good choice. irina is too beautiful.. happy for both of u
Joana Miranda
Joana Miranda:
No coincidence hey that’s she a tall supermodel 🤦🏽‍♀️ yeah right he knows what he’s doing
Adrienne Nicole
Adrienne Nicole:
So wait. He is living his life.. The nerve of him😒😂
chou awara steven
chou awara steven:
Divorce not finalised.
Family court: 😎😎💵💶💷😎😎
Skye Qayshon
Skye Qayshon:
Where them pics at? Yall scared ye gonna sue yall? Irina better start running. The guy needs to love himself before he gets into anything new. That was super fast tho
Ellen Hajie
Ellen Hajie:
Oh dear Irina, you're asking for trouble girl - Kanye has HUGE issues. Both Kim and Irina deserve better tbh
sofia sappa
sofia sappa:
she is not french she's from Russia.
Kevin the Booty snatcher
Kevin the Booty snatcher:
I know Kim is dying to date Drake publicly but he just smashed & dashed her 💀💀. Who is Kim going to date now? Maybe Kris Jong Un can find her an NBA player of something 🤔
Angelica Luna
Angelica Luna:
Great choice for Kanye
MoOn ChiLd
MoOn ChiLd:
These two are gonna last all of 5 min
Anna Krutko
Anna Krutko:
French model ? Irina is Russian.
Marley E
Marley E:
Mel Bel
Mel Bel:
Why would she care she’s the one who asked for the divorce. That guy is just a lil cray cray
Chris Summer
Chris Summer:
That’s definitely a upgrade Ik Kim hurt lmao girls hate when u leave them for someone that look better then them good win for kayne shorty bad
Kristina ruiz
Kristina ruiz:
He needs to move on, kardashians were not good for him anyway, worry about your kids only, there a sick brew anyway, date whom you close without there imput
Ada Ada
Ada Ada:
French model ? Seriously? Well that may gonna be a discovery but she is actually a Russian model
Real Opinions
Real Opinions:
Yess my boo survived the Kar🗑ions! Those offensively dark scammers. Now this is a woman!!! unlike the last porn ⭐️!!!
Amparo B.
Amparo B.:
Im not going to believe a source that 1) cannot pronounce correctly the names of the people they are talking about and 2)their nationality
Let him live his life...
A L:
she went from Bradley to Kanye - talk about moving from class to bargain basement..
RaquelChildOfTHe MostHighGod
RaquelChildOfTHe MostHighGod:
Good for him ☺️
IAmJust Amanda
IAmJust Amanda:
WOW!!! Okay good❤️I love that
Is this an upgrade for Kanye ?
Is this an upgrade for Irina ?
Chikondi Sane
Chikondi Sane:
It's crazy how these men keep dumping the Kardashians and going back when they need to relax
Strategy King
Strategy King:
Kanye said on Twitter last year that he's wanted to divorce Kim since 2018 when she was inappropriate with Meek Mill. Kanye hasn't lived with Kim for at least 2 years. Kanye allowed Kim to take YEARS to finally file for divorce. She clearly has been unfaithful and Kanye is moving on
A L:
He basically when for a kim to move to a look a like kim... this man only loves himself...
cerina woehrley
cerina woehrley:
Irina looks better then Kim all day long.
Kim 😢 crying again like she did before with the guy Kris NBA guy
Bluey Mum
Bluey Mum:
Wow he moved on pretty fast
Macey Lee
Macey Lee:
Talking about a pitty party 🙄👀 they both need to take time and let go and let God.
Mummies Littlegirl
Mummies Littlegirl:
I can see Kim and drake on the cards.... 😁
Kim and thr kardashians do have more important things to deal with.. LIKE THE HOUSE ARREST THEYRE ON AND UPCOMING TRIBUNALS. 🙄 Kanye is not the problem the media makes him out to be.
Cat Val
Cat Val:
Seems like she is a natural beauty, Kim is attractive most times, but we all know she's had lots and lots and lots of work done. Can't say she's a natural beauty. This woman looks like she's had no work done or very little. Maybe she won't be so obsessed with her looks or should I say so self-absorbed. Anyway I sure hope Kanye with the help of God will be okay. His heart seems to be in the right place with God, Kim said he's a great father so that's wonderful to hear. Now let's hope he will let God help him with being bipolar, in some ways he really has it together i n a beautiful way. But like Kim said maybe he needs someone that will focus all their attention on himx. He's eccentric and probably always will be. Kim has lots of support from her large family, and we know there's nothing better than that. But I almost forget Kanye's father is still alive and he does have cousins and the whatnot.
can Crew
can Crew:
good, he can be irinas problem now lol
Tiffany Morris
Tiffany Morris:
Yes Kanye ran away from the Kardashians to a non plastic girl
maya b.
maya b.:
Off topic but she’s actually Russian and Tatar, not French
He seems very happy now. Smiles and evergthing. Remember she wanted the divorce.
Phoebe R'view
Phoebe R'view:
Good for them, they are both single.
Nova Red
Nova Red:
Jacqueline Castillo
Jacqueline Castillo:
Lmfao yeezy has a type. Shes hot ngl🥰😍
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez:
Kim you need to wait for Black Friday
Rivky Diamant
Rivky Diamant:
I thought he would date a nun the next time around.
Moraa Margaret
Moraa Margaret:
Divorces are always difficult
Kayla Hugley
Kayla Hugley:
Run girl. Run.
He moved on fast dam
minnie mouse
minnie mouse:
Irina divorced in 2019 and Kanye was like ok Game on! Lool