Kanye West Explains Exactly Why He’s Divorcing Kim Kardashian


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Voiceover: Alexandra Wurst


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Kanye like “you keep the kids, but I’m taking my royalties”
L. CT:
This should be called an Exorcism,not a Divorce.
Sheri Townsend
Sheri Townsend:
Did I miss something? WHERE did he "explain EXACTLY why he's divorcing Kim Kardashian"? Be honest. The title was "click bait".
aleejah jae
aleejah jae:
Whoever this female is... she should do all of the commentary for HipHop DX.
Mable Sims
Mable Sims:
I never thought it would last, especially when he was getting close to God
joseph rocha
joseph rocha:
Once he started going to church he began to see things differently. He needed to go deep and clean up his life. The only problem is there are kids involved. He needs prayers IMO.
Richard Mp
Richard Mp:
Kanye is about to survive the Kardashian curse.. the next album is about to be FIREEEE !! are we getting the old Kanye back ??
Nelson Velasquez
Nelson Velasquez:
She’s b engaged to someone else after that divorce is final
Joseph Givens
Joseph Givens:
Sad to see any family split but everyone has their reasons.
KTheMVP !:
Drake rubbin his hands and lickin his lips right now 😂
Kanyes next album is gonna be a masterpiece after all this goes down
Let’s be honest we all knew this was going to happen one day..
wabari hoshle
wabari hoshle:
18 years 18 years.
Let's Talk CTN with Everette
Let's Talk CTN with Everette:
I knew when he gave his life to the Lord that it was coming. Kim expressed that this is not her path and they or on extreme opposite ends. If nobody concedes then a break must happen to keep peace and salvage their friendship for coparenting.
Rhiannon H
Rhiannon H:
Still, it WAS her longest marriage yet! So good ridence
M 360
M 360:
The internet loves when a celebrity goes through dark times, because it makes them feel better about their own lives.
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast!:
This female should be the one who reports the news because she at least be getting the names right.
Amir Khattab Fernandez
Amir Khattab Fernandez:
no relationship lasts when your hollywood lmao just facts
Sharon Freeman
Sharon Freeman:
Wish them both happyness, Kim has never had a strong man,she deals with boys. She never wanted a home with him. My hands go up to him for getting land in Wyoming,it clear his head for better or worst!😉
Brendan Robinson
Brendan Robinson:
Soon as he turned christian, I just knew this wasn't gonna work. They represent total opposite ways of life
The sad part is that people rather see them broke up so they can have something to talk about smh people love to see other people down especially celebrities because they feel since they have so much and a lot of there dreams came true at least let something bad happen in there life crazy to see people happy about anybody getting a divorce
My Beautiful 808’s and Hearbreak 2 boutta be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!
Victor Del Toro
Victor Del Toro:
"She went to the doctor, got lipo with your money
She walkin' around lookin' like Michael with your money
Shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money
If you ain't no punk
Holla, "We want prenup! We want prenup!" (Yeah!)
It's somethin' that you need to have
'Cause when she leave yo' ass, she gon' leave with half
Eighteen years, eighteen years
And on the 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his?"

Kanye West ~2005. He predicted the future lol
Julia Areaiiti
Julia Areaiiti:
They were actually long time friends before they started dating and marriage. The relationship I believe was real, but it really was a battle of the most popular and neither was willing to step aside for the other, although they may have tried to allow the other to shine, but it was never going to work that way. They were good parents I hope, and I hope they continue to be great parents.
Jorge Rdgz
Jorge Rdgz:
Bruh I’ve been reading that they were going to divorce since like 2yrs ago
Thats kinda heartbreaking ngl, but ye next album is going to be 🔥
Bruh this is good for him, he can work on himself
Mic la g
Mic la g:
Knew this was coming eventually but it lasted longer than expected
Inevitable. Knew something would happen when he wanted to move to Chicago. And Kim was never comfortable when they did interviews together. Always felt like she was waiting for him to explode and say something incriminating
Taneka Bellamy
Taneka Bellamy:
Kanye knew he could never really get over how many men she has been with and now she has 4 kids
KG Mams
KG Mams:
If this is true, I hope they keep civil all the way for the sake of their kids, they got very beautiful kids... Nothing good bout a divorce, I pray for them.
Lizzy Bennet
Lizzy Bennet:
Wish I could say I was surprised. Between Kanye losing his damn mind and Kim actually gaining one under her law apprenticeship. Ah well... Life goes on!
Cynthia Rosas
Cynthia Rosas:
Hope they stay together got a lot of kids got to really think about everything wish the best for the family
He just needs more inspiration to make another “808’s & Heartbreak” album 👀
Dee Leigh
Dee Leigh:
I've been reading that they were going to divorce since before they got married 🤷🏾‍♂️
The fact that he apologized to her makes me think they will have a good partnership afterwards. That will be a good thing for the kids.
We’re about to get the greatest album of all time.
Limited Edition
Limited Edition:
To be honest I give it to them for lasting longer than expected though 🙌. When they got together everyone went all doom and gloom on them, but they held it down longer than predicted 👏
This is what happens when you marry outta lust and not love,partnership!
Ray J somewhere singin he dumped her first.
Kelvin Keme
Kelvin Keme:
Now he'll reconcile with big brother Jay-Z & Beyounce, they'll be like, welcome back bro.
I feel kinda sad for them actually 😔
this is great for kanye. finally
Never happy to see the family unit torn apart. I pray for those beautiful kids. Money isn’t everything, family is!
Jesse Braham
Jesse Braham:
Boooooy, I hope we get a 🔥 album out of this
Pearce The Hood Hippie
Pearce The Hood Hippie:
He did the old "ima going to head out and get some smokes." 🤣
Damn I bet a killer album is gon come outta this
Pray for Dr. Dre 🙏🏽
Hello People
Hello People:
I wish I could have danced on stage with Prince 😢
Soul Nemesis
Soul Nemesis:
Hope we get that old Ye back 🙌💯❤
I am just glad that Jeffree Star as a friend has moved to Wyoming and can show support to Kim and Kanye when they need it the most.
Mi Cat
Mi Cat:
Forgive each other. You both have to put your pride to the side. Much Love & Respect to you both
mysterious gamer89
mysterious gamer89:
best news i've heard from him in yrs, now he can be the incredible musician he once was since he's free from kim's clutches.

she's been holding him back after all these yrs, hence why he hasn't been dope since tlop.
P G:
This was always going to happen, don’t people get it yet ! Stay well away from the Kardashian family because things do not end well.
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith:
His next album will be called MGTOW.
Gee Money
Gee Money:
Rhymefest, GLC, & Consequence are in the group chat like " we tried to tell him"
Desmand Famloy
Desmand Famloy:
Hope a Masterpiece like MBDTF is on the way shortly after this divorce finalizes. Best of luck to them both and the children!
Paul Oluwadare
Paul Oluwadare:
Bro this is why you got to be careful with who you fall for but credit them both for keeping it low key and not leaking stuff out to the public
johnny toussaint
johnny toussaint:
Get ready for the next ‘Dark Fantasy’ album! 🔥🔥🔥
His next album will be fire.
Isiac Artison
Isiac Artison:
Lord I can listen to this woman tell me anythang🥺♥️
This new album finna go crazy
I think this will be good for both of them, hopefully they remain friends for the kids sake
Celica is a Lowkey Thot
Celica is a Lowkey Thot:
I wonder if he’ll go back to normal or if he’ll still be this kind of an enigma
Bruh we about to get an amazing album from Ye
Aniel Paredes
Aniel Paredes:
I saw this coming for a fact. Got nothing but love for Ye
L I N C O L N:
"They're being lowkey" but its front n Centre on every media outlet
Soba Mask
Soba Mask:
This is just sad honestly. I hope they can work something out.
Kim Tolliferreo
Kim Tolliferreo:
As Kanye became more manic, Kim became more distant... he started talking about their personal life in public to the world.. a definite No-No. I hope he gets the mental health that he needs, and I wish Kim and her children the very best....🙋💨
Sylvester Uchia
Sylvester Uchia:
I like how he writes "prison reform" with the quotation marks 😂 😂
Lee scola
Lee scola:
Wish them all the best 👍 💙
Now we know what the storyline for the new kuwtk season is going to be 😂
This surprises no one.
He gave her 4 kids? He's done smh
I have a lot of compassion for Kanye. Of course he isn't perfect and has
so many issues that need fixing. Marriage is hard work. But when
something gets tough, a marriage means at least there is this one person
who is supposed to be there for you, not checking out the first chance
available as there seems to be the pattern here...
Heard they've been separated for a year now anyway.
My Body Is My Piggy Bank
My Body Is My Piggy Bank:
Love is a business proposition. It works until it doesn’t!
Ye may finally find happiness
robby lebotha
robby lebotha:
Awesome, this means Kanyes next album is gonna be fire
Capone og
Capone og:
She belong to the street's
Jean Luney
Jean Luney:
What a great guy and loving and responsible father...NOT!!!
AquariusShawty01 🌬
AquariusShawty01 🌬:
“ did y’all see this coming a mile away” girl you already know 😂😂 wasn’t hoping for it but something inside just knew
Yello Bey
Yello Bey:
I have and will always support Kanye. He's a genius, and a force to be reckoned with.
I remember when she was Ray J squeeze. Welp now Ye gonna come back with a vengeance and drop 808s and Headaches
Memphis R
Memphis R:
The Chronic album was the truth dre and snoop and them keep saying it you can't turn a ------ into a house wife
Jimmy Innocent
Jimmy Innocent:
I can’t believe it went this far
finnaly, that fire album is coming, im sorry for kanye, but this is best decision in his lifeee
Xavier Alexander
Xavier Alexander:
We bout to get the greatest rap album ever!! Bet!!!
Allen Young
Allen Young:
maybe he'll start making good music again
Bossin up To win
Bossin up To win:
That shit lasted way longer than I thought it would for real
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young:
Bro they’ve been together since Yeezus....how insane of a change in character has she been through. Like my guy went from I am a God to Jesus is King.
Hello People
Hello People:
I feel bad for the kids. I come from a broken home and honestly I do not know what is worse. If my parents split or stayed together. This saddens me.
Bet drakes dribbling over this opportunity ( that ‘kind’ neighbour)
Hawns 519
Hawns 519:
I pray the stay together if it’s what Yahweh wants in Yeshua’ s name
Terrelle Anderson
Terrelle Anderson:
Kim been married 3 times she the problem 😭
Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE:
They really had to throw 'cavernous' in there lmao
Ted Kord
Ted Kord:
So it’s just useless to get married in 2021, that’s the message. That tax credit is far useless than losing half of what you got. Right?

I mean what’s the advantage of being married these days rather than just cohabitation?
Jimmy Askenstrom
Jimmy Askenstrom:
Im happy for kanye finally leaving the kardashians, its just too sad for the children. But i hope kanye really trashtalks the kardashians in the media so that his children can get the whole picture and dont be fooled by those witches.
Woody Allen
Woody Allen:
Kanye: for me it all started when Kim complained about me peeing on all my trophies. Talk about petty. I know she enjoys golden showers but I always kept a little in the tank for her but that was never enough for her. U could say the sound of all of the flushing drove her to end our marriage. Oh well.
Greedy Genius
Greedy Genius:
We may start to see some glimpses of Polo Kanye again. There may be hope