Kanye West & Julia Fox Make Red Carpet Debut In Matching Denim

Kanye West and Julia Fox are red carpet official! The couple stepped out in matching head-to-toe denim for the Kenzo show at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday. Julia paired her look with gold statement earrings, dramatic eye makeup and a flash of midriff, while Kanye accessorized with knee-high black boots and shades. The rapper and the "Uncut Gems" star looked cool and cozy while strolling arm-in-arm, exchanging smiles with each other amid the media frenzy.

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Kanye West & Julia Fox Make Red Carpet Debut In Matching Denim


100+ komentarze:

Yall can say she clout but they BOTH KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
Cindy Terry
Cindy Terry:
Nice to see him smiling and they both make wearing denim look artistically beautiful. Feeling them both!!!
C Leigh
C Leigh:
Ye needs to date an artist, somebody who sees things like him and is an independent thinker
"People think I'm in it for the money... But they're wrong because I dated billionaires my *entire* adult life."

Ma'am. No sulci, no gyri, no brain activity.
Julius Smith
Julius Smith:
I Wear These Yeezy Boots Everywhere Even In The Shower Today ~Kanye West
Sun Moon child
Sun Moon child:
He’s got a smile on his face!❤️
Mitchell Real
Mitchell Real:
I can personally vouch for the quality of the FAKEABABY shapewear.
So happy that it arrived quickly and just in time for a party.
Love how it gave me an hourglass figure isntantly!
Chelle Belle
Chelle Belle:
She has a very high opinion of herself… And she’s in this for the clout!
Katlego Mhlauli
Katlego Mhlauli:
The amount of times she said “like” hurt my ears
Marlynne K
Marlynne K:
I have literally never heard of her.
Molly Love
Molly Love:
Lol Kim and Kanye need to focus on their kids. So many pics of them with new people and don't stop to worry how the kids might feel.
Jill Isaacs
Jill Isaacs:
I've dated billionaires my whole adult life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 name one
Good for you, Kanye 👏👏👏
Renee Trotter
Renee Trotter:
When will she realize she's the rebound woman?
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
For some reason when I see this two together feel like it is sort of dysfunctional connection.
Luke Gray
Luke Gray:
I guess I’m the only person who likes the eye makeup 😂😂😂 I think it looks cool.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller:
Her weird makeup, gaudy heart shaped/butt themed earrings, and ridiculous (even for denim) get-up. And man, Kanye’s look from top to bottom? Woof.
If these two were walking down a street as opposed to a red carpet, passers by would be trying to stifle laughter.
Who seriously would wear something like that in public?
I love her.
Nice to be rich and famous. Because who on earth dresses like that.......that does not look good at all
Coldplay Gal
Coldplay Gal:
Julia doesn’t have to be an extreme attention seeker anymore because billionaire’s fall on her feet. Still a gold digger that’s not messing with no broke….ask her ex-husband/baby daddy. 😂
Messiah Isaiah
Messiah Isaiah:
I don't know why but I'm getting the same vibes as when Kim stepped out in that print dress in 2013 to the met gala with Kanye many years ago...
John Locatelli
John Locatelli:
Julia is 🔥

Shoutout to KW ! He seems happy and well
She is not telling the truth.. it's totally about his 💰
SoCal Friend
SoCal Friend:
Denim was always heavy and rough material from the 80's. Ugh!
Shameka Green
Shameka Green:
Awe To Cute💗💕
Love Is In The Air💞
She looks just as crazy as him. Women with crazy eyes? 👁
Katja xxx
Katja xxx:
I don't like her, I feel like he is turning them always into something, he needs a woman who puts him in his place
Who ever did her make up needs to be fired!
Andrea M
Andrea M:
Let’s count how many times she says like!
Ms Options
Ms Options:
They are giving "Bonnie and Clyde" vibes 😏
Rene Sparks
Rene Sparks:
Good for you sweetheart,❤️ I like the podcast. Be who you are inside and out. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Karen L
Karen L:
That makeup is just horrid.
How many times does she say "like"?!? ARGH!😳🙄😖
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu:
When the side show hits town early lmfaooo
Kanye and those damn boots
Anne Kahn
Anne Kahn:
She said "like" 24 times.... In this very short clip.... End of statement.
Latifa Jenkins
Latifa Jenkins:
He got her a stylist
molly lenyo
molly lenyo:
He looks bored. And she says she doesn't wear make up🤔
Alicia Vieira
Alicia Vieira:
She is absolutely stunning & Natural 🔥 I'm loving this new couple!!! (No disrespect KKW 💛) they both deserve Happiness!!!! Hope they truly find it 🙏
Lydia Gutierrez
Lydia Gutierrez:
So glad now he can leave Kim alone...lol
Stephanie Cash
Stephanie Cash:
Hope he finds love!
Maggie May
Maggie May:
This man is richer than Oprah, Jay Z, and Beyoncé combined. 😮‍💨 confidence and bipolar go a long way.
Julie Rafael
Julie Rafael:
her beauty and fashion are enviable.
Sanaa El
Sanaa El:
Kim K is more femenine ! and very Classy ! no one will ever look so good on Kanye like Kim K did !
Cindy Terry
Cindy Terry:
Ye, is on some next level iit!!! Put Kim behind you and let her walk on with her's. You are on elevator, keep pressing that button to the top floor and don't ever press basement. You're good without the past "kim". Beautiful woman you have by your side. Whatever the both of you do,make each other happy.☝️👏👏👏
What is with the "Like" what is she a Valley Girl in her 30's
Lindsey Braconnier
Lindsey Braconnier:
Lol, is he wearing his rubber boots?
The Ambient Holistic
The Ambient Holistic:
A succubus and incubus
Perfect match lol
Great for Kim.
Take a shot every time she says “like”
Dawny WartHog
Dawny WartHog:
Sadie Hawkins called. They want their gig back.
Noah Triumph
Noah Triumph:
I bet they will make babies together or else they'll afraid of responsibility.
Sonia Rouquete
Sonia Rouquete:
Julia fox is hot and I like to see Kanye smiling. Well done guys 🍸🍸💋❤❤❤
Leslie Tripathy Show
Leslie Tripathy Show:
Fox n ye ❤️❤️
Alicia Briscoe
Alicia Briscoe:
They look good together 🥰😚❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isabella Valencia
Isabella Valencia:
They look ridiculous.
Angelica Monje Torrez
Angelica Monje Torrez:
Jennifer Marcelino
Jennifer Marcelino:
The denim don't match.
Dereck Sterling
Dereck Sterling:
Clearly under mind control!
Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies:
Next week or the next, Kanye is gonna beg or make noise with Kim again. Some people gonna defend his behaviour, again. Hopefully, Kanye moves on with his life the same way Kim is moving on with Pete.
Curtis Benford
Curtis Benford:
I don't have nothing against Julia this is directed at Kanye you the same brother that first came out with the gold digger song but ain't nobody ever seen you with a black woman on your arm but you said a black man get rich and leave his sister for a white girl ain't that ironic
Eul Sen
Eul Sen:
Congratulations they are a perfect couple ,,thy fond love with each other Kim Kardashian has a poor adict boyfriend Davidson
Laura Bryfogle
Laura Bryfogle:
I think she needs more eye makeup! ha!

anyway! hope they are for real for each other! never heard of her before this! yet, I don't do mainstream tv or socials. bless the beasts.. yet mostly the children.
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones:
they look good in denim jeans outfits but she is not as pretty is kim keeping it real
J Fro
J Fro:
She like sounds like so like so so like smart!
Lli 97
Lli 97:
Kanye West got another Hollywood handler
HeartBreak Kid
HeartBreak Kid:
Let’s play a game: take a shot every time the word ‘like’ is used
Jayne Steiner
Jayne Steiner:
What is Ye doing with those massive boots on ? My brothers always worked in the barn with boots like that.
Crystal Gaut
Crystal Gaut:
He won't get a plain sister smh
She is soooo generic looking hahaha
becky castillo
becky castillo:
Who cares. 😒🙄 Can't she do better than that? 😐 The reason is that he is rich and famous, if he was a regular man, she wouldn't give him the time of day. 🤔
Pau D
Pau D:
The woman he's with doesn't smile on the pictures
Antony 24
Antony 24:
Totally, She's just Totally, Trying totally to be creative totally LMAO. She's just like Kim, No talent & all booty... Kanye is Julia's Ray J, Totally
joy oldham
joy oldham:
"Like me like now like totally like ya". -Julia Fox
🤣Listening to that pod cast makes wanna 🤮 . Its exactly whats wrong with this Hollywood world of valley girls like oh my God I was like used to be like such an attention seeker. But like... no I'm totally not that way. I'm like only dating like Yeezy. Like Kim's Kardashians Husband. Im like so down to earth.
Eve M
Eve M:
Stop trying so hard
Joy Vee
Joy Vee:
Ye found someone who can he control. and she is a submissive one. perfect combination.
r c
r c:
I can't bear hearing a 31 yo say "like!"
Julia is damn hot.
Maria Benjamin
Maria Benjamin:
seeing average not the "Bad Bitch"
House Of Pets
House Of Pets:
They could look like a better couple if they quit pulling circus act.
Kanye West? Never heard of her 🤷
This is pathetic & she shouldn’t wear everything “#Ye” gives her. Wear what flatters your body…the lace thing is for more shapely women.
The put up the wrong pic suppose to be Kayne West and Jeffree Starr
truth hurts
truth hurts:
What happened to the beautiful ethnic model that he was dating just recently????🤔🤔🤔
Opinionated Scents
Opinionated Scents:
Her makeup is ridiculous. Lol. She's having a ball pretending to be Kim. That's cute.
Tanya Lundy
Tanya Lundy:
She's just not it
Alise Doe
Alise Doe:
This is so fake he still want Kim this is just to make her jealous 🙄
Ruthie Hayes
Ruthie Hayes:
Ye I Hope you find happiness smile ♥️♥️
The Steve Gaines Laptop Band
The Steve Gaines Laptop Band:
Nobody can ruin a beautiful woman's look faster than Kanye. Julia looks like a joke with that eye makeup and the clothes are awful. And he's supposed to be a fashion designer. He has no fashion sense at all.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson:
What's up with her eyes?
Michelle Cinquegrano
Michelle Cinquegrano:
What is up with all the eye makeup that would last me 1 year or more unnecessary she's pretty enough
This is Sara corbello they are pulling a britney and justin thing lol
Danyiel Says
Danyiel Says:
...."and leave yo ass for a white girl.....now I ain't saying she a gold digger but...." 🤣🤣Sounds about white ...I mean right 🤭🤭let me shut up
Jordan Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins:
Idk what it is but she looks much older than she is. There’s beauty in aging but thank god for melanin!