Kanye West launches presidential campaign

A tearful Kanye West held his first presidential campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina, delivering rambling remarks over the course of an hour on topics ranging from abortion to slavery.

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100+ komentarze:

KRONOS 1957:
“When you're born into this world, you're given a ticket to the freak show. If you're born in America you get a front row seat." George Carlin
Drip Side
Drip Side:
the only attention he needs is Medical one
Tyler Powell
Tyler Powell:
Can you imagine being told 5 years ago that one day soon you will see Trump and Kanye on the presidential ballot ?!! Jesus Christ what has happened to this country
Edwin Berumen
Edwin Berumen:
This presidential race can't get any worse:

Kanye West
Isabella ncali
Isabella ncali:
Why do they even let him loose like this? He needs to be in an institution. He shaves 2020 in his head, he’s been rambling nonsense for quite some time now and is blabbering about running for President. Don’t get me started on his nonsense about Harriet Tubman (May She RIP).
If the Kardashians get in the White House the world is officially over.
kdf trwz
kdf trwz:
I swear if this guy gets elected at any time during his lifetime America truly is filled with morons !
They guy is clearly having a mental breakdown and everybody is like yeh this is normal...twilight zone, we're in it.
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey:
2020: Year of the twilight zone.
K Dawgg
K Dawgg:
Kanye West and Kim are just plain " KOO KOO "
Johnny Beasley
Johnny Beasley:
Kim, come get your man.
It’s disgusting he’s playing off people’s emotions for his own gain.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis:
Who's the running mate going to be? Justin Beiber?! Cmon man.
We have enough idiots to make this happen.
You can go to Home Depot and buy a hammer. But it won't make you a carpenter. He's not even a good person.
Mr. Claypole
Mr. Claypole:
America is a massive freak show.
Trey Dreamchaser
Trey Dreamchaser:
Man this Leap year is getting crazier every day 🤦🏾‍♂️, " everyone who has a baby get a million dollars" Kim com get ur man he's off his meds again
celebrities are a different species
Robert White
Robert White:
Makes perfect sense....America needs and deserves an election with a senile grifter, a delusional pathological liar and a freak. May the most dysfunctional man win!
Ray Charles
Ray Charles:
"Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars" lmao jeeeeesus
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey:
trying to find a “shoot myself in the face” emoji. No luck🤦🏻
Ciel Sebastian
Ciel Sebastian:
Someone get him his meds🤦🏽‍♀️ his bipolar is showing
Sir Charles
Sir Charles:
....🤨? Obviously, someone was dropped on their head (repeatedly) as a baby.
I thought he gave up running for running president? Oh no he’s trying to split the Biden vote. Kanye please go find that rock and climb back under it take Kim too SMH
The movie "Idiocracy" is sadly coming to fruition. Yikes.
ROFLMAO...that whole family! Kim looks like she's covered in grease, but knowing her it's probably lube.😬
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
Jesus Christ...what happened to the world?
He’s been nuts ever since “Jesus Walks”
Mercedes Mukati
Mercedes Mukati:
What is the best way to deal with self professed genius Kanye West?
That is worst than death to narcissists.....
2020 is officially the weirdest year in the history of the world. We still have 5+ months left.... By the time aliens land in December we'll be like that's nothing interesting at all.
Warriors Rule
Warriors Rule:
The only positive thing about this so called rally is that they forgot to get microphones.
When he broke down crying I broke down lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shey Me
Shey Me:
2020 is really a crazy year
Stop giving this child the attention he craves.
Is this year some kind of weird dream?
Richard Bishop
Richard Bishop:
He never was even close to being intelligent but the Kardashians have driven him to complete insanity just like they did Bruce
Youcant Seeme
Youcant Seeme:
He needs attention cause he's dad didn't give it to him.
LaBanane Pourrit
LaBanane Pourrit:
This is THE MEME of the decade .
K. Christensen
K. Christensen:
Somebody was off their MEDS!
Rick Rose
Rick Rose:
We have underfunded psychiatric care in this country for too long, and we are finally seeing the consequences.
Kunle Ayanjoke
Kunle Ayanjoke:
Who even shows up for something like this?
Docjonski 22
Docjonski 22:
I bet Miley Cyrus will be coming out next week to announce her candidacy!🧐
"It woulda been no Kanye West" so true my dumb friend...
Lori Daniels
Lori Daniels:
This is sad mental illness, How can your Family allow this to go this far
Carl Albert
Carl Albert:
" Another Clown "
THIS my friends is a mental health episode.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown:
He’s been batshit crazy for many years now🤷🏽‍♂️
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick:
2016 opened the door for this.
God he’s a mess
Z Ro
Z Ro:
Somebody need to take this man out he’s a looney
Gary Diggins
Gary Diggins:
Kanye: The turd that will not flush
Objective Truth
Objective Truth:
I love how he announced this days ago, already dropped out, and it took y'all until after he dropped out to even announce that he was running. Lmao.
Vanessa Costa
Vanessa Costa:
Reagan failed America when he shut down all the asylums.
Crash Overide
Crash Overide:
At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see Pee Wee Herman announce he is also going to run for president.
Wentinn Liao
Wentinn Liao:
"There would have been no Kanye West, because my father was too busy". That definitely would have been a good thing.
Jen A
Jen A:
He is just manic right now. He'll come down. Just remember he is truly sick
Winter S.
Winter S.:
“There wouldn’t have been no Kanye West...”

...and the world would not know the difference. This is always the weakest anti-abortion argument. My mom had two miscarriages and an abortion before me. I am still pro-choice. If she aborted me, she’d just have two children rather than three and their lives would have been what they were - just as ours are now.
James B
James B:
Ye couldn't run a Kool-aid stand, let alone a country!
WTF is going on in 2020? Smh......I just don't understand.
Cliff Gross
Cliff Gross:
Damn he's on acid trip again 👽
Simba Scar
Simba Scar:
Kim is he out of medication ? Can you check the medicine cabinet.🤣🤣🤣
Phil Wang
Phil Wang:
America has hit rock bottom...only way left is up.
Kanye: Hold my beer
Concert Guy
Concert Guy:
Dont give this fool a platform
Alberto Coria
Alberto Coria:
Kanye West, showing us there are questions to be had about mental health in the upper echelons of society.
It's hard to really know what's going on in that mind of hissssss 🦎
Marcos Gallardo
Marcos Gallardo:
This gonna be donkey of the day watch
T Mason
T Mason:
He sounded like Kevin Hart on Wild N Out
Sasquatch Plays
Sasquatch Plays:
Omg he's serious
He’s got my vote!

Someone Else 2020!!
HolyLand Fan
HolyLand Fan:
Like the kid from the dentist's office...

Near Yetfar
Near Yetfar:
Elmo is much more qualified. 😴
sharonda harris
sharonda harris:
Kim need to call his dr and get a refill on his medication or keep him in the house
Frank White
Frank White:
This is America
This is called “ a publicity stunt “
Aman S
Aman S:
He saw tiger king and said "I can top that"
Jaco Anono
Jaco Anono:
I heard "other white people" and stopped listening.
Who’s gonna actually Vote For Him?
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson:
Hell yeah! I don't even care anymore. Let's just roll with it.
He hopes people are stupid enough to vote for him and that will let trump win. Please don't fall for this folks.
Danny G
Danny G:
"Kanye West holding campaign rally at Strip Club Delilahs. Normal business hours set to resume after his speech, with Indica taking the stage to start the night."
You don’t bring emotions into a political campaign. He’s too emotional to be a President.
Jim Fix
Jim Fix:
I didn’t know his speaking voice was so non man like.😂🤣
Ninja One
Ninja One:
This is the saddest day in America in my 41 years
The kardashian family is already on high dose of ego and arrogance imagine if Kanye wins omg, the kardashian family would be controlling America. I am not even an American but this looks very interesting can’t wait for the shit show.😂😂
Terri Harris
Terri Harris:
What!? ....wow, at least he wanna help this dying country
He is a vision of hope
We appreciate ya....😁
Bee Foo
Bee Foo:
This. Am. Done. Lost. His. Damn mind ☑️
M J:
He seems like he's having manic episode or something? I hope he gets some help.
Renee Jewell
Renee Jewell:
A damn trainwreck!!
Bee Foo
Bee Foo:
The. World 🌎. Is. Coming to the end 🔚☑️
When you don’t take your MEDICATION.
Mitchel Butler
Mitchel Butler:
Future president macho from the movie Idiocracy
zaq voir
zaq voir:
President Hoax slipped some money over to this guy under the table.
wow never saw this coming when i first heard the song through the wire, im speechless and not in a good way.
This FOOL needs help really needs help
Y G:
Kim, please come get you're man...this is just silly!
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto:
This guy is nuts. Kim needs to get a divorce. This is difficult to watch.
decent gamer
decent gamer:
0:53 "everyone who has a baby gets a million dollors...er...somthing" hmm yes very smort
Doo Luv
Doo Luv:
I thought he dropped out the race two weeks ago🤷🏾‍♂️
Bruce French
Bruce French:
alpha java
alpha java:
Give Kanye some Kool Aid, Dixie Cups, fold out tables and he'd make a great cult leader.