Kanye West makes chaotic presidential rally debut in South Carolina

In the first rally of his last-minute presidential campaign, rapper Kanye West delivers rambling remarks at a South Carolina convention centre. The venue appeared to lack audience microphones, so West repeatedly told the crowd to be silent. 'Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet,' he tells the crowd before saying the American abolitionist Harriet Tubman 'never actually freed the slaves. She just had the slaves work for other white people'. Members of the audience can be heard saying, 'Y'all, we're leaving now'

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100+ komentarze:

Nick Crompton
Nick Crompton:
I love that Kanye only starts crying when he begins to think of a world with 'no Kanye West'...
If he becomes president I think that's a clear sign the world is ending
“Y’all we’re leaving right now” - Wise woman 2020
Andrea Lucena Squair
Andrea Lucena Squair:
This man cannot handle his own persona and family, how could he handle USA...
“everyone that has a baby gets 1 million dollars or something like that”
-Kanye West 2020
Bizay A.D
Bizay A.D:
United States of America, the whole nation has become nothing but a reality show and the rest of the world, it's audience.
forhad karim
forhad karim:
If kanye becomes the president, he will put the state secrets in a rap song.
Alie Carey
Alie Carey:
This poor guy doesn't need an audience, he needs a doctor!!
Obito Icy
Obito Icy:
The guy in the back at 1:46 had me dying 😂😂😂
Aaron Francesconi
Aaron Francesconi:
imagine this guy having access to nuke launch codes.
Eddie B
Eddie B:
The lady who says, "Y'all we leaving right now" is the most hilarious part of the video.😂
cat snack
cat snack:
And people wonder why this country is laughed at...
Bipolar US President should be the name of a rock band, not an actual thing.
To Be Honest
To Be Honest:
“Y’all, we leav’n rn” was the most sensible thing I heard in this entire video.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
This isn’t funny anymore for me.....this is like horror
D K:
And nobody gonna say anything about the bulletproof vest???
Monsieur Speedwagon
Monsieur Speedwagon:
I swear America is just a weird fever dream that the rest of the world saw
CGI Future
CGI Future:
Greatest speech in history:

kanye the yeezy
kanye the yeezy:
you guys act like you wouldn’t cry if you found out your dad wanted to abort you
Pirate Dog
Pirate Dog:
But remember Beyonce had the best music video.
Chad Brad
Chad Brad:
This man needs help and that’s no joke.
Him for president is a joke
Kassandra Noemi
Kassandra Noemi:
This is SO hard to watch omg ..
- Australian bushfires
- coronavirus
- ufo sighting
- riots / protests
- Kanye wants to be president
Astro da lX
Astro da lX:
This man needs help ASAP, no rocky
Learsi Oyorra
Learsi Oyorra:
This country is getting more weird than ever!
Bandile Cavin
Bandile Cavin:
It's like he was giving himself an intervention 😂
A J:
Watching American news to me is like watching a reality tv show
They should do a comedy movie with Kevin Hart playing Kanye West, in which he becomes president - lol.
G. M.
G. M.:
Some people like to laugh when rich celebrities get in problems, but I feel sorry for him, he's in pain, struggling, he needs help.
lil jill
lil jill:
“Y’all we’re leaving right now” were the only logical words spoken
Just when you thought Trump rallies were the worst thing
Advaith S.V.
Advaith S.V.:
USA is like Benjamin button. As time passes by, the IQ level of USA diminishes .

It's like the world's biggest reality show is online
Diembla Leren
Diembla Leren:
the rest of the world is laughing at America u guys is like a bad trip
“I ALMOST KILLED MY DAUGHTER-“ The next president? Or someone that needs professional help?
Brandon Denver
Brandon Denver:
Isn't it obvious that this man is having a manic episode?
Ariana S.
Ariana S.:
why is he making it all about himself and is not talking about how he wants to help America
Neil Patil
Neil Patil:
"Life isnt a tragedy...life is a comedy"-Arthur fleck joker
Another one bites the dust. The Kardashian Kurse on their men continues.
Asian Man Child
Asian Man Child:
Kanye West needs a therapist
Sirius Rehkind
Sirius Rehkind:
„Y’all we’re leaving now!“

(She probably meant the country)
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos:
"Everyone that has a baby gets a million dollars... or a million Venezuelan pesos, whatever"
Green Dream
Green Dream:
I feel sorry for him. That’s a serious condition that needs attention.
Mads Hultgren
Mads Hultgren:
The guy in the background’s face at 1:46 😂
M Dons
M Dons:
Elon musk better hurry up with that colonization to Mars because I’m out.
im literally begging that he doesn’t become president, I genuinely think America will fall apart, especially after Trump
Khalid D.
Khalid D.:
America, the country where crazy people are made.
Kanye: I almost killed my daughter but abortion should be legal
str ardana
str ardana:
I'm sure this guy will got elected since it's 2020..the year of impossible.
To all Americans , just face it you’re country is a big meme
Cole Harding
Cole Harding:
"Yall we leaving right now" (footage cuts) 🤣🤣🤣
Mayank Negi
Mayank Negi:
He makes Trump looks like a genius😂..... this man is delusional
Mordecai Fertig
Mordecai Fertig:
Kanye West Rally

South Park: Yes
William Acheson
William Acheson:
Oh America,

You are an absolute shambles 😬
why parceti
why parceti:
Is he running for president or holding a public therapy session?
Just stop enabling him with the "his mother died" excuse, it's like beating a dead horse at this point.
Zir Zot
Zir Zot:
He is disturbed..why did the americans even take him seriously
Diet Bleach
Diet Bleach:
I hope his daughter doesn't see this.
United World
United World:
the guy is crying for help, feel sorry for him
Pretzals HD
Pretzals HD:
Someone get him help, I've been saying it so many times. He's waiting for someone real to just say stop to him, really lay into him and tell him all his flaws. Get him proper help
“Y’all we’re leaving right now”

Brandy Lynn w
Brandy Lynn w:
I'm voting for the woman that yelled were leaving right now...this dude is a freaking joke!
...and just when I thought idiocracy was already real with Trump, someone adds steroids to the mix.
Normal person: Could 2020 get any crazier?
Kanye West: Hold my beer
Kanye: There would’ve been no kanye west
Me: Who?
Dave Galloway
Dave Galloway:
Like sand in the hour glass, so are they days of American lives as of late. Pass the 🍿
Frankie’s Mom
Frankie’s Mom:
I could just imagine our president having the numbers shaved in his hair 😂
Bernard Policarpio
Bernard Policarpio:
2:03 I never thought he would take the Kevin Hart Antics to that level for real.
2020 is like a horror/comedy movie 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
TV Chunga
TV Chunga:
Fixed the title: "Future President, Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West makes HISTORIC presidential rally debut in South Carolina"
Stan Gable
Stan Gable:
When the corona virus payments stop and unemployment is inevitable 😂
2:02 😂
Devin Rox
Devin Rox:
🎶 D U M B ways to die... 🎶
🎶 So Many D U M B ways to die... 🎶
This is what happens when we continue to buy yeezy's 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
I love that he wears a kevlar. He's a true leader willing to lead his troops to war or a Massacre 🤣
"Make Artists Make Art Again!" - my campaign slogan for 2024.
Andrew Alejo
Andrew Alejo:
When he said I almost killed my daughter everyone got quit
Yu Chung Law
Yu Chung Law:
1:46 The dude at the back doe😂😂
Please America don't give this man access to the nuclear button
1:43 the dude to the left makes the confused nick young face
Bipolar president puts an end to unipolar US rule in the world.
Natas Liah
Natas Liah:
Please Americans , vote for him and make life a real Netflix show
Mellow Marsh
Mellow Marsh:
When The Joker came out y'all were mental health advocates but can't keep the same energy for a real life human being
Kanye: “I almost killed my DAAUUUGHHTTERRRR”
Everyone: “It’s ok, but you didn’t”
Maria J.
Maria J.:
1:46 bruh that security guards face in the back is the best thing bout this😂
Rene Salinas
Rene Salinas:
Remember when he hit his head on a stop sign that was hilarious
Epic Productions
Epic Productions:
He just cried saying he almost aborted his daughter but then says abortion should be legal 🤦🏾‍♂️
Does anyone ever realize this guy ONLY acts crazy when a album is coming out ?
I’m D’ez
I’m D’ez:
The “Y’all we leaving right now” took me out 😭
Manic BiPolar Kanye - He needs help

Early Dementia Biden - Lets vote for him

Lukibear 1112
Lukibear 1112:
Bruh I'm no psyciatrist, but he needs help. He needed it ten years ago
Rose McD
Rose McD:
Kanye is playing himself without the meds and enriching his families even more.
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy:
Guy in the background...
Jeran E
Jeran E:
he needs help man. He's clearly going through a manic episode
My fav part: I ALMOST KILLED MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!
2:00 LOL turkey
Felipe Uebio
Felipe Uebio:
Whatever Kanye is going through I am not here to judge.
I'm praying for him. 🙏🏼❤
John Smith
John Smith:
Americans are so funny, first Trump and now this LOL...
Bigboy Ramboy
Bigboy Ramboy:
America is such a weird nation that I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes president.
sabrina spook
sabrina spook:
He needs professional help and to be away from the Kardashians.
Alisina Atai
Alisina Atai:
1:45 The guy behind him got me dead! haha!
Max Hizzy
Max Hizzy:
2:03 what language is that