Kanye West Runs for PRESIDENT?!

Kanye West announces via Twitter he plans to run for president 2020. Could this year get any weirder?

Will Kanye West win presidency 2020?

Is Kanye West Running for President?

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Imagine saying “ayo the president is about to drop an album” THIS IS 2020😂
Jay Random
Jay Random:
His first economic impact will be banning drake.
Ben Craig
Ben Craig:
If he wins we’re gonna say “Ayyy I was a fan of Kanye before he was president, yall are bandwagon fans”
Marill Sweatshirt
Marill Sweatshirt:
He's gonna lock up everyone that gave MBDTF a 6/10.
Henry3000 / KIKE
Henry3000 / KIKE:
literally everyone would vote for him just for the meme
Y D:
Kanye announcing he’s running this late? Call that a Late Registration.
Andrei Zambelli
Andrei Zambelli:

The moderator: "who's sway? this is a presidential debate Mr, West."
“It’s impossible for Kanye to win” they said the same thing about trump
Pepe Davis
Pepe Davis:
it’s not that weird when you think about it. reagan was an actor before his presidency 🤷‍♂️
Camilo Ortega
Camilo Ortega:
“I got one off to the First Lady” - Shawn Cee, 2020
Kanye: made mbdtf, cd, late registration, lift yourself

Trump/Biden: dosnt even have #1 record 🤣🤮

Kanye = the best option
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
You forget that Trump also had 0 experience in politics and against all odds still won
InfiniteAce Gaming
InfiniteAce Gaming:
“YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY!” -Kanye West when he’s in a Cabinet meeting
The real question is: if Kanye gets elected, will Kendrick be getting head in the White House? 🤔
Traffic Cones Up My Tight Ass
Traffic Cones Up My Tight Ass:
Taylor Swift will interrupt his inauguration speech
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz:
Imagine he wins, would he still drop music 😂
w o
w o:
Bruh remember when everyone said Trump wasn’t going to win, then yeet. Ye got my vote
If anybody votes for him y’all have officially dipped into the negative values of the IQ scale
Evan Harlow
Evan Harlow:
"no one is their right mind would vote for Kanye west" but that's what they said about dj trump
Max Youle
Max Youle:
the soldiers marching to jesus walks
that would be nutz
internet culture is all for the memes, i mean the "Deez nuts" guy got votes, we all knew he wasn't gonna win for shit but its all for the memes at this point... same thing is going to happen with kanye.
Nick Gaschler
Nick Gaschler:
kanye v trump debate boutta birth the “YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS DONALD” quote
Collin Smith
Collin Smith:
Please stand for the national anthem:”I miss the old Kanye, straight from the go kanye-
Yeah this totally sounds like the type of thing he does RIGHT before an album
Yiggy Da Fresh
Yiggy Da Fresh:
Theory: the album title “God’s Country” is symbolizing America, and if Kanye becomes president, the country is his, God’s Country. Seems like the most Kanye thing to do
You're missing the point. Of course he can't win. He is however making a valid political statement.
Lamel Winston
Lamel Winston:
Being a rapper won't hurt him, his mental instability will.
moco teddi
moco teddi:
Anyone can be president. We saw that after Trump. Kanye would make a better president than any politician currently running.
Just remember Dwayne "the rock" johnson is also running for president
yuri alexander
yuri alexander:
Maybe now, Kendrick can get his head inside the residence
Amber Walters
Amber Walters:
I'm not voting for him . I will believe it when I see it . He's said that before. I wouldn't vote for him . He's a rapper . He's not qualified to be president.
King James
King James:
*Timeline of 2020 so far*

*Jan:* Nearly Iran-USA War & R.I.P Kobe 🙏🏾 *Feb:* Global Pandemic 🌍
*March:* Lockdown ⚠️
*April:* 30 Million people filed for unemployment 👤
*May:* 3 million COVID Cases 📈
*June:* George Floyd protests ✊🏿
*July:* Kanye Runs for President 🇲🇽

*August:* ALIENS????????? 👽👾
He’s doing all this just to promote his GAP collab
Walter Clements
Walter Clements:
Shawn, this doesn’t look like RUN THE JEWELS - RUN THE JEWELS 4 First REACTION/REVIEW
Steeve Jean-louis
Steeve Jean-louis:
Can’t lie a Rap artist stealing the presidency fight between two boomers would be hilarious
Tiers of eMotion
Tiers of eMotion:
If kanye ran earlier after Bernie Sanders dropping out I would've voted for him over Biden no cap
XLT_yaboi331 -
XLT_yaboi331 -:
Oh my god imagine the keeping up with the kardashians: presidential season
Sahage Boparai
Sahage Boparai:
We are actually living in a dystopian novel.
“They said trump couldn’t win.” Do you guys realize that trump ran under the republican party when the race started whereas kanye hasn’t even registered to run LMAO
We've had the first Black President now it's time for the first President without legs. #ShawnCeeForPresident!
Lorenzo Valbonesi
Lorenzo Valbonesi:
Why are y'all saying he's bad but we don't even know what are his thoughts and ideas
Korey Henderson
Korey Henderson:
The sad part is people are taking this serious again even though November is 4 months away 😂😂😂😂
Have fun though
“No one In Their right mind that takes voting seriously” is what we said in 2016🤦🏽‍♂️
Young Ace
Young Ace:
" I'm voting mr kanye west for president,
He'll probably let me get some head inside the residence,
I'm in the white house going all out
Bumping college drop outs , God bless Americans "
Litha M
Litha M:
People in 2015 were cheering for him when he said he was gonna run for president in 2020 and now yall gonna switch up on him 😂😂😂
G R:
Kanye is Lowkey smart when on his meds tho. Before he was diagnosed he was saying real shit
Nudah Not Verified
Nudah Not Verified:
Lowkey Jay Z should run he'd have my vote
Δημήτρης Λουκάς
Δημήτρης Λουκάς:
Kanye: I'm running for President
Everyone: 2:35
ASMR Chi Chi
ASMR Chi Chi:
America is the most hilarious realty tv show of all lmao wow
Sekoy the Angel
Sekoy the Angel:
"I'm yelling Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence
I'm in the White House going all out
Bumping College Dropout, God-bless Americans"

. . .

Well if Kendrick Lamar is all for it, then heck I support his endorsement

“What I really need right now is Ja Rule’s opinion”

w dvb
w dvb:
Yo girl is easy, be acting quesy, Time to vote, for the 1 they call yezzy.
“Kanye isn’t going to win” That’s funny i remember they said the same thing about trump😂
david m
david m:
Dudes gonna change the national anthem to 'lift yourself'
Batman devil
Batman devil:
He may be strange but at least he's not a rapist
If it was Jay Z running for president he’d have a chance at being president, but Kanye likely won’t have a chance.
Synchronized Elbow
Synchronized Elbow:
Imagine every ballot voting for him having that "Hey man, I'm an aspiring artist. I write, mix, and produce my tracks. Hit my Instagram, SoundCloud, mixtape..." scribbled on the back.
Austin S.
Austin S.:
“I pledge allegiance to the Ye” 💀💀💀💀💀
Jaylan Thompson
Jaylan Thompson:
“I’m just so lost right now, I think what I really need is Ja Rule’s opinion” 😂😂😂
If biden wont win if someone else runs as well, thats on him and on him only
Horen LastTeacher 2.0
Horen LastTeacher 2.0:
Bruh, he's black, rich and is a rapper.

That's all that matters.
J. Spann
J. Spann:
I could see SHAWN CEE run for office 10 years from now.
ya'll said trump wasn't going to win, and he won. Don't underestimate the power of Kanye and the Kardashian klan. He even has Elon Musk backing him. He really could make an impact on the votes.
That “scoop poop” song isn’t doing him any favors
Chicken Toot
Chicken Toot:
He knows he's not gonna win, it's all a big game lol
Titus Shihepo
Titus Shihepo:
"It's that easy because it's yeezy"

lemme put my $5 down payment for that Shawn Cee mixtape
La'Rayja Hill
La'Rayja Hill:
"I really need Ja Rule's opinion." 😂😂😂
Just like George Carlin said about this country.
"It's the freak show, we have a front row seat!"
Meteor Cubing
Meteor Cubing:
Honestly I really hope that he doesn’t win the election
Can we get 10,000 subs with no videos?
Can we get 10,000 subs with no videos?:
I think dismissing Kanye MERELY on the basis of him not being a politician is unfair. Kanye would likely support criminal justice reform as well as the legalisation of marijuana, giving him the edge over Trump and Biden in that regard. I think he would be socially to the left of Biden, but my area of concern is his stances on fiscal policy, as he indicates he is slightly towards the right. If anything though, him not being a politician may mean he is less likely to succumb to special interests like the military industrial complex or Wall Street. Remember, the Obama administration with Biden gave Wall Street billions of dollars in the sub prime mortgage crisis. And remember that although we have had shit non-politicians come into power like Trump, figures like Andrew Yang and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are figures that are non-politicians who ran for political office and have high favorability ratings. The mere fact that you are a non politician should not dismiss you. I am willing to debate this in the comment section.
Chaya Bat-Tzvi
Chaya Bat-Tzvi:
The man is an egomaniac. Even though I left the US in 2017, I would welcome Kanye running for president only because it would force Biden and Trump to take up stronger platforms out of fear that a third party candidate would take away their votes. And let's face it: there is almost no difference between Biden and Trump. It's like Americans have the choice between two versions of the same person every election.
Chase Richter
Chase Richter:
I would vote for Kanye. I'm 23, and I have never voted before.
I’m yelling mister kanye west for president, prolly let me get some head inside the residence, bumpin college drop out god bless Americans. Kendrick said something like that lmao
Huxble 'infinity
Huxble 'infinity:
Kanye said this yearss ago when he was heavily involved in good music. Im actually shocked hes actually serious about this years later😅😅
i hate you for that dave chapelle reference😂 “wheres ja”
"Kayne west isn't gonna win"

November 4th 2020 morning :
*Shawn Cee releases video titled 'I can't believe he won!?!?!?!'*
Ro_ _
Ro_ _:
Probably one of his mental episodes he goes through
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes:
“You should be honored by my lateness”- Kanye😂
GB Army Nation
GB Army Nation:
Oh...I remember him saying that back at the MTV VMAs 5 years ago... XD
aaron laluzerne
aaron laluzerne:
Fun fact: if Kanye West were to win the election, he would be the first person from generation x to become president of the United States.
Jason Crocker
Jason Crocker:
When I saw Kanye was running for President, I didn't even bat an eye. 2020 has destroyed me.
Y’all know damn well one of the first things ye gone do is start passing out Reperations, I’m here for it
Brendan Reyes
Brendan Reyes:
If I could sing So Appalled when I do the pledge of allegiance I’d vote for Mr. West
- Rainz
- Rainz:
Wasn’t there a comedian in a middle eastern country that won the position for president
I'm so lost right now, I need Ja Rule's opinion 😄😄😂
Coco Puff
Coco Puff:
“And a president who Might not remember being Vice President” I’m donnne
Mr Ant
Mr Ant:
2020 is officially the most clown year to ever happen in history
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez:
I’m at my crib like “oh my god, WHERE IS JA”
Jamez Ward
Jamez Ward:
Dude personal opinion isn’t entertainment, judging a man that doesn’t even know you for clickbait.
Carter Bryson
Carter Bryson:
Did it really take over half a year for Jesus is King to come in the mail? 💀
Zvikomborero mangwanda
Zvikomborero mangwanda:
Pusha T for Secretary of Defense

I’m a Bernie supporter. I’m very passionate about progress and equality. I’ll be voting for Kanye West. So I disagree with you. Listen to his platform.

YE 2020
Edin Gibaui
Edin Gibaui:
I agree shawn, the Memes.
If Eminem was president
Gettin off is
The first order of business
Once he gets in office
anon one
anon one:
Shawn out here reassuring the rest of the world 😂
thanks for the upload
Sheja Bryce
Sheja Bryce:
Kendrick Lamar is somewhere smirking at his wife
Mike Deeb
Mike Deeb:
Keep in mind, if kanye gets enough votes that would make it a 3 party system which means people won’t be voting as much for just the “better of the two evils”
Sahage Boparai
Sahage Boparai:
Always love your levelheaded commentary Shawn!