Kanye West Speaks On Kim Kardashian Divorcing Him

Kanye West Speaks On Kim Kardashian Divorcing Him
There has been a LOT of talk about the potential for a divorce between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Because ever since the beginning of the year, the two have had quotes, interviews, social media posts and more that said they were, they weren't, or they could get a divorce. But now, finally, the confirmation has come and Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye. But what does this all mean in the grand scale? How will everything go down in terms of the custody battle and so on? We'll break it all down for you, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

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So what do you think? What do you think of this look at the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Are you glad that the filing has finally come? Do you think that this "amicable" agreement between them will actually hold? Or do you think that when push comes to shove Kanye will fracture from the plan and lead things to a bitter battle? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we'll see you next time on the channel!

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Grew apart? I swear these people have cursed themselves. Marriages nowadays are just a business deal with a start date and an end date.
Jho D Cruz
Jho D Cruz:
They have everything in life...but still unhappy with one another..we are poor ...we dont have much but we live happy life...love is the key...
Brit'nee Supernal
Brit'nee Supernal:
After Kanye West's mother died he has never been the same.He needed to heal,but instead he went right with Kim.When he started getting close to God all this stuff started coming out.I think its for the best.
Macaroni Tony
Macaroni Tony:
Plot twist: Kim marries Dave East and has a child named South.
Nat Rosen
Nat Rosen:
I don't know why some people thought their marriage would last. I'm just surprised they last that long.
Christina Catalano
Christina Catalano:
Kanye’s about to come back to life 🙌🏻
That One Guy
That One Guy:
"Kimye is no more." I found their marriage to be awkward..and that's being nice.
Charles Ritter
Charles Ritter:
Can't believe the marriage lasted this long. Kim is too obsessed with her looks and money and Kanye is just plain crazy.
Alicia's Talk Sessions
Alicia's Talk Sessions:
Any man that comes within a mile of that family ends up messed up ..Be warned
Aric Brown
Aric Brown:
Kim is the crazy one, take a look at the kardashion family history. I’m sad for the kids but almost relieved for kanye
Everybody steady trying to play Kanye, even in the face of his magnificent genius-- art, business, parenting...Vision.
Stop Censorship
Stop Censorship:
When it comes to the hips and backside sometimes less is more. Don't over do it.
Dolly Dexter
Dolly Dexter:
I feel so sorry for Kanye. Every man that gets involved with that family ends up broken, including Rob.
N P:
“That’s crazy” that this business arrangement of a marriage yielded all of these children.
Sophia Robinson
Sophia Robinson:
its crazy how she tried to take full custody. if you see the videos of him with his kids they clearly adore him and i think kims being selfish.
Mya Briggs
Mya Briggs:
Kayne is definitely not crazy at all, hes talented as hell, wealthy, good hearted, its unfortunate what happen but the Kardashians are the crazy money hungry ones, all about fame and money.
unexpected vixen
unexpected vixen:
Him having bipolar has absolutely nothing to do with him being a " safe " parent. I was raised by a parent with bipolar disorder and I couldn't have asked to have more love,attention and affection as well as incredible security. Just because a parent has a mental illness does not make them a bad or incapable parent. At all!
Casherel Thirdkill
Casherel Thirdkill:
This is a blessing. Kanye, go be happy and enjoy your family!!!
Imhotep Nubian
Imhotep Nubian:
Kayne wants to raise his children with a simple, non media life. Kim wants them to be stars, right out the womb. I think she has been chasing fame and fortune since her reality tape, she leaked....
Natasha T.
Natasha T.:
Shouldn’t you discuss how to raise kids before ever thinking about marrying a person?
Sarah Sánchez
Sarah Sánchez:
She became a lawyer and shortly after, files for divorce. Interesting....
Breanna Fannin
Breanna Fannin:
I never felt like kim really was into kanye
Casherel Thirdkill
Casherel Thirdkill:
She’s the type of person that needs to stay single. The vibe between them never seemed genuine. He just wanted the “baddest b” and she just wanted a higher rank of popularity.
Miah J.
Miah J.:
Kim must be crazy herself. Actually the whole damn family. These men keep leaving Kim but she always makes it seem like she broke up with them 💀 so people won’t catch on to her. Why can’t anyone in the family keep a spouse?? They clearly see something that we don’t
Albert Stemage
Albert Stemage:
Kanye knew what he was getting into
Before he married her, the s******** with Ray j
Was an indication he actually helped to make her an wholesome woman...
Once again...
I really enjoyed the Sunday church services, the music is really inspirational... I'll be praying for Kanye
Kim and the children, and everything will turn out well.
Samantha Moyo
Samantha Moyo:
“That’s crazy”
Kanye: am running for president 🥴
Kim: 4th marriage here I come🏃🏾‍♀️
Opie **
Opie **:
Its a miracle they even lasted this long.
Kanye will be okay, as he’ll do anything for a blondyke...
mel Blank
mel Blank:
"That's crazy" he should have never married her in the first place
Why is it that every man that gets into that den of women end up with some “ MENTAL HEALTH” issue?
Jennavie Maganda
Jennavie Maganda:
“That’s crazy” divorce sucks as it is, regardless who’s going through it. My heart goes out to their kids
Bro you talk too much without saying anything.

That's a phucking talent in itself.
Marguerite Genevieve
Marguerite Genevieve:
Kanye I reccomend you listen to your own song " In the night I hear him talking coldest story every told somewhere far along the road he lost his soul to a woman so Heartless" lol
Teltha Truth
Teltha Truth:
He’s right. By selling his soul to the devil, he got a crappy deal. They only saying he’s crazy because he told the truth.
Cathy Alford
Cathy Alford:
Kim needs to let go of the jezebel spirit and Focus On Her Husband and Children. She has NO IDEA what she's giving up. Her children will suffer and that's not what God wants.
Prepper Nation
Prepper Nation:
Kim filing for divorce is proof that God exists. Prayers answered for Kanye, now run, son!
Jerrell Bailey
Jerrell Bailey:
How did Kim get her debut? I always thought it was from sleeping with ray j
KMO Light
KMO Light:
Move on Kanye,we still love you
Jenn MsMbition
Jenn MsMbition:
"That crazy" divorce is hard but dealing with unhappiness is even crazier. Its hard dealing with someone that has a uncontrolled bi-polar disorder.
Journey to Love Paris
Journey to Love Paris:
They need to stop calling Kanye crazy, he just didn’t stay true to himself. “He’ll leave yo ass for a white girl”. He got lost in the sauce and now he is regaining his trust in himself. Let the man be.
Allison Brinkley
Allison Brinkley:
We have to remember, they are just as much human beings as we all are. Their family needs support and privacy during this time. Hope the children are put first and both parties end up happy.
Annette Young
Annette Young:
Yes divorce is a sad situation but them agreeing on the kids coming first and both hands on giving their kids the best life is selfless .
“That’s crazy” that he thought it would be cool to run for President lol. 🙈
Patrick Oyinkari
Patrick Oyinkari:
"That's Crazy" thought they were actually going to be fine, sad
Precious Atam
Precious Atam:
That's Crazy because I honestly thought they'd be together a little longer.
Mr Grow
Mr Grow:
He should of never been involved with that evil family .
Divine Grace
Divine Grace:
"Thats crazy " how couples just give up on their marriage when the going gets tough.
Melissa Boutilier
Melissa Boutilier:
Now Kanye West can be him...finally. Most genius move ever by Kanye. Kardashian family only ruins lives anyways...even their own lives.
Amber Smith
Amber Smith:
Omg who’s the source spilling all that tea?! Lol I can’t, how do I get stuck going down this rabbit hole?
AR 23
AR 23:
He FINALLY GOT OUT! They milked his celebrity dry and now he's useless to them.
Alanna Bertorelli
Alanna Bertorelli:
"That's crazy" I'm going to miss KUWTK
Trends Lounge
Trends Lounge:
When people dealing with divorce, I'm only worried about their kids.
I hope they will be okay
Lakeithia Withers
Lakeithia Withers:
It's hilarious that he all of a sudden has bipolar disorder when he gets with kim Kardashian I call BS thank God he getting away from those EVIL WITCHES SERIOUSLY THE CURSE IS FINALLY BROKEN GOD ALWAYS PREVAILS WELCOME BACK YE 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍
Pamela Eneas
Pamela Eneas:
Julianne Sharpe
Julianne Sharpe:
Poverty does Not make people happy or remain together neither does Wealth. Other ingredients are Necessary for health, wholeness and happiness.
Naomi Beharry
Naomi Beharry:
“That’s crazy”, but at the same time I’m not surprised
Munashe Chinonzo
Munashe Chinonzo:
“That’s Crazy”
I may not care about either of them but I hope they remain civil for the sake of their kids.
Cherisse Tillman
Cherisse Tillman:
Kanye use to be okay. But someone said, he lost it after his mother died. And that happens all it takes is for on traumatic experience to knock you off the deep end.
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Bolaji Aiyegboyin:
This will eventually happen between them since Kanye steps forward in faith.more will be strip off him.welcome bro.the lord is your strength.
Tiffany Shepherd
Tiffany Shepherd:
That’s crazy how feelings of wanting a divorce has been going on for over a year!!!!!
Lee Herron
Lee Herron:
i hope losing ya moms was worth it getting involved in anyone in fam that would get let her husband go trans after being an aplha male decathlete...it boggles the mind//
I still love him
Hope they are both well and the kids are, most importantly ❤️
Seeing his wife always out in front of him was always a sign for me that this was temporary for her. Just wanted them, half-breed babies. Smh
Kenneth Stone
Kenneth Stone:
Just sad I was actually riding for them
D Hill
D Hill:
Have anyone ever noticed Kim always stood front and Kayne during pictures shots and he had an empty look on his face 🤔
Rayne Michael
Rayne Michael:
He lost his damn mind while ago! Run Kimmy!
“That’s crazy” 🤪😜
alepha mumba
alepha mumba:
"That's crazy" Where's the fourth child!!!
Julian Ingram
Julian Ingram:
Ye’ just played crazy and weird to get out this situation he knows that death or end of Hollywood is the only way out so the elite are going to allow ye’ to exit but pay attention ye’ is not safe 🤦🏾‍♂️
YouTube breaks The 1st amendment
YouTube breaks The 1st amendment:
So I came for a direct message from kanyes MOUTH I got nothing of the sort
Gods blessed this nest Smith’s
Gods blessed this nest Smith’s:
That’s crazy praying 🙏🏾 for them
When he got on he should’ve never left that black girl lol 😂
Jed Jazmin
Jed Jazmin:
“That’s Crazy” It lasted as long as it did.
Medic SixtyFour
Medic SixtyFour:
The fact he wanted 7 kids, "That's crazy"!! 🤯😳
Kim should just date after this 🤣
Laura Bedford
Laura Bedford:
Kim's got endless nannies so dont think shes doing all the work .
His eyes scare me. Combination of anger and an emptiness.
Devine Beaut
Devine Beaut:
2021 everybody getting a divorce. Stop settling and stop getting married so damn fast.
Miss Jnet
Miss Jnet:
Because money can’t buy you love ❤️
"That's Crazy" I hope their divorce isnt too ugly.... for the kids.
I hope they co-parent well! The kids are the ones who suffer!
Torque of the Devil
Torque of the Devil:
Amazed the raving lunatic made it this long
Stay Real
Stay Real:
Its hard being in a relationship with someone who has a mental disorder and are in denial about getting treatment.. Their irrational thinking pattern can make you lose your mind. And its always worse on the spouse because behind close doors they see way more than everyone else. I hope Kayne get help because you can tell he is a very nice person.
Sadhana Rajkumar
Sadhana Rajkumar:
Wishing both of them all the best! ♥️♥️Much love and sweet blessings upon the children too♥️♥️♥️♥️
alicia uwishuknew
alicia uwishuknew:
This go to show how real love is tested in a relationship is when u are forced to spend real 24/7 time with someone is when u really see everything about them. I feel with celebrity relationships its all a fantasy fun time when they find "time" to actually spend together cuz there always missing each other as their daily life schedules are consumed with being on the road, being await at filming, shopping, gyms, spas, meetings, constant travel away to places for long periods of time...etc etc....but since this pandemic and business opportunities limited to outside venues these two were forced to spend real time with each other like everyday regular couples n family and they got to see more of each others 24/7 real personalities and mood swings. As most people know when u dont see someone 24/7 in a real living situation u only see parts of them not all..when u live wit someone u see all the real....only reason their marriage lasted 7yrs is cuz they really didnt spend much time together..only time u saw them together was picture time, parties, family holidays and some vacations while they were filmed on the kardashians...covid hit they marriage wit a dose of reality!
Timarie Saffell
Timarie Saffell:
“That’s crazy!”
Mya Norton
Mya Norton:
“That’s Crazy” I feel so bad because no matter the reason, divorce is hard on everyone. I’m glad Kim and Kanye are trying to smoothly work things out I know if it was me I would be heartbroken and have a hard time.
Mayank Saxena
Mayank Saxena:
The notification said "That's crazy".
You know initially I thought of going through the comment section to just get the "secret message" xD But then I ended up watching the whole video anyway :P
Blanka Augustino
Blanka Augustino:
He’s a total knob. Run Kim run.🦶🦶
albert gichana
albert gichana:
I'm happy for Kanye, this is long overdue
Kyle Bangs
Kyle Bangs:
Parents always do what's best for "themselves" instead of what's best for the children, which is why children pay the ultimate price, and ultimately why 100% of relationships end.
Nicole W
Nicole W:
The amount of times Kanye has spoken out in the past shows he doesn’t really care what people think. If he didn’t want this divorce as much as Kim he would be putting on stunts to prove he loves her. The reason it’s amicable is because they both want it and he’s made comments about wanting to leave before. I think they loved each other but are just two very different people and his recent antics were probably due to him feeling restricted for so long.
Kayia Baker
Kayia Baker:
Two extreme narcissists are incompatible, especially when one has another mental challenge on top that.
Omg. It’s about to be yeezy season!! Twisted dark fantasy 2!!!
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy:
Damn...That's Crazy!
Tanesha Whitfield
Tanesha Whitfield:
Everything happens for a reason!
Kanye need LOVE and to relax his mind on a daily basis