Kate Winslet And Stephen Fix The Ending To 'Titanic'

'Wonder Wheel' star Kate Winslet appeases Stephen's dissatisfaction with the ending to 'Titanic' by creating a new ending with Stephen playing Jack.

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100+ komentarze:

Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng:
Imagine if Leonardo DiCaprio showed up out of nowhere.
Beatriz Cardoso
Beatriz Cardoso:
She doesn’t say: I’ll never let YOU go. She says: I’ll never let go. Referring to the promise she made to Jack (to basically live a full life).
Ariadne W.
Ariadne W.:
i will never be able to comprehend how great her acting was in titanic - she was everything in that movie. and beyond beautiful.
and so was leonardo.
lingoni GERMAN
lingoni GERMAN:
I think I watched Titanic 547 times and it's still my favorite movie ever... I was obsessed with Kate and Leo... and she is still so awesome. I hope I can meet her one day. I love her accent too :-D ... and I LOVEd that reenactment!
Nicolas Lesieur
Nicolas Lesieur:
- Promise me this rose!
- *wOT?!*
- You'll let me get up on that door with you!
- *Come on darling there's room for two!*
I really like Matthew BUT THANK GOD Leo got the part in Titanic.
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh:
I will never be able to move on from Jack's death in my entire life...
That scene still haunts me and breaks my heart every time I think of it...
That ending is like a deep scar to my life
“Come on darling, there’s room for two!” 😂
Grace Styles
Grace Styles:
They are not getting the point. Jack had to die, he was only in her life to give her the will to live. The movie starts with her without Jack and living a horrible controlled life, but the movie ends without Jack as well but she has turned into a confident and daring person, ready to try new things. She needed Jack to show her who she really was, and he died just as she had finally come out of her shell. He gave her the will to live, that’s why he dies at the end, to show her how devastating it would be if she died, and he was only there so that she didn’t give up. Near the start, he persuaded her not to commit suicide, and at the end he asks her to promise that she will never let go of hope. He was her inspiration of living. Therefore, he needed to die
i love how she held nothing back when she jumped on that desk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leanne Mahoney
Leanne Mahoney:
I like how Rose isn’t scared to talk about an embarrassing scene ✨💛
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
Kate Winslet is a great actress
Silvia X
Silvia X:
She is one of those rare women who get more beautiful when they age.
Didn’t Jack actually try to get up on the door and it would’ve tipped if he did so he stayed in the water or am I imagining that💀
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster:
She doesn't say, "I'll never let YOU go", she says, "I'll never let go." He made her promise that because "never let go" means never give up, never sit there and die without a fight.
Josephine Stewart
Josephine Stewart:
"He should have tried harder to get on that door"
that's the thing everyone is saying for ages
Dusan Oljaca
Dusan Oljaca:
Kate Winslet is hilarious! She's funnier than the host, that's for sure. She could have her own talk show if she ever wanted. So much energy and she's a great improvisor!
Blame it on James Cameron, he said "Jack had to die."
Don't question me.
Don't question me.:
Pretty sure by saying "I'll never let go" she meant spiritually & emotionally... not physically.
Federica Cipolla
Federica Cipolla:
the way she smiles when she says "kate and leo". love them forever!
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim:
Meets Jack at the clock.

“You wanna go see a real party!”

“Not really”

“Be alot cooler if ya did!”
Spirit Pro
Spirit Pro:
Rose: "Draw me like one of your French girls"
Jack: "Alright, alright, alright!"
Guillermo López
Guillermo López:
“Come on darling there’s room for two” I understood that reference.
Amelia Son
Amelia Son:
kate winslet just seems like the most funniest person to be around.
Chittaranjan Mohanty
Chittaranjan Mohanty:
She's such a delight
Equestrian Ry
Equestrian Ry:
Imagine Leo watching them re create that scene 😂

But also imagine being sat in a cinema, looking behind you and seeing Kate Winslet watching her own performance 😂
I remember how vulnerable she was during that last scene omg and now she is reenacting it while laughing lol good actress indeed
I wonder if Leo has seen this lol 😂
Carlos G
Carlos G:
Awww i met her once she was so nice and down to earth, and Rose's character introduction when she comes out the car and lifts her face is probably one of the best character introduction in film history!! 👏👏👏👏 Queen! 👸!!!!
Thomas Bevis
Thomas Bevis:
I'll never let go meant she won't give up in life, that's what she promised Jack.
Cathrine Jordan
Cathrine Jordan:
I just found out that it was James Cameron who draw Rose on that Titanic scene. ❤️
I just love Kate Winslet, she's just wonderful!
Flo S
Flo S:
"I lied...yes..." 😂😂😂 BUT YOU DID LET HIM GO!
Idk Lol
Idk Lol:
He seems annoyed by her kinda. Like when she was being sarcastic he was like just answer the question, and he interrupted her a lot
I love Kate's spontaneity to just hoist herself up on the desk lol
Kareem Moutez
Kareem Moutez:
She didn’t let him go from her heart. That’s what Rose meant.
When she JUMPED on that table I do yell "I LOVE HER"
Andrew Marsh
Andrew Marsh:
If Matthew had been cast, the end scene wouldn't be him saying "Let go" it would be "Ya gotta keep livin'! L I V I N"
micheal pratt
micheal pratt:
Kate Winslet is my favourite actress, she is so talented and I think the most beautiful in the world.
Its a horror movie for guys, "women and children first"
i died laughing when they got up onto the table 🤣
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist:
Funny how she never listens to My Heart Will Go On, haha. She's probably so tired of it! Kate Winslet is an amazing and beautiful actress. Titanic is my favorite movie of all time! ❤️
*“I will never let you go,” which she never did, because even as an elderly woman she still loved him, and in real life too she still loves him.*
Claire Couraud
Claire Couraud:
I wish rose had gone on the life boat so jack could survive on the door.
Rostov Ripper
Rostov Ripper:
I wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio is watching this, what’s he thinking lol.
Donovan Nungasak
Donovan Nungasak:
But the “I’ll never let you go” had a different meaning, I thunk.
Daryl Lander
Daryl Lander:
I just watched 2 grown people lay on a desk in front of other grown people... what am I doing with my life?
I didn't think it was possible for me to love Kate Winslet more than I already did, until she launched herself onto that desk with the merest suggestion of re-enacting that door scene :-D
How to fix the ending to the Titanic: Jack and Rose both get on the floating door in the freezing water.
Dan uk
Dan uk:
Jack: "Promise me this rose, Just.Keep. Living."
Rose "I promise "
Jack " Alright Alright , Thankyou, Thannkyouu Verry much"
Graham O'Shaughnessy
Graham O'Shaughnessy:
"I love you Rose, alright, alright, alright. Lets take a Lincoln to shore"
Ughhhhh love her!
Alternative Spicer
Alternative Spicer:
Where are 90's kids at???
ACE Productions_19
ACE Productions_19:
Dont think i ever wished I was Stephen until now!!! Wow. She was hot in the 90's but dang is she hotter now.
Suzanne Marie Rosco
Suzanne Marie Rosco:
So much fun in this interview😂
Leanne Mahoney
Leanne Mahoney:
“I lied”

“I did let him go”
buknoy pinto
buknoy pinto:
there was really room for two to that piece of wood. Jack wouldn't have been dead.
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars:
well............ everyone has forgotten the when Jack tries to get on the door, the door collapses.
Michael Lebert
Michael Lebert:
She's gorgeous imagine having a woman that beautiful as your soulmate?
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan:
I like how they’re pretending it wasn’t a buoyancy issue. 🙄
The way Kate slid on to the desk lmao
Ashish Dwivedi
Ashish Dwivedi:
20 yrs later and she's still gorgeous...
Adore her! ❤
Google User
Google User:
She is in my dream
Irakli Sigua
Irakli Sigua:
I love this wonderfull actress, and she is amazingly beatuful!!!
mikkili kranthi sagar
mikkili kranthi sagar:
The most hilarious thing I've seen in Years 😂
Pretty sure she knows very well she doesn't say "I'll never let YOU go"... she said "I'll never let go" of a promise.... she's just being a good sport to play the joke and it made for wonderful TV
Asha Ale
Asha Ale:
I think she said "I'll never let go" :D =)))
Arghya Paul
Arghya Paul:
I can't believe Kate Winslet just jumped on that desk 😂😂🤣
she’s so much fun
XO Lps
XO Lps:
Hahaha that part when Steve and Kate got on the desk was hilarious and made me laugh so hard I'm red now!!!
She's such a good sport
Scout Moore
Scout Moore:
come on darling there's room for two!!! 😂
Mikayla Ferguson
Mikayla Ferguson:
Rose: I’ll never let go of you Jack
Also Rose: haha lol jk lmao *lets go*
She's a national British treasure.
aria navea
aria navea:
Rose:“ill never let go Jack”
also Rose: *lets go of Jack*
BEST PERSON EVER! Love all her interviews <3
Aika On Purpose
Aika On Purpose:
Love them but the Mythbuster busted the theory of Jack and Rose survival.
pritom modak
pritom modak:
I love the way kate answering to the host
Great way to end the interview
Benton Xavier
Benton Xavier:
I love her reaction to the 'Straight face/French girls' question
John Chessant
John Chessant:
I watched the very end of this interview live and was incredibly confused until now!!
Emma Jose
Emma Jose:
"c'mon dahling, there's room for two"
Trisha Glycelle Abubacar
Trisha Glycelle Abubacar:
3:14 "i lied"
“Yeah I was really f***ing cold!” Lol
Arjuna Menon
Arjuna Menon:
The magic of cinema is that it allows many of us to look into the lives of others, in a very fractal perspective,, the possibikities and probabilities of others played out in a collective spectrum by a group of very talented people who piece together, weave intricate designs and knit the many layers of our collective social consciousness. Sure, t here are science-fiction, fantastical stories, mythology brought to life, odes to Mankind's historical beginnings and journey throughout the millenia but the manner in which we live today, we rarely stop to ponder and truly appreciate the immense magntude of talented people who partake of this life and make ur stories global. We are living in a time, the same timeline as Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio,Robert Redford, Timothee Chalemet, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Denis Villenueve... For the upwardly mobile, just put your phones down for a minute and feed your senses with this one thought: What is your story that you'd like to be told?

As for McConooughey...
"Ever been to Wisconsin in the winter? Yeah, you can't play the bongo drums in the nude there during the winter..."
He's a very good actor but Titanic needed Leo as much as both Kate and Leo needed Titanic. It pushed them to fully develop and explore their absolute limits of their craft and for being able to do all that they have, in the relatively short time that they managed to do so, I can only thank them for giving hope when we needed it most, restoring faith in ourselves when we no longer knew what to believe in and search for the emotions within ourselves that they willingly and selflessly have portrayed for all of us, for our entertainment (and to some, knowledge) all these years and (hopefully), all the years yet to come.
Heather Stevenson
Heather Stevenson:
This is literally the best thing I have ever seen! :D
Amanda Wild
Amanda Wild:
I wonder if she ever gets sick of answering questions about Titanic 🤣
Stark Bro
Stark Bro:
She is still so beautiful 😍
Hannah Villalon
Hannah Villalon:
When she said "Absolutely never" to Celine Dion's song in the Titanic.. did she meant the opposite?
Mustafa Çiçek
Mustafa Çiçek:
“How often do you listen to my heart will go on? “
Kate: “absolutely never”. Why Kate? So great song. Why don’t listen to the music?
Danni Welsh
Danni Welsh:
I love Kate winslet she is an amazing actress. I love titanic it’s my favourite movie❤️❤️😘😘
My life is complete!!! best bit ever!
Lois Danielle
Lois Danielle:
The whole "never let go" thing stresses me out so much because the line is "Promise me now Rose, and NEVER LET GO OF THAT PROMISE" nothing about not letting go of his hand. Its been killing me for years the stress of that line.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee:
My number one favorite movie and will always be!! I’m so glad Leonardo DiCaprio got the role instead of Matthew 😄 the movie would had been completely different and too serious because Matthew doesn’t have much of that calm look and always look so serious not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Piper Tudhope
Piper Tudhope:
She’s so amazing!
Øystein Åkesson
Øystein Åkesson:
This should have been the ending tbh 😂
Easy learning Online
Easy learning Online:
I think titanic is perfect movie .all time on top of the list.
Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly:
I knew that James Cameron drew the picture! I'm such a Titanic nerd haha!