Katie Melua - Leaving The Mountain (Official Video)

'Leaving The Mountain' by Katie Melua. Taken from 'Album No. 8' out on 16th October. Pre-order: https://katiemelua.lnk.to/Album8yv

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We were leaving the mountain, it needed the day
I watched as the whiteness melted away
Our driver liked talking, with the hills in his eyes
and he mentioned a forest buried in ice

He wanted to go and show it off glistening
and it all came alive in our listening
I could hear crisp Edelweiss
just in the words that rang in my mind
It really did glow like art in a gallery
in the mind, and then it was vanishing
and that place that was there
deep in the land
it put something new in the air

Down in the valley, homes letting out smoke
and signs of landslides, I saw as he spoke
Dad said “let’s go there, it’s right on our way”
but we didn’t have time to, we’ll see it some day

He wanted to go and show it off glistening
and it all came alive in our listening
I could hear crisp Edelweiss
just in the words that rang in my mind
It really did glow like art in a gallery
in the mind, and then it was vanishing
and that place in the land
One of those things you try
but you can’t understand

One of those things you try
but you can’t understand

#KatieMelua #AlbumNo8 #LeavingTheMountain

100+ komentarze:

Katie, I love your music. First heard it on a transatlantic flight to Paris (from USA) in 2004. Have kept up with your discography ever since. So happy to see a new one is coming soon.
Glenn Massop
Glenn Massop:
The perfect season for a new Katie Melua album🌬🍁🍃🍂
Nils Svanstedt
Nils Svanstedt:
I love when Katie introduced the Gori Women's Choir!
Pure gold, melancholic and gentle, art in finest form...beautiful....my mum died a month ago and it reminds me of her so much...love you mum, love you Katie...
Makes me think of Georgian mountains and landscapes
Θωμάς Παναγιωτiδης
Θωμάς Παναγιωτiδης:
Γλυκό, φθινοπωρινό, απαλό άγγιγμα ευαισθησίας..
Ένα τέλειο ταίριασμα με την ευγενική σου φωνή...
gerakl zemlianin
gerakl zemlianin:
გფარავდეს უფალი ჯადოსნურო ქალბატონო
Gi vandega
Gi vandega:
Que voz..,que música linda.....essa mulher canta com alma
A. Red
A. Red:
First - LIKE, after - listening. ♥️ 🎧
Magdalena Sadek
Magdalena Sadek:
Marvellous! There is nothing as beautiful as Katie's smooth voice and magical music composition after long day. Thank you. See you soon in Poland 😍
Such a beautiful song ❤
Софья Воскресенская
Софья Воскресенская:
Simple and beautiful, as always..
Absolutely beautiful ❤️
keti kalanda
keti kalanda:
Very beautiful❤❤❤
Юрий Перец
Юрий Перец:
Очень красиво!
Сердце поёт под музыку....
Кети, спасибо.
Best music!
Geo Esc
Geo Esc:
Great😗love u from 🇬🇪
Mark Danvers
Mark Danvers:
Absolutely beautiful Katie. Such an atmospheric vision to go with such an exquisitely beautiful song! x❤️
PNW Tactical prepper
PNW Tactical prepper:
Your new songs are great Katie 💖
Ana Kacharava
Ana Kacharava:
Another beautiful song coloured by Katie, just perfect.
Wilfried Hilbig
Wilfried Hilbig:
Wunderschönes Lied, ruhig, leise, gefühlvoll. Katie ist zur Zeit die beste Sängerin der Welt.
Pranta Datta
Pranta Datta:
"And it all came alive in our listening "...
A Storyteller with her soothing voice...
Art Abstrel
Art Abstrel:
Браво!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤
once in a while we are blessed with truly wonderful voices; Julie London, Eva Cassidy and now Katie Melua.....
Karlos Orbezo
Karlos Orbezo:
Katie Melua woww tu voz es relajante.
That was so beautiful to watch and more than beautiful to listen to !!!
Saeryn Cynova
Saeryn Cynova:
Such a beautiful song and video!!! I love you Katie Melua!!!
Kim M
Kim M:
💖Just perfect 💖💖
Candido Lima
Candido Lima:
Gosta da banda.Cantar na penunbra finca linda.
John Halkes
John Halkes:
Pure Love 😇🙏! Wonderful 🦜🤗🦋!
Thanks Katie for your love, in His Name
❤❤❤ John, the Netherlands 🥰.
Love you... :) Greetings from Poland
Ahmad Zorik
Ahmad Zorik:
Gorgeous like always ❤️
stephone htc
stephone htc:
Helpfull Song !
Early in the morning...
Late at night...
A Real transition Song in many ways
Thanks a lot for being you Katie. 🤗
Merci pour ce cadeau fait à tous !
André Bonini
André Bonini:
Ready to enjoy 🥰.... and countdown is ticking... Jippiiieehhh... Less than 19 hours.. 🥳🍾
Laureano Blonsky
Laureano Blonsky:
what a gorgeous soundscape :)
Great song and beautiful voice !
Tanya Silva
Tanya Silva:
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Tom Williams
Tom Williams:
Sebi T
Sebi T:
My dream is three week on mountain vacation with snow and your music. No phone, no TV, no internet, no shopping or others. Just your music. I like a lot your voice and your songs. For me this is the best anytime relax moments. Thank you very much for this!
Андрей Никитин-Перенский
Андрей Никитин-Перенский:
Christian groenendijk
Christian groenendijk:
And so the song bring me to dreamland~☆gentle and soft
This song makes your spirit flying out of your body 😍
Robert Rost
Robert Rost:
Delicious for my soul, thank you Katie🙂🤗
Amazing singer/artist but even more importantly, a lovely human being full of warmth and genuine goodness. No surprise that is much loved by her fans.
Anna Pawlikowska
Anna Pawlikowska:
I missed her many albums, now going back in time and got time to listen adore and relaxed...very good performance thanks.
M L:
I love your music ❤️
Vision Thing
Vision Thing:
Jean claude Besche
Jean claude Besche:
Toujours super👍🌺😍🙂
🙏 perfect in moment
Hermoso 😘😘
Big G
Big G:
Beautiful song beautifully sung
Really nice 👍🙏👏 like always.
Love you my Katie 💖🧡💛
Nice and beautiful as always. Love you music
Lucia Miháliková
Lucia Miháliková:
Thank You Katie for these wonderful words and music! It indeed touches my soul💕
Son OF Sons
Son OF Sons:
Rajat Rastogi
Rajat Rastogi:
Waiting through the ages 🎉❤️🎉🎉🎉❤️
Roger Byrd
Roger Byrd:
Love this tune ! 😎👍🎶🥂Beautiful sounds ! 🌞
Maria Liza Latiff
Maria Liza Latiff:
❤️ From Penang, Malaysia
Musti Mh
Musti Mh:
Love from the holly land Palestine 🇵🇸
Burt Blahnik
Burt Blahnik:
Love your music Katie !
Polish issues
Polish issues:
I love you Katie 😍🥰😘
Fhatimma Lhemos
Fhatimma Lhemos:
Magnificent music ...Great!
Levan Shukakidze
Levan Shukakidze:
Love Katie <3
Kabita Parajuli
Kabita Parajuli:
Mountain Girl is listening this with joy 💗 thank you Katie for existing
Julia Haardt
Julia Haardt:
so happy that new music is out now! Katie is an amazing artist! <3
The only singer who can send me to sleep with those lush calming vocals.
Silbisuett Musica Latina
Silbisuett Musica Latina:
Una espera emocionante,..!!!
Maria no Mundo
Maria no Mundo:
🌄 AMAZING!!!!! So MAGICAL!!!! And came to me in the right moment, because... I'm leaving the mountain! 🌄 Pure Goddess Voice! 🌠
malcolm enticott
malcolm enticott:
What a beautiful hypnotic song,love that amazing voice.
Paulo Faria
Paulo Faria:
Simply beautiful Katie, thank you <3
ma jesus linares
ma jesus linares:
hermosa voz.Katie
Mihai Costea
Mihai Costea:
Katie, come to the Golden Stag next year! 🤗
Macxell Max
Macxell Max:
Great México!!
Wonderful – as always!
André Bonini
André Bonini:
44 Minutes to go and ready 😉🥰
Arthur N
Arthur N:
Beauty. of song, of soul and of person. Katie would make the perfect wife in la la land
Quentin Arundell
Quentin Arundell:
Krzysztof Szpicki
Krzysztof Szpicki:
Simmi Saa
Simmi Saa:
Think have missed a lot because the abo was deleted somehow from YT. This one is absolutely beautiful - love it very much dear sister !!!
Leo Benjamin
Leo Benjamin:
​Its been great playing all the singles so far. At gateshead on halloween saturday wonder if katie will fit in a song titled for halloween from her songs. Katie you will always mean alot 2 us & pets.
Laurent Gauthier
Laurent Gauthier:
Hye everybody. Could you say me if the concert of katie sept the 25 is maintained in the Olympia Paris . Thanks.
Andrea muir
Andrea muir:
Awesome absalutly love your music and this track so good 👌🎶🎶🎶💙💙
Laura Lynn
Laura Lynn:
The end words create a gorgeous fade.
Glaucio Barreto
Glaucio Barreto:
A música e a cantora mais linda do mundo!
Jesus Solero
Jesus Solero:
Less than an hour... ❤❤❤😍
Jordi Serradell Quer
Jordi Serradell Quer:
Fantastica canço, es en plaer escoltar-te
Mike Raymond
Mike Raymond:
Clever treatment. Is it hard to be perfect?
*SIGH* :-)
massimo dal bianco
massimo dal bianco:
An Angel 💕
Peter Mccormack
Peter Mccormack:
Winter coats are now officially on
Virginia Ortega
Virginia Ortega:
Silbisuett Musica Latina
Silbisuett Musica Latina:
Mark Depow
Mark Depow:
Absolutely Incredible.
ömer murat Onaran
ömer murat Onaran:
No need to beat your wings for peace. Just listen..
Robert Noulette
Robert Noulette:
Fenix Radio
Fenix Radio:
Perfektní song :-) https://onlineradiobox.com/cz/fenix/?cs=cz.fenix&played=1
Steve Williams
Steve Williams:
I am her new number one admirer great music
Matthew Spencer
Matthew Spencer:
I may not be first, but I managed to get here before anyone disliked it!